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Brain Fog, Spiritual Addiction, and How You Can Triumph


Why has there been an increase in brain fog?

Why has there been an increase in brain fog?

Brain fog, or mental confusion, is common today. We have been discussing it here lately, including guest posts on mental confusion by ISABELLA and JEANNE’s brain fog post, replete with many fascinating comments.

Most vivid to me have been the brain fog Comments 9 and 11 about students at one of America’s top Ivy League colleges, where our Blog-Buddy AN AVID READER described how some students have grown so spaced out, guess what? They have come to work after missing their work shifts completely. When you think about those prestigious schools, do you think of ineffective kids, confused and bewildered?

I have been asked if there is any link between today’s brain fog and spiritual addiction.

Also what you can do about brain fog.

Fear not, Blog-Buddies.

Both questions have answers, from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, particularly the parts of it involving Stage Three Energetic Literacy and Empath Empowerment(R) skills. No mere conjecture about vibrational positioning of consciousness, these topics matter so that you can protect yourself energetically. With very practical implications.

Please note that, like anything I write about at this blog, my perspective is backed up by solid skills for energetic literacy. (Starting with the same powerful techniques I will teach tomorrow and Sunday in the annual Aura Reading Workshop!)

Plus there is ongoing work with clients, using Rosetree Energy Spirituality to help them. Behind the scenes, I monitor their progress in my capacity as an Enlightenment coach. So I notice, and care deeply about, what really works to help people.

Reading my views, use your self-authority, by all means. However, if you’re new to this blog, do consider that I have done way, way more than 10,000 hours in this field, and I take my educational responsibilities here very seriously.

That said, today’s post explores the first of these questions, important as a basis for finding practical solutions to the very real problems of brain fog and spiritual addiction.

Understanding the big vibrational shift in our new Age of Energy

Brain fog seems to be a random bit of mental confusion, being spaced out, ineffective for no particular reason.

And much as I respect writers at Rodale Press (Hey, I once was a writer in their book division), the solutions to brain fog are not as simple as eating better quality food. (Food does matter. I just bought a copy of Grain Brain for someone I love, and hope it will make a big difference.)

Mostly, however, there is an energetic reason for the increase in brain fog now. It involves adapting to the different vibrational frequencies on earth since The Shift.

At the end of 2012, especially 12-21-12, humanity moved into The Age of Awakening. You might also call it “The Age of Aquarius” or “The Shift Age” or “The Age of Energy.”

Much has been written in New Age circles about ascension and higher vibrations on the planet, etc. You have read here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” about spiritual addiction, how it has become more common now and more extreme.

It’s all related, seems to me, to the historic shifts in collective consciousness related to vibrational frequencies here on earth.

Three vibrational frequencies… in everyday life

Three main types of vibrational frequency on earth exist now. Energetically this has been the case throughout your lifetime:

  • Human frequencies, including objective reality and (surface) subjective reality. Psychologically this corresponds to the conscious mind.
  • Astral frequencies, with subjective feelings and thoughts that go way deeper and can seem more satisfying to an introspective person. Psychologically this corresponds to the subconscious mind. There are also astral beings aplenty, more on that in today’s article.
  • The Divine frequency, Perfection Everywhere Now. This is gloriously subjective, but not something folks casually bump into. Nor do pot or heroin or crack cocaine really take a person there in consciousness, although folks may believe this or just want to believe this. Psychologically this frequency corresponds to your Higher Self. Divine Beings include Ascended Masters like Jesus and Buddha, Archangels like Archangel Gabriel.

What has changed since The Shift into The Age of Energy?

Vibrations on the planet have grown higher. We have way more astral-level interactions now.

Your task, and mine, is to remain steady. Playing the game of life as if we incarnated beings in these funny animal homo sapiens bodies… were primarily human. (Which, of course, we are.)

Yes, it is easier than ever to connect with spirits, Extra-Terrestrial Entities, ghosts. It is easier to channel random spirits from The Other Side.

  • Many New Age experts recommend constantly seeking guidance from spirits.
  • The Romance of the Astral” is my name for the addictive nature of depending on astral flash, paranormal intensity.
  • In Christian circles, there’s an appeal to “What Would Jesus Do” and pressure to slip away from reality to cite scripture or pray.
  • Loads of cults supply jargon and practices to be doing constantly during your waking hours, supposedly for spiritual upgrade.

