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Settling into Enlightenment, Important Honesty in a guest post by Adam


Adam takes an inside, sideways look at Enlightenment

Adam takes an inside, down-under, sideways look at Enlightenment

Wouldn’t you know it, just as I keep trying to focus on the Academy Awards and Aura Reading Movie Reviews, Enlightenment  keeps rearing it’s dazzling head.

So inconvenient! But who would have it any other way? I brake for Enlightenment.

With SANDRA and now MYSTERY WOMAN moving onto my Enlightenment Life List this week, another Enlightened member of our online community was inspired to write today’s blog post.

Australian ADAM is one of our community’s so-far-13 explorers of Householder Enlightenment. I’ll add headings, links and copy edits. ADAM will add the words and the wisdom. Incidentally, I tried five times, in various ways, to twirl his photograph right side up. 

Phew!  Just turn your heads a bit, Blog-Buddies. That ADAM is worth seeing right side up. 

What is really special in today’s post is the straight-up honesty

Enlightened Adam, ready to describe what he has noticed about Enlightenment

Enlightened Adam, ready to describe what he has noticed about Enlightenment

As an Enlightenment Coach, I am honored and thrilled to be able to publish such articles as this. More and more websites and blogs are devoted to Enlightenment, Awakening, Non-Duality, Self-Realization.  Except uh-oh!  So frequently:

  • Folks romanticize.
  • Or they are such enthusiastic beginners, they lack even the most basic discernment between having a sweet experience of “Awakening” versus the massively significant ongoing state of consciousness called “Enlightenment.”
  • Or they describe an ideal experience of consciousness, paying zero attention to their humanity.
  • Or they describe renunciate Enlightenment, living in the middle in a kind of householder-renunciate life. As though that were ideal, or even appropriate, for a householder

Trust down-to-earth ADAM to tell it like it is.

Since Moving onto Rose’s Enlightenment Life List

It’s been an interesting year and 3 months since I became eligible for The List.

In my opinion… Enlightenment is not solely, or even primarily, an experience of perfect ease, comfort and calm.

Such experience can arise; to differing extents and durations, for some more than others. For some there may be only brief flashes here and there. The ease and calm is a side benefit – not, I think, the whole point, or even the main point.

Still Learning about Householder Enlightenment

For my first year, I wondered – if I am supposed to be Enlightened, why do I feel so much conflict, struggle and negative emotion inside me? Why do things still feel so hard, sometimes harder than they did when I was apparently not Enlightened?

Enlightenment is not endgame, it is not static, it is not a gold watch given to you on your retirement from the wheel.

In many respects, Enlightenment is very much like a black belt in a martial art – many people see it as the pinnacle of achievement – Game over, everything meaningful has been accomplished, total victory.

In reality, it is just one checkpoint. Yes, Enlightenment signifies a certain degree of achievement and maturity.

However, a good martial artist will understand that their work is not finished; their work will now merely be different. Possibly more advanced, but there is still always work to be done, life to be lived, new techniques, abilities, attributes to develop.

Key Myths About Enlightenment

Why have some reported that their initial experience of Enlightenment is surprisingly difficult?

In part, I think this is because of some of the prevailing myths around Enlightenment.

The key myths, in my mind, are this:

  • That all life’s difficulties will be removed
  • And that your previously troubled spirit will be magically able to handle every issue on earth with perfect equanimity.

This does not sound like life on earth to me.

So I spent some  months in Enlightenment sorting out the contrast between this expectation versus the reality.

Life on earth continues with all of its illusions and difficulties.

This contrast can itself be a cause of new suffering.

Many of you have read my articles about crossing the threshold into Enlightenment at this blog:



What I did not have the perspective to write about at the time was… Well, quite a few things actually.

Dunked in God, as part of moving into Enlightenment

The first month after it happened, I was completely submerged in God. I felt completely at peace and calm and confident, in a way that I have never felt before, in a way that nothing seemed able to shake.

When this gradually began to evaporate, giving way again to many of my more familiar feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness, I began to panic a little bit. If that feeling of peace and calm and joy was the core element of the enlightenment experience, and it was now leaving me, was I still Enlightened? Had I ever been Enlightened at all?

Looking back, I believe that this intense first month of zen bliss was perhaps a preview, or maybe a “welcome aboard” gift basket. A firm first impression of “this is how your life could/can be.”

However, there is still a lot of work for me to do. Some of that work involves relieving the suffering of others. Evidently, this work was not best served by my having a complete and immediate disconnection from my own experience of human difficulty and sorrow.

