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Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston as part of our Charm Wiki!

Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston. You might guess he has quite some aura. Then you’d be right. Which is why we’re researching him for our Charm Wiki.

Reading the aura of “The Sexiest Man”? Sure, no prob!

Tom Hiddleston, often voted “Sexiest Man” in contests…. He was chosen by Blog-Buddy LARA for an aura reading.

What else, before I start aura reading charming Tom Hiddleston?

  • Here is the aura photo of Tom Hiddleston that I will use as a basis for today’s detailed aura reading with an emphasis on “What does it really mean to be charming?”
  • At the end of today’s post  you can find some resources to help you to do aura reading on your own.

1. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston:

Root Chakra Databank for Expecting to Receive Respect from Others

18 feet with an unusual pattern where expecting to receive respect alternates with shyness and insecurity.

On this side of the pond, I wasn’t aware of Tom Hiddleston before LARA’s nomination. However, I have certainly seen movies with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, both of whom charm audiences by alternating extreme shyness with strong skills for self-presentation.

Maybe it’s a cultural thing in the U.K., finding diffidence charming. Remember back when Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, was affectionately called “Shy Di“?

Charm, per se, does not shine out here at this chakra databank, although Tom Hiddleston sure aurically demonstrates a delectable shyness.

2. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Belly Chakra Databank for Energy Flow to Gain Respect

5 inches. Little flow of energy assists Tom Hiddleston in everyday life. Perhaps he is a superb actor who changes a great deal and switches on charm. However, this isn’t happening at the time of this photograph.

In this photograph, Tom stands almost wryly in his surroundings, a bit detached, slightly self-conscious. Maybe it’s the contrast with bolder stars that strikes his fans as delicious. Or maybe I haven’t arrived yet at the yummy parts of his energy field.

Speaking of yummy, I have the distinct experience of “Not enough to eat.” Could this man be yet another example of a celebrity starving himself in order to help fulfill The Anorexic Ideal? That sad social “requirement” in certain walks of life does affect actors as well as actresses, sadly.

3. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Belly Chakra Databank for Spontaneous Self-Expression

5 inches. The man is wound up pretty tight internally, struggling with “Do I dare to eat a peach” and similar forms of social carefulness.

Spontaneity isn’t winning at this time. However, this struggle may add to Tom Hiddleston’s charm. All of us respond to auric modeling, whether we’re reading auras yet consciously or not. The gorgeous manners in England come with a downside, and doubting from time to time.

Charming auric modeling is like what happens with that saying “Birds of a feather flock together.” A person’s energy field contains dynamics in chakra databanks that are a good match for how others are doing. It’s only human to find that appealing. However, this does not constitute charm as some highly unusual people have it. A strong example of aura-level charm being child actor and still a major TV star,  Rob Lowe.

4. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Claiming Respect from Others

80 miles. Aha! Here we get to some of the yummy.

A wry, ironic sense of humor, lively intellect, and laid back manner of delivery — ta da!

This kind of patterning alone can account for a reputation for being charming. Especially in England, land of Tom Hiddleston.

So delicious to those of us who prize wit, especially when delivered in an offhand manner!

5. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Flow of Thought During Conflict

Again, 80 miles. Verbal jousting is fun for Tom Hiddleston. Persuading people is his sport of choice, being so very intelligent, verbal, aware of nuance, flexible and, even, cunning.

This could prove mighty attractive to nerds, or lovers of intelligence, or grace under pressure. Or those who aspire to debonair strength.

Wouldn’t this be attractive in a cultural way, especially in the U.K. or to Anglophiles? Not inherently charming, though. (And yet more appealing to many than outright charm.)

6. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence

7 inches. Hello, we’re back to the diffidence dynamic for Tom Hiddleston.

You know, LARA and other Blog-Buddies, this sweet kind of shyness can be as delectable as an Oreo cookie.

  • The crunchy cookie is like Tom Hiddleston’s shyness that isn’t quite shyness, a way of loving the spotlight while playing hard-to-get.
  • The gorgeously contrasting sweet filling is like Tom Hiddleston wham! Verbally resourceful, mega-smart, a nerd’s delight.

Such a delightful contrast it is when someone can alternate bashful auric modeling with being really cool (in Tom Hiddleston’s case, at using his intellect and delivering dialogue or speaking off the cuff with such nonchalant effectiveness).

7. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Heart Chakra Databank for Self-Esteem

4 inches. Aw, such a flirt, that Tom Hiddleston. This chakra databank proclaims, “Love me. Help me. Really, I don’t have much self-esteem, but you can rescue me.”

Incidentally, you aura readers might have some fun checking out his Heart Chakra Databank for Receiving Love. Here’s a hint: Humongous.

Well, the next chakra databank in our charm parade is related….

8. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Heart Chakra Databank for Receiving Respect from Others

Out to the moon. Oh yes indeed, the man is wired to receive emotionally. Tom Hiddleston’s capacity to receive respect from others has grown in direct proportion to his experiences in this life.

Ever hear of someone having “A charmed life.” That isn’t the same thing as personally having charm. This has more to do with receiving good karma in certain ways.

Tom Hiddleston has evidently had enjoyed some excellent karma in this lifetime for receiving respect from others. For this chakra databank to be huge is just regular life, far as he is concerned.

Tom Hiddleston is, evidently, used to gaining enormous respect from others. To his credit, Tom hasn’t become boastful or ungrateful about it. He holds that auric space  gratefully, much as Rob Lowe has made peace with his gift of charm.

