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Removing Brain Fog with Help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

Don't be scared by brain fog. Just do something about it.

Don’t be scared by brain fog. Just do something about it.

What can you do about brain fog? Surely that is a timely question to answer, given the prevalence of mental confusion for many today. Brain fog has even been called a modern epidemic.

Let’s wrap up our recent series on brain fog and get practical about improving our lives.

Today’s controversial post also invites you to spiritual leadership.

Join all of us who are leading collective consciousness, with auric modeling that demonstrates how to live a pretty darned balanced life, even during these early days and years of the new Age of Aquarius.

1. Position yourself vibrationally by limiting technique time

You’ve already read it here at the blog. Limit yourself to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. This can make such a difference for your quality of life.

No finicky lifestyle recommendation, this will help you keep your balance energetically during this time after The Shift. During this new Age of Energy, all of us are learning how to energetically keep our balance.

Incidentally, you’ll find some interesting insights about Technique Time in brand new The Empowered Empath (not yet in paperback nor in most ebook formats, but so far available in Nook and, through that, readable on your computer, tablet, or smart phone).

2. If you’re an empath, get Empath Empowerment skills

However you get skills, do it. You can do better than coping tips and tricks for empaths, now emerging on the Internet like some kind of beauty tip. By contrast, Become The Most Important Person in the Room is one solid resource that IS in paperback, as well as all ebook formats.

Imported STUFF happens automatically to every unskilled empath. With Empath Empowerment(R), that stops.

Currently, Imported STUFF is extra-destabilizing. Why? Because so many people are struggling with today’s astral input. (The topic of yesterday’s article about brain fog, including a bold (energy-based) perspective on why so many people today need antipsychotic medications just to sleep at night.)

3. Take good care of your physical body

Being fussy won’t help. Extreme diets won’t necessarily help. My friend Gary Kaplan, an osteopath and acupuncturist, has just published an important book about Total Recovery.

I recommend it. Including the practical recommendations in the book’s final section.

And, of course, it is so smart to get a checkup if you are suffering from brain fog. Don’t try to diagnose yourself off the Internet. Find a professional who studied long and hard, under supervision, with rigor, to gain professional expertise as a physician. (And yes, I consider it appalling that the previous link for self-diagnosis has 11,400,000 hits.)

4. Consider a session of aura healing if you feel out of balance

There’s no substitute for a personal session of Rosetree Energy Spirituality or whatever modality helps you, with an expert who has professional-level skills for aura healing.

As with Zelda’s recent reference in a comment to needing an exorcism — which is rare, and quite different from the “Stuck Spirits Healing” that you can learn to do for yourself from Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. In a typical year, I will facilitate about 30 exorcisms for clients. Just one more healing centerpiece, useful if needed!

Bottom line: Coming to a session of RES, what do you tell the practitioner if you’re not quite feeling like yourself? Don’t demand a particular healing centerpiece, like “I want a cord-cutting session.” Just ask for a session of aura healing, in contrast to aura reading or mentoring.

Then choose an intention like “A stronger sense of self” and experience what a difference can be made in just 55 minutes.

Graduates and apprentices in the Mentoring Program for Rosetree Energy Spirituality include:

  • Josefa Perea (Before becoming a professional practitioner of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Ms. Perea has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a supervisor of psychotherapists.)
  • Isabella Cates
  • Jessica Gates
  • Stephanie Thomas
  • and Linda Stone — too busy to have a website; fully booked without ever advertising, either. She’s based in Carlsbad, New Mexico. And she is authorized to do phone sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, as well as sessions in person.

That way you can receive targeted help from an expert at discerning different types of STUFF that could throw a person out of balance.

What else can help you not suffer from brain fog?

So, doing your reasonable best in these ways, what more can you learn to protect yourself during these times. Life after The Shift into this new Age of Aquarius resembles the wild and crazy Old West as depicted in the classic cowboy movies. Only the action is astral and doesn’t involve horses. 😉

Just deal! Handle brain fog wisely

I commend Blog-Buddy JEANNE for proposing a strategy to deal with brain fog. She recently described her self-created workaround in Comments 5-8, in a recent brain fog discussion at her guest post.

JEANNE got one part beautifully. Yes, you can notice if you have slipped into brain fog. Then it is important to do something quite different from what she proposed.

However, I do not recommend the rest of her ingenious workaround. Not that it is dangerous or wicked, etc. I just think you can do much better for yourselves, Blog-Buddies.

So below I’m going to quote some comments by that smart lawyer, then clarify what would work better. (Blog-Buddies, know that JEANNE has given me permission to go deeply into what would work better. This brave woman is jet-propelling herself to evolve faster!)

