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Face Reading Emma Stone for Compassion, Series Part 3

Face reading of Emma Stone, this time to open one's heart of compassion

Face reading of Emma Stone, this time to open one’s heart of compassion


Is anyone around here starting to feel jealous of Emma Stone? Don’t be. Let face reading open your heart of compassion.

Let’s add depth to our face reading of beautiful actress Emma Stone. Already we have researched:

Two fascinating items of face data remain to be read, doing comparison face readings.

Most Fascinating of All, When Reading Faces

That would be reading faces for character when you can use comparison photographs or video images. This is a very contemporary version of the 5,000-year-old art of reading faces with physiognomy.

Folks today grow fast inwardly. Some of us grow very fast, even achieving Virtual Reincarnation. And, fortunately, we also have the means to document how faces evolve, unlike back in the day when siang mien was the leading-edge form of face reading.

Today I’ll be using the system of Face Reading Secrets, as you can learn it from The NEW Power of Face Reading.

Incidentally, here’s a bit of news from this world of face reading. Tony Herold and Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia have just purchased rights to publish The NEW Power of Face Reading in Arabic.

This is Foreign Rights Sale #41 in my career as a writer. 🙂

I love to share the depths of face reading. So here come two changes to Emma Stone’s face that may open your heart of compassion. (And when I teach my Face Reading Workshop later this month, compassion just might be one of the themes we explore.)

With the pressure of escalating celebrity, Emma Stone’s face has changed.

Use this face reading photo to see Emma Stone’s face data in 2011.

For detail, compare this photo to a larger version of the photograph at the top of today’s article: Face reading Emma Stone in 2014.

The most significant face change for Emma Stone is all natural and concerns the angle of her left eye.

Face Reading Item #1: Left Eye Now Down-Angled

See the Face Reading Data: Cross over to see the left side of Emma Stone’s face. So her left eye will be on the right side of your screen.

Imagine a dot at the inner corner of Emma Stone’s left eye. Imagine a dot at the opposite side of her eye. Connect these with an imaginary line.

In 2011, her left eye was somewhat up angled.

By now, it’s down-angled.

The Corresponding Talent:

In her personal life, Emma Stone has fewer illusions about the benefits of being rich and famous and beautiful. Also I would expect her to have greater compassion for how people suffer, especially those in show business.

The Corresponding Challenge:

When an eye angle shifts from up to down, the facial change becomes what I call a “Compassion Awakener” in The NEW Power of Face Reading.

In this case, it’s not a potential challenge. Because I suspect that Emma Stone went through this challenge before it out-pictured as a shift to her eye angle.

Don’t let the beauty fool you. Emma Stone has suffered a great deal in her personal life. A suffering she didn’t anticipate. A suffering she has managed to handle.

The suffering hasn’t been about her professional success but concerning her personal life. At least, that is the significance in terms of Face Reading Secrets.

Face Reading Item #2: A smaller nose tip

Only Emma’s hairdresser (or cosmetic surgeon) knows for sure. Maybe I have not seen this face data accurately. It does appear to me that Emma Stone has had to surgically swap out her nose tip.

Not because she needed an even tinier nose tip to become beautiful by today’s standards. But perhaps because somebody may have thought this was a brilliant idea.

Compare Emma Stone’s Nose Tip in 2011. (It can help to open up this Face Reading Photo )

By contrast, view a sample of Emma Stone’s nose tip (as it has changed) since 2012. Open up this Face Reading Nose Tip Photo of Emma Stone.

And in 2014, ha! See this Face Reading Photo of Emma Stone, with an angle a bit to the side, making it easier to check out those nose tip proportions.

So, what is the meaning, in terms of Face Reading Secrets?

Nose Tip Size reveals personal preference in terms of saving money. The change suggests that Emma Stone now has a greater prosperity consciousness and expects that she will always have plenty of money.

The potential challenge involves not being able to pay attention to money, or save money, very well — not compared to what she had going before by way of personal style.

Hmmm, how well did this sort of change work out for Michael Jackson?

Of course, all cosmetic surgery is a tradeoff. Usually a person earns pretty points. To paraphrase Wallis Simpson, “You can’t be too rich or too thin, or have too tiny a nose tip.” (This saying is hardly the only reason why Wallis Simpson is famous.)

And isn’t that still true today?

Face readers, draw your own conclusions. I am planning one last article in this series, an aura reading. For now, comments anyone? Such as, would any of you Blog-Buddies really like to change places with gorgeous Emma Stone?

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    You may find photo links to Emma Stone at Wikimedia Commons.

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    Mel says:

    She’s also gotten much, much thinner. If all that suffering really had something to do with fame and personal life, then I wouldn’t even daydream about switching places with her. But I guess we all have our cross to bear, even famous people.

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