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Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part Two

Butterflies don't just emerge automatically, nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Butterflies don’t just emerge automatically. Nor does Enlightenment happen automatically, does it?

Usually I take a practical approach to STUFF removal, and probably you do, too.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality provides techniques designed to remove the 15 kinds of STUFF that can block (or sabotage) all your efforts to have a good life.

Usually, Blog-Buddies, I give a technical definition of STUFF in the context of human-based spirituality, aura healing and transformation:

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, STUFF means stored emotional and spiritual energies at the astral level. STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

Or perhaps you are more familiar with my definition of STUFF in a psychological context. In this modality that helps people to self-actualize:

STUFF means that emotional energies are stuck at a level within you corresponding to your subconscious mind. This causes problems noticed by your conscious mind. Consciously analyzing these problems won’t cause meaningful change. For that, remove subconscious STUFF and then add appropriate subconscious PUT-IN that expresses who you are more fully.

Well, today let’s consider STUFF, and STUFF removal, in a metaphysical context. This is essential for understanding what happens with Virtual Reincarnation.

I’ll warn you, Blog-Buddies, this is a comprehensive, pretty technical article. Although it has many practical implications for you and can bring you a bunch of personal Aha!s. My fellow consciousness nerds, you are in for a treat. 🙂

And, yes, we are continuing the series begun with Why virtual reincarnation might matter more to you than spiritual awakening or, even Enlightenment. Part One . So you might want to peek at that one before continuing here.

Okay, you with the inquiring mind that wants to know! One of the essentials for understanding Virtual Reincarnation is to understand STUFF removal. And, for that, let’s begin with the very important concept of STUFF removal for the sake of personal evolution

How Maharishi Mahesh Yogi defined “STUFF”

My understanding of STUFF has a clear source. In January 1969, I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation. I went on to become a teacher, helping to found and run TM centers in some different American cities and also setting some precedents for the TM organization in America.

From 1970 until I resigned from teaching TM in 1986, my guru’s words were my lifeline. Altogether I spent over a year of my life “at the feet of my guru,” hanging on his every word while attending special courses for his teachers. All that mattered to me was moving forward personally towards Enlightenment. And also helping others to attain Enlightenment.

For this belief system, what mattered significantly was the cumulative result of daily practice of meditation for the removal of STRESS.

Yes, Maharishi called it STRESS.

He took Hans Selye’s concept of neurophysiological stress and ran with it, developing the idea that physical stress in the nervous system was removed through Transcendental Meditation. He encouraged TMers to develop scientific research studies. (BTW, one leading TM researcher was Elaine Aron, Ph.D., who would later go on to pioneer the important concept of The Highly Sensitive Person.)

And, speaking of brilliant concepts, let’s give credit to the practical model for understanding spiritual evolution taught in “The second day of checking” (meditation), part of the standard sequence for teaching TM all over the world.

In my opinion, this knowledge piece was one of Maharishi’s crowning achievements. At least a hundred times, teaching TM, I would deliver a 30-minute lecture explaining Maharishi’s model of stress reduction through meditation. It was an absolutely magnificent model.

The gist of Maharishi’s concept was this: During a really effective meditation technique, there will be a depth experience physically. This produces physical and psychological consequences.

Specifically, the mind-body connection causes chemical and structural deposits of stress to dissolve permanently, producing benefits for every aspect of the meditator’s life.

What could this have to do with Enlightenment? Maharishi taught that if you meditated long enough (and, perhaps, added advanced techniques and the TM Sidhi program), all your stress would dissolve. Automatically Enlightenment would follow.

Only, for most TMers, Enlightenment hasn’t followed

Of course, this doesn’t mean TM hasn’t helped people. Once again, many people are becoming interested in Transcendental Meditation — thanks to Oprah and other celebrity TM meditators. And thanks to whatever else is causing so much from the 1960’s and 1970’s to come around again in pop culture.

Does it matter that, for most people, TM doesn’t produce Enlightenment? Plenty of other results are promised, and maybe most meditators don’t care particularly about “Using your full mental potential,” etc.

