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Unskilled Empath Problems? ANSWERS to the Bonus Questions

Rose Rosetree, Empath, Doing Her Best to Teach Other Empaths

Rose Rosetree, Empath, Doing Her Best to Teach Other Empaths

So many thoughtful, wise answers have been given in response to Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

Thanks to one and all who shared your wisdom. I celebrate your emerging understanding.

Empath Empowerment(R) is new in the world. It’s understandable that many folks are struggling with what it means to be born as an empath. It really can help to read the answers below, lending you some perspective based in professional knowledge.

Empath” used to have just a few screens on Google, back when I published the first book in English for empaths, Empowered by Empathy. Googling on “empath” today, I find how many hits? 415,000. 

Gulp, I’m not even on the first page of hits. Guess that’s because I have been too busy helping empaths and doing the rest of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, rather than working SEO. As always Blog-Buddies, your old-fashioned word of mouth is appreciated for spreading the word about empath skills.

Oooh, Catch This First Announcement of Interest to Empaths

For months, I have been working to update that first book for empaths. Later this year I will publish this pair of books to help you. Ready to see those titles? Ta da!

  • The Empowered Empath
  • The Master Empath

Yes, that’s what they’re called. More details to come!

Meanwhile, a solid resource to supplement today’s article is the only book now in print to teach the system of Empath Empowerment:

Although many enthusiastic empath coaches are appearing in the New Age marketplace, the system of Empath Empowerment(R) remains the only trademarked system in the U.S. for helping empaths, supplemented by a solid background in helping empaths to overcome problems and enjoy the magnificent potentials of being born as an empath. From that knowledge base, let’s explore some answers.

Bonus Question #1: Define “Empath

A great definition comes from Comment 26 at the previously-mentioned QUIZ article:

An empath is someone who is able to have direct experience (in consciousness) of what it’s like to be someone (or something) else.

Yes, I added those little words “in consciousness” because, of course, any human in the waking state interacts with other people and things at the human level. The aura-level, depth quality of experience is what makes things so different for every born empath.

What gives an empath that ability to have such experiences with consciousness?

An empath is born with at least one gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be someone else. Gifts make the empath, which is why the first step in Empath Empowerment is to learn which gifts you have. Beware teachers who assume that all empath gifts are emotional, for instance.

Speaking of cautions, the following definitions, supplied as comments at the earlier post are NOT especially helpful definitions. I’d like to explain why. Hooray for having an educational blog!

“I believe an Empath is one who can feel the energy of someone or something else.”

Not true, not helpful.

Any human being can feel energy, including autistic persons.

For example, people with a spiritual addiction feel energy constantly during their waking hours. This is not healthy.

  • Some people with a spiritual addiction purposely strive to feel energy constantly. I wrote a whole book to help clear up why attempting this is a really, really bad idea — and what you can do differently: Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy.
  • Also coming up this month is my annual workshop to help you to live productively — and joyfully — without having to feel other people’s energy constantly: The Magnetize Money Workshop, April 26-27.

Either way, neither empaths nor anyone else need to self-define as constantly feeling energy.

Granted, sometimes people just can’t seem to avoid this. Which is due to STUFF stuck at a subconscious and psychic level. In which case I would recommend a session with an apprentice or graduate of my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. It can take some expert to help to solve the problem. Once it’s solved, it’s solved.

Another Blog-Buddy brought forth this definition of being an empath in a comment at the quiz:

I think of a empath as someone equipped to pick up interpersonal information that is not commonly recognized. That’s why empath abilities could prove problematic–little information or guidance is on offer.

To me, this reads like a beginner’s definition… from a very perceptive individual. Just the sort of person I love to teach! Some quick points of clarification:

  1. Empaths are “equipped”… with at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be someone else. Calling it “equipped” isn’t as precise as it could be. Is a small carry-on bag the same as a huge, hard-sided suitcase? Is a dentist’s drill the same as a tennis racquet? So one of the first things I teach empaths is to understand what kind of “equipped” is going on for that particular individual.
  2. Empaths do not “pick up” information. Psychics pick up information. Psychic development and psychic talents are completely different from energetic literacy and Empath Empowerment. The deeper you get into developing your gifts as an empath, the more important this distinction will be to you.
  3. Empath abilities do seem “problematic,” until the empath develops skills. I couldn’t agree more. Unskilled empaths suffer! Skilled empaths stop suffering… from Imported STUFF (and also being suffering from general confusion about being an empath).
  4. Little information or guidance is on offer“? Oh, please, say you don’t really believe that! Maybe I haven’t succeeded yet at promoting my work adequately. (See earlier comment in today’s article.)  Still:

I have published three how-to books in English, one of which is still in print. Authorized editions of Empowered by Empathy have been published in Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Far as I know, all of them are still in print.