All this has greater appeal than ever, ever since The Shift into The Age of Energy. Human consciousness shifts so fast, so far, now — right into the astral. And there are more entities than ever keeping us company, sharing earth with those of us in animal bodies of one sort or another.

Just consider the phenomenal success of astral-entity driven Abraham-Hicks products, a cash cow for Hay House. Or the angel-driven work of talented Doreen Virtue. Follow the money and you can appreciate the growing appeal of psychic-level product, encouraging dependence on The Romance of the Astral.

With all due respect, this New Age specialty of seeking guidance from angels amounts to worshipping angels.

Worshipping angels is not a smart solution to brain fog

Often today, following New Age practices means worshipping any random ghost or stuck spirit. (Read more about this, and how to clean up your aura from the related problem, in Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.)

Yes, I’m not kidding about worshipping angels. It isn’t called that but, really, what else does it mean to:

  • Constantly ask that authority figure for guidance.
  • Do your very best to follow that advice.
  • Give away your self-authority in favor of automatic obedience.
  • Base more and more of your life on doing as that authority figure tells you to do.
  • Glorify your authority figure as being all-wise and all-knowing, your pipeline to God.

If that ain’t worshipping, folks, what is?

Self-authority and common sense can help you more

Limiting ourselves to just 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time allows us to explore the depths — which all of us can do better now. But otherwise, during each day’s waking hours, keep gently bringing awareness back to the human frequencies.

This can keep us both sane and productive. It happens to be a great way to evolve spiritually, too.

Details follow, to make this concept more concrete.

Ideal vibrational positioning for your fastest spiritual evolution

During your waking hours, shallow up. Pay attention to human objective reality. Notice your feelings and thoughts, right there at the surface of subjective reality.

Emphasize saying and doing.

Don’t just have “A purpose-driven life.” Let that purpose drive you somewhere specific. Somewhere human and enjoyable and productive and suited to what thrills your soul.

(You can learn a great deal about how to do this effectively in Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy, a how-to that gives you the result of loads of research I have done, reading auras of successful people, as well as Law of Attraction followers and Evangelical Christians.)

Regular human reality — that is your great alternative to worshipping angels, asking Jesus to micromanage your human responsibilities, daydreaming, taking extra away moments, dream-boarding or other subjective activities. Or just random space-out.

Reinsert yourself in objective reality. Say or do things that involve physical reality, moving your body, etc.

The importance of maintaining your vibrational positioning at human frequencies,  hello! That hasn’t changed since The Shift into The Age of Energy. It’s just more challenging.

And meeting that challenge will help you evolve extra-fast.

Yo, haven’t you heard the idea that millions of people living now can move into Enlightenment into this lifetime? Householder Enlightenment!

Well, make use of that extra-fast momentum, just by staying more-or-less present to human life. Neither floating away or multi-tasking in consciousness to, supposedly, give you superiority in consciousness. (Shortcuts like that backfire.)

Empath Alert

If you were born as an empath, it is more important than ever to get skills. Empath Empowerment(R) is a system that helps you to gently shift vibrational positioning and consciousness toward your own personal sense of identity.

You are also protected from Imported STUFF, as we have discussed elsewhere at the blog. And as you will learn about — in loads of detail — very soon — after I finish publishing my new pair of books for empaths, The Empowered Empath and The Master Empath.

Meanwhile, just be aware that problems associated with being an unskilled empath are growing more severe now because so many people are struggling since The Shift into The Age of Energy. You could say, the stakes are higher.

Pay attention, empaths. Don’t settle for “coping tips for empaths.” Find a real teacher who can help you to become a skilled empath.

And when you find something that works, spread the word.

How are people struggling, energetically?

Too much astral. That’s the bottom line.

  • These interactions are so easy now, many folks are responding by playing with the shiny new psychic toy, falling into spiritual addiction.
  • Others are fighting off those astral frequencies, trying to keep things as they were vibrationally decades ago, falling into spiritual shutdown.
  • In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, what’s recommended for a healthy balance? Human-based spirituality. Neither spiritual shutdown nor spiritual integration, this is a happy middle ground, helpful as part of your path to Enlightenment, or whatever you are pursuing productively for your spiritual growth.

