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Skilled Empath Merge with Audra McDonald, Crying

Skilled Empath Merge with Audra McDonald

Skilled Empath Merge with Audra McDonald

How I loved watching Audra McDonald cry! There it was, the Tony Awards broadcast from last weekend, which was recorded at my house for chunks of happy viewing. Last night I saw McDonald win her sixth Tony, becoming the first performer ever to win six Tonys in competitive categories.

Yes, she cried.

For years I have loved this glorious singer and charismatic performer. While viewing Audra McDonald’s reaction to her big win, I watched as the skilled empath I have become over the years. I watched and listened during the speech; I observed her later in the broadcast, tear-free — all the emotional flow reminding me of weather changes in Hawaii.

15 Kinds of STUFF. Energy Healing with RES Skills.

Happy Birthday, Vibrational Re-Positioning. Now come join the other 14 kids.

15 kinds of STUFF? Happy Birthday, Vibrational Re-Positioning(R). What are the other skills for  RES energy HEALING?

Healing Ener-Junk? Note: Just 18 months after first posting this article, it is soooooooooooo obsolete. Why?

All 15 forms of STUFF described in this article still are removed, routinely in RES sessions of energy HEALING.

Vibrational Re-Positioning®. Rosetree Energy Spirituality Celebrates a New Trademark

A monumental day for Vibrational Re-Positioning and Rosetree Energy Spirituality

A monumental day for Vibrational Re-Positioning and Rosetree Energy Spirituality

The timing couldn’t be better. Yesterday I graduated a new group of self-healers. Some of them may go on to take Cut Cords of Attachment Level 2 Workshop, or even join the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality and learn professional-level skills for cutting cords of attachment for clients.

All of these workshop participants graduated. Actually, I would say, graduated with high honors:

Each workshop grad has cut a cord of attachment and — more important — owns the technical knowledge of what to do for each of the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®. And how to do it, how to make the skill set work to permanently cut any cord of attachment you desire to remove for the rest of your life.

Plus there is knowledge of some pretty fascinating and practical underlying concepts. Each cord-cutting graduate is now skilled to do a kind of healing with huge potential for self-healing and personal development.

Yet all that was yesterday. Today is the day to announce a brand new trademark that bookends 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Aura Reading a Big Charmer, Rob Lowe

Aura reading for cham, starring Rob Lowe

Aura reading for cham, starring Rob Lowe

My, how our charm conversations are growing!

Still we can investigate further, what makes a person charming? I had promised in a previous post to do aura reading research on someone who is a big deal charmer, of a scrupulous and relatively sweet kind.

Because energetic literacy can reveal some big differences between being attractive, likeable, sexy, or winsome… versus charming.

One actor I like, who just oozes adorb, is Rob Lowe. Recently I saw him on a talk show, promoting his second memoir. Referring to himself as self-centered. Sweetly making this self-deprecating reference.

Ethical aura reading, a guest post by ZELDA


What is fair with aura reading? What is not?

What is fair with aura reading? What is not?

Adding to our ongoing exploration of ethics in aura reading and energetic literacy, ZELDA brings her long-term experience and usual thoughtfulness.

Intention matters for aura reading

I think that the intention behind doing aura reading is quite important.

If I’m contemplating developing a new business or practitioner relationship with someone, then aura reading is a tool to help me make a wise choice.

It’s especially wise if I’ve had a history of trusting untrustworthy people.

Aura reading for educational purposes

One can see that here at the blog, when Rose reads the auras of various celebrities, there’s a specific reason why she’s doing it:

Aura Reading, Face Reading, and Skilled Empath Merge (As Done Here) Are Not Gossip

"Deeper Perception Made Practical" is a gossip-free zone.

Warning: “Deeper Perception Made Practical” is a gossip-free zone.

Monitoring this blog brings some challenges, folks. One is that some people may dismiss “Deeper Perception” as a legitimate search for truth, with standards and ethics and rigor.

With ideals like clarity, discernment, and healing.

Hypnotism Training, The Clean Pristine Way. A Guest Post by MICHELLE.

Rose Rosetree's first graduating class, teaching Clean, Pristine Hypnotism

Rose Rosetree’s first graduating class, teaching Clean, Pristine Hypnotism

What would happen if someone with incredible energetic literacy took on a subject as entrenched in the popular imagination as hypnosis and taught it in a revolutionary new way?  There are a few things that I can tell you would not happen: no one would be clucking like a chicken, nor would anyone be feeling manipulated, and there would be no scenes like in the movies when people in hypnotic trances rob banks.

What would happen, as the first group of intrepid students found out this year, would be a revolutionary new way of learning old skills translated into the organized and discreet skillsets in which Rose Rosetree specializes.

The National Guild of Hypnotists has a rigorous training, complete with exam, to certify new hypnotists. There are volumes of information and — as Rose teaches it –reams of handouts to teach and guide the new hypnotist as he or she develops the skills needed:

Aura Reading of Robert Pattinson, a Guest Post by Opal


Aura reading guest post by Opal, starring Robert Pattinson

Aura reading guest post by Opal, starring Robert Pattinson

OPAL has done this aura reading for us as a guest post. Enjoy, everyone!

Note added on June 2, 2014: This article and some of the comments that follow here… have prompted me to write a policy-setting article about gossip. Do have a look, Blog-Buddies.

I did this aura reading of Robert Pattinson at a Cannes Film Festival Photocall a couple of days ago. The point was to investigate the topic of fame from the perspective of someone who isn’t simply well known but someone who has tabloid crazy-mega fame as a heartthrob in the digital age.