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An Empath's Giggle. My Favorite Story from the Pathways Expo, Spring 2014

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

An empath walked into the Kennedy Center.

That’s how this Empath Empowerment joke begins, courtesy of someone I spoke with yesterday at the think globally, act locally, amazing Natural Living Expo sponsored by Pathways Magazine (for which I write the “Energetic Literacy” column).

GLADYS, an extremely skilled empath, had a slip-up. Her empath gifts turned ON, which is unusual for her. Like any skilled empath who has used Empath Empowerment(R), GLADYS usually has the mind-body-spirit habit of keeping her empath gifts habitually turned OFF.

However, GLADYS was laughing so hard, her circuitry loosened up and her aura expanded. What was so funny? Lucky woman, she was watching “The Book of Mormon.”

Stealthily, in the midst of her laughter, GLADYS started to have the weirdest thought.

Skilled Empath Merge with Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, ready for his  movie review done with Skilled Empath Merge

Matthew McConaughey, ready for his movie review done with Skilled Empath Merge

Winner #1 of our recent contest was MADELINE. We corresponded by email. Here is how she explained her choice of Matthew McConaughey for this aura reading  movie review for an Oscar nominee — and in McConaughey’s case, Oscar winner!

Why Madeline Wonders About Matthew McConaughey’s Aura and Acting

I choose Matthew McConaughey.  He was someone I did not like at all before.  He seemed so cocky and full of himself.  Whenever he was photographed it was sans shirt, working out, or hanging out with his friends picking up women.

I thought the same “I’m too cool” persona permeated his acting as well, so I avoided his movies.   But then I heard so much about his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club “that I decided to give it a try.  His physical transformation and acting were pretty impressive.

Then I watched his small role in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”  Pretty amazing,  mesmerizing.

His Oscar acceptance speech further served to change my perception (surface only) of him.   He seems to love his family; he thanked God first; and I sensed a humility there not present before.

Of course these are all surface perceptions without actually reading deeper so it will be so interesting to find out if my surface perceptions match what you find at the level of his aura.

Sure, come to Loudoun County for a workshop or session. It might surprise you.

Anjara Alexi, a spiritual powerhouse living in a surprisingly healthy, wealthy county

Anjara Alexi, a spiritual powerhouse living in a surprisingly healthy, wealthy county

Blog-Buddies, this is too funny. Today I received a news release. It’s official:

Loudoun County Is Healthiest in Virginia According to New Health Rankings

Loudoun County ranks as the healthiest county in Virginia, according to the fifth annual County Health Rankings, released today by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. The rankings are available at ….

The County Health Rankings rank the overall health of nearly every county in all 50 states. The rankings allow counties to see how well they are doing on 29 factors that influence health including smoking, high school graduation rates, employment, physical inactivity, and access to healthy foods. The rankings provide county-to-county comparisons within a state. This year’s rankings also feature several new measures including housing, transportation, and access to mental health providers.

Loudoun County is also the home of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Quite literally, about this home in Loudoun County. Rosetree Energy Spirituality — the sessions, the publishing company and secondary warehouse including literally tons of books, plus headquarters -for this particular blog — this is  all happening literally in my home. Right here in Loudoun County. 🙂

Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Calling all empaths: Quiz Time

Calling all empaths: Quiz Time

Lucky you, if you were born as an empath.

Lucky you, if you know what the word “Empath” really means.

Even luckier you… if you are getting skills, or have already learned skills like those in the system of Empath Empowerment(R). Meaning skills that can turn you into a skilled empath. Skills to avoid the many problems that can occur in the lives of unskilled empaths, protecting yourself energetically.

Coaching empaths, over the past few years I have noticed an interesting trend. A trendlet, if you would.

As the founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, I have identified 10 different types of subconscious STUFF that can cause emotional and behavioral problems. These problems can be alleviated or, sometimes, completely overcome.

How? By permanently removing that particular bit of astral-level STUFF, then adding  appropriate energetic PUT-IN that serves the person better.

Turns out, it is common for newbies to attribute a whole bunch o’problems to just one type of STUFF.

For example:

Enlightenment or Awakening? An Enlightenment Coach looks at PRIMMIE's gorgeous experience, Part 2


Awakened or Enlightened?

Awakened or Enlightened?

Thanks to Blog-Buddy PRIMMIE, here’s a rare opportunity to compare and contrast what self-actualization means. Let’s conclude this series of articles with examples to help illustrate the difference between Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment  (a.k.a. Householder Enlightenment).

Comment #51 by PRIMMIE sure caught my attention at Moving into Enlightenment, My Story. A guest post by SANDRA HAERING:

“I don’t know if atheists are very honest, but I do think I could never follow something that didn’t feel right, so I would have to wait around for a very clear connection to God. It would have to be a strong thunk on the head sort of experience. Other people talking about a thing, however lovely, hasn’t ever made me feel one drop of belief…

“It is very funny to me that I’ve overnight given up the idea of being an atheist and seen that it is simply a concept. How I’ve loved being an atheist. Now it just doesn’t matter. Feeling Divine dismantles things with ease.”