Enlightenment is a threshold, yes, but a threshold is not valuable in and of itself. It is merely a demarcation. Its value is in what it signifies, what is on its other side.

Coming to terms with Enlightenment

For some time, I was somewhat embarrassed about my position as 157 on the list. I kept it secret.

I feared the people in my life would be unable to reconcile this public declaration with their actual experience of me day-to-day.

Me, as a person who still got upset, got angry, as a person who didn’t have it 100% together, as a person who fucked up semi-frequently, who still hurt people sometimes.

How could people read the list, read my prior articles, and then look at me now,? How could they not, I felt, see a display of overwhelming hubris or delusion?

Consequently, I only shared this info with a tiny number of people I know personally (and only if a situation arose where not doing it began to seem dishonest).

I am gradually developing perspective – enough that I am now more comfortable with the list, and my being on it.

To our newest additions to the List – welcome aboard.

And a few words from Enlightenment Coach Rose

Sometimes people move in and out of Enlightenment. A Blog-Buddy recently described that to me. It does happen.

However, I had the privilege of facilitating several sessions with Adam over this past year. He has been STUFF-free, permeated by bliss, strongly connected to the Divine. And yet also human.

Seems to me, ADAM just got used to living this way.

That juggling of human, earth, learning can cause us to not pay attention much to the Divine presence. Yet it is there instantly when we stop to pay attention.

Being householders, we can get so caught up, we do not pay attention.

Not unlike having your foot falling asleep. Suppose that you were excitedly playing a computer game. It so happened that you sat in a position such that your left ankle was bent at an awkward angle. Who noticed? Not you, so caught up in that game.

Eventually it got to the point where your left foot fell asleep. You feel uncomfortable. You reposition yourself a bit. Everything comes back just fine.

And, like my doing Skilled Empath Merge with ADAM during some of those tough times, an objective observer would see that the ankle remained — wasn’t going anywhere — was basically doing just fine.

What was needed? Just reposition, recirculate, let the natural flow resume.

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  1. 1

    Incidentally, I do aim to do a second Aura Reading Movie Review tomorrow, and do four more over the next week or so.

    Haven’t forgotten, just swamped! Plus all these Enlightenment articles.

    Oooh, wait until you see what came in minutes ago, ready for me to make live on the Enlightenment topic on Monday!!!!!

  2. 2
    Adam McIntosh says:

    Thank you for that perspective, Rose. That makes a lot of sense 🙂

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Adam, thanks for this post, it is very helpful to hear your perspective.

  4. 4
    Sandra says:

    Yes, Adam, yes! You explained it all so well. Thank you so very much.

  5. 5
    Dana says:

    Thank you for your honesty, Adam! It was very informative and reinforced for me the importance of how regardless of our consciousness state, we are always human and must still solve human problems and deal with difficult people.

    And thank you Rose for your additional comments, too.

  6. 6
    Suz says:

    Thank you so much, Adam, for taking the time to share such helpful encouragement.

    Most helpful was what you said about the gradual evaporation of that high bliss and peacefulness:

    “However, there is still a lot of work for me to do. Some of that work involves relieving the suffering of others. Evidently, this work was not best served by my having a complete and immediate disconnection from my own experience of human difficulty and sorrow.”

    What a true reminder.

  7. 7
    Isabella says:

    Thanks for writing this, Adam. Actually the day before this post popped up I was reading an old thread and was going to remind you to give us an update.

  8. 8
    Rachel says:

    Yes, this is a very interesting read.

    I do remember reading something Rose wrote about how Enlightenment is reached once human life has been fully mastered. I guess that is like getting the black belt. You are a master of human life, but still play the game?

  9. 9
    David.. says:

    Thanks, Adam.
    I’ve noticed in myself and others that there can be an initial high-contrast state that we soon get used to. We loose the contrast and think something has been lost when it’s just become normal and more integrated.

    As Rose mentions, it becomes clear it’s still there if we look. And if you then chat with someone who has not yet shifted, you’re reminded of what has changed.

  10. 10
    David.. says:

    Further, I can note that many describe an initial “honeymoon” phase. Then as you mention, what still needs to be done arises again. One teacher called the next stage “deliverance”.

    As a teacher insists, if it’s a real shift, you never go back. But you can seem to loose it subjectively at times. Especially during later transitions.

