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Peace of Mind, Not Just from Hypnotism but from Extra Cash. (OK, also from Fear Removal.)

My photo, graduating from "Train the Trainers" with Georgina Cannon may inspire you to get your own photo, graduating from my upcoming clean-pristine hypnosis training

My photo, graduating from “Train the Trainers” with Georgina Cannon, may inspire YOU. Get your own photo, graduating from my upcoming clean-pristine hypnosis training

Have you noticed? There is just one more week before the cut-off registration date for my quietly revolutionary hypnotism training. Much as I long to start blog posts on Academy Award Nominees for 2014, I can’t resist squeezing in today’s blog post.

Preparing for this Clean-Pristine NGH-Certified Hypnotism Training, I keep finding more ways to apply the ancient art to problem solving. Real human problems, using the power of your subconscious mind.

Overcoming Problem-Solving Prejudice

Yes, comparing meditation OR hypnosis is one of the most popular topics at this blog, including one of three ? topics that made it onto our Top 10 Most Popular List over the past 12 months.

Will more articles, aura readings, and discussion be forthcoming on this controversial topic? You bet!

Many of you Blog-Buddies have always been fascinated by hypnotherapy. Others may have had a reaction more like mine. Prejudice.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, my former guru, used to rail against hypnotism.

In my upcoming Hypnotism Training, I’ll face the truth behind many critiques of hypnosis… clarifying the unfair criticisms and dealing with apprehensions that might be justified…. and how to make sure you can avoid them, both in your own masterful self-hypnosis and while helping others.

I have found many technical points related to hypnosis practice that can inform your professional work as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

In a general way, too, the Founder of Transcendental Meditation used to mock those who tried to “Solve a problem on the level of the problem.”

Hypnotism really can help a person to stop smoking, lose weight, suffer less from stress, release fears, handle chronic pain without drugs, and solve so many other problems. With success documented amply by research studies.

I especially favor Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM), of course, which is why I am teaching THAT skill set later this year, training available only to those who have first graduated from my Clean-and-pristine version of NGH- Certified Instruction in Hypnotism.

Here’s the basic problem with mocking those who “Solve problems on the level of the problem.”

Meditation doesn’t directly solve problems. When it succeeds — as it can, magnificently — meditation practices can raise consciousness. There can be some more-or-less random release of STUFF.

But that doesn’t mean the same thing as what can help you to purposely solve particular problems, such as suffering from everyday fears, like public speaking or spiders or fear of flying.

For that, go to a professional hypnotist who has skills at Fear Removal. (Not necessarily taught in every hypnotism training, even the NGH-Certified Hypnosis Training, which is so jam-packed with options.)

Another option? Invest in your personal development. Save money in the long run by taking training to become a professional hypnotist, so you can do self-hypnosis to the max.

The fear removal process you’ll learn is such a great example, I think. My instructor for becoming a Certified Hypnosis Instructor tells the story of a course she taught that contains the technique I will be teaching as well. Keep reading for that one.

Fear Removal with Hypnosis, A Great Example of Problem Solving

I call it  “Fear Removal Technique.” Technically, you could also call it “Systematic De-Sensitization Combined with the Immense Power of Hypnotism.”

Georgina explained how, once you have finished preparing your client and you get going into the hypnotism part of this process, you can facilitate removing pretty much any fear in half an hour.

“Joe” waved his hand in protest. Georgina called on this student, who was the Dean of Social Work at a big university.

“You can’t be serious about fear removal in half an hour,” Joe protested, “It takes two or three months to clear a fear. If you’re lucky.”

“Wanna bet?” Georgina asked.

So they made a $10 bet. After that part of the hypnotism training was completed, the Dean paid up.

(Georgina told me that she donated the money to a local food bank. The eminent hypnotist doesn’t really practice gambling on the side.) (Gambling addiction , incidentally — that is another example of an important type of problem solving where hypnotism can help.)

Becoming a Professional Hypnotist, The Financial Angle 

One of my favorite columnists in The Washington Post is financial advisor Michelle Singletary. She has written about the wisdom of supplementing your day job by developing a sideline.

Earlier this month, she wrote a fabulous article for problem-solving and fear removal. Even though it didn’t directly involve hypnotherapy. 😉

Still, Singletary’s wisdom  it was very relevant to today’s topic. “Job Security? Try something on the side” she wrote.  Specifically, the financial consultant advised readers:

“You can help control your financial fate by creating income that is independent of your day job.”

Citing a related book, “The Economy of You” by Kimberly Palmer, amazing Michelle Singletary shared the following considerations for building up a side business.