Yet if you ever went through the basic TM course, with the “Three days of checking” — or you happened to personally deliver those “Three days of checking” a hundred times 😉 — you know that, as a spiritual teacher, Maharishi offered Enlightenment as the long-term goal of Transcendental Meditation.

Back in the day I was promised: “After 5-8 years of regular 20 minutes of TM twice daily, you will move into Enlightenment.”

In turn I promised my students the same. Sorry, folks.

I did TM regularly from 1969 through 1986. And meditated occasionally until 1991. And was initiated into many advanced techniques, the TM Sidhi program; spent countless hours on “the foam” in group flying sessions; went for help at TM’s authorized Ayurvedic Clinic.  Well, hello. Enlightenment still didn’t happen for me. Or, to my knowledge, a single person I helped at TM centers.

Unless you count my dear friend Art Boucher, who was one of the first people to move onto Maharishi’s Purusha program, a program for renunciates. By now he has been on Purusha for decades, lives in an ashram in India; wears a long, flowing beard, etc. Over the years we have stayed in touch, photos and all. (Art agreed to be my son’s godfather, and has he ever been the most tender and loyal godfather imaginable!) So I have read Art’s aura from photos over the years and know that he has moved into Enlightenment. Still, that didn’t exactly happen from 20 minutes of TM in the A.M. and P.M.

Enlightenment, really, after 5-8 years? This was an ambitious promise that, in more recent years, is no longer given by TM teachers.

Actually, the absence of Enlightenment isn’t the only problem with this spiritual path. (Allegedly this is just a simple technique that claims it “Is not a religion.” Yet I am among those who believe that this path, for those with deeper involvement, also becomes a cult.)

True, many TMers do notice results for the first few years, myself included. Those results can be attributed to the release of stress. Good results, even if they do not include gaining Enlightenment.

Why doesn’t TM necessarily help people evolve much spiritually, after the first several years?

(Yes, I know this is a big statement. I believe it to be true, however.)

Why do so many TMers get spiritually stuck, without knowing it?

Because the TM technique gives no human direction to the removal of stress. It’s left up to “Whatever happens in your physiology.”

Human considerations — householder considerations — are really absent. In TM you don’t have an intention when you sit to meditate; you bring no personal goal other than doing the technique properly and “Taking it as it comes.”

You have no say-so, no co-creation, involving which particular kinds of stress might leave.

Even your thoughts during meditation don’t matter. Anything you notice about stress leaving doesn’t matter.

In short, you have no ability to direct your evolution.

TM offers a mechanical process for removing stress, which leaves whenever it leaves. And, actually, no distinction is made between any types or stress, themes or patterns of stress, or ways to move out one kind of stress more than another.

For a householder, it matters that there are 15 kinds of STUFF

Now that I look back on the system of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, as it has developed, I can appreciate how this is a householder’s system for helping people to move toward Enlightenment and improve other facets of life.

I can see how this system was co-created, in part, to help with removal of stress. Which, of course, I call “STUFF.”

STUFF removal for householders is the plan. Supplemented by PUT-IN. A combination that brings permanent healing, not just “an energy clearing.”

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, it’s not enough to remove whatever.

By contrast, in TM and elsewhere, the objective is often “Just get it out.”

Isn’t that the usual approach of a renunciate, striving for Renunciate Enlightenment? “Get rid of my stress.” Or “Clear my stuck energies.”

For householders like you and me, it matters enormously which stress — or STUFF — leaves.

When I facilitate a session of aura healing and transformation, it matters that YOU, the client, set an intention. It is your priority which way you want to grow, emotionally or spiritually. For instance:

  • Trust women more.
  • Make more friends.
  • Make more money.
  • Accomplish more at work.

Depending on your choice, your intention, STUFF is permanently moved out that pertains to your sacred choice for your personal evolution.

Free will meets Divine assistance in the healing techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. So you move forward more rapidly along your personal path toward Enlightenment.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality helps people move towards Enlightenment with self-healing techniques as well, such as you can learn from:

Just alternate that self-healing, or sessions of healing with a professional or apprentice at Rosetree Energy Spirituality, with your chosen lifestyle in human-based spirituality, and away you go… towards, or into, Enlightenment.

