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Interested in Making More Money? Resources If You're Local to Metro Washington, D.C. Another Resource If You're Not.

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment

Hooray for money! Today you will probably have a close encounter with money.

  • Making money.
  • Spending money.
  • Improving your life because of what money can buy.
  • Trying to improve yourself so you can gain more of the goodies that money can buy.

What if you could benefit from leading-edge research about what really helps people become more successful at making money?

Well, you can. I have done exactly that research — with results that are both surprising and practical. In today’s post are two money-related resources that could make a big difference for your gaining more success and prosperity.  One is local, convenient if you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia. Not local? Scroll down to Resource #2.

Resource #1 for More Success and Prosperity

Pathways Magazine will hold a huge Natural Living Expo on Sunday, March 30, 2014. Conveniently locate right near the White Flint Metro stop in Maryland, in North Bethesda, loads of free parking will be available, too.

Yes, I will be one of 64 workshop presenters, right in that first batch at 11:30 a.m. My topic will be…

$$$ Energetic Literacy for More Prosperity $$$

Can you live with purpose and also make money? Cut through the clutter of “Supposed to’s.”

Become more financially successful by discovering the role of your very human soul in making work choices.

Sample aura readings are included in this lecture-demonstration.

This 55-minute presentation will be so much fun. Please come. And invite your friends, too.

Maybe they think a Deeper Perception expert has antennae poking out from the tin foil on her head. Will there be a mystery costume, just to impress them? Come and find out.

Most of my books will be there as well, perfect for those autographed-bookhounds among you Blog-Buddies.

Altogether, the Pathways Expo is a fascinating event. Here’s a sample video highlighting this New Age Fun-Fest. (I’m among these quick video clips twice, towards the end, demonstrating face reading at a previous Natural Living Expo.) Just for fun, here is a photo taken of me while speaking at the Pathways Expo in 2008.

Rose Rosetree during a golden moment, giving a Pathways Expo Workshop

Rose Rosetree during a golden moment, giving a Pathways Expo Workshop

Personal mini-sessions are available at the Expo, including one type to help you make more money

Yes, for something more personal, you can stop by my Expo booth for a 10-minute session of “Magnetize Money” Aura Reading Research. Other types of mini-session are available too — a great way to get acquainted. Also a great way to introduce friends who might like a sample of face reading or other goodies. Here are the details about my booth at this huge event:

Energetic Literacy with Rose Rosetree

My booth is Sweet #16. As the description goes:

Meet the Pathways columnist on “Energetic Literacy” for Face Readings, Aura Readings, Skilled Empath Merges, Soul Thrill Research

Rose has 350,000+ books in print. 1,000+ media interviews include The View, USA Today, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, “The Diane Rehm Show”

Some really talented practitioners grace this all-day festival of teaching, healing, and sharing. I’ve seen miracles of healing happen during that day. I consider it a sacred festivity and am so glad to be a part of it.

When you think about powerful lightworkers, Sedona might come to mind. But think again about those of us who attempt to bring love and light and personal power to the Washington, D.C. area. The nation’s capital has more than its share of courageous, inventive healers, twinking away.

I do recommend that you visit my Booth #16 earlier rather than later, because sometimes we must turn people away for appointments. They get all filled up. The appointments. Probably also the people. It can be a very big, intense, noisy celebration indeed. (I’m glad I’ll have really delightful helpers at my booth. Wait until you meet them!)

SPECIAL COUPON for the Pathways Natural Living Expo

The Pathways Expo is a great bargain, between those wide-ranging workshops all included, plus unlimited vibes and the chance to check out 146 booths, all for a $15 admission fee. Even less, if you print out Pathways’ special coupon, which takes off $5 per person. Click here for the brochure and then scroll down to that coupon.

Directions from every which way are also in the Pathways Brochure. Scroll down and you’ll find loads of ways to get there.

Resource #2 for More Success and Prosperity

Invest in your own copy of Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium. Besides being available as a paperback, it is in all the ebook formats by now.

In that make-more-money book, you will learn:

  • How to be a smarter New Age Consumer
  • Surprises that Energetic Literacy reveals about what does NOT work for making more money
  • Results of hundreds of aura reading profiles that I have done on wealthy people, volunteer teachers of Law of Attraction and The Secret, teachers of prosperity who are Evangelical Christians, and some famous success coaches. Including a guy you might love or hate, THE Donald Trump.
  • Workarounds you can start using right away to help yourself make more money.

So many readers of this book have raved about the results. I will be offering the annual Magnetize Money Workshop later this year, as well — April 26-27. But why wait? Start to benefit now from secrets for success and prosperity, secrets that really work.

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    David.. says:

    Resource #2 is a fine resource indeed – direct energetic research on what results in financial well-being.

  2. 2
    David.. says:

    I talked about the book in an article here, if it’s of interest.

  3. 3

    DAVID, generous and respectful as always, thank you so much for my favorite review yet of this book.

    Thank you for writing it and thank you for giving a link in your Comment 2.

  4. 4

    Here come some useful tips if you are planning to attend the Pathways Natural Living Expo this coming Sunday, March 30.

    Expo Tip #1. Take the Metro if you can. The Marriott is located right at the White Flint Metro and there is no track work scheduled for this weekend.

    Expo Tip #2. Bring exact change ($10) and a completed coupon (available at to zoom through cash express registration line.

  5. 5

    And more tips for you, if you are local to the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

    Pathways Expo Tip #3. Come early for more free parking and more room in the exhibit hall.

    Pathways Expo Tip #4. If the Marriott parking lot is full, the indoor metro parking lot on Marinelli just on the other side of Rockville Pike is FREE on Sundays.

    Pathways Expo Tip #5. Download the final Expo program flyer to your smartphone for a compact source.

    Please bring your friends!

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