My workshop on Empath Empowerment has been given in many parts of the U.S., in Europe and in Asia. I taught it just last month!

I continue do sessions of personal mentoring and aura healing for so many people, custom-fit to the needs and consciousness of that person at the time.

Also, maybe you have heard of a blog called “Deeper Perception Made Practical”? It is pretty packed with information to help empaths.

Bonus Question #2: Define “Skilled Empath

One excellent answer comes from a response to the original quiz:

“Someone who can use their empath talent selectively in a time and place of their choosing.”

Blog-Buddies, I would just pull out the implications here.

  • A skilled empath has the habit of living with all empath gifts automatically turned OFF.
  • If the empath decides to purposely turn those empath gifts ON and do a Skilled Empath Merge, that person consciously uses a dedicated technique. That would be a meticulously designed technique which works for empaths to provide energetic protection and depth experience. (Such as you will find in my upcoming book two of the Empath Empowerment series. The Master Empath will contain more than a dozen techniques for Skilled Empath Merge.)

Another comment in response to the quiz is really useful for educational inquiry:

“A skilled empath has control over this merging of consciousness. She merges with another at will, and only when he decides to. Not otherwise. And perhaps he also knows how to do this without taking on stuff.”


No “perhaps.” Please!

Until you are comfortable with living with all your empath gifts turned OFF, you are not ready yet to experiment with techniques of Skilled Empath Merge.

I think of my wise student JOE. He took my Empath Empowerment Workshop, Level 1. When we explored Skilled Empath Merge at the end, JOE sat it out. He wasn’t ready.

JOE waited a whole year before doing his first Skilled Empath Merge. He was ready. He knew he was ready. He followed the steps of the technique. He did great.

Bonus Question #3 Define “Unskilled Empath Merge

Each unskilled empath merge is a quick shift in consciousness. The empath’s aura expands to take in the aura of the other person, then returns to normal dimensions. This happens so fast, you can’t really research it without Stage Four Energetic Literacy. (A bit fancier than the energetic literacy that you — or anyone who likes — can learn to do effortlessly with the system of Aura Reading Through All your Senses(R).)

A detailed explanation of unskilled empath merge, complete with diagrams, is in my book with Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.

Knowing about unskilled empath merges doesn’t prevent them, however, as they happen subconsciously and without  the empath’s purposely trying to have them.

Of course, skills of Empath Empowerment (which you can learn from that book, for instance) stop this habit.

Otherwise? Unskilled empath merges occurs all day long, intermittently, and usually without the empath’s conscious knowledge that it is happening.

Another important thing to understand about unskilled empath merge

Intrepid Blog-Buddies, let’s keep exploring and learning. In another great educational comment,at the quiz, a Blog-Buddy wrote:

 “The empath does not have control over the merging process. But she gains some kind of knowledge of the other.”

That first sentence here is true. The second, not so true. Depends on what you mean by “some kind of knowledge,” right?

When doing a dedicated technique for Skilled Empath Merge, when you are ready to do that technique because you have already done the two earlier parts of Empath Empowerment, what then? You bet, there is knowledge. Conscious experience! Skilled Empath Merge can be seriously useful!

Otherwise that “some kind of knowledge” with unskilled empath merge is pretty darned vague. While definitely, definitely — whether you notice any kind of knowledge consciously at all — an unskilled empath WILL take on Imported STUFF from that other person’s aura. A pretty bad deal!

Concluding today’s chunk of answers

Up through the three Bonus Questions, phew! I have responded to YOUR responses to that recent quiz about what it means to be an empath. Gosh, I had fun writing this.

Blog-Buddies, be sure to add… your responses to my responses to some of your other responses.

There is so much to learn about being an empath in order to improve quality of life. For sure, Empath Empowerment(R) is not just some random hobby!

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  1. 1
    Rachel says:

    My comment won’t do your post today justice, Rose, but I just had to say that I love the titles of your new books! 🙂

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    I’ve seen your definition of “empath” several times over the year or so I’ve been reading this blog. I’m glad it sank in. 🙂

  3. 3
    David.. says:

    Thanks for putting the definitions in one place. Clearly, we had an idea of it but some fine tuning is good.

    And the new titles sound exciting.

  4. 4
    Isabella says:

    Those are some awesome titles – can’t wait.

  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    This is so wonderful, Rose.

    I found your point about feeling energies helpful. If, for instance, I were to go into a rowdy pub I would almost certainly feel the ‘vibe’ and make my choice to leave as appropriate.

    In that kind of situation, though, I have been a little self-doubting as to whether my empath skills may have switched on.

