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Big Face and More, Face Reading of Emma Stone

MORE face reading of Emma Stone, exploring today's requirements in America for being a professional beauty

MORE face reading of Emma Stone, exploring today’s requirements in America for being a professional beauty

Let’s continue our face reading of Emma Stone as a beauty. This time we’ll view a different set of face reading characteristics. These really, really help her career.

These characteristics aren’t beauty-related, or average, as described in our recent Face Reading of a Beauty, Actress Emma Stone. They’re unusual… unless you’re a female actress.

Face Reading Item #1: Big Face

See the Face Reading Data: The entire face is enormous, compared with the rest of the body. Is it rare to have a lollipop head? Pretty darned rare… unless you’re a performer.

Other rich-and-famous performers with really big faces, in proportion, include:

The Corresponding Talent: People notice you more.

The Corresponding Challenge: Worrying because other people remember you, but you don’t remember them?

Face Reading Item #2: Cheeks the Widest Part of Her Face

See the Face Reading Data: Start from the forehead and work your way down. Where is the face widest? For Emma Stone, that’s definitely at cheek level, especially on the right side of her face.

The Corresponding Talent: An in-your-face leadership style. Loving the limelight.

And what’s the significance of having the slight asymmetry where Emma Stone’s face is especially cheeks-widest on the right side of her face? (Face readers, remember to cross over to tell right from left.)

Especially in career — that’s where the Leaderlike Power Style really shows, even more than in her personal life.

(Read more about the significance of this facial characteristic in “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”)

The Corresponding Challenge: Upset when not having enough attention paid to you?

Face Reading Item #3: Prominent Cheeks

See the Face Reading Data: Blot-Buddies, the widest part of the face (which you were just checking out) counts as a separate item of face reading data compared to whether or not cheeks stick out far from the face.

Take out your 3-D glasses, or just everyday depth perception, and you can see it. Emma Stone’s cheeks are very three-dimensionally sticking out, a.k.a. “prominent.”

The Corresponding Talent: Extra-easy for people to notice.

The Corresponding Challenge: Finding it hard to handle all that attention? Finding it hard when you don’t get even more attention?

Face Reading Item #4: Tiny Nose Tip

See the Face Reading Data: In proportion with the rest of the face, Emma Stone’s nose tip is small.

And what is a nose tip? It lies at the bottom of the nose, with a nose root (or flange) at either side.

The Corresponding Talent: A built-in prosperity consciousness. No concerns about saving money for the future. Which can lead to a carefree life.

The Corresponding Challenge: Lack of financial planning for the future? Neglectful of money management?

So, who does Emma Stone resemble?

Regarding these facial characteristics, which are so helpful to a female performer or movie star, Emma Stone is in good company:


So, what are the facial requirements for a woman whose career is to be a professional beauty, such as a movie star?

This differs from the requirements for a sex symbol, of course. Or a man considered sexy or handsome.

For a woman, you really hit the jackpot if you have all or most of the characteristics described in today’s post, and otherwise you are average, average, average (i.e. Considered physically beautiful).

Gotta love Earth School, right?

Incidentally, physiognomy fans, there’s more to note about with depth face reading with Emma Stone. Don’t be surprised if another blog post follows.

P.S. This month I will be teaching a Face Reading Workshop — only time this year and perhaps for a couple of years to come. So save these dates: September 20-21. Or just go ahead and register!

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  1. 1
    Dana says:

    Thank you for these readings! It’s refreshing to take such a familiar face and read deeper. This makes me extra curious about gifts in her aura.

  2. 2
    Rosanna Tufts says:

    This has been a common denominator in film for a looooong time. Two of the first real movie stars had big faces and relatively small bodies: Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin. In Baltimore magazine some years ago, there was a hysterical joint interview with John Waters and Barry Levinson, who talked about this “little guy, big head” syndrome. They believed it works for movie stars because large faces have a large canvas for the emotions to play across.

  3. 3

    DANA, you’re so welcome. Deeper perception is refreshing… to life.

    You inspired a blog post for today.

  4. 4

    ROSANNA, isn’t that a hoot? Those naming the “little guy, big head” syndrome and theorizing about a “large canvas”…

    All along, for 5,000 years, others who were curious about deeper explanations and deeper perception were physiognomists, explorers of siang mien. (And now, Face Reading Secrets(R) and other systems for reading faces.)

    From ancient times, face readers have pondered mysteries of the face, and sought to appreciate the symbolic meaning of face data. I feel honored to bring forward into our time… that quest for deeper meaning.

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