Let’s go point by point about what is, and isn’t, a smart way to handle brain fog.

Interesting Idea about brain fog #1

“For me, the first step in dealing with episodes of brain fog has been to simply notice when I have it. And recognize that it’s not a failing on my part. It really seems to be part of the soup we are all swimming in right now.”

Recommendation from Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Gently noticing? Good.

Compassion and treating yourself gently? Good.

Interesting Idea about brain fog #2

“I generally can’t “fix” it right away.”

Recommendation from Rosetree Energy Spirituality


Sound buzzer! Eeeeek! Oh yes, you can do something. Right now.

Reminder, today’s article began with important recommendations that can help prevent or reduce brain fog. That said, here’s what else to do:

Reinsert yourself into objective reality.

Interact with your physical environment. Physically get up and move around. Pick up an object and move it, like drawing with a pencil. Stretch. Touch a few different textures. Talk to someone. Find something good to smell and take a sniff.

Then move on to a second something. Even ordinary fidgeting can help you reinsert yourself back out to the human level of consciousness. (Unlike brain fog, where a person’s awareness slip-slides into astral awareness.)

Technical point here for my fellow consciousness nerds: I have just offered you an energetic workaround that is based on Vibrational Re-Positioning(TM). More on this fascinating topic to come in the future, I assure you!

Interesting Idea about brain fog #3

Having noticed she has brain fog, “That’s always a relief, and generally signals the beginning of the fog starting to lift, although it often still takes time.”

Recommendation from Rosetree Energy Spirituality

It’s important — even impressive — noticing if you’re going through brain fog. However, you can do far better than concern yourself with signals or waiting for the brain fog to lift.

This doesn’t have to take time. See the all the rest of today’s post so far, especially the comment in response to Interesting Idea #2!

Interesting Idea about brain fog #4

“I also remember that my brain can function well, even if it’s not functioning well at a given moment. That also seems to be an important step towards coming out of a foggy episode.”

Recommendation from Rosetree Energy Spirituality

Remembering, reminding, interpreting, re-interpreting, telling yourself helpful things…

Guess what? This actually becomes part of the problem.

Brain fog is not a psychological problem. Handling it like another problem you may have learned to deal with in therapy? So not appropriate!

In terms of vibrational frequencies, doing this will not protect you. Just the opposite. Because the interpreting etc. causes you to move even farther away from objective, human-level reality. (Even though this problem is masked by a feel-good emotion. When doesn’t it feel good for a few moments to tell yourself “I am working on my issues”?)

What has happened since The Shift into The Age of Aquarius? It is easier than ever to slip-slide into astral experiences, at energy frequencies corresponding to your subconscious mind. That simple.

To improve things, think process and vibrational levels. Don’t think content of ideation, feelings and thoughts about your subjective experience.

All of the following contributes to the problem of brain fog

Various forms of self-talk and personal introspection will actually take you deeper into the brain fog:

  • Trying to adjust your thoughts, feelings, or energies
  • Analyzing your experiences
  • Monitoring your consciousness
  • Comforting yourself
  • Interpreting how you feel the brain fog
  • Trying hard to work on brain fog as if this is a psychological “issue”
  • Checkout out nuances of the distress
  • Affirming that you are moving out of the brain fog
  • Doing any other kind of Technique Time activity like prayer, asking for guidance, auto-suggestion

That’s Technique Time, folks!

So instead write a little note on a pad, or on your favorite electronic toy. “Analyze my latest fascinating episode of brain fog.” Or whatever you write to jog your memory later. Next, put your pad aside. Reinsert yourself into objective human reality!

Then when you sit for your official Technique Time, sure, use some of that timed period for personal development to do whatever you like.

Do you get the difference, Blog-Buddies?

Technique Time takes your awareness into the astral or (if you aim for it and you’re fortunate) the Divine. These vibrational frequencies correspond to your subconscious mind and Higher Self, respectively.

While the rest of your waking hours, your awareness can be spontaneously positioned at human frequencies. Corresponding to the waking state of consciousness. Also known as objective reality and (relatively superficial) subjective reality.

Brain fog is mostly a problem because awareness is dipping into the subjective astral, away from human reality frequencies. Punctuated by the occasional away moment or yawn or sneeze. Human reality is your friend. Paying attention there is clean, like bathing with soap.

Got it? Be human. Avoid The Romance of the Astral.

If you do live this way, consider yourself a leader. You’re adding to collective consciousness at this historic time, early days yet for The Age of Aquarius. Go, teach the world:

  • How to live with human-based spirituality
  • How to avoid both spiritual addiction and spiritual shutdown
  • How to gently keep your wits about you
  • How to live with superb auric modeling, highly educational for everyone who crosses your path and a powerful service to humanity right now

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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    I love it I love it I love it. Thank you for this article, Rose!