  11. 11
    David.. says:

    But over time, it becomes deeper and fuller. What is variable is mostly at the front edge of development and the general subjective state. More and more is inclusive and stable.

    And then you come to the next stage change. But once you’ve been through the reality shift once, it gets much easier.

  12. 12
    Isabella says:

    I relish Enlightenment being knocked off its pedestal.

    Personally the idea of all Enlightened people being considered “masters of human life” seems … unlikely. To put it kindly. Preposterous, maybe?

    Human evolution is more complex than that, in my opinion. Earth is more complex. If you think you’ve mastered it, good for you. I have my doubts.

    And to- maybe hypocritically- throw in my own dash of hubris, I think I know more about human life than some Enlightened people. I really do. Even if I don’t “get it” all the time, like I suppose Enlightened people do.

    Do you Enlightened people consider yourselves masters of human life?

  13. 13
    Isabella says:

    Okay, I feel like I *might* know more than some Enlightened people. Maybe not. 😉

  14. 14
    Lara says:

    But I actually found life got a lot easier for me post enlightenment.. for example things that would have triggered me emotionally didnt anymore, so certain issues rather than being ‘mastered’ became non issues.

    And since I was always aware of an underlying joy which felt like a high note all my cells were singing, when I felt ‘negative’ emotions, they were just passing feelings which came and went very quickly with no lingering effects, and I actually found them all quite delicious in a way. Yes life was much easier to handle.

    I personally knew so little about enlightenment that before and even during in the beginning I thought people who were Enlightened could probably teleport and that would be super cool. Hows that for a pedestal.

    Isabella, I think there are definately areas of life that are your speciality, so you will have ‘mastered’ them better than others regardless of conciousness to a certain degree, but for me.. its difficult to describe this, but, like we are all perfect as we are right now and there is nothing in a way to master, just to be in each moment as we all are, there is only perfection, so the concept of mastering life is… not the page I am on at the moment.

  15. 15
    Isabella says:

    Thank you Lara.

    I think I will sleep on it before I even attempt a reply, maybe then I won’t be feeling quite so aggravated inside about the whole thing.

    Would like to hear others’ thoughts as well…

  16. 16

    All you Blog-Buddies, I have been cheering on these wonderful comments from today. Wonderful comments from every one of you.

    ISABELLA, since you did ask for thoughts from others, yes! I agree completely with your Comment 12.

    I agree that you know more about human life than many people do.

    Actually every one of you here at the blog has a treasure trove of wisdom from this incarnation. Plus you have a deep history with even more goodies that subconsciously add to your wisdom.

    This is so important to remember.

  17. 17

    Continuing, you are evolving on YOUR personal path of development.

    YOU are a magnificent, unique creation.

    YOU are totally adorable to God and probably to plenty of human beings living on earth right now, as well.

    YOU have self-authority. So you don’t need to take orders from anyone.

  18. 18

    Something else that can help you claim that sense of magnificence about yourself and this human life of yours?

    Evidently, given where you have been reading and maybe even commenting, YOU have skills.

    YOU don’t just lurk and gossip about paranormal phenomena or movie stars or other juicy topics.

    YOU, bless your smart heart and sweet intellect…

    YOU are moving forward to develop skills you can use for the rest of your life, skills for energetic literacy, face reading, aura reading, empath skills, so many skills about deeper perception.

    That is the kind of person you are.

    You won’t do everything in one day. Nobody could.

    Whatever you do, you are who you be, and that is magnificent!!!!!!

    Don’t wait until your life review to get the memo.

  19. 19
    David.. says:

    Master of human life? (laughs) Student of life. Actually, student of enlightenment also. While some progress has been made it’s clear there is much more to go.

  20. 20
    David.. says:

    I concur with Lara though. Life got a lot easier and simpler over time. Letting go of the story of a person can be a big relief. And yes, that sense that everything is just fine, just as it is. And magnificent. Astonishing.

    Sometimes I do question what the heck this life is thats unfolding, but it has gotten better and better. And everything I need just shows up. No struggle. Occasionally I’m reminded what life used to be like. Whew!

  21. 21
    Isabella says:

    Well thank you very much Lara, David, and Rose.

    Didn’t expect anything less from you guys but it is nice to have a place where I can safely air some of my insecurities about Enlightenment (/life in general) and get an informed and compassionate response.

    Maybe you don’t want this, Rose (haha), but to anyone out there with a burning question or troubling thought about Enlightenment that has been eating away at them… I suggest you just ask it. I don’t know of a better place to get really helpful answers.