As PRIMMIE noted elsewhere while commenting recently at SANDRA’s beautiful guest post:

“I’m not sure when I found this site, over 5 years ago. I remember reading about Enlightenment and thinking it was something I wasn’t remotely interested in. Now I love reading about it. It makes me very happy because it seems to me to be a call to self and makes such sense and is beautiful.”

Awakened or Enlightened? An Enlightenment Coach looks at PRIMMIE's gorgeous experience, Part 1

An Enlightenment Coach who understands being outside in a rocky place, seeking Awakening or Enlightenment

An Enlightenment Coach who understands being outside in a rocky place, seeking Awakening or Enlightenment

Regular readers at this blog know the most recent specialty at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” is the work I do as an Enlightenment Coach. That isn’t how I set out to write about face reading, aura reading, or Empath Empowerment(R). I would have had plenty to do with just one of those specialties. The same deal with all the skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (including long before it was named “Rosetree Energy Spirituality.”)

Many fans and lurkers at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” have zero interest in Enlightenment. I get that. Pick and choose what interests you, of course.

Yet my lifelong pursuit of spiritual growth (and work since 1970 as a spiritual teacher) has blossomed in recent years, along with a sense of calling to help people understand that Enlightenment does not have to be for renunciates. 

Householder Enlightenment is the name of the game for millions of people living today. Not that all of us are Enlightened yet. Rather, Householder Enlightenment is a distinct possibility. In fact, attaining this state of consciousness may be one of the main reasons why YOU incarnated now.

Interested in Making More Money? Resources If You're Local to Metro Washington, D.C. Another Resource If You're Not.

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment

Hooray for money! Today you will probably have a close encounter with money.

  • Making money.
  • Spending money.
  • Improving your life because of what money can buy.
  • Trying to improve yourself so you can gain more of the goodies that money can buy.

What if you could benefit from leading-edge research about what really helps people become more successful at making money?

Well, you can. I have done exactly that research — with results that are both surprising and practical. In today’s post are two money-related resources that could make a big difference for your gaining more success and prosperity.  One is local, convenient if you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia. Not local? Scroll down to Resource #2.

Resource #1 for More Success and Prosperity

Pathways Magazine will hold a huge Natural Living Expo on Sunday, March 30, 2014. Conveniently locate right near the White Flint Metro stop in Maryland, in North Bethesda, loads of free parking will be available, too.

Yes, I will be one of 64 workshop presenters, right in that first batch at 11:30 a.m. My topic will be…

Ex-Atheist. A Guest Post

PRIMMIE's portrait as an ex-atheist, moving forward differently now on her path to Enlightenment

PRIMMIE’s portrait as an ex-atheist, from spiritual awakening towards Enlightenment

Ex-Atheist. In this Guest Post, PRIMMIE describes how a spiritual awakening knocked her right out of atheism.

Years later, she moved into Enlightenment. As documented by a guest post she wrote three years later. (Just check out the contrast between her photos. Startling and inspiring!)

What about RES? PRIMMIE had a session with me years ago, when I taught RES skills in London. At the College of Psychic Studies. And, by the time of this article, she had been commenting actively at this blog for years. Starting in 2010.

Here follows PRIMMIE’s beautiful guest post about the impact of an experience of spiritual awakening. 

Photo Broke Twitter. Empath Merge.

Photo Broke Twitter

Photo Broke Twitter. Learn about the nine A-listers involved. Through Skilled Empath Merge!

Photo Broke Twitter. Empath Merge. Comparing the surface-level star wattage of nine A-List Movie Stars. Versus the talent that shows in their auras.

Here’s a contest. Plus a newsletter announcement.

First, the Big Headline

“Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie for the ages from the front row during the Academy Awards telecast” proclaimed the New York Daily News.

A Busy, Peaceful Life in Enlightenment. A guest post by JILL ERIN.

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN, in Enlightenment, ready for an aura reading

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN, in Enlightenment, ready for an aura reading

This adds to our ongoing conversation on Enlightenment, including what life is like when it has ben months or years after you crossed over that threshold.

Householder Enlightenment does not come with support from a monastic order. There is no obvious lifestyle. So what does happen?

And what doesn’t?

JILL ERIN’s turn, with my minor edits, links, and headings.

I am very involved with the business community in my city. I am on a Board and I own a couple of commercial buildings and I am involved in the local political issues a lot. That is why I haven’t been as active here. I have always been a more immediate sort of person and take more interest in my immediate surroundings.

Enlightenment, for me, has made me more available and capable for what I am involved in locally in that I am “detached” completely from any ego needs. I do not take offense – ever. I still have likes and dislikes and preferences, but those are of a personal nature and need no “defense.”