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Celebrating 20,000 comments at this blog with a Surprising Survey

20,000 comments and up, up, up

20,000 comments and up, up, up

Blog-Buddies, as of this morning we have over 20,000 comments at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

I’m so glad that you read and comment here.

Our online community has been growing. Evidently you have found useful ideas, resources, encouragement, perspective, fellowship.

That’s the plan, anyway.

As the blog monitor, I want to thank every one of you who has taken the time to comment here.

Thanks to people like you, this blog has become a lively online community, with intelligent, kind, and respectful conversation about the leading edge of personal development.

Let’s celebrate with a Surprising Survey

Today’s milestone might encourage you to comment below about what this blog has meant for you so far. In so doing, you’ll help to shape this blog’s future.

  1. Might you share how you found this blog in the first place? (I’m especially curious as I don’t have time for promoting the blog, apart from the occasional quick cross-posting on Facebook.)
  2. Can you think of someone you know who might enjoy this blog? (Please send them a link. It’s wonderful when new people find this community.)
  3. Which type(s) of article do you find most relevant to your life right now?
  4. Has that changed since you have been reading the blog?
  5. Do you also receive my free newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper?” (Subscribe easily at The Official Rose Rosetree Website.)
  6. Can you think of any way to improve “Deeper Perception Made Practical”? What would you like more of?
  7. In addition to providing something interesting to read, has anything about this blog — or Rosetree Energy Spirituality — had an impact on your life?

What makes this survey potentially surprising? Your answers! Those fresh and distinctive and fascinating ideas from you!!!

10 reasons why I comment and post articles as much as I do (and not more)

Blog-Buddies, I spend a lot of time here — not all my waking hours — as I also:

#1 Write books on Rosetree Energy Spirituality

#2 Publish them

#3 Work with foreign publishers on new authorized editions of those books

#4 Teach workshops and facilitate personal mentoring in the skill sets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality

#5 Facilitate sessions for clients of aura healing, aura reading, Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research, Name Alignment Aura Reading Research, face reading

#6 Help clients evolve extra-fast with Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R), including trainings that I give as an NGH-Certified Hypnotism Instructor.

Tomorrow a client from India will fly in for some of these sessions for big moving forward.

And Appointment Coordinator Mitch is also arranging logistics for the first time that a client from Australia will come to this suburb of Washington D.C. for this distinctive form of past-life regression. Hooray!

#7 Mentor apprentices and professionals at Rosetree Energy Spirituality, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R), and Face Reading

#8 Read faces for party entertainment and conferences (not an everyday happening but always a treat)

#9 Serve as an Enlightenment Coach, usually in the background, sometimes more directly.

#10 As the consciousness nerd I am at heart, I continue to develop systems within Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Chronologically the trademarked systems so far include: Face Reading Secrets(R), Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R), Empath Empowerment(R), 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R), Vibrational Re-Positioning(R), and Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis(R).

You are part of this synergy

Definitely, Blog-Buddies, I learn so much from your comments and questions. You educate me how to do all 10 of my professional specialties better. And you give me the heart to keep going when (very rarely), juggling all the pieces of Rosetree Energy Spirituality feels overwhelming.

I enjoy you, personally, too. So much!

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  1. 1
    Cathy says:

    Hey Rose,
    Absolutely can share your link with others, and joyfully!
    I found it doing a really frustrating search on the internet for help with being empathic, and despite the plethora of information out there, there was very little of it useful.

  2. 2
    Cathy says:

    Not to put anyone down, but does the use of Bach Flower Remedies actually work well for anyone? Or standing in the shower to remove negative energy? Not for long.
    When I hit this site, it struck me as the only site that offered practical, doable solutions to many problems. I’ve always been one to look for doable answers. Martyrdom has never appealed to me. In other words, all this ‘you are going to have a hard week because Saturn is moving into Venus and will totally f#$% your life and there’s nothing you can do about it’, just is not logical to me. I went on the assumption that God gave me these gifts, someone, somewhere must know how to utilize them properly.

  3. 3
    Cathy says:

    And here I am, several books later, becoming more of a skilled empath every day, learning face reading, energetic literacy, and without having to compromise my beliefs in the Divine!
    The most relevant articles for me at the moment…pretty much all of them I think. Glad for info on Energetic Ponzi Schemes, becoming a better empath, new empath issues and questions, and so on.

