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Brain Fog, Spotting Liars, and Life in The Age of Aquarius

Are you managing to avoid brain fog? Count that as a triumph.

Are you managing to avoid brain fog? Count that as a triumph.

Two themes have been lively at this blog lately. Have you put them together yet, Blog-Buddies? Because making that connection might help you.

Brain Fog, a.k.a. Mental Fog

ZELDA introduced the topic — and term — Brain Fog. She wrote in Comment 22:

I’m wondering if it’s just me or if others have had the experience of noticing that more people in general seem to be a bit confused or unfocussed lately.

For example, in recent dealings with health insurance companies, I’m no longer surprised, but still amazed by how often glaring mistakes are made.

In many of the students I teach, too, I’ve been amazed by how many people are just plain unfocussed.

I’m wondering if it’s related to the major energy shifts we’ve been experiencing.

Clouding of consciousness has been a very prevalent problem, increasing since The Shift. This upgrade in collective consciousness began to stabilize around 12-21-12, as humanity entered this new Age of  Energy. We’re still adjusting.

No, I’m not just making it up. And neither are you.

One Way Or Another, this Clouding of Consciousness Impacts Your Life

Responding to ZELDA’s comment, Blog-Buddy KYLIE wrote:

This is an area of rational scientists and intellectuals, people who are into their minds and into their bodies but forget anything spiritual.

Nonetheless, I have also observed a lot of unfocused people around me. Lots of people with a lot of brain fog going on. I think you are right that it is related to the Shift.

Massachusetts, where KYLIE lives, sure is different in many respects from California, home of ZELDA.

I’ve heard reports of brain fog from clients living on other continents, too. Anecdotal stories of interpersonal frustration.

From the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, huge numbers of people are seeking refuge in spiritual addiction. Only they don’t call it that. They call it prayer or What Would Jesus Do? or seeking guidance from angels as taught to do by New Age authorities on Hay House radio.

Other millions aim for solace through lifestyle choices that lead to spiritual shutdown. Add all the potheads, the folks addicted to painkillers, and statistics will tell you that plenty of folks today are having a very hard time indeed, just functioning. No, you are not just making it up.

The single most fascinating statistic about mental confusion right now?

To me, that statistic concerns anti-psychotic medication. According to the Washington Post:

These drugs “are being prescribed by psychiatrists and primary-care doctors to treat a panoply of conditions for which they have not been approved, including anxiety, attention-deficit disorder, sleep difficulties, behavioral problems in toddlers and dementia.

“These new drugs account for more than 90 percent of the market and have eclipsed an older generation of antipsychotics. Two recent reports have found that youths in foster care, some less than a year old, are taking more psychotropic drugs than other children, including those with the severest forms of mental illness.”

Blog-Buddies, I don’t recommend you go googling on how many people are being routinely prescribed psychiatric medications. And many of those pills being prescribed not so much as the brilliant choices by the world’s experts in such meds, psychiatrists, but as a kind of quick and cheap way to keep people functional. (Sort of.)

You know this already, the consequences, the eyes and auras of many people you encounter. “There but for the grace of God go I” – type people.

The good news about you and your mind

Blog-Buddies, you are in control of your mind. You can choose to evolve through human-based spirituality.

You can use techniques of energetic literacy to evaluate how well you are doing subconsciously and energetically. (Including my weekend workshop to jump-start your aura reading, given only once per year, offered May 17-18, 2014.)

You can use techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality to help you to grow and evolve, to permanently move out STUFF and do PUT-IN that expresses your soul.

And if you are dealing with people who seem unaccountably strange, you can admit to yourself, “No, I’m not just making it up.” And then do your best to make your own life work.

Where Deception Detection fits in

You bet, Deception Detection this is an important concern. Part Three of our interview series will be released soon. I’m also very excited about a guest post by PETE, an expert in the field of spotting liars. Coming this week to “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Meanwhile here is the connection I am making today.

Some of that pressure you may be feeling about protecting yourself and spotting liars? Maybe that is, in part, a response to other difficulties about living now, after The Shift.

Going back to the days of Diogenes — before then, even — liars have been known.

But to live among untold millions of people who cannot think clearly, who live in brain fog: How long has that been a problem?

And for how long have people have the energetic literacy skills to research accurately what is going on with a person’s subconscious mind and aura.

