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ANOTHER new addition to the Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment flowers once again

Enlightenment flowers once again and again

Within less than a week, another member of this informal online community is ready for the Enlightenment Life List.

We discussed it yesterday. Three more cheers for Householder Enlightenment!!!

On this busy day, I won’t be able to do a proper blog post. I will tell you that this particular individual has been VERY active at this blog.  So why not have a bit of fun guessing?

Aiming for a related blog post tomorrow.


Today's Face Reading Requirements for Being a Professional Beauty, with Actress Emma Stone

Face reading of Emma Stone, exploring today's requirements in America for being a professional beauty

Face reading of Emma Stone, exploring today’s requirements in America for being a professional beauty

Today and tomorrow you can still enter our Enter this Contest to Admire. Just to encourage you, today I am doing an extra face reading in addition to the first and second prizes that will be awarded later.

Comment 19 was one of many contest nominations by ZELDA. One thing I love about contest entries this time around is that celebrities have NOT been nominated as much as eminent accomplishers, people who have done really significant things in life.

However, I can’t resist throwing in an extra unofficial prize, this face reading of a performer, giving us the chance to use physiognomy to consider what is needed to be considered a beauty when one is a professional actress in America these days.

I like this Emma Stone. I first encountered her work in “The Help.” In that role, she was delightful and believable. (The basis for this movie, The Help also happened to be the favorite novel I read in 2013, moving and beautifully constructed, highly meaningful.)

On this holiday weekend, let’s have a bit of glamour holiday and probe the beautiful young actress’ face for character.

The Slow, Subtle Earthquake of Virtual Reincarnation. Guest Post Part 2 by ZELDA


Some earthquakes are sudden and obvious. Others, not so much.

Some earthquakes are sudden and obvious. Others, not so much.

Virtual Reincarnation is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment,  there can be big changes that add up. Here’s a follow-up to ZELDA’s  recent guest post, Vocal changes as I evolve on my path to Enlightenment, a guest post by ZELDA.

Before the earthquake

The voice changes I described previously feel like only part of the changes I’ve experienced in recent years.

This week I’ve had a fascinating experience that must be part of Virtual Reincarnation, though I don’t spend much time trying to figure out how many different Virtual Reincarnations I’ve had. Or am having. Or if it’s all one. Or even what Virtual Reincarnation is exactly.

Five years ago, an old friend called me up on a Sunday afternoon and we chatted for four hours. That began a wonderful rekindling of our friendship with many emails, texts, and phone calls.

This friend lives in Wisconsin and I’m in California. She wanted to come see me and so worked it out to come last Sunday, after a yearly visit to friends in Sonoma, CA, which was quite near the epicenter of our recent big earthquake here in California.

I awoke an hour before the quake with a strong intuitive feeling of dread and danger. Then came the quake!

Why Virtual Reincarnation Matters More to Me than Enlightenment, Concluding

That first incarnation, becoming Rose Rosetree

That first incarnation, becoming Rose Rosetree

My friend Jeffrey Chappell hasn’t changed much since we met in 1983. He was always an angel, or close as a human being could reasonably be to an angel: Kind, loving, wise, funny, talented… it’s a long list of wonderful qualities.

True, Jeffrey did change in one major way. He moved into Enlightenment. That has been a huge change, yet he must have been born quite close. My friend found a meditation technique that helped move him into Enlightenment, and he does that technique still; he has been with his spouse for decades, worked in the same career, been basically the same guy. What a lifetime!

Discernment on Your Path to Enlightenment

Is your path in life always going to be simple?

Is your path in life always going to be simple?

MARIA’s question this morning is worth pondering for all of you who wish to move forward most rapidly on your path of personal development. She wrote:

“I was also wondering if studying books and taking classes and watching films about the paranormal can muck up one’s aura and contribute to astral debris?”

A new addition to the Enlightenment Life List

Enlightenment flowers once again

Enlightenment flowers once again

It is an honor for this Enlightenment Coach to add another member of this informal online community to the Enlightenment Life List.

Congratulations to Lancelot Bright: A householder, now experiencing the simplicity of Householder Enlightenment!

Vocal Changes as I Evolve on My Path to Enlightenment. A Guest Post by ZELDA


Hey, can anybody hear how my voice has changed?