    Learning this skill to bypass the invitation to ruminate about our endlessly fascinating STUFF is priceless.

    It’s what I teach in class. And it’s a do-it not a think-about-it technique.




  2. 2

    You do, totally, get it, AMANDA! 🙂

  3. 3
    Jeanne says:

    Reading this made me smile BIG. I’m tickled to have given you such a fabulous teaching opportunity, Rose!


    Especially liked the “NOOOOOOOO” part!

    At least I got the noticing part right.


  4. 4
    Linda Stone says:


    Understanding the concept of brain fog, at this time, is so important.

    Just this week I worked with a client, Gladys… who thought she was developing early onset alhzheimers. Of course that statement implies that Alhzheimers is inevitable for everyone. She is 55 years young.

    She was forgetful, prone to what she calls “fugues,” tired and distracted.

    After rigorous medical testing including brain scans and MRIs, her physician told her with curious relief, that she had mild dementia…

    She was offered anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. REALLY?????

  5. 5
    Linda Stone says:

    While I feel there is a place for these meds, in this case that her doctor’s recommendation seemed like an experiment.

    She has had three sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality with me and the divine co-creator.

    Ta-Da!!! No more so-called “Dementia.”

  6. 6
    Linda Stone says:

    She is currently seeking another opinion from another medical facility. However, her previous symptoms are gone.

    Western medicine has no idea what to do with this epidemic.

    AARP magazine gives very scary statistics of dementia and mental losses as if we all need to do is to give up and check into a care facility.

  7. 7
    Linda Stone says:

    Sometimes brain fog is all that it is.

    Sometimes brain fog is just STUFF.

    And STUFF can always be healed!!!

    Thank you, Rose, for your eloquence and clarity on this subject.

  8. 8
    David.. says:

    Thanks, Rose, for a good laugh. NOOOO!

    To your list, I can now add “move your energy down into the lower chakras” for grounding. As you observe, just moving the body is all that’s required. KISS principle.

    Mindfulness = Monitoring consciousness. And in many cases its actually mind doing the monitoring, not consciousness. In other words, more analyzing.

    Speaking as a well-practiced expert on the subject. (laughs)

  9. 9

    Many laughs for me, DAVID, from your Comment 8. Thank you.

    And yes, I often hear “Grounding myself” as something clients do that they don’t think (initially) would count as Technique Time.

    Beware techniques for personal development, carried on as multi-tasking, that (supposedly) are so gosh-darned, lip-smacking virtuous that they couldn’t possibly (allegedly) count as Technique Time.

  10. 10
    Jeanne says:

    First time I read this I was pressed for time, and all I could do was laugh at how you called me out on my ineffective workarounds!

    Now rereading, I’m awed, Rose, by how much good stuff is in here!

    I love reinserting myself into objective reality. And I’m getting better and better at that, thanks to a wonderful teacher. (Hint: She runs this blog.) Oh, yes, I’m becoming a fidgeter extraordinaire.

    But oops, guess I’m still getting tripped up by old bad habits. Paralysis by analysis, indeed.

  11. 11
    Jeanne says:

    So I’m thrilled that you called me out. I think you nailed my inadvertent astral wanderings exactly. So busted!

    And I’m loving the tips. Yes, just deal! Especially like the tip to make a note to analyze my latest fascinating brain fog episode later and save it for Technique Time. Great way to kick that impulse to the curb, probably permanently, as I doubt I’ll ever want to use my precious 20 minutes for that.


  12. 12
  13. 13
    Morgan says:

    Linda – thanks for the example and comment that the physician was experimenting using drugs to solve the dementia problem. That has been my experience too…doctors trying a whole lot of drugs to solve my problems when what was really needed was STUFF removal.

  14. 14
    Rachel says:

    I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but would you say that reinserting oneself back into objective reality is basically an effort of will?

    You notice that you’ve been daydreaming or are having an away moment, then you move or touch something or smell something in order to reinsert yourself back into objective reality – and in that moment of choice, you are consciously and deliberately choosing something different – it requires self-discipline to make that new choice, does it not, especially if it is not different from your habitual behaviour?

    At least, that is how it seems to be for me. It is – sadly – more tempting to continue daydreaming, even though I know that it is not doing me any good! I have to exert my willpower to do something differently.

    Any comment?

  15. 15

    Stupid, are you kidding? What an important, practical question. I’m so glad you asked.

    Such a great question, I will use it as a basis for our next blog post. 🙂

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