Deeper Perception Made Practical

The Promise of Aura Reading to Spot Liars More Effectively Than Other Methods. A guest post by Pete

Wary of liars? Try developing energetic literacy.

Wary of liars? Try developing energetic literacy.

Can deeper perception help you to spot liars? I think so.

Deception detection is the theme of a three-part interview  here with PETE, an expert in this field. So far two of these interviews have been posted. Then discussion at our online community shifted towards exploring today’s brain fog

Mental fog (a.k.a. “Brain fog” or “Clouding of consciousness”) might lead to behaviors that cause you to suspect lack of honesty. Really it isn’t, necessarily. So I’m glad that our conversation on this topic (for now) ended on a note of compassion.

Before releasing the final interview segment in the series, have I got a treat for you, Blog-Buddies! Today I’m excited to share with you a guest post by PETE about the promise of aura reading — in contrast to watcher-friendly YouTubes and other pop culture versions of deception detection that may not quite fulfill their aims.

Pete’s thoughts follow. Again I thank him for coming up with the idea for our three-part interview. Below I will add headings and links and minor edits. Pete adds his expertise, important if you have wanted to spot liars. Or to detect other types of deception in your business and personal life.

When You Aim to Spot Liars, What Is Credible? 

The following is based on my experience traveling the world assessing creditability.

First of all, I want to clarify that deductive body language interpretation and micro-expression analysis is useful for observational purposes as they can be used to assist in developing a hypothesis of an individual’s intent when implementing a holistic approach.

They also assist with identifying patterns. For example, perhaps Mr. Smith always gives a micro-expression of fear when I ask confront him about a rather important issue. This gives me insight as to an area of questioning or conservation that is obviously concerning for him. It does not tell me what the problem actually is or why he is fearful.

This is the primary limitation. Some in the field will even use these repeated patterns to formulate a conclusion regarding the individual’s underlying psychological issues that cause the person to react. However, in the end, it does not provide an overall assessment of the individual or why he is reacting. It is useful in identifying areas for additional investigation.

Deceit Isn’t Necessarily Obvious, Even to a Body Language Expert

One former FBI agent, who is identified as one of the world’s experts, commented that he has witnessed numerous times during interviews where the subject demonstrated a particular body language that would indicate deceit.

However he later found out that the behavior was tied to something else unrelated.

In one instance, a person being interviewed was nervous about not paying a parking meter that was running overtime during the interview, potentially causing the issuance of a fine. If body language was the only tool utilized, the person may have been falsely prosecuted based on this behavior.

This is where the primary limitation lies. It does not fully disclose who the person is. It is surface level at best, and only examines behavior as if this is the end game.

Using the approach of reading body language is not only dangerous in terms of misreading behavioral signs. It also does not address the assessment of the individual in depth. We simply need more information to accurate assess someone’s creditability and intent.

Unfortunately this limitation is rarely explored or discussed. Many professionals and trainers are quick to distance themselves from profiling or deeper analysis of the individual. With this approach, however how can we expect to truly understand someone without looking deeper?

This is where assessing the individual’s aura comes becomes a vital component that is almost never discussed. Aura reading is often discounted as being irrelevant.  Creditability assessments must engage all facets and sensory preceptors of the mind to ensure that we are not overlooking anything that may be conclusive in assessing creditability. Energy is a major component of this process and assessing it is vital to increase accuracy.

Why the Best Deceivers Escape Detection

The challenge with the traditional approach is that the best deceivers are often emotionless and experts at manipulating others. Using the traditional body language and micro-expression tools, they may remain undetected.

There is also a challenge to spotting micro-expressions and body language that relies primarily on visual capacity. Micro-expressions can easily be misinterpreted, or not observed, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the observer simply looked away for a split second and as a result, he or she miss eda micro-expression.

This is why assessing energy and achieving Energetic Literacy is so important. How many people are working next to a psychopath that they believe to be a good person because he plays that role perfectly?

The abilities of deceivers are truly amazing and should be taken seriously. For example, please review this YouTube about the notorious Ted Bundy. Although he gives away many signs of deception in his body language, his energy truly demonstrates his ill intent.

Without the additional of this concept, he may be able to deceive others who are trying to assess his body language.

His deception abilities were demonstrated throughout his successful killing spree.

It is interesting to note that he was supported by prominent politicians throughout the initial stages of his trail, who assessed him to be a good person and was considered to be an up and coming player in Washington State politics. This truly demonstrates the capacity of psychopaths to play their part.

In the game of good versus evil, we have no choice but to learn. Your life and mine may one day rely on our ability to read people deeper.

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    This is very interesting, Pete.

    May I ask – since you are in the field of deception detection, how many of your colleagues do you feel would be open to trying the methodology of energy literacy?

    I know that British intelligence employ ‘energy detectives’ in (for example) long-running missing persons cases.

    However, as Rose said in the interview, this is more as back-up than court-of-law evidence. Understandably so!