  • As you read through the following list, you may think of these as reasons to take my upcoming Hypnosis Training. I will add the application pertaining to work in the hypnotism field.
  • Or you might have other inspirations and aspirations. Here’s to any of that, because it means more peace of mind for you!

What to Seek in a Side Business

1. Low start-up costs

How much inventory must you buy? How fancy an office do you need? What is the cost, in time and treasure, for gaining any credentials or specialized knowledge you might need?

In the case of NGH-Certified Professional Training to Hypnotize, the answers are, in order: None. Not at all. The standard fee, which ranges a bit but is generally $1795.00. Note: A discount is available if you have already graduated from a professional-level course in hypnotism or hypnotherapy.

That’s what I charge for tuition. Other NGH-Certified Trainings may be a big more. I don’t think they are generally less for that 100-hour training.

Compare that to other professional-level trainings in mind-body-spirit! Or, for more fun, consider that you can then add on professional training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM), a unique method of past-life regression therapy where my clean-pristine NGH Training in Hypnosis is a prerequisite. Tuition for that three-day training this June? $400.

Graduation from this Hypnosis Training earns you a professional credential, internationally recognized and legal for helping clients.

NGH-Certified training supports you better than any other work in this field, including a powerful lobbying group to help keep hypnotism legal in your state or province.

NGH membership is growing really fast. This summer I will be speaking at the national convention.  Over 2,000 members have been added since I last addressed the NGH Convention in 2006. NGH membership is now well over 12,000 members.

2. Convenient scheduling

Any part-time income stream will work well when it doesn’t wreck your schedule or divide your loyalties.

Choose a side job that fits well with your full-time work.

With hypnotherapy, that’s easy-peasy.

Professional hypnotists schedule individual sessions with clients. Or group hypnosis sessions. Or adult education classes in stress management or other hypnotism-related specialties. You schedule what you like when you like.

3. Takes advantage of your knowledge, skills, and experience

Whether or not you love your day job, you have learned something from all of that. Something you can transfer to building your practice as a professional in hypnotism.

One especially relishable aspect of hypnotizing folks professionally is that you also bring to this profession all your expertise for wisdom, caring, being a good friend. Is  that relevant? Hello!

Part of the NGH-Certified Course for Hypnotists includes some discussion of how to set up a profitable business. I think I can help you there, if you’re interested.

Would you like to combine certain objective reality skills with celebrating your special excellence? Maybe you already know, this is always my approach. It can serve you in good stead, thinking about what would really work for you, generating income or finding other practical uses for your hypnotism skills.

In case you’re wondering, hypnosis does not have to involve greed or manipulation on any level. Every profession has individuals with that focus. My advice? Select your instructor wisely, using your best skills as a New Age Consumer.

4. Enjoyment

Choosing a side business, whatever it is, don’t make it grim.

The job of “Grim Reaper” is already taken.

Hypnotism can help you to enjoy life more. You can also help your clients to enjoy life more.

Certainly my goals for my upcoming certification training include serious wisdom, professional standards for hypnotizing with integrity, acknowledging the unique qualities of every single participant in the workshop, and fun.

There You Have It. Your Invitation to Join this Group of Hypnosis Pioneers

What will make this hypnosis instruction unusual? Even pioneer-like?

On the one hand, I specialize in clean-pristine instruction that prepares you for part-time or full-time work, as a hypnotherapist or hypnotist. So there will be no time spent on extras like tapping, psychic readings, 5-Path, or other perfectly good skills that some folks find valuable. Only hypnotism, NGH-style certification training professional-level skills.

On the other hand, many of you have experienced by books and workshops related to Rosetree Energy Spirituality. So you know that I find very practical ways to help people grow. I’ve been told, my workshops are like being in college, because you’re invited to think and because of the excitement as the learning momentum increases.

Some of the ways I have been thinking about the standard NGH-Certified Instruction will make it productive in ways that some of my colleagues may not be doing quite yet. Just one example:

You might also take this powerful hypnotism training because of what you will learn for helping yourself, taking self-hypnosis skills to the max.

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    Isabella says:

    I’ve never thanked you for making my dream job so practical to achieve. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Easiest big “decision” I’ve ever made.

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    Sandra says:

    I hope your class is a big success! I am hoping to take it next year.

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    Jill Rogat says:

    My dad has been in hypnosis for years and continues to encourage me to learn more about it. Now I am on my own journey and find the possibilities absolutely fascinating – and a lot more believable than I used to.

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