Sure, for 10,000 years certain aura readers have read The Nadis. Yet even they didn’t necessarily research The Nadis as information about emotions and spiritual growth. That privilege and opportunity belongs to us, living now.

Chakra databanks, which you can definitely learn to research on your own, may have more to them than The Nadis. Living today, we need more information from our aura reading.

We don’t just need to know “Is it working?” but “How is it working?” and “With this aspect of life, like making money or verbal integrity, what is really going on deep within me?” Not just “What can I tell about Nadi #27 at my Root Chakra?” Or “Time to perk up Nadi #35 at my Throat Chakra.”

Living today, times are tough. Yet times are also tender. We can heal and take charge of our lives in ways that might be considered miraculous.

Human individuality is very present to us living now. We can evolve emotionally and spiritually, driving the rest of mind-body-spirit. That approach can result in such rapid progress for a person’s path toward Enlightenment.

So yes, Blog-Buddies, do keep your wits about you and deal with the people around you as best you can.

Learn how to spot liars effectively. However, do not expect that will solve problems related to Brain Fog and adjusting to life after The Shift. Different contexts, different techniques and resources apply.

Most of all, starting today. And every day. Please give yourself credit.

Your standards are high. I know that about so many of you.

Yet simply getting through the day with a reasonable degree of stability and success, keeping your wits about you, living substance-free, holding to standards of integrity, moving forward in human-based spirituality, being a caring person…

All of this has enormous  steadying impact on collective consciousness. You are doing a lot that way. Be proud of yourself.



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  1. 1
    Isabella says:

    Why would it be surprising that people are having trouble functioning on Earth, especially right now?

    I’m more surprised that most people seem to be able to keep a lid on it and act somewhat normal in public.

  2. 2
    Zelda says:

    I’ve experienced the miraculous part of these times in recent months. The upside of so many people being confused amidst the many changes in the health insurance realm, for instance,is that if I keep calling back and speak to a variety of people, I eventually get what I need. 🙂

    I’ll add that we are in the midst of an extraordinary astrological line-up this month of 4 powerful planets making an exact square. This is known as the Grand Cross. Similar line ups have occurred during revolutionary times.

    So it’s an especially power-packed time of change. I’m finding that doing what I can to be grounded helps a lot.

  3. 3
    Zelda says:

    One more thing about brain fog….

    Using Lumosity has helped me slice through some of my own brain fog. The point of the various games is to strengthen brain functions like memory, speed, flexibility and attention.

    I find that playing the games does help me feel sharper.

  4. 4
    Amanda says:

    I have noticed brain fog but also a huge amount of clearing in people.

    This capacity for slowing down that has allowed for Vibrational Repositioning to emerge (correct me if I’m wrong, Rose, but I associated the two!) is I think the cause – people ‘dipping out’ while something shifts in them. There seems to be a lot of behind-the-scenes clearance going on and that will of course surface in the system on its way out.

    A lot of twenty, twenty-five year old patterns seem to be shifting, and there’s an upping in intensity that means people who may not have been aware before are now becoming aware.

    I have spent years practising being grounded and have found it hard on occasion!

    Here’s to staying grounded. I am taking a couple of weeks to just focus on refocusing, staying human, staying grounded, and enjoying present reality.

    I am actually rather encouraged by the shift. A lot of learning will also be taking place, and it’s nice to know we’re all in this together – there’s no special group of people positioned for the shift, just all of us doing what we’re meant to be doing.



  5. 5
    Amanda says:

    Just to add, and I’m not so sure about this, but I do think there is also a push towards conscious choice-making.

    I’d be interested in others’ input because that may just be my personal experience.


  6. 6
    Kira says:

    I hadn’t really noticed the brain fog, but then, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with my own life. I tend to alternate between periods of inspiration and periods of assimilation and simply taking in input.

    I just hit a new period of inspiration last week! Nice to know about the Grand Cross.

  7. 7
    an avid reader says:

    I, too, have noticed mind boggling brain fog. I work at an Ivy League school…

  8. 8

    AVID READER, might it be possible to share an anecdote or example or two?

  9. 9
    Avid Reader says:

    Hi Rose,

    One example is that I am seeing a lot of issues with the inability to remember very basic things. I am even seeing this among students which was not much of an issue previously. It has been much more pronounced in the past year or so than ever before previously.

  10. 10

    Very basic things such as how to tie a shoelace?