In short, what is the link between today’s brain fog and spiritual addiction?

Whatever your lifestyle, today’s brain fog happens when human awareness starts moving into the astral, uncontrollably and/or inappropriately spacing out from human frequencies and going deeper.

  • Sure, it can happen even if you already have a spiritual addiction, worsening the vicious cycle.
  • Sure, it can happen with spiritual addiction, because living that way is like fighting an undertow, trying so hard to keep out energies and experiences that are genuinely spiritual (i.e., Vibrationally higher than human).
  • Sure, it can happen for someone living in human-based spirituality.
  • And it can happen especially if you are an empath, because random unskilled empath merges will take you there.

So, do you see what brain fog has in common with spiritual addiction?

More to come. Meanwhile, Blog-Buddies, let’s pause here to discuss your questions and comments.

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  1. 1
    Jeanne says:

    So interesting! Thanks for clarifying all of this, Rose. Keeping it human and objective, yeah! I know I need to continue developing my empath skills, no doubt about it. Looking forward to more posts on this topic!

  2. 2
    Teresa says:

    Thank you, Rose. I see now why the two seemed so similar and why people are struggling so lately.

    For me, limiting technique time to 20 minutes was easy. What is not so easy is when “human awareness starts moving into the astral, uncontrollably and/or inappropriately spacing out from human frequencies and going deeper”. This happens out of my awareness and like you said it is uncontrollable (at this time).

    I’m sure you can help us become more aware and ultimately control these episodes.

    Looking forward to your next post…………….

  3. 3
    Dana says:

    “Meanwhile, just be aware that problems associated with being an unskilled empath are growing more severe now because so many people are struggling since The Shift into The Age of Energy. You could say, the stakes are higher.”

    Ooooooh I thought I noticed this after The Shift! The stakes are MUCH higher.

  4. 4
    Nirpal says:


    I always get brain fog as soon as I walk into a new place such as a shoppimg centre. It goes as soon as I leave the place. Even of there arent many people there. Any idea why?

    Also my empath gifts only activated recently after getting a certain energy healing session done. But before that I never use to have empath merges with people or feel spaced out or get brain fog when going to new places.


  5. 5
    Zelda says:

    I appreciate your mentioning “Grain Brain,” Rose. I’d seen this book a few weeks ago and was inspired to pick it up yesterday.

    The past couple of years, with all the tremendous energetic shifts, have included for me an ongoing process of tweaking what I eat.

    The feedback I sense in my body is immediate.

  6. 6
    Zelda says:

    With the carb-laden diets so many folks eat, along with smoking pot, it’s no wonder so many people are in a fog!

    Feels good to try out new tweaks to what I eat to support myself through the shifts rather than focusing on meditating more.

  7. 7

    NIRPAL, several teaching points come out from your comment.

    Thank you for reaching out here at this blog. I will respond with one point per comment.

    Teaching Point 1. You are asking about something pretty extreme and potentially serious. This is not a comment for a blog. It is a reason to book a session with a practitioner you respect and get yourself some help.

  8. 8

    Teaching Point 2. Personally, I can think of about 15 possible causes of the distress you are describing. In addition to your having problems with brain fog.

    This is why it is important to have a professional at discerning different types of energetic STUFF and also with professional caliber skills for aura healing.

  9. 9

    Teaching Point 3. It is pretty common for beginners to assume that they know the cause of a problem, when concerned with a type of STUFF.

    If you are newly uncomfortable “always” in certain situations, or otherwise in distress, this is not a do-it-yourself fix-up.

  10. 10

    Teaching Point 4. You are probably NOT an empath. Because empaths have a lifelong gift.

    It won’t hurt to get a copy of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” to educate yourself more systematically.

    Anyone who is seriously interested in gaining skills as an empath CANNOT get those skills from my blog. Or any other blog. It takes systematic instruction in a system that really works.

    You CAN get that instruction from “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.”

    However, don’t do that while you are — sounds like, from your comment — in a state of crisis or extreme distress.

  11. 11

    Teaching Point 5. Now comes the part that is a really practical consideration.

    Your problems began after going to an energy healer?

    If you trusted that healer enough to work on you in the first place, why not go back to that same expert for further help?

