Deeper Perception Made Practical

Believe in Yourself and Your Light


On this busy day, my first client reminded me what a challenging time this is to live on earth.

Just remember, Blog-Buddies, you are making a difference. So don’t feel discouraged.

How, exactly are you making a difference? By living the best you can. By bringing more and more light (including as you carry less and less STUFF), you really are serving humanity.

How you live, what you do and say — it really does count. The sweetness and power you bring to relationships really does matter.

Results don’t have to be dramatic. Results don’t have to come in obvious forms, like fame or even acknowledgment from other people.

If you’re living with human-based spirituality, that’s a triumph in itself. You’re in the minority today, if you can avoid both the prevalent spiritual shutdown and the equally common spiritual addiction. Through your auric modeling alone, you are having a huge impact on collective consciousness.

Humanly, you’re a walking success story. All the good things you do, and the habits you’re forming, add up into pretty superb karma. Whether you notice it yet or not.

Living the best you can, you’re making progress on your personal path to Enlightenment, too.

Just carry your light and do your reasonable best.

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    Thanks, Rose. Very encouraging!

  2. 2
    Antoinette says:

    Thank you Rose! Reading these kind words has lifted my spirit and is a balm to the heart.

  3. 3
    Jean says:

    Yes – quite helpful Rose. Thanks for these thoughts.

  4. 4
    Dana says:

    Thank you, Rose. This reminder is always welcome and a relief. Beautifully written.

  5. 5

    You’re so welcome, JULIE.

    I’m hearing reports of a kind of desperation to hear channelings, to receive attunements from “Higher beings,” etc.

    Blog-Buddies, just have the humility to be human. Use your human life to steady yourself. Avoid practices, meditations, or readings about beings from other realms and how interesting they are, or supposedly and instantly solving all your problems through inside knowledge.

    Technique Time can be you, or you plus God. Choose that time wisely, not with desperation.

  6. 6
    Sandra says:

    Rose, thank you for this lovely bit of encouragement for us all. It’s a blog-hug from you to all of us who love you. It’s also part of every session I’ve ever had from you!

  7. 7
    David.. says:

    You’re right Rose. Stuff down = light up. Stuff is the dimmer switch. 😉

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    Back from a week in France. What a nice thing to read!

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