    Oooh, now I am so curious. Can you humor me with an example?

  11. 11
    an avid reader says:

    For example, students completely forgetting to show up for work–definitely not on purpose. Definitely not lying as it is followed by sincere apologies and promises to do better, etc.

    P.s. They appear to still be able to tie their sboes. 🙂

  12. 12

    Fascinating. Thanks, AVID READER.

  13. 13
    Ryan says:

    I have observed many of the things mentioned here. Additionally, I have observed that the rate at which people accumulate STUFF in their auras seems to have increased as well. Many people who had a fair amount of STUFF just a year to a year and a half ago now have EVEN MORE stuff.

    I am not the most clairvoyant person, but an increasing number of people have so much STUFF that I can “see” it without even trying. I am often tempted to ask people (drug users in particular), “Do you ever look at yourself in mirrors or pictures and wonder if you are supposed to look that way?”

  14. 14
    Zelda says:

    I have also noticed instances of brain fog among students I teach that are unlike anything I’ve experienced in the past.

    I used to assign homework at the end of class by writing it on the board, which rarely seemed to confuse anyone.

    About a year ago, I started writing up a detailed homework instruction sheet that I uploaded to our shared class folder. I could not write a more detailed, step-by-step, basic set of instructions for what are really very simple assignments.

    I have one student who has yet to complete one assignment correctly. She’ll leave off half the assignment and seems quite bewildered by it all.

    Another student has regularly skipped half the assignment.

    In another language class, in a very basic dictation assignment on noting syllables and stress patterns, one student takes the cake.

    After hearing the instructions several times, including after the first few words, she will forget to do the marking in the time between hearing the word and looking at it on her paper. She doesn’t even have to write the word down!

    I can see her just float away mentally.

    I think that the general brain fog factor is sometimes intensified for students studying in a new culture for the first time. Even more to be confused about!

  15. 15

    Golly, all this is fascinating.

    A special shout-out to you, RYAN, one of our most longstanding Blog-Buddies. Wishing you happiness, even living among folks with so much STUFF.

  16. 16
    Dave says:

    Id echo Amanda’s sentiments.

    I think now I’m seeing more awakening and releasing than non-productive stickiness.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of the latter, but it seems less pronounce than a year ago.

    I’ve seen friends who were really struggling, visibly, with stuff, come out of the woods a bit recently. There seems to be a stabilization with some of the crazy.

    I think a lot of people previously deeply mired in some kind of dysfunction are looking for a way out. They’re aware of the dysfunction and trying to change.

  17. 17

    Such fascinating times, to be sure!

    And today I happened to check about number of blog comments. We are over 18,000.

    Tomorrow I aim to find who typed in that Comment #18,000, who would be the winner of our latest contest and invited to choose a candidate who is a public figure with a fascinating face, someone for a physiognomy-based profile. Yeah!

  18. 18
    Zelda says:

    ISABELLA,I know that from my experience, and if I’m understanding some of the other comments correctly (and not trapped in brain fog… 🙂 ), what is attention-getting is a sort of overall shift toward fogginess at a group level (as in with groups of students) as compared to it being much less prevalent before the big Shift.

    I’ve appreciated this conversation thread, as it’s given me a new perspective on how to make slight shifts in interacting with my students.

    It seems to me that in this passage, a little kindness goes a very long way. In other passages before the Shift, being firm seemed to be necessary in certain kinds of situations. I guess it was where I needed to grow.

    Just today, I focussed on being kind and more patient with the varieties of fog I encountered. It certainly seems to have helped and I feel better, too.

  19. 19
    an avid reader says:

    Hi Zelda,

    I, too, have found that, at this time, kindness versus firmness is the way to go.

  20. 20

    ISABELLA was the lucky winner of the informal contest around submitting Comment 18,000 at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

    She will choose a face reading as her prize.

  21. 21
    Redhen says:

    Since the shift has there been an increase in dementia related illnesses?

  22. 22

    REDHEN, that is an interesting question. I would expect an increase in dementia-related illnesses since The Shift into The Age of Aquarius.

    However, I have no access to statistics beyond what you would have too, if either of us took the time to do a thorough Internet search.

    Of course, some of you Blog-Buddies are professionals in the mental health field and might be positioned to follow this particular specialty. If so, it would be great to hear from you on this topic. (If you’all weren’t so busy with all your clients or patients!)

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