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The Slow, Subtle Earthquake of Virtual Reincarnation. Guest Post Part 2 by ZELDA


Some earthquakes are sudden and obvious. Others, not so much.

Some earthquakes are sudden and obvious. Others, not so much.

Virtual Reincarnation is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Moving forward on your personal path to Enlightenment,  there can be big changes that add up. Here’s a follow-up to ZELDA’s  recent guest post, Vocal changes as I evolve on my path to Enlightenment, a guest post by ZELDA.

Before the earthquake

The voice changes I described previously feel like only part of the changes I’ve experienced in recent years.

This week I’ve had a fascinating experience that must be part of Virtual Reincarnation, though I don’t spend much time trying to figure out how many different Virtual Reincarnations I’ve had. Or am having. Or if it’s all one. Or even what Virtual Reincarnation is exactly.

Five years ago, an old friend called me up on a Sunday afternoon and we chatted for four hours. That began a wonderful rekindling of our friendship with many emails, texts, and phone calls.

This friend lives in Wisconsin and I’m in California. She wanted to come see me and so worked it out to come last Sunday, after a yearly visit to friends in Sonoma, CA, which was quite near the epicenter of our recent big earthquake here in California.

I awoke an hour before the quake with a strong intuitive feeling of dread and danger. Then came the quake!

This was hours before the arrival of my friend and her hubby. I hadn’t seen them in 20 years! Somehow in there was a lot of anxiety about the visit, though maybe some of that was what I was picking up about the quake itself.

Hubby went home after the first night and then over the course of four days, we gabbed a lot, like we always do. A beautiful give-and-take experience of telling our stories and having them be heard and appreciated in a wonderful way.

What felt fascinating to me was the way in which I felt I was coming back to life in certain ways. As if the real me, my soul, was being amplified, now that so much STUFF was gone.

Her husband is/was great friends with my ex-husband and so when I divorced, I needed a break from all those connections. I had to re-establish an independent life.

She always liked me for me and didn’t want to lose the friendship, which is why she looked me up. Turns out she saw things in me that I hadn’t been able to appreciate about myself, given all the STUFF and just who I was back then, in part, a highly unskilled empath.

The fun of being myself, as I am now

Now, here I was this week, after a year of incredible challenge, of physical “rebooting” of my heart, coming back to life through friendship and a whole lot of fun.

We went to see “Motown the Musical” on our last evening of the visit and had a blast singing along with all 50 of the songs.

I grew up in Detroit during the Motown era, so this was the soundtrack of my childhood. We were singing Motown and learning dance moves in chorus classes in junior high!

My great joy was being able to completely enjoy this experience and revisit that time, now free of all the STUFF I had in relation to being a sensitive child during the trauma of the rioting in Detroit in the Motown era.

Now I sense that the anxiety and insomnia I felt before this visit was more about STUFF that got cleared out during our time together. There was a lot of being seen, heard, understood, celebrated, and a lot of empathy, compassion, joy and love. Very healing, all in all.

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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    Awesome story!

    Glad you were okay during the quake.

  2. 2
    Zelda says:

    Thanks, Kira!

    We had no damage here, but it was definitely shakin’ things up! It was my friends’ first earthquake experience, so it was a doozy.

  3. 3
    David.. says:

    Thanks, Zelda. Wonderful to a have a friend like that, who amplifies the soul. So often, they’re separated by miles.

    For those on a rapid path, I’ve found I’ve grown apart from many friends. But some are on a similar journey.

    After a major life shift awhile back, I ended up progressively reconnecting with a number of old friends from my early days who have also been on a strong spiritual journey. It was wonderful to catch up and pick up where we left off.

    Notably, a batch of us ended up shifting soon afterwards, so we’ve now shared that momentous change. 😉

  4. 4
    Zelda says:

    Thanks, David.

    I have really been amazed by the renewed, rediscovered relationship with my friend. What I love is the feeling of being seen, heard, and understood. We do this for each other in an unconditionally loving way, with a balance of give and take (interestingly, balanced give and take has been the intention of late in RES sessions). Given the “lessons” I’ve had to learn along the way about relationships, this is a big deal for me.

    She does not actively pursue a spiritual path and is most definitely a Householder. This is something I love about this friendship. We simply enjoy each other and care about each other and have lots of fun. She supported me during my health challenges of last year. We talk a lot about the stuff of life, the “God is in the details” of life.

    She has her own challenges, but I am (at last!) able to be supportive without trying to ‘fix’ her.

    With distance and perspective, I can see how all the STUFF that was in the way back when I was married kept me from being able to fully ‘get’ and appreciate this friendship.

    I was also struck by the fact that she actively looked for me a few years back on the heels of the death of my mother, when I really needed a good friend. Her sister is a journalist and put her investigative skills to use to find me post name change.

    I’ve been through so much change, with so much falling away, that it’s great to have a connection with someone who’s known me for a long time and supports my growth.

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