  22. 22
    Lara says:

    To be clearer in my earlier comment, since enlightenment, I don’t think or live in terms of mastering things, or overcoming obstacles, or surviving experiences and learning from them, though I used to. Now for me life is in each moment about experiencing, and what is on my plate that needs to be done, is done as well as I can. I dont have agendas anymore. Or a ‘world view’.

    There is no doubt some things about conciousness in enlightenment are really impossible to convey with words, they have to be experienced to make any sense I think and this may be one of them. Infuriating to hear if its not where you are in life, because it could sound like negating the value of your experiences. Thats not at all what I meant. I was just answering my perspective since it was asked, as honestly as I could.

    There are a gazillion things I have no experience or understanding of that others do. Enlightenment has nothing to do with that. I suppose it can be very irritating to hear someone say its all good, theres nothing to achieve/master blah blah when you are struggling or feel triumph when you get something.

    I feel I had to go through a lot, and deal with and yes ‘master’ a lot to get to this point where I could let it all go and feel this way. And now that I do I also dont feel like my point of view is more ‘mastered’ than Isabellas for example though they may be different. Now I see that they are both right. My analogy for this is, if my viewpoint, or conciousness, is the musical note B flat say. Isabellas could be D. And together they are a beautiful chord in the symphony of life. If we all had the same notes there would be no music.

  23. 23
    Lara says:

    Also I am not saying we should do nothing since everything is perfect, laying about on the couch eating bonbons, occasionally taking toilet breaks. While life does seem perfect as it is, yes including the Syrian disaster, the crisis in Ukraine, etc, with nothing to ‘fix’. Life also changes in each moment, and what was perfect a moment ago isnt any more, so I also go with the flow that involves living human life and doing stuff. Its difficult to describe the dichotomy of perfection and yet still taking action. I cant write well and I am also not analytically inclined, Rose and David could do it more justice. All I can say for me is that part of it feels like playing a game.

  24. 24
    Lara says:

    Ps sorry if I wrote too much I just felt like if I had aggravated Isabella I wanted to clear up a misunderstanding, though I am not sure if my convoluted posts actually did that.

  25. 25

    Every word is cherished by me, Blog-Buddies.

    LARA, you write wonderfully.

    JORDAN, yes I agree, bring it on, anyone who wishes to discuss Enlightenment.

    Or ask ANY questions on the topics at various posts, one short comment at a time being preferred.

    Or share YOUR point of view on any of the topics we are discussing.

  26. 26
    Isabella says:

    Lara, before I even read everything you wrote, you did not aggravate me in the slightest!!!!! Seriously, you’ve been very generous and I found your comment very comforting.

    I was feeling aggravated inside when I wrote my first comment. Not towards anyone in particular just about Enlightenment in general and feeling bereft, like I don’t get any credit. (Which isn’t even true.) You know, personal issues!!! lol. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

  27. 27
    Jean says:

    Well thank you Adam.

    Lovely to hear from you once again:)

    Especially liked what Suz quoted in her comment #6.

    And also below –

    “However, a good martial artist will understand that their work is not finished; their work will now merely be different. Possibly more advanced, but there is still always work to be done, life to be lived, new techniques, abilities, attributes to develop.”

    I do love the endless learning opportunities one gets here at earth school.

    Moving on from that thought…perhaps all beings – including those beings -or being- at the pinnacle of, uh, all that is…. are in a continual state learning and growing….

  28. 28
    Kylie says:

    I’m really enjoying this thread. Isabella, I’ve definitely felt like that before. Pshaw, how can enlightened people be so fallible (the Pope, the President, etc.) Lara, David, and Adam–I love your descriptions of enlightenment.

  29. 29
    David.. says:

    On the Mastery question, one only has to look at something like the Yoga Sutras to be reminded how mastered one is. I don’t recall teleportation being on the list but the ability to gain the strength of any animal, walk through fire, fly, be in 2 places at once (physically) and so forth are. They even refer to the list as signs of mastery.

    It’s worth noting though that such abilities are much more easily expressed when the group consciousness is higher and the world not as “heavy”. Most these days seem to pick up a few from the list though.

  30. 30
    David.. says:

    Lara –
    on action, one way to frame it is that action continues to take place but not so much as a result of what a person thinks should happen. The impulse comes quietly from deeper within, completely in sync with circumstances. Sometimes, we may even find ourselves doing or saying something unexpected, but its exactly what was needed.

