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Tale of a Charming Hottie, More Aura Reading to the Rescue

Beware Prince Charming, especially when wearing an argyle sweater

Beware Prince Charming, especially when wearing an argyle sweater

Just kidding about that diamond-shaped argyle pattern on the guy’s sweater.

Except for the charming hottie shown at the top of today’s article, no photos will be supplied for this post. This one isn’t about a celebrity. And so I can ethically provide only my best recollection of a true story. With details changed to protect the innocent — just like the old “Dragnet” show — except who can imagine a regular radio or TV broadcast where, each week, every character is named either JOE or GLADYS? 😉

Lately we have been discussing charm, auric modeling, how conscious aura reading can help us learn the truth about anyone. If you have ever wanted to protect yourself from a charming, unscrupulous person, maybe today’s story will help you.

In a session of aura healing, I was assisting my client GLADYS to get over a failed, painful love affair with JOE. The intention for our session wasn’t that, of course, because an intention for improving your life is not to have less of what you don’t want. The intention for what GLADYS did want was more along the lines of “To prepare for an appropriate, fulfilling, mutual, committed, love relationship.”

Our healing centerpiece was cutting GLADYS’s cord of attachment to JOE.

A Background that Suggested Charm was Involved

Gathering background information, in preparation for cord-cutting, I learned some fascinating details about Charming JOE in objective reality.

  • During the two years he was GLADYS’s lover, JOE was in charge. He was the one who had to be pleased.
  • That included sexual intimacy, where evidently he was a pretty self-centered lover.
  • Demanding, actually.
  • Not that much fun for GLADYS, actually. (Not that JOE noticed.)
  • He was the one who broke up with her.
  • Although he probably faithful before the breakup, Prince Charming installed a substitute princess-lover suspiciously fast after the breakup.
  • Even so, GLADYS wanted to get back with him. Years had passed, yet she couldn’t keep from longing for him.

Cord Items, Cutting the Cord of Attachment to a Charmer

Using 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), many aspects of the procedure help to make it a permanent healing. So that, in this case, GLADYS would never have a cord of attachment to JOE again. No matter what. No matter how JOE cavorted about.


One of my favorite aspects of cutting a cord of attachment is how informative they are. No mere “Energy cords,” each individual cord of attachment contains a sequence of cord items.

These cord items may change over time, but there is always something. Like “12 Years a Slave.” Only shorter. Less gruesome. Probably very familiar to my client’s subconscious mind but not at all present to the conscious mind.

At the end of this session of aura healing, I found 10 minutes to research some of his chakra databanks.

This set of cord items showed GLADYS being seduced by JOE’s charm. Having him sneer at her and belittle her. With GLADYS feeling bad about herself and wanting so badly to win his affections.

A couple of observations about these cord dynamics may help you feel better about yourself if you, too, have been tricked into a relationship where you were, supposedly, “So lucky” to be with the charming one. And afterwards it seemed as if you couldn’t let go, no matter what.

Sticky Cord of Attachment Pattern #1 to a Charming Cordee

Putting into denial obnoxious or other troubling behavior.

When you live in thrall to another person’s charm, it numbs judgment. You know that saying “Love is blind”?

Well, love to a charmer brings especially big blind spots.

When GLADYS knew deep down that she was being disrespected, yet she couldn’t believe it, that created a kind of cognitive dissonance. Leaving her powerless to get over the puzzle — like wanting to keep playing Ribik’s cube until you can solve the thing.

Sticky Cord of Attachment Pattern #2 to a Charming Cordee

What happens is not fair, and you long to stay involved until you can make it fair.

This part is very much like wanting to play with that Rubik’s cube until you finally solve it.

Sticky Cord of Attachment Pattern #3 to a Charming Cordee

The degree of inner drama makes other relationships feel tame by comparison.

Even if they are much healthier, happier relationships! Moving out the related cord of attachment makes a big difference for ending the internal drama.

What Aura Reading Revealed about the Charming Hottie

Toward the end of this session, I was able to spend some time researching JOE’s aura. We did this through a photo on Facebook, rather than my pulling out an energetic holograms. (Blog-Buddies, if you ever want to receive an explanation of the fine points here, just put your request in a comment.)

Here is the crux of what mattered, researching JOE’s aura.

The problem wasn’t so much his lack of integrity (which showed in more than one chakra databank that one would read for deception detection).