    Remembering that it’s normal to have a sense for ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ about a person or place has cleared up that bit of empath hypochondria :).

    I have loved my journey through Empath Empowerment. Three years ago I would not have believed it was possible to see the world and other people with so little concern or enmeshment.

    I also no longer see my talent as a burden but as a wonderful if mysterious tool. It is truly stunning to be empathic – and we are so lucky to be wired as we are and have the options that we do.

    Thank you for this work you do.


  6. 6
    Jnana says:

    It’s about developing a strong sense of self is it not?
    So one does not give one’s focus totally away to other people.
    Its nice to know one can ultimately merge when necessary without stuff.
    For now I’d like to get through the day with zero merges.

  7. 7
    Cathy H. says:

    This isn’t actually about the quiz, as I didn’t take it, but I wanted to share a little bit, and I hope that is ok here.

    I have been working my way through Cutting Cords of Attachment and Aura Reading for the Senses. I am realizing I am going about this a little backwards and will be ordering Becoming the Most Important Person in the Room as quickly as possible!

  8. 8
    Cathy H. says:

    But the best part is, I have an extremely bright, energetic, and often difficult seven year old daughter. She often had problems sleeping and going to sleep is always a battle.

    Last night, she was also having body aches and pains (allergies and growing pains, which are common for her), and I decided, I am going to do an auric massage on her, and see if it helps. I waited till she fell asleep after story time, and did a soothing auric massage-a first for me and very interesting-and she slept a peaceful, dream-free night!

  9. 9
    Cathy H. says:

    So tonight, we were reading stories, and she interrupted me with a question: ‘do you have any super-powers mom?’ I thought, ‘why not!’ So I said, well, yes, but this is something everyone can do. I explained that everything has energy, and if you know how, you can feel it. So I showed her how to cup her hands, clap them together, and then ‘feel’ the aura. She GOT it, just like that! I showed her how an auric massage felt, she laughed and giggled, said it tickled over her belly 🙂

    Then she wanted to try it on me. As I have not had anyone to try this out with/on, I was amazed I could ‘feel’ her massage, warm, and slightly tickly. I kept my eyes closed and checked every so often, I was always accurate in where she was.

    What a fun, happy, and uplifting experience.

  10. 10
    Cathy H. says:

    I look forward to many more of these moments, and to continued learning.

    Thanks so much, Rose, for all you do!

  11. 11

    CATHY H., how lovely to hear from you.

    Any order you wish to go through with my books is fine with me. That’s why they are sold separately. Also why you have free will!

    And Aura Reading Through All Your Senses is an excellent book to go through with your child or a friend, one short chapter at a time. Choose at will from the 100+ techniques.

  12. 12

    BTW, as blog monitor I took the liberty of “aerating” the dense growth of comments.

    For clarity here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” it is preferred to send short paragraphs, and you can space between paragraphs.

    This is not Facebook!

    In case you find it interesting, here the comments are called “comments” while “posts” are the main articles at the top. And at this blog, with our fascinating and articulate community, those comments are often where the biggest fun is.

    As with your comments today.

  13. 13
    David.. says:

    Hi Cathy
    I started with Aura Reading too (it was the first I found in a bookstore). But soon I realized I really needed to get a handle on the Empath gifts and got Become the Most Important. That was the most revelatory book yet. I look forward to the new insights from the new books plus the others I’m currently reading.

  14. 14
    David.. says:

    It would have been very cool to have a Mom like you. Not one who told me it was just my imagination. But then, I did need some grounding. 😉

  15. 15
    Cathy H. says:

    I haven’t always been a very cool mom, there has been frustrated yelling involved with a variety of issues on more than a few occasions *sigh*
    However, working on being open and finding the ‘right’ way to deal with these things. Totally new territory for both of us 🙂

  16. 16
    Redhen says:

    There were one pretty intense and scary person in my life. I felt the danger oozing out of the person, I felt so afraid to even look at this person,s eyes. I had horrible visions of tentacles and being drained and electrocuted. I smelled a strange suffocating heavy fog only around this person. The person’s head had dark murky clouded appearance and eyes were persistently piercing me with lightning bolt jabs. Later I found out that this person had some sort of mental illness that causes them to be completely fixated and obsessed on their victim. This person pursued me relentlessly for many years. I am now strong enough to block and purify. At first I thought I was being silly. But now I know to trust my intuition.

  17. 17

    REDHEN, it is good that your belief system and approach worked for you.

    Rosetree Energy Spirituality offers an alternative approach in every possible way. This one provides a favorable an outcome, as many have noticed. All it takes is for you to let go of other ways you have been approaching your empath gifts and experiment. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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