  4. 4
    an avid reader says:

    Hi Cathy…there are other lines of flower essences besides the Bach line which is no longer produced with the energetic integrity of the founder–in my opinion.

    I have benefitted enormously from Rose’s work. And am so incredibly grateful for all the wisdom and life changing healing. I also use flower essences that have helped me in different ways–but that is not the topic here. 🙂

  5. 5
    David.. says:

    Well – you know my story, Rose. Immensely grateful on so many levels. 😉

  6. 6

    AW, DAVID.

    AN AVID READER, like you, I love using flower and garden essences.

    CATHY, I’ll bet you meant that Bach Flower Remedies aren’t helpful for empaths. And there I couldn’t agree with you more. Many unskilled empaths are compensating for the Imported STUFF by using a variety of healing methods which were never designed to help empaths.

  7. 7
    Madeline says:

    Cathy I loved your comments, I think it just points out how powerful Roses’ teachings are and things like the Bach Flower remedies and others are just an adjunct fun and helpful thing but not a way to have deep and permanent healing
    I always turn people onto this website if they have any interest at all.
    The one improvement that would be awesome for me is to have the search bar actually work. It never works for me.

  8. 8
    Jeanne says:

    OMG, where to start? Found you and blog via Pathways Magazine. Started with face reading book but quickly moved to healing sessions and workshops. Blog = incredibly informative and great resource on all things RES. Sessions = major growth. Workshops = fun and even more growth.

    Rose, you are the real deal. Have grown more in the last year since I found you than in my first 46. (Of course the first 46 laid the groundwork!) Am living life so much cleaner energetically and the world is such a juicy place now. So grateful to you and to your masterful work. You are a world server extraordinaire. Still in awe that I found you. Must have had mighty good karma to have gotten so lucky. 😉

  9. 9
    Jeanne says:

    Forgot to mention all the books. In particular The Empowered Empath. Coming Home technique has been life-changing. Completely transformative.

  10. 10
    Lara says:

    Hi Rose,

    I found your blog by doing a google search of oscar winners, and somehow a link to an aura reading came up and was clicked, and then I settled in and read lots of blog posts and found out about empathy. Actually I consider it a major turning point in my life. Now that I think about it I feel especially grateful for that lucky chance google search but thats not really helpful for marketing. I like to think God gave me the referral ;).

  11. 11
    Lara says:

    I definitely tell people who I think might be interested. I like articles about auras and faces of people, Gladys and Joe stories, ones like the hypnosis vs meditation (my favourite), and ones where you in passing mention about energetic.. anatomy (the types of energy we have and how they work etc)- that is super interesting to me. Same as when I first found this blog.

    I do receive the newsletter, its great.

  12. 12
    Lara says:

    And finally yes massive impact! Firstly discovering that empathy was a thing and I could put a name to some issues was big! Secondly all your books have helped me and enriched my life. I learned to cut cords in a basic way from your book, and I do think cutting the cords to my close family is what finally boosted me into enlightenment.

  13. 13

    Thanks so much to everyone who has commented so far.

    I’m so moved.

  14. 14
    Zofia says:

    1 – I found this blog because someone mentioned I have a blue aura (my aura colours are different to different people) so I googled aura colours and found Rose’s site.

    2 – Sure.

    3 – Was actually thinking about this. Ideas about how to make the best use of 20 mins technique time. I think people get caught up in astral things because there’s a few different things to think about and that takes time. Asking for protection (yes, it is important it seems), clearing away astral debris with deep breathing and movement, checking through chakras to see how things are going… I have to figure out how to fit in the best kinds of physical exercise in the time available, so having ideas for a good energy workout is good.

    4 – Change has come mainly from Rose’s sessions. Mainly I’ve felt encouraged that my doubts about new-ageism were right. But abandoning energy stuff completely got me in trouble too as I’m naturally quite open to energy. So inspiration about getting the balance right is the main thing I get from blogs.

    5 – Yes.

    6 – Aura readings from people that are not mainly actors. Something to read about role models from all walks of life would be inspirational. It might be nice to use the site to get people with Rose’s mindset to meet somehow. Like a UK meetup day or weekend.