No the problem was precisely the contrast in this pair of chakra databanks at the second chakra.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

The force of this chakra databank hit me like a ton of bricks. Hot bricks. Such promise was there, like, “I am the greatest lover in the world. I will make you feel like a queen. You will be so incredibly sexually fulfilled by me. And I am very, very drawn to you.”

Much of JOE’s auric modeling was built around this central promise. He really believed it. He projected it strongly. This chakra databank filled the room and extended far into the difference.

Subconsciously it would hit ANY person over puberty like a ton of bricks. And if you were vulnerable, watch out!

Funnily enough, the Facebook photo showed JOE with a new woman, oldish and plainish and, omigod, practically drooling visibly, so besotted was she with this (Supposed) Sex God in in human form.

Belly Chakra Databank for What JOE Was Like as a Lover

Very small, about three inches (as I recall). Self-interested.

“What’s in it for me” was his current motto.

JOE didn’t deliver much, not beyond his own orgasm.

Honestly, GLADYS might have had more fun making love with a robot.

Technically What Happens with Big Contradictions to Chakra Databanks?

Having those big differences between chakra databanks on related topics? It’s only human. Incarnated here at Earth School, each of us has a lot of talent to manage — hundreds of chakra databanks. Some do well, others not so well, until we are Enlightened. (Your destiny Blog-Buddies? It is having all your chakra databanks work well, a.k.a. Enlightenment.)

It is only human to have one chakra databank that promises or exaggerates something, while another chakra databank creates a sort of energetic interference pattern. On the level of conscious  reality, assessing people’s behavior, we talk about contradictions and mixed messages. Similar deal in the astral — a.k.a. Your subconscious mind, where auric modeling operates.

Charm ups the intensity, including a kind of stickiness.

Before GLADYS cord of attachment to JOE was cut, it would have been really hard to let him go. Too many contradictions.

GLADYS could relate to the aura reading, just as she expressed relief at hearing about the cord items and making a list with me of logical consequences, or results that she can reasonably expect from that particular session of aura healing.

I asked GLADYS, “When you felt that promise of JOE’s being the ultimate lover, and he was so unsatisfying, did you perhaps blame yourself?”

Yes, indeed.

My advice? If you’re involved with a charmer, a charmer who “unaccountably” disappoints you, pay attention to what really happens between you in objective reality. Don’t throw that into denial, blaming yourself for the gap.

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  1. 1
    Curious As Ever says:

    Marvelous, Rose, your blog is a treasure trove.

  2. 2

    Aw, thanks, CURIOUS AS EVER.

    You Blog-Buddies are the treasure trove to me.

  3. 3
    Tricia says:

    This is really interesting – the contradiction between “the promise” and what is actually delivered. I’ve had this same experience in non-romantic/sexual relationships as well – having a friendship with a very charming, “spiritual” woman who, as time passed, seemed much more interested in developing “followers” than friends who were her peers – and me feeling many times that I was at fault.

  4. 4
    Rachel says:

    This is a very useful post, Rose, thanks.

    I have much to learn in this area!

  5. 5
    Suz says:

    Very likely, JOE had a full-blown case of Antisocial Personality Disorder (otherwise known as psychopath). Once you know the symptom list, and start paying attention once your antenna lights up, it is easy to spot them. JOE is never going to be okay, so do not handle with care — run.

  6. 6
    David.. says:

    Hottie? Does anyone still say that? (laughs)
    (just joking)

    As usual, you bring another perspective. Many years ago, I had a relationship with someone who later turned out to be a serial relationship person. After she bailed, I was astonished how quickly she was in a new relationship. Turned out I was one in a series. It had not occurred to me charm was at play. It wasn’t overt but she had no trouble finding work in a recession either.

  7. 7
    David.. says:

    I suppose we all have the charm (sex appeal) databank. It’s just a question of how developed it is, how Stuff ridden, and how we use it.

  8. 8

    Thanks so much for these comments so far, Blog-Buddies. Just a couple of comments on two of those comments.

    SUZ, regarding your Comment #5, many people go first to a psychiatric diagnosis when learning about behavior they don’t like. And the sort of language you use is hardly forbidden here at this blog.

    But it’s a curious thing. If you ARE curious about reading people deeper, you may find such diagnoses less appealing — especially if you are not a mental health professional.

    Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers… they don’t tend to toss off serious mental health labels without some rigorous testing and a great deal of technical training.

  9. 9

    So, personally, I much prefer researching people. Either with face reading, aura reading, or Skilled Empath Merge.

    By researching chakra databanks, or otherwise using Stage Three Energetic Literacy, what you find is so much more interesting than a label, you know?