When someone incites great respect and popularity, yet wears it gracefully, that does tend to charm people. Not technically what is called “Charm” by this explorer of energetic literacy. But certainly a lovely thing to witness.

Many popular performances just have great karma, and not just charm or popularity but fame karma. Recently I was reminded of this. I saw a gem of a movie, “The Object of My Affection.” Paul Rudd displayed his own singular charm — might be fun to do this type of aura reading research on him some day.

Like all the actors in this touching movie, Jennifer Aniston turned in a very good performance, by far the best of any I have seen from her. Nonetheless, Jennifer Aniston exemplifies someone with great karma for fame as a performer. Not a big talent at all, but superbly graced in the Karma Department. (In my opinion.)

9. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Popularity

Out to the moon. Delicate yet dazzling with feminine energy — more feminine energy than any of the other chakra databanks I have been researching here.

Evidently Tom Hiddleston has a flair for eliciting a favorable response from others.

He doesn’t try. He makes no visible effort. Nor does he have to.

Again, it’s a kind of grace. He’s got It.

Not to sound like I’m splitting hairs, but the lovely display at this chakra databank does not read to me, technically, as charm. It’s more a good-karma knack for popularity. Tom Hiddleston is wired to gain attention. And he does. Lots of it.

By contrast, charm can change people. Charm can electrify them. Charm can win yearning or love or other responses.

This lovely chakra databank of Tom Hiddleston’s wins him popularity. If he were a politician, this gift would bring him votes.

10. Aura Reading Tom Hiddleston

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Self-Confidence

2 inches. We’re back to the diffidence quality. Going it alone in life, no support from God (or whatever that is). Just doing his best to be a good person, that Tom Hiddleston.

This chakra databank does include a do-it-yourselfer’s form of spiritual self-confidence. With an honorable flavor.

In Conclusion

The highly attractive Tom Hiddleston would especially appeal to those who like their men:

  • Really smart
  • Modest, even self-effacing
  • Popular without ever seeming to try
  • Struggling in life just enough to seem relatable and appealing

And what does energetic literacy reveal in our pursuit of understanding charm? What charm is, and what charm isn’t. Tom Hiddleston doesn’t have it, and has to settle for being adorable, likeable, and so attractive to the public.

He is one more adorable Divine creation. And this one, this Tom Hiddleston, manages to be mega-famous without attitude or affection. Sweet, indeed!

About resources for energetic literacy

Of course, you can learn to read auras in detail. I would love to teach you.

One resource is to read the “Charm” chapter in Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras. This is your single best resource for using energetic literacy in multiple ways to learn about people. Read the aura reading how-to’s at the beginning or this paperback or ebook. Then you can learn how to read auras in person or from regular photographs.

Another resource is Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, which contains over 100 user-friendly, user-elevating, techniques.

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  1. 1
    Elaine says:

    Rose, lovely Aura Reading of Tom Hiddleston. Re: his movie career he suddenly kind of seemed to come up out of nowhere and apparently he’s got a tremendous following based on the two Marvel comic movies Thor and the Avengers in which he played. You of course have him spot-on. There’s something very appealing in his diffidence, but I’ve also admired his quick wit. I was actually curious about him and had put him on my list to research. 🙂

  2. 2
    Lara says:

    Thank you for this very interesting reading Rose. He really is an Englishman, I recognise the type lol. Especially the spontaneous self expression bit. Its almost a standard issue.

    Hmmm so not a drop of charm per se. I am so sorry I picked such a bad example! I think I understand more about what charm is now… that zing that grabs you, not adorableness. I thought it was charm I was responding to.

    Rose do you off the top of your head know any good people to find and research charm in?

  3. 3
    David.. says:

    It would be interesting to compare him when he’s in his role of something like Loki (from Thor) where respect is a big part of the role – just compare the opening photo (in costume but not the role) with the sample photo used. Does he even look like the same person?

    And yes, Canadians have some of the same self-effacing manner. We even apologize for Americans. 😉

  4. 4
    Isabella says:

    So interesting! I love this examination of one thing to find out what it really is. It helps collective consciousness so much when we develop this refinement.

    Tom Hiddleston was so not on my radar. Very interesting that he’s not charming…. can’t wait to learn more about what charm really is.

  5. 5

    Thanks so much for this feedback, ELAINE, LARA, and DAVID. You have inspired a new contest and a charm wiki with Deeper Perception. See today’s post!

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    It was interesting to me to hear the mention of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant as actors who charm by alternating extreme shyness with strong skills for presentation. I think actor Richard Gere does this too, or some variation.

    I saw him recently in Shall We Dance and he had so much humility, and so much shyness! It was very endearing. The other characters in the movie were practically drooling over him (and not to mention certain members of the viewing audience!)

  7. 7
    Kira says:

    I loved this! I have so many friends who are swooning all over either Tom Hiddleston or the character Loki or both! He is definitely a highlight of the Thor and Avengers movies, although I’m more into Thor myself.

    This makes me want to finish learning to read auras so I can compare all the doctors from Doctor Who in charm, but I am technically too busy even to be reading this blog and writing this comment, let alone finishing the new empath book and then the aura reading book.

  8. 8

    KIRA, it’s wonderful that you have found the time to read here and add your latest comments.

    You were missed here at Deeper Perception Made Practical.

    Yes, those Doctor Who characters, including all 12 versions of The Doctor. I would definitely flag one for our charm list. See today’s post.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting reading Rose, although I don’t know Tom Hiddleston. I also found it interesting, that very British combination of shyness alternating with expecting to receive respect.

    And I would love to see aura readings comparing the different Doctors Kira!

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