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Discernment on Your Path to Enlightenment

Is your path in life always going to be simple?

Is your path in life always going to be simple?

MARIA’s question this morning is worth pondering for all of you who wish to move forward most rapidly on your path of personal development. She wrote:

“I was also wondering if studying books and taking classes and watching films about the paranormal can muck up one’s aura and contribute to astral debris?”

MARIA is on to something important for her path to Enlightenment.

Imbalance results from doing more than 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time. Some types of STUFF (emotional and energetic astral debris) can inadvertently be deposited through psychic, religious, and spiritual practices. Blog-Buddies, let me know if you’d like to see the short list.

Paranormal interests in particular can lead to dependency on The Romance of the Astral.

Taking classes is brilliant, only use discernment. Which class? Which method? Which teacher?

The same with books about personal development. These don’t necessarily count as “Technique Time.” (Mine don’t, for instance. Except for techniques, and they are clearly labeled as such, except in Let Today Be a Holiday. However, this is a daybook, and you only do one or two pages per day, so it’s very workable as Technique Time.)

Does this book produce real results? Or is it recreation, like reading a romance novel?

Binge-reading romance novels won’t muck up your aura. But the same can’t be said for binge-reading books that seduce you with The Romance of the Astral.

To protect yourself, ask this question

Does this book (or class or film or practice) help me to move forward with human-based spirituality?

Sure, the claim will be “Yes.”

This is where to step up as a New Age Consumer. Use discernment. Ask yourself:

“Really? Or will I only move forward within this Movement?

Surely the best test of personal development is whether you can have a life outside of the self-improvement group.

A reality check can’t hurt

For even more smarts as a New Age Consumer, design your own commonsense reality check and use it.

Do the math

Does this resource for personal development add to your human life, or does it really subtract?

Much of the paranormal culture, and Hay House-type New Age activities, can foster dependence on the astral.

Does this alleged resource for self-improvement really make human life better?

Many a well-packaged resource for personal development mostly fans the flames of desire to:

  • Know the inside answers because regular life is, supposedly, bad
  • Receive information that will make you “superior” to others.
  • Escape human life into a rainbow-filled fantasy land, cake icing sweet.

Finally for you, MARIA, and others who are still sorting out your lifestyle for human-based spirituality, I recommend this eloquent article for follow-up:

20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time vs. falling into spiritual addiction, again. A guest post by Madeline

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  1. 1
    Zofia says:

    Here’s a question. Are people involved in any abstract ability in danger of spiritual addiction? I’m thinking about scientists/mathematicians that I know in real life.

    Can the same be true for writers and artists (eg abstract art), even if they are secular?

    It seems we’re all dealing with these new energies, whether we believe in them or not.

    For a while all my time was spent either doing maths or art and I think that was part of a phase of spiritual addiction before I realised that isn’t too productive in the long term. I reckon I’m dealing with spiritual addiction in others who use it as an escape mechanism.

  2. 2
    Zofia says:

    Also, what about an aura reading of Eminem? Does what he say about himself match what his aura says? Lots of young people, including myself at times, obsess about his songs as a way to “get through” difficult patches.

  3. 3
    Cathy says:

    I’ve often wondered about this, although I didnt have terms like addiction for it. Like people who are continually reading their horoscope. Or posting them every morning on fb. Drives me nuts, and has always struck me as a little unbalanced somehow. This makes sense.

  4. 4

    Excellent question in Comment #1, ZOFIA. “Are people involved in any abstract ability in danger of spiritual addiction?”

    My answer: It depends.

    I would need to sit with that particular scientist or artist and evaluate, doing some Aura Reading Research. In a session, I might make some recommendations, some tiny tweaks to behavior or the use of consciousness.

    But never would I advocate self-scrutiny, etc.

    You can read more on this at Comments #13-18 here:

  5. 5

    As for your interest in having me read Eminem, you’re in luck.

    Go to our current opportunity to request this sort of aura reading research: Enter this Contest to Admire.

    Do a proper contest entry and you just might win. This Contest will only remain open through the month of August, so go for it!

  6. 6

    You see, ZOFIA and other Blog-Buddies, a policy helps me keep this blog monitoring manageable.

    I don’t take requests, as a rule.

    Instead I run periodic contests, like the one ongoing now.

    Of course, if you have a burning curiosity about ANYONE, celebrity or not, you can always book a session with me for Aura Reading Research.

    Have photo links available in advance, for productive use of our time.

    If you’re curious about the aura of someone you interacted with in “Energetic Real Time” — in person or on the telephone — no photograph is needed.

  7. 7
    Maria says:

    Thank you SO much!

    I am tickled ROSE! 😀

  8. 8
    David.. says:

    I would add a note to Zofia’s question.
    What is driving it?
    Some people just have poor lifestyle habits and don’t live in a balanced way. Too much work, too much time in the head. A lot of IT people can fall into this too. (speaking from experience)

    And then there is behaviors motivated by avoidance. We choose overwork to avoid going home to a lonely apt or difficult relationship. Or as a distraction from how we feel in general.

    And then there is a form of that in the Spiritual Addiction that Roze talks about. It can be a way of avoiding by staying in the upper chakras, the lollipop. Or Spiritual Shutdown, staying in the lower chakras. A different pattern from a different style of avoidance.

    All of it leads to imbalance and a shakier platform for spiritual progress. But some things require a little more conscious attention and adjustment of habits to heal. And maybe some help.

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