  10. 10

    In the case of GLADYS, what if — early on in the relationship with JOE –she had used one of these methods for deeper perception?

    She would have saved herself a great deal of heartbreak.

    And she would have done that regardless of JOE’s mental health diagnosis, however laboriously and rigorously done.

  11. 11

    So, that was my first of two comments. (Laughing)

    DAVID, just a point of clarification related to your Comment #7.

    The Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal is fascinating and does not necessarily involve charm. And I make that observation having read this chakra databank many hundreds of times.

  12. 12

    There is no “Charm” chakra databank, actually. If there were one, I would call it that.

    Instead there are many chakra databanks that can contribute to charm.

    My recommendation to you and other Blog-Buddies? Keep those nominations coming for our ongoing Charm Contest.

    Just nominating someone and providing a photo can start you thinking about the wide-ranging components that could bring the impact of charm.

  13. 13
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    I wonder if you could comment further on the advantages/disadvantages of researching someone from photos rather than energetic holograms?

    My sense is that photographs are more objective than holograms – is that right? But sometimes there is no photo available..

  14. 14
    David.. says:

    Ah- good point Rose. I’d said something similar myself – that there are types of charm.

    That suggests not everyone has it, has that quality in that databank. But I would suspect that most people we would describe as having “good social skills” have some form of charm?

  15. 15
    David.. says:

    (not having stage 3 to verify) 😉

  16. 16
    David.. says:

    Would not reading a hologram take a higher level of skill than a photo? Or is it just a different skill?

  17. 17
    Primmie says:

    “Sticky Cord of Attachment Pattern #2 to a Charming Cordee

    What happens is not fair, and you long to stay involved until you can make it fair.

    This part is very much like wanting to play with that Rubik’s cube until you finally solve it.”

    I think this is wonderful.

  18. 18

    RACHEL, in your Comment #13 you asked, “I wonder if you could comment further on the advantages/disadvantages of researching someone from photos rather than energetic holograms?”

    You got the primary answer right away:

    Photographs are more objective than holograms. So it will be more accurate. If a photo is available, that’s my first choice, usually.

  19. 19

    Continuing, what if — as you noted, RACHEL, sometimes there is no photo available?

    That’s one reason to pull out an energetic hologram.

  20. 20

    Another reason why it can be useful to pull out an energetic hologram is that a client remembers a particular incident and really wants to know, “What made that person tick?”

    Or “How could she have done that?” etc.

    For this, energetic holograms are the way to go. It’s wonderful that you store an energetic hologram from every incident that has happened in your life. Ever. Every second.

    So, with Stage Four Energetic Literacy, you simply go in and read it!

  21. 21

    DAVID, you’re correct in your Comment #16. To research an energetic hologram requires what I call “Stage Four Energetic Literacy.”

    Teachable but maybe a bit tricky for some.

    Based on teaching aura reading to thousands of folks, I’m sure than ANYONE can learn through Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

    As for the rest? Time and experience will tell.

  22. 22

    Ooh, DAVID, about your Comment #14:

    “I would suspect that most people we would describe as having ‘good social skills’ have some form of charm?”

    Sadly, not.

    (At least if you think it’s a loss, not being universally considered charming. 😉 )

  23. 23

    What is the basis for that last statement? Only reading many, many thousands of people’s chakra databanks.

    For example, you may know about the practical how-to Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy . This was backed up by my researching the 100 richest people in the world and America, among many other energetic literacy profiles.

    Most of them presumably had fine, upper-class manners. Very, very few were charming.

    These folks were good with money. Not the same thing, necessarily, right?

  24. 24

    PRIMMIE, thanks. STUFF in a person’s subconscious mind creates a lot of problems.

    Personally I wish Sigmund Freud were here to develop skills of energetic literacy and revise theories like “Repetition Compulsion.”

  25. 25
    David.. says:

    hmm – perhaps I worded that wrong. By ‘good social skills’ I didn’t mean manners. I suppose I meant more emotional intelligence. But yeah, thats not equivalent to charm either.

    Thanks for the clarity.

  26. 26
    Kira says:

    You have reminded me that I have a 5×5 Rubik’s Cube around here somewhere that I haven’t solved yet. That would have bugged me intensely when I was younger.

    No idea if I’m equally resistant to charm, though. I’ve wanted to participate in the various charm discussions, but besides being insanely busy (for me, anyway), I can’t think of anyone I consider particularly charming.

    It’s fascinating to see everyone else’s take!

  27. 27
    Rachel says:

    Thanks Rose – and by the way I think your ability to research people via holograms is amazing, and such an incredibly useful skill.

