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Hypnotism Training with Rose Rosetree. Guest post by An Advocate for Excellence

Training to become a professional hypnotist can take many forms. Personally, I favor clean and pristine.

Training to become a professional hypnotist can take many forms. Personally, I favor clean and pristine.

Sometimes I do feel like one of the elves in Santa’s Workshop, busily making gifts for good boys and girls. A week from today, I will offer for the first time a training in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R), a form of past-life regression that emphasizes removing STUFF (especially large-intensity frozen blocks of stuck energy), then PUT-IN with what most expresses my client’s soul at the time of the session.

For years I have been working on this. Meanwhile…

Big thanks to AN ADVOCATE FOR EXCELLENCE for sharing her perspective.

Whether or not you are interested in becoming a professional hypnotist or past-life regression therapist, you might find it interesting to read this guest post as a consumer of any kind of personal development workshop.

At this time of mega-maxi Internet advertising, how can you keep your standards high as a consumer? If you’re seeking a hypnotist to help you stop smoking or handle stress better, what can bring excellence to the field of hypnotism? What can protect you?

With this guest post, I have added just some links and minor copy edits. The perspective, and experiences described below, belong to AN ADVOCATE FOR EXCELLENCE.

Professional Hypnotism Training… that wasn’t

I already had about 270 hours of professional hypnotism training prior to taking NGH-Certified Hypnotism Training with Rose.  Quality between courses can vary a lot.

My first was a weekend workshop with a woman who played a large role in establishing hypnotism in my area.

Her website presented a professional, impressive picture of what I was in for, but her course would have been more aptly named “Hypnosis for the Spiritually Addicted

What I was searching for was a powerful, effective modality—beyond more limited traditional methods—to help people overcome a variety of struggles.

What I got was a crash course in magical thinking, complete with mystical tales of hypnosis, off-topic ghost stories, and a workbook on manifestation.

I left more confused than I came in, so I sought out more rigorous training.

Hypnotism training? Sort of

Next I found an accredited course that was associated with three different national and international professional organizations for hypnotists.  The instructor seemed credible and the testimonials were full of praise.

I did learn much more this time, but it was in between hours of spiritual coaching, questionable tips and tricks being casually thrown around, plus time devoted to other modalities.

When it came to actually learning about the topic for which I had come, I was left with a too-shallow overview of it.

We were taught the basics and told that the most important thing was to leave the course feeling very confident in the actual act of hypnotizing another person.  It was implied that, if we could just act that part and do it with confidence, we didn’t need to worry about the finer points and were going to get great results.

What does it take to get great results as a professional hypnotist?

The act of facilitating hypnosis is obviously important, but it does not stand out to me as the single most important aspect of a session.  And yes, confidence and enthusiasm count too, but that should never replace knowledge and skill.

I believe that the true finesse and expertise of a good hypnotist lies in the MANY details beyond the mere act of hypnotizing another.

There are a few other points I have noticed about this loosely regulated field that make Rose’s course truly stand out as “clean and pristine.”  And different.

When hypnotism instruction isn’t “Clean and pristine”

Prior to learning to become a hypnotist with training from Rose, here is I have noticed in both the trainings I took  to become a professional hypnotist:

• A desire to present hypnosis as flashy, enigmatic, or limitlessly powerful.
• A desire to be seen as a guru or as The Powerful Hypnotist.
• A lack of understanding of what hypnosis can and cannot do.  I think some practitioners believe it is a magic bullet for every problem.
• A lack of awareness about the effects of certain methods.  This ties into an “anything goes” attitude that gives the hypnotist free reign to be experimental or mimic the way it’s done by other practitioners without being fully informed about what they are doing and what the consequences are.
• A belief that the state of hypnosis is all-powerful and will automatically correct all problems.  This also ties into that loose, “anything goes” attitude that perhaps allows hypnotists to believe that confidence and a good induction are all they are responsible for because their desire to help and the client’s subconscious mind will take care of the rest.

By contrast, when hypnotism training IS clean and pristine

One minute into Rose’s course, I could tell it was going to be much different from my experiences with other instructors.  Rose faithfully delivered the excellent NGH curriculum, enhanced by her own enormous expertise in the field of consciousness, healing, and beyond.

I now know what hypnosis is and what it isn’t.

It is not meditation, and it is not healing—for very specific, technical reasons that I do not know if many other teachers could explain.