And, to move into Enlightenment,  you may move through Virtual Reincarnation. More on that in Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part THREE! For now, questions, anyone?

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  1. 1
    Cathy says:

    Well, Rose, I don’t know what I think yet about the Path to Enlightenment and all that goes with it. Or about astral entities and other dimensions and so on. I’m sure they exist. At this point in time I’m just finally learning to function in this dimension, and that’s enough on my plate for now 😉 I know, such a newbie here.
    A few days ago, I finished Use Your Power of Command… and I can’t remember ever feeling so calm and whole in my life. Like I’m actually present instead of being spread thin and constantly pulled a thousand ways. It’s making Becoming the Most Important Person in the Room so much easier.
    Thank you xx

  2. 2
    Zofia says:

    Hey Rose, you’d like this. Down to earth self development.

  3. 3

    CATHY, this is very good news indeed, how you are doing.

    Paying attention to what helps you? I call that “Self-authority.” You couldn’t do anything more important for anything that I teach or write about or facilitate. Well done!

    You are so welcome xx

  4. 4
    Maria says:


    Thought you’d like this Zen proverb:

    Before Enlightenment,cut wood and carry water.
    After Enlightenment,cut wood and carry water.

  5. 5
    Cathy says:

    Oh, Rose, doing very well. The self-healing has been incredible. I am learning to trust my intuition and sixth sense again. Not sure I ever really gave it a chance. Intuition is what guided me to put the 30 day empath empowerment on hold, simply because I felt so…blocked? Fuzzy? Frozen? Yesterday I did day 22, New Eyes. The perceptions are so much…clearer. And yes, I have been inadvertently doing wayyyyy to much eye connection all my life. New skill in the making.

  6. 6
    Cathy says:

    Question for others: did anyone else, as a child, ever try to heal their pets and siblings when they were sick or hurt? It was something you were convinced you could do if you tried hard enough? What about listening to people talk (in what I now know is full empath merge) and tell you parents later that they were really sick or disturbed, and a few weeks later find out they had cancer, or were having marital issues? Or always ‘knowing’ what your animals are ‘thinking’? Anyone?

  7. 7

    Note to Blog-Buddies, in her Comment #6, CATHY is referring to Day 22 in “Become The Most Important Person in the Room.

    It really can be fun how this 30-Day Program for Empath Empowerment supplies a new experiment for each day, yet takes so little time to accomplish.

  8. 8
    Teresa says:


    Yes, I had similar experiences as a child and young adult.

    In fact, I used to sit in a crowded room and know what was going on with total strangers. Not guesswork, I knew what these people were experiencing in their personal, professional and emotional lives. I didn’t understand until recently how I could know this information about people I had never even met.

    I can pass an abandoned animal on the side of the road and feel (literally feel) their distress and confusion.

    No wonder some empaths tend to be solitary. Maybe it is the only way they know to get some peace.

  9. 9

    TERESA, you’re writing about attempts to get some peace back in the day.

    All of us can make such a difference NOW, just letting people we know that there are techniques of Empath Empowerment, where they can be learned, what a difference it makes.

    None of us grew up with a widely available skill set, costing maybe $10 to learn it from an ebook and $15 for a paperback. A bit of self-study and off you go.

    Plus this free blog is a resource for friendship and exploration and extra support as you keep evolving as a skilled empath!

    Please spread the word, everyone. We can change the conversation in collective consciousness.

  10. 10
    Cathy says:

    Rose, I do mention it when I can. How receptive people are is another thing 😉 sometimes all you can do is plant the seed and wait.
    Theresa, glad to hear you went through this too. By the time I was in my teens I was really trying to shut out and lock down everything. Not knowing why I was so overwhelmed didnt help. It’s actually led to health and relationship issues over the years.
    It’s nice to finally feel like I’m coming ‘home’ and finding myself. Don’t know how else to describe it.

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