    Many people today play mix and match, going to one healer once, then skipping around to another healer, mixing in a session with a psychic, and alternating all this with taking advice of Internet resources.

    This is really, really foolish. Think about it in a sensible fashion, please.

  12. 12

    Finally, Teaching Point 6, what if that healer you went to originally wasn’t someone you respected especially.

    Maybe wasn’t well trained…

    Maybe just had the “advantage” of being free…

    Or making big promises…

    Become a smart New Age Consumer, starting now or in the future. Use discernment in the person you select to facilitate healing for you.

    In your comment, you have given a pretty good example of how problems can START through energy work from someone who isn’t necessarily a helpful person for you.

    Pay attention, all blog lurkers and contributors!

    Good luck, NIRPAL.

  13. 13

    ZELDA, good common sense in your latest comments. Thanks!

  14. 14
    Zelda says:

    “Teaching Point 3. It is pretty common for beginners to assume that they know the cause of a problem, when concerned with a type of STUFF.”

    I appreciate this comment, Rose.

    As I was deeply involved in sorting out a medical issue a few months back, I was on the receiving end of this type of thing. I’ve mentioned before that a relative kept telling me to meditate. A neighbor did that, too.

    I found it fascinating that my brilliant cardiologist was actually quite humble and honest about the realities of treating my condition. It’s very tricky to treat and the approaches can vary considerably from person to person.

  15. 15
    Zelda says:

    My relative and neighbor, however, had no qualms about telling me what they thought the solution was for me without knowing in detail what was going on with my body.

    The neighbor revealed a couple of months ago that she’s been suffering from anxiety and depression. I did my typical one-time mention of helpful local resources, which she was not interested in, so I let it go.

    She insisted that she just needed to meditate harder and that this was her solution.

  16. 16
    Zelda says:

    There is something fascinating to me about how more information (as in Grain Brain) is being presented these days about objective reality ways to influence health and, in particular, brain fog and brain health – yet several people I’ve met who seem to take a strong stand for only alternative medicine and/or ‘spiritual’ approaches to everything would probably not allow themselves to access that information

  17. 17
    Nirpal says:

    Thanks for the response Rose. I’ve actually got both books Become The Most Important Person In The Room and Empowered by Empathy. My empath gifts activated after receiving Reconnective Healing — which supposedly brings about DNA and nervous system changes. My third eye also ‘activated’ after this time. Started seeing clairvoyant visions and being able to feel my aura after this which I couldn’t do before.

    I use to be a bartender before and use to be in contact with hundreds of people a day. Never use to merge with them.

    From what I’ve read in your books and my own experiences I’ve got the gifts of Physical Oneness and Emotional Oneness.

    The ‘Coming Home Technique’ is the most helpful out of the lot.

    I know it may sound odd for someone to have their empath gifts awaken after a few years rather than being active since birth but that really is the case with me.

    I would like to get a session done with you in fact however its a bit expensive for me at the moment as I do not have the funds required.


  18. 18

    Fascinating, NIRPAL. I’m glad these books about Empath Empowerment are helping you. They’re certainly something you can do on your own.

    Best wishes!

    — Rose

  19. 19
    David.. says:

    Nice article, Rose.
    I agree but still think food can be a part of it, and routine and such. Many are chronically tired which would in itself make us foggy. Add in some spiritual addiction and you’ve really got it bad.

    I would add that all of this can be symptoms of life avoidance. We may choose to be foggy so we don’t have to experience our life.

    Shopping centers also often recycle air to converse heat, meaning no fresh air.

  20. 20
    David.. says:

    On worship, I would add that if the being is happy to have your attention and influence your life, then it’s not an angel. They would not accept worship as they’re very clear on what is divine. Angels also don’t channel.

    Angels are of service, they are not about influence or control. That’s astral, the Stuff zone.

  21. 21
    David.. says:

    On terms for time, Rose, I’d be a little careful. If you use them out of place, it lowers the quality of the overall message.

    Yes, we are in the Energy age, also called Dwapara. (by Yukteswars correction) History clearly reflects that. But that began over 100 years ago. Also, we’re not in the Age of Aquarius – that’s still over 100 years away.

    What is happening now does not directly correspond to any of the time systems I’ve seen although some have sure suggested otherwise. It’s not a Shift of Ages in the sense of the above. This is far more than just growing energy awareness and does not yet have a name. It’s been building for some time but really started big time about 8 years ago when people started waking up in far larger numbers – without going to India or becoming a monk or anything.