Hey, can anybody hear how my voice has changed?

Do you find that your voice changes as you evolve? If not, maybe you just haven’t been paying attention.

The topic came up in discussing Why virtual reincarnation might matter more to you than spiritual awakening or, even Enlightenment. Part One. Starting with Comment 43, you can find ideas to illuminate your experience. Part of our usual lively discussion as we explore human-based spirituality, a.k.a. Moving forward rapidly on your personal path to Enlightenment.

A special reminder to you readers who usually skip the comments at this blog: If you give our comments a chance, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This online community shares some terrific interactions. There’s civility along with the intelligence. Also, since this is an educational blog, you’ll find a progression, a rhythm to the interactions. Fascinating discussions follow most articles, so check out those comments.

Today’s Guest Post began as one of those comments, actually. Virtual Reincarnation IS relatively unusual. Yet significant changes from rapid spiritual evolution?

Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part Two

Butterflies don't just emerge automatically, nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Butterflies don’t just emerge automatically. Nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Usually I take a practical approach to STUFF removal, and probably you do, too.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality provides techniques designed to remove the 15 kinds of STUFF that can block (or sabotage) all your efforts to have a good life.

Usually, Blog-Buddies, I give a technical definition of STUFF in the context of human-based spirituality, aura healing and transformation:

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, STUFF means stored emotional and spiritual energies at the astral level. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Or perhaps you are more familiar with my definition of STUFF in a psychological context. In this modality that helps people to self-actualize:

STUFF means that emotional energies are stuck at a level within you corresponding to your subconscious mind. This causes problems noticed by your conscious mind. Consciously analyzing these problems won’t cause meaningful change. For that, remove subconscious STUFF and then add appropriate subconscious PUT-IN that expresses who you are more fully.

Well, today let’s consider STUFF, and STUFF removal, in a metaphysical context. This is essential for understanding what happens with Virtual Reincarnation.

Favorite YouTube Links

It doesn't have to be so shocking, having fun watching a YouTube

It doesn’t have to be so shocking, having fun watching a YouTube

Blog-Buddies, a friend just sent me a couple of links she thought I would enjoy. GLAYDS was telling me about “Stephen Fry,  a very interesting and intelligent character–he’s an English comedian, actor, writer, commentator and activist.

“His take on “language pedants” is at

“Here he and Hugh Laurie play Jeeves and Wooster in a segment from their early ’90s comedy program based on the P.G. Wodehouse characters:”

Well, this reminded me that we could have a blog post dedicated to that. Just for fun.

Fun is turning out to be the key note in this weekend Aura Reading Level 2 Workshop. And during a break today I am to have fun checking out these links from my thoughtful friend GLADYS.

What do you find to be fun at YouTube? Come on, share.


Lie Detector Test on Gov. Bob McDonnell, Aura Reading Just Because I Can't Resist

Rose Rosetree, reading the news as an aura reader

Rose Rosetree, reading the news as an aura reader

Usually I avoid scandals. Something about the big one now in Virginia has fascinated me, though. Not just because I live in Virginia but because former Governor Bob McDonnell is one of those smooth “Family Value” GOP politicians. Now he stands accused and disgraced over the appearance of impropriety while in office… and maybe more.

Did Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen knowingly take gifts and loans from a man who aimed to gain from McDonnell’s prestige? How could they not know, when the tab grew to $177,000?

I’ve already researched the “Crush Defense” of wife Maureen in this trial. She implied that Cupid’s arrows blinded her to the appearance of impropriety. Perhaps ’twas Cupid who also opened up her mouth to sing praises of her benefactor’s company: Was Maureen McDonnell really crushing on Jonnie Williams? Only an aura reader knows for pretty sure.

Yesterday two separate articles in the Washington Post blasted Bob McDonnell for being a cad. Eugene Robinson called out McDonnell for trying to save himself by describing his wife as unstable, irascible, and no friend to him (let alone in cahoots).  Petula Dvorak’s scathing article was entitled, “McDonnell’s betrayal of his wife is anything but moral.”

So caught up have I been in this trial, I have read each day’s articles about it in the Post. That includes reading McDonnell’s testimony, and his side of the story did get to me. The corruption defendant sounded so busy. That’s the part I related to.