    The Stuff that used to cause us to stress out about things has fallen away (although there can still be brief episodes of angst, anger or whatever) along with what i now see as a sort of thrashing – the out-of-sync attempts to make something happen over a personal judgement of should or must. All that noise falls away, leaving only a far more effective doing on demand.

  31. 31
    David.. says:

    Less energy is required, more focus and clarity is present, and the vision gradually gets more and more inclusive. Much more enjoyment and richness is there.

    It can take a bit of time to get used to, depending on how much you liked to control and “manage” things before. (laughs)

  32. 32
    David.. says:

    Lara – great comment about perfection and flow

    Taking that a step further – I had one teacher who really emphasized noticing the flow. And that does quite reflect the process through the stages.

    There is that sense of action just flowing, just flowing through us. Life being like a river.

    But with refined perception and energetic literacy, the flow becomes a more literal thing. We can come to see (or hear or feel) life moving through us to express in the world.

  33. 33
    David.. says:

    At some point there’s a recognition that that the flow is consciousness itself, moving as life. It’s a flow of love and the lively edge is happiness.

    And then, in Unity, that I am that flow. I am the consciousness in all things. I am life itself, I am love, I am joy, I am all things. Very literally.

    Of course, how this or that person recognizes the process varies but the result is the same.

  34. 34
    Isabella says:

    Very interesting, thank you David.

    So what’s going on in this gap in perception??

    Lara described something really well in this paragraph: “There is no doubt some things about conciousness in enlightenment are really impossible to convey with words, they have to be experienced to make any sense I think and this may be one of them. Infuriating to hear if its not where you are in life, because it could sound like negating the value of your experiences. Thats not at all what I meant. I was just answering my perspective since it was asked, as honestly as I could.”

    This feeling of being negated by the way Enlightened people often talk about human problems… is this just an essential quality of the communication between pre- and post-Enlightenment people, or is this something that could be helped??

  35. 35

    ISABELLA, might I suggest a way around the apparent gap?

    Some conversations can be about experiences of consciousness or bliss.

    If that speaks to you, fine.

    Other conversations emphasize the human.

    If you’re interested fine.

  36. 36

    So conversations on any topic, Enlightenment included, either speak to your experience now or not.

    One major worry for people, necessarily you, ISABELLA, is to think that Enlightenment is a curriculum, with a test to pass when you understand all the concepts.

    Not really. Do you think President Obama or Michelle Obama has been spending loads of time studying texts on Enlightenment?

    The program to follow, IMO, is to do up to 20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops.

    Participate in certain conversations if it pleases you.

    But if it makes you feel wormy, read something else.

  37. 37
    David.. says:

    Rose makes a good point.

    I can observe that English lacks good words for some of this. As Vyass Houston observed, it’s an ego-based language so does not serve cosmic reality as well.

    Also, the mind naturally wants to make a concept about it but if it’s not yet the experience, there can be a struggle.

  38. 38
    David.. says:

    And the ego itself can feel a little “wormy” about subjects it can’t control or that may cause it to be seen. (when the ego is seen, it is seen through and looses it’s prominence. It doesn’t like that and may throw up distractions and objections to avoid this.)

    Finally – we relate to whatever is said from where we are now. When someone awake talks about non-doing doing or stuff just happening, we naturally compare it to our experience. But the awake perspective is quite different about it so not all the meaning is communicated.

  39. 39
    Isabella says:

    Yup, you’re right Rose. All of this is basically useless to me right now. I’d rather talk about Leonardo DiCaprio. But thank you all for humoring me anyway, I’m honored. 🙂

  40. 40
    David.. says:

    I’ve seen several examples of awake experiences being pathologized or compared to mental illness. Like the witness being seen as a dissassociative state. That’s actually the opposite of what it is.

    Dialogue like this can help clear up such ideas.

  41. 41
    Lara says:

    I totally agree. Be true to where and who you are now. Also I think the fastest way to move onward ultimately.

  42. 42
    Lara says:

    Lol funny you should say that David. When I first experienced a pre bliss state, of silent mind and completely no emotions whatsoever like a drop of ink diluted in the ocean, and incredibly lethargy.. I thought I had a psychiatric problem, and I spent quite a while googling various disorders, none seeming quite right till I also googled silent mind and gradually found some stuff on stages of enlightenment that I identified with.

    Though I couldnt fully accept that I was enlightened (couldnt teleport afterall) I could accept enough to work with the model I found.