    What’s happening is rare in the cycles of time but was predicted by Krishna and others. It’s a fast rise that’s balancing a sharp fall many thousands of years ago.

    This year also brings a few big markers coming up I wrote about here:

  22. 22
    Daisy says:

    A.K.A. Corene 😉

    Thank you Rose, so much information packed into one article, and the comments are so interesting.

    As a pothead in recovery I am amazed at how used to “zoning out” I had been all of my life, even before pot. I assumed as soon as drug use ended clear head would result. Actually there is a lot more clarity in general, but the habit of disengagement is huge. Just thankful to even be noticing.

    Engaging life in a physical and objective way is the most useful advise anyone has ever given me! Even though sometimes the desire to change even feels weak and faint, it’s there and I feel like “life itself” has supported me in this.

    Have a wonderful week Rose and Blog Buddies!

  23. 23

    DAISY, you keep up that recovery!

    Different kinds of STUFF can cause brain fog, not just substances like marijuana.

    Not all problems with attention can be addressed with techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality — for instance, I just referred a client to a psychiatrist before I work with her again — but surprisingly often there is one type of STUFF or another, causing that brain fog.

    It is a privilege to help clients emerge from that, one session at a time.

    Here’s to not zoning out as a way of life!

  24. 24
    Jeanne says:

    Zelda, I really like your comments 14-16 about objective reality ways to influence health, including brain fog.

    I’ve also been dealing with a medical condition, one of the symptoms of which is — surprise! — brain fog.

    I recently learned that Alka Seltzer Gold, an inexpensive product you can buy in most drugstores, can be useful for alleviating brain fog when caused by this medical condition. The reasons are chemical — not trippy chemical, but “correcting an imbalance” chemical.

    So I gave it a whirl, and it works wonders for me. Certainly not a cure-all, but very helpful as a specific remedy for a specific symptom.

    It’s a great reminder that often the solution to a problem lies in objective reality.

  25. 25
    Zelda says:

    Thanks, Jeanne!

    Wow, Alka Seltzer Gold, who knew it could work on brain fog, too? 🙂

    One of the frustrations of the heart condition I dealt with was not getting enough oxygen to my brain. That was quite the recipe for brain fog.

    There’s something poignant to that notion of meditating harder somehow to cure something that might be easily and powerfully changed by a simple dietary tweak. I’ve made a few of those just in the past 2 days and notice quite a difference.

  26. 26
    Zelda says:

    As my brain’s literally been getting more oxygen and the fog has lifted, I’ve been having these insights about this brain fog thing.

    I’ve noticed that while there’s definitely lots of fog out there, at the same time, there have been amazing experiences of clarity and creativity in my own life and for some people around me.

    The process in general feels foggy and confusing while some belief or example of conventional wisdom seems to be getting shaken loose.

  27. 27
    Zelda says:

    I’ve had this experience a few times; when I stay clearly focused, in the moment, on objective reality, wham! A shift occurs.

    If I tried to slip back into some idealized belief about whatever was going on, the rug would get pulled out from under me again.

    It’s so helpful to have a session with Rose during those murky times, when it’s impossible for me to sort out what’s going on at that subconscious level, especially when I’m in a fog.

  28. 28
    Kira says:

    I saw the brain fog article in Prevention and thought of this blog. I was starting to get behind here due to my barbershop chorus’s competition this past weekend. (We’re 3rd in our division–mid-size choruses–and 5th overall.)

    One of my roommates over the weekend apparently has worse than brain fog; she seems to be suffering from an early stage of dementia. The other 3 of us in the room had to be extra sharp to make sure she didn’t lose anything and got where she needed to go. But she performed just fine on stage.

    Our director pointed out in recent weeks of rehearsal how everything we’re expected to do to improve our overall performance is equivalent to riding a unicycle while patting our heads with one hand and rubbing our stomachs with the other–we have to pay attention to our facial expressions, our choreography, our vowel sounds, where in our heads we are sending the sound, which muscles in our bodies we’re using to support the sound, and other similar stuff, all at once, while also being spontaneous and truly feeling the songs–so it was good that I had no brain fog over the weekend.

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