It is also not a way to magically make oneself a “money magnet,” for example.

Hypnosis is also popularly misused, becoming a way to emotionally lie to oneself.  It would not be difficult to find a hypnotist, with the best intentions at heart, willing to assist the client to hypnotically manipulate their emotions or re-write their personal history in order to feel better.

Rose, on the other hand, taught us to be discerning when it comes to potentially harmful quick-fix approaches, and she firmly placed the emphasis on helping clients realistically identify and handle problems.  As she told us,  “You have a sacred responsibility to strengthen your client.  Not to please your client. To strengthen your client.”

Helping clients as a professional hypnotist

I appreciated the down-to-earth training around rationally addressing problems, educating clients, and helping people achieve real results.  One would imagine this would be standard material across every certification course, but sadly it is not.

It was also extremely valuable to get the “deeper perception scoop”  through just a bit of perspective based on energetic literacy.

Where is consciousness positioned while in hypnosis? 

Which techniques and approaches actually cause unintended complications in the mind-body-spirit system? 

Technically there is a lot to understand about this. I’m glad that I received answers to these and other important questions of interest to any professional hypnotists. Learning these basics, thanks to deeper perception, did cause me greater concern for the casual, “anything goes” attitude prevalent in the field of hypnotism.

Always one to deliver exceptional quality and uncompromising integrity, Rose also knows how to run her classroom and maximize class time, alternating teaching with plenty of hands-on practice.  A third of the way through our 100-hour course, I actually felt more prepared, informed, and professionally equipped than I did after 270 hours of prior training.

There is much more to being an effective hypnotist than facilitating hypnosis and reading a script. But I fear many practitioners don’t know this — and they don’t know that they don’t know this, either.

Rose, however, can and does take her students much deeper. She keeps it clean and pristine all the way through.

Getting practical, a final comment by Rose

Among the many forms of past-life regression, this unique energy healing modality has many practical uses.

Contact Appointment Coordinator Mitch if you are interested in benefitting from an in-person session:

Contact me if you are interested in learning the pre-requisite with me, the Clean and Pristine, NGH-Certified Hypnosis Training. And then, perhaps, you can also go on to study the training I offer in Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® for past-life regression, which includes the specialty of “Life Before this Life” Past-Life Regression.

The National Guild of Hypnotists has trained many an instructor by now. Today’s guest post can help you to answer the question, what do I mean by “Clean, Pristine Hypnosis Training?”

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  1. 1
    Daisy says:

    I really enjoyed this post! Just as all sessions with healers or hypnotist are not created equal, neither is the training they receive. Thank you Rose, for bringing integrity into all you do.

  2. 2
    David.. says:

    Great article. I’ve certainly seen some of the flash and ‘mystical arts’ presentation of it. I know a couple of people who use it for past life regression but have no idea how they were trained.

    And it is so not meditation. And it is widely used by people who don’t even realize they’re using it.

    Hypnosis seems a pretty specific process but one used in ways that may or may not be so useful. The image of a hammer comes to mind. You can get training on how to hammer in nails. But that doesn’t tell you how to build anything useful.

  3. 3
    Morgan says:

    Excellent write up! Having not one, but two standards of comparison really helps with discerning quality and bring a more educated/informed focus to your praise for Rose’s workshop.

  4. 4
    Holly says:

    I just want to thank you for insisting on keeping Rosetree Energy Spirituality pure and requiring that the people you train don’t mix and match modalities.

    Looking for a practitioner in my area to help with a physically-oriented type of energy healing, I found six.

    But five of them offered a mix of things, like, “Techniques of energy healing to connect with your guides for impeccable readings,” or “Combining energy healing with Law of Attraction,” etc.

    I wish these fields had the same integrity that you are using for Rosetree Energy Spirituality and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis. I am so glad they remain straightforward and un-mangled (is that even a word?).

    And thank you for teaching me to expect integrity and quality in a practitioner.

  5. 5

    Integrity is important, HOLLY.

    I think the training modality is one factor that helps with integrity. Besides that, I do all I can to have rigor built into the training and supervision for my mentoring programs in Rosetree Energy Spirituality and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

    Another factor is the consciousness of the people who are apprentices and graduates. I’m lucky to have them. And, okay, I insist they have a high level of integrity or I don’t accept them as my apprentices.

    Just today I began a series of blog posts about “Consciousness Lifestyles.” A link is here:

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