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Hypnotism Training, The Clean Pristine Way. A Guest Post by MICHELLE.

Rose Rosetree's first graduating class, teaching Clean, Pristine Hypnotism

Rose Rosetree’s first graduating class, teaching Clean, Pristine Hypnotism

What would happen if someone with incredible energetic literacy took on a subject as entrenched in the popular imagination as hypnosis and taught it in a revolutionary new way?  There are a few things that I can tell you would not happen: no one would be clucking like a chicken, nor would anyone be feeling manipulated, and there would be no scenes like in the movies when people in hypnotic trances rob banks.

What would happen, as the first group of intrepid students found out this year, would be a revolutionary new way of learning old skills translated into the organized and discreet skillsets in which Rose Rosetree specializes.

The National Guild of Hypnotists has a rigorous training, complete with exam, to certify new hypnotists. There are volumes of information and — as Rose teaches it –reams of handouts to teach and guide the new hypnotist as he or she develops the skills needed:

Hypnotism Instruction Informed by Deeper Perception

When Rose took on teaching this course, something new was born — both honoring the NGH guidelines for teaching hypnotism and also infusing the teaching with energetic literacy, so that the teachings have deeper value and more clear consequences and effects.

Rose is a genius at teaching skill sets, as anyone who has ever taken a class with her can attest. She can take complex tasks and break them down into learnable and teachable parts that come together to make a very powerful whole. The amount of time and effort that Rose must have put in to create the same sorts of teaching for the NGH certification was enormous and it showed in the clarity and the beauty of the lessons. We learned all the necessary skills to do complete and thorough sessions of hypnosis. But what we learned went beyond that.

Rose took her energetic literacy and was able to show us students which parts of the training were beneficial and helpful and integrated well with the kinds of movements of consciousness Rose teaches in her Rosetree Energy Spirituality work. And, she was able to show which parts were important to know, but not to use.

Discernment About Consequences of Hypnosis Techniques, Using Deeper Perception

For example, there are many ways to guide a client into the hypnotic state, and many scripts to try out for these inductions.

Some of them are collaborative and some are much more authoritarian.

Rose showed us and taught us both. But she also explained the dangers inherent in using the authoritarian techniques.

She had us try it, and it was our visceral reactions to the technique that gave us all the information we needed. It felt different to each student, but we could each pick out the ways in which it would linger in our consciousness, and not for the good.

Rose also teased out the implications of using techniques that do not work, and the energetic consequences of them for the client and the hypnotist. To be technical and clear, she helped us understand which techniques were going to cause us to create STUFF and inadvertently make things worse.

Conversely, she also showed us how well some of the techniques, especially the fear removal techniques and some of the self-hypnosis techniques, would work alongside and to compliment Rosetree Energy Spirituality work. She helped to create a clean and pristine understanding of hypnosis that was energetically literate and powerful.

How This Clean, Pristine Hypnosis Training Has Helped Me

I have taken some of the skills into my life in deep ways. Especially since self-hypnosis is not counted in those precious 20 minutes or so of Technique Time, it is a way to befriend and collaborate with your unconscious that does not lead to spiritual addiction and that can help move the human in powerful ways.

This was a training of over 100 hours, and Rose made it very clear to us what we could expect to do with the skills, what clients could expect.

  • Hypnotism, used in the classical way as a stand-alone technique does not, for the most part, help remove STUFF (Stored emotional and energetic debris at the astral level, a level within us that corresponds to the subconscious mind).
  • Hypnosis does, however, work on a subconscious level to reach us in ways that we can’t do in our normal everyday state.

Explained in terms of the ways Rose uses to delineate consciousness, hypnotism was easy to understand. It is taking place in the subconscious level, working with our minds slightly outside the human. However, as there is no co-creating with the divine, it is not working in the way that Rosetree Energy Spirituality works. So, that means it is not technically healing. But it is a powerful way to work with your unconscious.

As a coach and trainer in emotional intelligence and communication, I have found ways to use the skills with my clients who might otherwise not be so interested in their subconscious. I have worked with clients to learn self-hypnosis and to practice it in simple ways. The feedback I am getting is that it has boosted confidence and supported changes in thinking. I am very grateful to have these skills to share.