  28. 28
    Suz says:

    To clarify on my comment 5 — I am not a mental health professional, but do have a couple years of solid technical training and 20 years of experience in the field as a lay-counselor and advocate. So I’m not in the habit of assigning a convenient diagnosis to people right off the bat. Please know that.

    However, it does help to know the patterns of behavioral and personality disorders. It can save time and heartache. As soon as I can read chakra databanks as well as some others here, I will rely on that instead of the DSM.

    I can see my comments are a bit strong, so I’ll continue lurking. 🙂

  29. 29
    David.. says:

    Hi Kira
    I’d suggest charm “catches” us if we have unresolved needs – for attention, approval, or whatever. If not, we may be charmed but there is nothing there to catch us.

    As the Yoga Sutra puts it, 2 of the 5 causes of suffering are aversion from pain and clinging to pleasure. Pleasure and pain don’t cause suffering, just our response to them.

    All driven by Stuff.

  30. 30

    SUZ, thanks for clarifying. You’re right. To thoroughly learn, through 20 years of professional work, is to have earned the standing to give a mental health diagnosis.

    I certainly didn’t mean to insult you in my earlier comment. Without your explaining about your background, it was impossible to know that you had this standing.

  31. 31

    Especially because you have learned so much about DSM-type standards and pattern seeking, it will be so fascinating, SUZ, when you do learn the skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

    I think you will be grateful for the opportunity to explore far more nuance.

    Also, as you may already know, a lot of mental health diagnoses are like the end point of a continuum, with a diagnosis at one extreme and “Normal” at the other.

    It can be very useful, one relationship at a time, to learn about the individual.

  32. 32

    But please don’t bump yourself down to lurker participation here at the blog.

    You have plenty to say. And you’re among other strong-voiced people here.

    As long as we’re on topics related to “Deeper Perception Made Practical” and there is civility, every comment is welcome. Um, except for spam. LOL.

  33. 33

    RACHEL, thanks for your Comment 27. Pulling out those energetic holograms does come in handy during many a session.

    AT some future time, I look forward to teaching you — and other Blog-Buddies who want to learn it — that Stage Four Energetic Literacy.

    You, for instance. I think you will be very good at it.

  34. 34
    David.. says:

    I agree with Rose, Suz. Don’t hesitate to post.

    I stuck my foot in it a number of times here earlier on. Even now, Rose corrects me sometimes. But that makes it a learning for all of us.

  35. 35
    Suz says:

    I hope you’ll all forgive me for not giving more details about how I’m connected to mental health. How could anyone know?

    Rose, you said, “Especially because you have learned so much about DSM-type standards and pattern seeking, it will be so fascinating, SUZ, when you do learn the skills of Stage Three Energetic Literacy.”

    I have been thinking about just that, and how it would feel very strange and different for a time. Like learning a new language, or a new focus or perspective. It will involve some private trial and error, I guess, while learning to trust what I’m seeing. There’s a long way to go before that!

    And David, thanks for the kind word.

  36. 36
    Jennifer says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I am interested in the topic of mental health issues, specifically, to quote Suz, “behavioral and personality disorders.” I would love to know how these show to aura readers, and how they may possibly be treated by cutting cords of attachment, regression therapy, and other energy healing techniques. I had been thinking about this for a while, in fact. So, I just wanted to say thank you to Suz for posting, and hope to hear more.

  37. 37

    JENNIFER, you are looking at big potentials for the future, as Rosetree Energy Spirituality becomes more established.

    For now, I help people with emotional and spiritual growth. Some have had mental health diagnoses; others have just had problems.

    Helping them, I keep it simple. Wouldn’t you, in my place?

    I am not a mental health professional. I don’t make claims in that field.

  38. 38

    As I train more to work in this emerging modality, I hope that some will go on to work in the mental health field. I also dream of training mental health professionals in the modality of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    Those who study in depth with me learn very specifically how to help clients. All the knowledge of this field is not suitable to discuss on a public blog.

    Always I welcome scientific research studies and I would be happy to collaborate on pilot programs on any aspect of this work.

    If, like JENNIFER, you find this an exciting area, perhaps you will choose to join my Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, graduate, and help transform the world.

  39. 39

    Meanwhile, the bottom line is that a client comes with one intention at a time.

    STUFF is permanently removed.

    There is PUT IN that matches with the client’s current needs (and vibrations) as a soul.

    Watch your life improve!

  40. 40

    SUZ, yes, bring it on!!!!!!

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