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Call for Articles, Your Stories of Discovery and Triumph with Deeper Perception


As our online community flowers

As our online community flowers

YOU are warmly invited to become a reporter for my monthly newsletter

Here are some of the topics where your articles are invited on the grand theme for each of us living now, in this new Age of Energy, and using techniques of Deeper Perception.

Sometimes we grow so quickly that we don’t notice our changes until we stop and reflect. Writing an article on a topic of interest can give you that opportunity.

Here are some general topic ideas to get you started.

1. New growth and excitement, about work and relationships — how do empath skills subtly shift your life and make it more about YOU? For example, empath skills might be changing an important friendship of yours for the better, now that you think about it.

2. Reading auras when you are doing it as energetic literacy, rather than psychic development… how is that working for you? Can you tell others in your life? Or have you been keeping your consciousness exploits a secret? Want to give us a sample of Aura Reading, Skilled Empath Merge, Face Reading?

Be sure to include a photo, and mention which technique or skill set you are using.

3. Empath skills — how are they growing? 

Every so often, it’s smart to review your favorite book on Empath Empowerment(R).

And review your progress, too. What has been happening, lately, to your sense of self? Can you even remember how it used to feel, taking on all that Imported STUFF every day of your life?

4. Self-healing with skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, now that’s another topic of great human interest these days. For instance, have you been cutting cords of attachment for yourself?

Or perhaps you have noticed some lifestyle shifts from using skills for removing stuck spirits, the façade body healing, or moving out psychic coercion… or other techniques from Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. Well, what has been changing for you.

They say, “God is in the details.” These personal and particular, very human, results matter. Changes to your life can make for non-dramatic stories that are nonetheless tremendously inspiring. Why not share one of yours!

5. Living in human-based spirituality? How very counter-culture of you! Using 20 Minutes of Technique Time in your everyday lifestyle, for instance. Are you finding that hard or easy?

Have you had to some explaining to do, some awkward conversations? What has changed for you, moving into human-based spirituality?

Are you exploring a new, more advanced level of integration, the start of something new? Because many members of this community are NOT beginners. Haven’t you noticed? So many online resources cater only to the newbies. Not us!

6. Are some old interests dropping away, with new ones emerging? Growth pangs, doubts, finding ways to depend more on your own self-authority — that isn’t always easy. Well, triumph tales can be bittersweet. Sharing, as part of this safe and nurturing community, can help you to see the sweet.

5. Might certain kinds of drama that you’re used to NOT happening now? Now there’s a startling new kind of mystery story for the Third Millennium!

6. How do you relate to astral flash now? Do you seem to fit in with mainstream culture or New Age culture? Or are you creating a different kind of culture? Your personal way of doing GREAT might take you through some patches of isolation, or awaken you to new ways of seeking, or revisiting what has been familiar.

What is changing, changing, changing? Sharing can make your own results bigger.

7. How do you feel about awakening and Enlightenment? Is it a big deal to you or a new deal for you? Or might you care less about this than ever. Well, how come? Share those details, because this is a part of your changing and growing. There is no one way to evolve spiritually.

So many in this community ARE moving forward as individuals, not glued to ideology. You’re not members of a cult that tells you what to think and how to feel. So many of us are developing new loyalties, having to think and choose for ourselves. Have you been struggling with this? Your story counts. It can inspire others. Please share it.

Sharing can help to build community for you

Are you ready for new friends? Hello, you can find them right here. Guest posts at this blog and also articles distributed to thousands of readers through the newsletter.

Friends share their stories. Others listen and respond. You are invited to friendship right here, among those with a strong desire to be Reading Life Deeper. This is our newsletter, edited by yours truly.

Let this newsletter come to express your stories, voice your concerns, share your triumphs of independence. As illusions fall away and you’re loving human-based spirituality, what’s happening now?

How to share safely at this caring community

To many of you, this newsletter feels more intimate than my blog. Maybe less intimidating, more personally supportive.

I’m all for that.

And here’s a bonus about any newsletter article that you submit. A kind of personal coaching is available. Because, as newsletter editor, I may send some edits back to you, coaching as we go. It’s a great informal way to bring you more confidence, get just a bit of tutoring as you advance at your present skill level.

  • Want to be anonymous? That can be conveniently arranged by Joe or Gladys. 😉
  • English not your first language? Or you just don’t feel that secure as a writer? No worries. Light edits are part of the publication process.
  • Article length is totally up to you. Send a haiku. Submit an essay. As we used to say, playing Hide and Seek as kids, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” It’s time for this online community to grow up and glow up and share.


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  1. 1

    Just for fun, if you would like to see a larger version of that flowering image at the top of this post, go to part of my Facebook page.

  2. 2
    Zofia says:

    Great idea Rose!! It’s so important to create a community for spiritual development that is grounded. xxx

  3. 3
    Jean says:

    Oh I love that photo Rose – especially the larger version….

  4. 4
    Tehya says:

    Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing how this develops. In fact, I’m curious right now to know how everyone would answer the various questions posed in this blog post. It is so enriching to hear people’s stories.

    I wonder if anyone knows how to create an online forum. That would be another great outlet for this community.

  5. 5

    Thanks, ZOFIA, JEAN, and TEHYA.

    Regarding the idea of an online forum, I’m not in favor of that for now. Having comments at this blog allows me to avoid confusions about this emerging work where quality control matters.

  6. 6
    Tehya says:

    Ah makes total sense, Rose. What a great reason, not to mention more proof of the integrity of you and your work. Thank you!

  7. 7
    Cathy says:

    Hi Rose, as someone who is newly experiencing the whole concept of being empathic and learning to be a skilled empath, I can tell you it s at once liberating, humbling, exciting, and occasionally confusing. I’m not sure if you want someone as ‘green’ as I am contributing thoughts to your blog, although you are welcome to such thoughts if you want them.
    Thanks so much for all you share and do. These books have given me a new lease on life.

  8. 8

    CATHY, welcome to this blog, of course.

    It’s wonderful that you have found a website with a pretty simple method for gaining skills.

    The posts here support my how-to books, so the strategy I recommend is to get a copy of either “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” or “The Empowered Empath.” (The latter is only in electronic format so far, and both can be browsed and read about at .)

    Choose either resource and use it. In a small number of minutes each day, within a month, you can become skilled as an empath.

  9. 9

    That done, this blog will SUPPORT your growing skill and understandings.

    Granted, I’m prejudiced. I don’t think you’ll find a sweeter group online for commenting than this informal community.

    Congratulations, again, on finding us and sharing your first comment here.

  10. 10
    Cathy says:

    Oh Rose, I am reading your books! I haven’t said much on your blog here yet. I have had to finally acknowledge my empathic abilities (not sure how far they go or how far I’ve shut them down over the years) and started looking for a way to function with them.
    You, of course, would not be surprised at all the bs that is out there, and completely useless info on the topic. I waded through a lot of it, used some common sense, and then came across your site. I downloaded Cutting Cords of Attachment and quickly realized I am so naive when it comes to this, I figured I better go through Aura Reading for the Senses so I could grasp the first book a little better. I ended up with 30 Day Steps to Empath Empowerment. It has been a busy couple of months. I am finally at the stage where I feel confident enough to go back to Cutting Cords and actually doing it.
    Thanks bunches for all you do, and for your integrity, and lack of drama. You have every reason to be biased with this site! xx I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m not insane half the time!

  11. 11

    You’re welcome bunches, CATHY.

    I do think you were wise to gain empath skills first. 🙂

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