If all of this sounds technical and deep, it was.

If you have interest in developing skills that work with individuals on a very human and subconscious level, hypnotism is fascinating. And here is the best part: it is not limited to that one level. Hypnotism is the necessary underlying skill to learning Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis from Rose. This is where hypnotism becomes healing as it joins with Rosetree Energy Spirituality. But, as Rose would say, “that’s a different workshop.”

With Rose, we got a multi-layered understanding of classical hypnosis, the uses and limits of hypnosis, the places where it excels, and the ways it can augment the human mind.

We also received an education in energetic literacy, and saw how it applies to techniques outside the realm of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

I left the week filled to the brim with new ideas, fascinations, and inspiration. My skills are real, clean, and I own them thanks to Rose’s teaching. If you are thinking of learning hypnosis, this is the way to do it.



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  1. 1

    Big thanks to MICHELLE AUERBACH for this guest post.

    Did you notice the sparkle to her writing? Besides being a business coach and communications expert, she is a published novelist who has written for a little newspaper called The New York Times, among other prestigious writing credits.

    You can even follow her on Twitter:

  2. 2

    Wow, big thrill in the Technology Adventures of Rose Rosetree. I made a bigger copy of this photograph on Facebook? Laughing with glee and surprise.

    Now this is another first ever!

    See these sparkly hypnotists smile for you:

  3. 3

    The photo at the top of this post came out small because that’s how WordPress rolls, at least when I roll it.

    However, you can open the picture up bigger by copying it and expanding it. Some day I will manage to supply a better link than this, too.

    If you do get a good look, here’s a chance to meet some of the Blog-Buddies you may know well.

    MICHELLE AUERBACH is in the back row, third if you count from left-to-right.

    All the way on the left is TEHYA ROSS, from Canada. (Until you blow up the photo bigger, you can’t quite see the softness and sweetness of TEHYA’s face.)

    In the front row, also going from left-to-right, you can get a look at:


    Then me.



    And then to the right, completing each of the two rows (as it were), JESSICA GATES.

    These talented professional hypnotists are pioneers all.

  4. 4
    Linda says:

    Perfectly said, Michelle! This course was lean and mean, so to the point, and very clear.

    I have learned to trust the process and teaching methods of Rose. She is truly masterful at breaking down concepts and techniques into bite size, consumable and integrateable pieces.

    I feel completely comfortable using the techniques of hypnosis after this course. As I do after any workshop or mentorship experience with Rose.

  5. 5

    LINDA, thanks.

  6. 6

    Incidentally, about studying with me…

    It will be months for now that I post the workshop schedule for 2015. Until then, I won’t be giving hypnotism training.

    However, this coming weekend I will give Cut Cords of Attachment Workshop, an annual event for the Level 1 training.

    This is a relatively easy skill set to learn. You can learn more about it here, and yes, some spaces are still open if you register soon:

  7. 7
    Elaine says:

    Wonderful post Michelle. Having attended several of Rose’s workshops, she leaves no stone unturned in presenting quality information with her own unique style.

  8. 8

    Thank you so much, DAVID. I will explore this. 🙂

    And ELAINE, thank you very much, too.

  9. 9
    David.. says:

    I have a secret tool. It’s a browser plugin called Thumbnail Zoom Plus. When I roll the mouse over a photo or thumbnail, it pops out in a full sized version. Very handy in many places, including this blog.

    Also Rose – it’s giving you a default thumbnail size. The image size is over on the right in the media library, if you edit the picture. You have to scroll down, making it a bit hidden. One of the dumb changes the last time this part of WP was updated. Appears to be an assumption we’re all using giant screens. Advanced settings like space around the picture are even more hidden.

    Just be happy you’re not using Joomla. 😉

  10. 10
    David.. says:

    PS – the plugin works for photo links too, like the Facebook one above. No need to click it.

  11. 11
    David.. says:

    Thanks, Michelle
    I had no idea Rose had broken it out like this. Bravo! Cleaning up yet another field of healing.

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