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Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks — Brand new aura research at this blog.

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks — just could make your day even more sumptuous.

Hope you’re having a delightful day, Blog-Buddies. It’s about to become even more charming and delightful, if possible. Not only am I announcing the winners of our Charm Contest.  I’m going to introduce you to a powerful new set of chakra databanks that you (and I) can use to thoroughly research anyone who seems charming.

What’s with him? What’s with her? Could this person be too good to be true?


It’s fun to use Stage Three Energetic Literacy to explore anyone you like in plenty of detail. And details are especially recommended when somebody makes a huge, positive impression on you. As noted in the “Charm” chapter of Read People Deeper:

Within the word “charm” lies “harm.”

Winner #1 is LARA, with her compelling Comment #59 nominating Tom Hiddleston, who is “always being voted sexiest man in those random polls.”

Winner #2 is ZELDA, who nominated Jimmy Fallon, now host of “The Tonight Show.”

Today’s treat is introducing the chakra databanks themselves. I’m excited to be making available for the first time ever an exciting array of subconsciously what-makes-that-person-tick components of what, consciously, can register as “charming.” Can you trust this person? Protecting yourself can start with energetic literacy!

  • Some of these chakra databanks were already read on Maya Angelou.
  • Other chakra databanks from The Charm Collection were read on Rob Lowe.
  • Now I would like to introduce you to the full set of 10.

Introducing the full set, The Charm Collection of chakra databanks

Truth seekers, each of these chakra databanks tells you something important about anyone you might consider charming. Here’s why each one matters.

Charm Collection #1.

Root Chakra Databank for Expecting to Receive Respect from Others

To what extent does this person crave popularity? Or expect a lot of fans?

The quirky ways a person might relate to receiving respect, as a basic everyday way of life, that has way more variation to it than you might suppose from just browsing the human surface of lif

Charm Collection #2.

Belly Chakra Databank for Energy Flow to Gain Respect

Being put on the spot, doing public speaking or on a first date — yum! How much does the person like this. Especially when there is pressure to gain respect, for any reason, business or pleasure, what happens to this person?

Some of us light up. Others dim down.

Why, why, why… and how. Chakra databanks tell us, once again, the secrets of what makes a particular person tick.

Charm Collection #3.

Belly Chakra Databank for Spontaneous Self-Expression

Some charmers are golden in their spontaneity. Others calculate, in an attempt to charm. An attempt that may succeed so well, it’s scary.

At least it need not be scary, wondering whether or not a person’s charm is genuine. Bring on this skill set within energetic literacy!

Charm Collection #4.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Claiming Respect from Others

An earlier chakra databank was about “Expecting to receive respect.” By contrast, this one — aligned with doing in life, at the Solar Plexus Chakra — answers the question, “So, what are you going to do about it?”

  • Does the person go into gear, or become extra charming, when the respect doesn’t flow easily?
  • Does the person shut down?
  • Does that person pull you in? Or play hard to get?

Energetic dynamics are not the same thing as behavior. Sure, observe behavior. That’s one of the ultimate ways to protect yourself in love and in business. However, it’s pretty fascinating to peek around in this particular chakra databank.

Charm Collection #5.

Chakra Databank for Flow of Thought During Conflict

Diffident? Or wily? Or what?

Charmers can make us love them especially when there is a challenging situation or conflict.

Other charmers might cut and run. “Oh, the going gets tough? I’m outta here.”

Reading auras with energetic literacy is a completely different skill from doing psychic readings. No predictions are involved in energetic literacy. We make do with the human enterprise of knowing about cause and effect, deciding for ourselves when to invest further in a relationship, when the proposition is risky or downright unwise.

Charm Collection #6.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence

Here we research the aspect of self-esteem around how you think about yourself.

Many a charmer is loaded with self-confidence. However, a charmer may lack self-confidence. (Any of you Blog-Buddies remember my newsletter article with the reading of charming, yet terminally insecure, Mickey Rooney?)

Charm Collection #7.

Heart Chakra Databank for Self-Esteem

Here we research the aspect of self-confidence around how you feel about yourself. Just because someone has the power to make multitudes fall in love with her or him, so what?

What is the what within, at a subconscious level?

Charm Collection #8.

Heart Chakra Databank for Receiving Respect from Others

Another really telling chakra databank. Just because someone is able to interest others, or gain respect, that tells us nothing about how much is being received.

Maybe there will never be enough respect, adulation, fame.

Maybe it is really hard for that charmer to admit, even a little bit, “You like me. You really like me.”

Charm Collection #9.

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Popularity

This chakra databank alone can cause somebody to seem charming. Uh-oh!

Charm Collection #10.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Self-Confidence

“I am evolving no matter what happens with my life, my work.” That might be the wonderful treasure you find at this Third Eye Chakra databank.  Don’t count on it though.

Sometimes a charmer will have some sort of gorgeousness related to spiritual self-confidence. Alternatively you might find something sobering, sad, or shocking.

Let your aura reading research begin!

My next post will be reading that adorable Tom. You don’t have to wait for that to read him, or read anyone else, for charm. Just use your skills for aura reading.

How to get started? I’d recommend Read People Deeper because it can teach you right away how to read auras from photographs, regular photos. As well as in person.

This one isn’t in an ebook edition yet, though. For that reason, or just because you would like a depth exploration of aura reading, you might prefer Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. As an ebook, this aura reading how-to  is available in a full range of formats at your favorite e-book vendor.

Many of you Blog-Buddies are booking sessions for personal mentoring, as well. This can be such a great way to move forward as an aura reader. You could start with a minute appointment of mentoring or go for a whole day of mentoring (The more money-saving choice).

In person, we do a Day of Mentoring all in one go. By phone or webcam, it’s more common to break the time into two appointments, 2 1/2 hours each). Sure, a regular phone call or Skype call works fine for mentoring. This is about knowledge, not staring dreamily into each other’s eyes.

The links just provided here are a great intro to each type of mentoring opportunity. You would start book your session here. Then for the appointment date, or more details, contact Appointment Coordinator Mitch. You will receive a faster response by email: . Calling often results in a long game of phone tag, but you’re welcome to call him at 703-450-9514. (Note: Our policy is to return calls from the U.S. only.)

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  1. 1
    Sylvia says:

    Thank you for this post, Rose! This collection of databanks really helps me to better understand the nature of charm!

  2. 2
    Lara says:

    Wow I won!! Thank you Rose!!

    The Databanks you read for Maya Angelou and Rob Lowe really surprised me. Now I see the whole list I am having a good think about what charm is. Many of them are about receiving respect rather than putting something out there like charisma. That contrast between gaining and receiving respect is very interesting to that point.

  3. 3

    Yes, you won!

    And it’s great that you’re looking over that list and re-thinking charm. It is so very misunderstood.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one could get mega-many results by typing into a search engine, “Become charming” or “Develop charm.”

    Not really possible. We can develop more authenticity or become good at riding horses. Charm circuits are hardwired into a person’s aura as gifts of the soul.

    Being likeable or having good manners are entirely different. As you wisely noted, charm is not about “putting something out there” on purpose, with conscious-level speech and action.

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    I wonder about sex appeal, and whether that too is completely different from charm.

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