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When FAME CRAVING Distorts Natural Charm

Fake charm doesn't have to fool aura readers.

Fake charm doesn’t have to fool aura readers.

Together we are embarked on a journey of discovery, Blog-Buddies. We have been sailing into the seductive, yet treacherous waters of Charm.

That Sea of Charm could provide a lifetime of exploration for us aura readers, skilled empaths, and face readers.

How easy it is for relatively new aura readers to be fooled. It’s tempting to think that auras produce some general impression that causes folks to be charming. With Stage One Energetic Literacy — a sweet beginning, but just a beginning — it’s so easy to be snookered.

That hunch, or lovely impression, those powerfully good, good, good, good vibrations? They can be such an oversimplification, deliberately projected and deeply manipulative.

Or someone new to Stage Three Energetic Literacy might think that one chakra databank trumps all, like the Root Chakra Databank for Personality Projected at Work.

Oh, so much more is involved. What if you’re seriously interested in protecting yourself from fake charm? Educate yourself about auric modeling and energetic literacy.

How Anita Hill Helped Me Read Auras

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, having his career just as Dr., Anita Hill now has hers

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 2007. By an anonymous photographer from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

This photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.


Anita Hill is in the news again, with a newly released documentary, “Anita, Speaking Truth to Power.” As described at the website for that film:

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, Compatibility Face Reading

The face reader, seeing stars

The face reader, seeing stars

ISABELLA won our Contest for “Who posted Comment #18,000?”  Many cheers for Blog-Buddy ISABELLA — some number of cheers between three and 18,000. 😉

For her prize, ISABELLA was invited to propose a celebrity for a face reading. She claimed the hot new couple — hot in every way you can imagine, metaphorically — George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. Who are now engaged to be married.

The stellar Amal Alamuddin, born in Lebanon and practicing law in England, has represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in his fight against extradition by Sweden. Back in the day, she clerked for Sonia Sotomayor, now a Supreme Court Justice.

Clooney is an actor, as you may have heard. Sometimes called “Hollywood’s most infamous playboy.”

Rosetree Energy Spirituality on the Radio, Rob McConnell interview

Wow, the most far-out photo of me, Rose Rosetree. Suitable for introducing an interview on The X-Zone.

Wow, the most far-out photo of me, Rose Rosetree. Suitable for introducing an interview on The X-Zone.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I accepted Rob McConnell’s invitation to speak to his X-Zone radio audience. Discussion was far ranging, including cutting cords of attachment and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(TM) for past-life regression.

Rob is a delightful interviewer, even when asking tough questions. Here’s a link to our latest broadcast together:

Rose Rosetree on X-Zone Radio, 5-5-14

Here’s an alternate link. Both seem to work:  Rose Rosetree on Cords of Attachment, 5-5-14

Incidentally, Blog-Buddies, this was my Media Log Interview #1017. (The runner-up, my Energetic Literacy column for Pathways Magazine, Summer 2014 issue, is now in production.)


Charm Contest. To win an aura reading of the public figure you nominate. Today's post highlights a guest post by An Avid Reader.

Charming enough to win an aura reading?

Charming enough to win an aura reading?

Such a beguiling, fascinating topic. “Charm” was one of my favorite chapters to write in Read People Deeper. Because it is so important to have discernment about the many varieties of charm.

And, really, until you develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy, you can be beguiled and confused, tricked and manipulated. Actually charm is a perfect example of how subconsciously we read full auric modeling, yet we can be confused consciously. Because of charm.

Our thread on charm has proliferated over at Integrity Aura Reading of Academy Award Winner Jared Leto.

You might want to start shifting your comments about charm over to this post, because the one who comments most about charm will win second prize in our latest contest.

Who will win first prize? The one whose Official Entry in the Charm Contest… charms me most.

To Enter our Charm Contest

Auric Modeling, the purpose of your life

Aura photos are well and good, but they could be considered ridiculous, too. Auric modeling shows in regular photographs, too.

Aura photos are well and good, but they could be considered ridiculous, too. Auric modeling shows in regular photographs, in way more detail.

Those colorful aura photos are fun to watch, of course. But what do they reveal about life purpose? How much do they really tell you?

By contrast, auric modeling shows you loads of detail. So much information about you, right in the moment. And information with deep significance.

I’m serious, Blog-Buddies. You really could consider auric modeling the purpose of your life.

Just click on this link to the main auric modeling post. Check out Comments 5-11. There’s the gist of it.

And be sure to add your questions and reactions there, as we continue discussing a little-known, mega-important aspect of your aura and what it broadcasts to the world. Auric modeling is really useful to understand. And way more inspiring than fancy aura pictures like these:

Aura photo of Rose Rosetree after one Skilled Empath Merge.

Aura photo of Rose Rosetree after one Skilled Empath Merge.


What Is Auric Modeling?

Rose Rosetree, using everyday energetic literacy to research auric modeling. Now that's a way to read the newspaper!

Rose Rosetree researches auric modeling.

Subconsciously every human alive reads everyone else’s aura. As if each of us were a runway model in the fashion show of life, constantly displaying our every energetic characteristic: This is auric modeling.

What, a hidden level of life that is packed with intimate details about who you really are, energetically and subconsciously? Absolutely.

Auric modeling is real. That part isn’t in dispute. The controversy surrounds whether you wish to believe in it or not, whether you wish to improve yours, when you will make it your business in life to get the skills required for reading auric modeling in yourself and others.