  2. 2
    Zelda says:

    PETE, how did you first learn about Rose’s work?

    If you’d be willing to share this, I’m curious about the general nature of your work. For instance, are you a consultant for business or government or perhaps individuals who want to be able to spot deceptive behavior?

    If you’d rather not reveal too many details, I understand. Mainly I’m curious about how the world of deception detection works.

  3. 3
    Opal says:

    This post is very timely. I have aura read a few people recently to check out what I would call their “Lying Style”. I discovered that there are many different kinds of lies, differences in the regularity with which lies are told and differences in the degree to which people are consciously aware of it when they do it (not to mention how conflicted–or not–they feel about it). As a straight shooter myself, it has been very fascinating… Most people I’ve read are what I’d call Everyday Liars. They’ll tell little white lies to smooth things over, to grease the wheels of communication but they aren’t chronic manipulators or deceivers. They’re just normal.

    Also, you can find out a lot by digging around in a person’s Emotional Self-Awareness chakra. Aura reading is really like lie detection of the future. Very interested to see the next posts in this series.

  4. 4
    Pete says:


    I would say that the majority of people are not open to this idea, however what they need are facts and science and results to back it up. I can say from my experience that when I utilize energy to assess others, it has worked out well for me. I was doing this naturally and did not know it and fortunately in my interview with Rose, she made me aware of what I was doing and how and how it can be further enhanced. Thank goodness for her. I do think that this is at the cutting edge in terms of training because people are currently focusing primarily on deductive assessments. We have to work to educate the security community and others out there that this is a viable tool. It will take time but some studies with trained energetic literate individuals who can demonstrate results should significantly assist in this process.

  5. 5
    Pete says:


    I came across Rose’s work through my desire to learn more about how to read people deeper. Her book with that title opened my eyes and I have since read every book that I can get my hands on from her. I have had many benefits personally from her books as well. The interview I conducted with her really opened my eyes as I mentioned earlier. I have traveled throughout the world with the Army as I work in Civilian Affairs. We are all in a world of deception everyday particularly if we are interacting in business settings so this is applicable to everyone. In my case, I am exposed to people who want to gain something of value or have bad intent and I must assess them correctly.

  6. 6
    Pete says:

    As a side comment. If there are people interested in conducting research who have this training please let me know and we can work to come up with something that helps validate the benefits of energetic literacy for this specific purpose. Not that it needs validation but to help silence the critics.

  7. 7
    Pete says:


    Great observations. As a straight shooter myself, I often find that the kind of folks that you are referring to tend to stay away from honest energy and are extremely uncomfortable in the presence of the truth.

    It seems to me that fear is what is underneath almost every lie and this fear can be energetically detected.

    As you mentioned, folks that engage in this regularly are not very enlightened because they continually rely on themselves to manipulate rather than on their version of God and universal truth for the answers to life. This explains why this shows up in the emotional self-awareness charka. Great comments. I hope others are learning as much from you as I am. Thanks.

  8. 8
    Zelda says:

    Very interesting, PETE.

    Have you had the opportunity to share what you’ve learned about Rose’s work with other folks in the Army? I’m guessing that you must be a particularly opened-minded guy!

  9. 9
    Pete says:


    It is very challenging to go this route because you really have to talk to the right person. I have shared ideas with others who simply were not aware that people can even be read.

    This is not surprising in my field because, believe it or not, many are not aware of this importance. People are generally stuck in the deductive mode.

    I am in the process of completing a grounded theory dissertation that will highlight the need for the expansion of research in this capacity. Part of my validation is to demonstrate by attending her training that this works. We all know that it does, however having something in writing helps that is based on research.

    But to answer your question I am still in the phase of finding people who are open minded enough to explore. I am somewhat new to this as well and I am moving as fast as I can to find the people who can develop this concept. In the meantime, the proof needs to be validated in the scientific and security communities.

    This is why I suggested research projects that validate skills. I know that is next to impossible however it helps. This takes some time. Exposure is the key. There is really no one out there pushing this concept publically and truthfully before I came across it myself I was naïve to the concept as well.

  10. 10
    Pete says:

    I was also tasked with developing a program of this capacity to train others based on my demonstrated success in reading people.

    As part of this process in finding the most effective methods, I discovered Rose.

    Demonstrated skill is the key so that others can realize the benefits.

    And I think that targeting the community with a factual display of results will be the deciding factor. However the process of raising consciousness can be slow, particularly if it is revolutionary. And sometimes people actually go backwards for a while.

    Take Face Reading for example, it was completely applicable 5000 years ago and now we have to relearn this skill.

    It is if consciousness took a step backward. The fact that we are even having this discussion is great, and judging by the response that I have received from others out there that are interested in using energy as an assessment tool, I know that people are curious.

    Several people have already mentioned that it needs to be in print somewhere. Perhaps a book with a specific target of creditability would be good. I do not know but in time the answer will come as more minds engage this topic.

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