  43. 43
    David.. says:

    (laughs) I was familiar with the process beforehand, Lara. The challenge I faced was having it come off-sequence and getting a backlash from the spiritual community I was in then. (before actual enlightenment)

    There’s a book which describes one womans shift – she was also familiar with the stages but refused to recognize this could be what it was even when confirmed. She insisted on pathologizing it and spent 10 years fighting it. Really not the way to go.

    The lethargy is inertia, part of what needs to be transformed for clarity. But some even get invested in that because it’s “settled”.

  44. 44
    Suz says:

    Thanks, everybody, for just laying it out there. This whole conversation has been very enlightening, because some of it sounds very familiar.

  45. 45
    Suz says:

    Not to mention very heartening.

  46. 46
    Jean says:

    Yes I agree with Suz – great conversation here….thanks all.

    Am learning lots. Yey.

    And thanks to Rose…

  47. 47
    Primmie says:

    I’m also loving this conversation. Thank you. It’s beautiful to read. I feel very happy reading about Enlightenment.

  48. 48
    Primmie says:

    I really miss Jill, if you’re reading Jill, I’d love to know your thoughts on this conversation.

  49. 49

    All these wonderful comments, what a thinkin’ bunch o’ people!

    PRIMMIE, I’m in touch with JILL. She has been busy of late, not going online. I’m not at liberty to describe what she does in her personal life, but I can brag vaguely by telling you’ll that what she does is important to a lot of people, practical, varied, and full of joy.

    I’ll send her an email letting her know about your comment.

  50. 50

    Thanks to Blog-Buddy DAVID. With characteristic generosity he took the time to open up the torqued photo at top of this post, fix it, and email the better version.

    I struggled a while before writing this post and lacked the skills that DAVID supplied.

    Three cheers for you, DAVID!!!

  51. 51
    Jill Erin says:

    Hi Primmie and everyone. I have been so busy for the past year that I have been not going online as much as I used to. I have been lurking, occasionally, to catch up.

    David, thank you for your update. And, Lara, too. Both of you are so wonderfully articulate and loving in your communications.

    [Note: Blog-Buddies, the rest of JILL ERIN’s comment is being posted as a separate blog post, which will be made live later today. Also another Blog-Buddy in Enlightenment, JULIE, has sent me an equally magnificent guest post, showing different facets of the diamond-like uniqueness of Householder Enlightenment for each individual. Look for that to be made live in days to come as well.]

  52. 52
    Primmie says:

    Thanks so much Rose, I’m delighted to know she’s well and enjoying life.

  53. 53
    Primmie says:

    Jill! It’s lovely to hear from you. I look forward to reading your guest post.

  54. 54

    Thanks everyone for this great thread. It has helped me think about my situation more clearly in a lot of ways.

    Rose and David – the concept of an initial high-contrast state was very useful!

    Funnily enough, the idea of deliberately paying attention to the Divine connection, just checking in and making sure it was still there? That had not occurred to me 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Quite a D’OH-esque realisation! I guess I got used to the initial way the connection basically jumped out of the bushes at me, yelling and running around with scissors and firecrackers.

    Once it stopped being so obvious, I really worried it had disappeared.

    But – quick check – yep, right where I left it. Phew!

    Thanks again to everyone for your kind words.

    P.S. Hi Jill!

  55. 55

    ADAM, isn’t it often like that? You comment at this blog or, especially, contribute a Guest Post. Then you receive a lot back in return.

    Regarding this cognition:

    Funnily enough, the idea of deliberately paying attention to the Divine connection, just checking in and making sure it was still there? That had not occurred to me 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Exactly! I am going to start mentioning this to clients as I help them with Empath Coaching.

    It took me many months to figure this out, that it is okay to check in whenever we wish, and notice the Divine component in the foreground rather than the background.

    Best part? (Okay, second-best part?)

    This doesn’t count as Technique Time, no more than checking that you are wearing clothing or that you still have a right hand.

  56. 56
    Julie says:

    I think that’s where I had trouble too, was noticing problems in the foreground and the Divine connection in the background.

    Then I did a workshop with Rose in January that switched the two!

    The Divine came to the foreground, and the problems fell to the side as just things that happen in life.

  57. 57

    Sweet, JULIE.

    And JULIE FANS of all ages, here’s some good news. Today I will make live a gorgeous, honest, down-to-earth Guest Post from this JULIE person, the first member of this online community to move into Enlightenment.

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