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An Empath's Giggle. My Favorite Story from the Pathways Expo, Spring 2014

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

Launching a new kind of laughter, Empath Humor

An empath walked into the Kennedy Center.

That’s how this Empath Empowerment joke begins, courtesy of someone I spoke with yesterday at the think globally, act locally, amazing Natural Living Expo sponsored by Pathways Magazine (for which I write the “Energetic Literacy” column).

GLADYS, an extremely skilled empath, had a slip-up. Her empath gifts turned ON, which is unusual for her. Like any skilled empath who has used Empath Empowerment(R), GLADYS usually has the mind-body-spirit habit of keeping her empath gifts habitually turned OFF.

However, GLADYS was laughing so hard, her circuitry loosened up and her aura expanded. What was so funny? Lucky woman, she was watching “The Book of Mormon.”

Stealthily, in the midst of her laughter, GLADYS started to have the weirdest thought.

“I am going to Hell. I am going to be damned for all eternity.”

Unskilled Empath Merges Have Consequences

Those consequences do not involve going to a hell.

Hold on. Here’s a bit of background for you Blog-Buddies who are just starting to learn about empath anything. If you were born as an empath, you’re in good company: 1 in 20 people is born that way.

All empaths do not have identical gifts. Empath gifts do not necessary involve emotional anything. Therefore, a completely muddleheaded, unhelpful definition of empath is “An empath feels other people’s feelings.”

Instead, whatever your lifelong gifts as an empath might be, a more helpful definition is:

 An empath has at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person.

You can become a skilled empath in 30 days. The tool is a 30-day program for Empath Empowerment, Become The Most Important Person in the Room. Available as an ebook as well! For all my titles you can find links to ebook editions by clicking on that book’s cover at The Official Rose Rosetree Website.

Becoming a skilled empath will protect you as nothing else will. Even though I’m the first to admit that empath skills do not solve ALL problems. Witness our latest educational set of comments at Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz. (As usual at this blog, COMMENTS are at least as interesting as the main post. Check out recent insights at that quiz. Wow, KIRA and JNANA and others with thoughtful, fascinating discussion about which problems come from being an unskilled empath versus other types of energetic STUFF.)

The simplest truth for any empath to understand for protecting yourself

Until gaining skills, talented empaths suffer. On a daily basis, they do split-split second, subconscious, unskilled empath merges, which junk up their auras with Imported STUFF, astral-level debris that can be healed but often isn’t.

A wise empath, won’t spend all day waving around crystals or doing aura-level cleanup. A wise empath learns how to make a subtle shift in consciousness towards personal identity, which naturally keeps Empath Gifts turned OFF. Unfortunately, this is not done by collecting coping tips for empaths. Empaths can definitely become skilled through the system of Empath Empowerment, though.

That GLADYS? She’s got empath skills.

Unfortunately, there still can be occasional little slip-ups, and oboy did GLADYS have one that night at the Kennedy Center.

So Many Worries for Empaths Are Not What They Seem, Hence Today’s Giggle

Occasionally an empath will have conscious thoughts in the language of the other person, the one who was empath-merged with.

Much more often, an empath will translate the fears of others, or physical discomfort, or intellectual confusion into personal terms.

Say that JOE was also an empath at the Kennedy Center that night. Only he wasn’t as skilled as GLADYS, so he is used to having STUFF enter his aura through unskilled empath merge.

Subconscious empath merges and Imported STUFF could be translated by JOE’s conscious mind into worries, that are very familiar to him such as:

  • I’m so messed up.
  • I’m tired.
  • I can’t think straight.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I feel lonely, even amid all the people here at The Kennedy Center

In reality. All such worries could be how JOE’s conscious mind registers consequences of hanging out at The Kennedy Center. Any unskilled empath does countless, reflexive, unskilled empath merges.

By contrast, what about GLADYS’s fears of going to Hell? Not a normal thought for her, not one bit.

GLADYS wasn’t raised to be a “good, Godfearing” member of any religion that believes in hell. Neither a Catholic nor a Protestant nor a Muslim nor a Buddhist nor a Mormon nor raised in any other religion that can derive much of its popularity through (obvious or subtle) fears of doing the wrong thing and winding up in The Wrong Place.

Nope, GLADYS could tell immediately what happened. That fear of hell, like her rare unskilled empath merge slip-up, stuck out like a sore thumb.

In fact, it was easy for GLADYS to find two likely suspects in the audience, folks sitting nearby who didn’t seem to be enjoying the musical. In retrospect it was clear that, during the first half of the show, Mr. and Mrs. Joe-Gladys were sending out huge auric screams of distress. (Often this can set up conditions for an empath merge, until and unless an empath has become very, very skilled.)

Live performances can be lively places aurically.

GLADYS told me,  it was so clear to her that the fear-of-hell thoughts had come from a slip-up, a bit of unskilled empath merge. Consciously she had noticed their nonverbal signals of discomfort. “The couple left at intermission.”

While GLADYS’s teachable moment continues to this day. This empath, Rose Rosetree, has certainly had her share of hell-fear moments, or the equivalent. How about you?

Pretty funny, isn’t that incident? To me, that’s empath humor.



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  1. 1

    And big thanks to Pathways staff for doing such a superb job, with such kindness and meticulous attention to detail:

    * Lou
    * Erin
    * Clare
    * Michele
    * Claudia
    * Mary Kay
    * Bob
    * Sister of Mary Kay
    * Max

    Blog-Buddies, I love these people. They set the standard for doing a mind-body-spirit expo with integrity, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail.

    While making it all seem easy!

  2. 2
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    What about if you have thoughts such as “I’m so messed up;” “I’m tired,” etc in the privacy of your own home, when alone.

    Presumably those thoughts do actually belong to you and are not results of unskilled empath merges??


  3. 3

    Big thanks to my awesome helpers at the Pathways Expo:

    * Apprentice Isabella Cates
    * Emma Pearl James
    * Valerie Sibirsky
    * Joyce Wakefield

  4. 4

    RACHEL, such a great observation. I’m going to cross-post this idea back at our ongoing discussion “Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz.”

    If you hurry, you could be the first to comment about it!

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    I’ve had both of these types of experiences. I’ve had times where a thought would come to me that was so different from my ordinary thoughts that I knew it wasn’t mine.

    Whatever the thought was didn’t sound like me and didn’t reflect how I was feeling. And when I asked inside who it belonged to, I could pinpoint the person I had lifted it from.

    It happens less now that I’m a skilled empath, but it does still happen.

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    Giggle…I have this coworker, and the other night I was busy working and she was there too. I was busy, busy, busy. Work as usual, getting things done.

    Out of the blue, I start to notice the ticking of the clock. Tick, tick, tick..

    And how SLOW time is moving.

    And I have this thought “I may die of boredom before 9pm comes (closing time)”.

    After the fact, I realized that wasn’t my thought! It was from this not-terribly-into-her-job person I was sitting with.

    Come to think of it, I often notice the ticking of the clock and how slow time moves when I’m sitting with her.

    I never notice that when I’m by myself or working with people other than her! I’m too busy to be bored.

  7. 7
    Bonnie says:


    I’m going to guess only True Believers would think that they were “going to hell” for watching a silly, light-hearted musical. No doubt Mr. and Mrs. TB thought they were buying tickets for a show that would have Proper Respect for Religious Traditions. They must not have seen a single episode of “Southpark” in their lives.

    I’m glad Miss Empath was able to quickly sort out was going on.

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