    7- Made me feel more encouraged about my path. My intention in life has always been to feel close to God but to also do life and challenge myself on worldly things. This is the message I get from Rose.

    best wishes,


  15. 15
    Amanda says:

    Hello Rose and all 🙂

    I found this blog looking for help on empathy and having my eye caught by the clarion call of common sense that was Rose’s perspective.

    It has been transformational, and not just because of Rose’s work, but also a place to learn from a thoughtful, respectful and evolving community.

    On the secondary thread, I have enormous respect for the power of flower essences, which are so gentle their work can go almost unnoticed :). They don’t give us free will or do this kind of work for us, though.


  16. 16
    Zofia says:

    Here is a quick one, on the website you seem to be missing the forward and back buttons to get through posts in chronological order.

  17. 17
    Teri says:

    Might you share how you found this blog in the first place? I was referred to the blog by one of your apprentices (at the time) Linda Stone. I was struggling through a difficult time in my life, and she thought it was partly because I was an unskilled empath. I wasn’t an easy client, and I didn’t want to be empath, or just didn’t understand. Needless to say I had an “AHA” moment.

    Can you think of someone you know who might enjoy this blog? Of course!!

  18. 18
    Teri says:

    Which type(s) of article do you find most relevant to your life right now? I like most of the articles, lately have been interested in the before and after enlightenment articles.

    Has that changed since you have been reading the blog? Yes, I think it is a growth process. Initially, I was reading articles regarding cord cutting and empath qualities.

    Do you also receive my free newsletter, “Reading Life Deeper?” I signed up the first day I accessed your site.

  19. 19
    Teri says:

    In addition to providing something interesting to read, has anything about this blog — or Rosetree Energy Spirituality — had an impact on your life? I was lucky to have stumbled on one of your apprentices (now a graduate) of RES. The sessions I have received from Linda have made incalculable changes in my life. I literally thought I needed to be in an insane asylum! I was depressed, had no self-worth or confidence in myself or my abilities. I had (and still have) a lot to learn but the progress since I started RES sessions has been amazing.

    Thank you Rose & Linda!

  20. 20
    Cathy says:

    It is moving to see how many people this has helped. Yes Rose, I did mean that Bach Flower Remedies don’t help empathicaly, not that they aren’t useful. As someone who loves gardening and essential oils, I think they are lovely. Just not for ‘blocking’ stuff, or whatever. Thanks to Rose, I am realizing the possibilities of these energy-wise however.

  21. 21
    Emily says:

    I found the blog through someone who offered “cord cutting sessions” and once I clicked through I think I attempted to read every article published here over the course of three days.

  22. 22
    Emily says:

    I’ve been thinking about who to send the link to, and really I find that so many people where I am are in spiritual shut down and would look at me strangely if I so much as sent them a link. I think my best friend might be interested in the aura readings, but even so it’s something I’ve found few people want to talk about or are interested in :(.

    For my friends/coworkers who are not in spiritual shutdown they tend to be involved in religions that tell them aura reading/learning anything to do with it… is dangerous! At the extreme end, my best friend at work is Nigerian and was terrified when she had a dream about a dead relative even.

  23. 23
    Emily says:

    The kind of articles I like are the ones about everyday life and just keeping on keeping on. For example there was a post a little while back “Believe in yourself and your light” and the “Hello, objective reality. Hellllllooooooooooooooooooo” article. I like to be informed about the energetic ponzi schemes as well as other updates that will help me keep myself safe.

    This has definitely changed as I used to be waiting for more discussion of cord items, and discussions of Gladys and Joe and the dynamics going on in their relationship! I still especially love discussions of Soul Energy Awakening sessions.

  24. 24
    Emily says:

    Yes I subscribe to the newsletters 🙂

    In terms of the website I agree with Zofia, that the ability to go back chronologically through each article would be great.

  25. 25
    Emily says:

    RES has had such a massive impact on my life. When I think back it’s like my life is divided into pre-meeting Rose Rosetree and post-meeting Rose Rosetree.

    I was so depressed as a teenager and that led to not having a great time at university and dropping out, and then led to having a dead-end job with a stoner boyfriend. Of course I was doing the best I could but to a large extent I couldn’t see how unhappy I was even.

    Just thinking back I can’t really even imagine myself as the same person (although that inner sense of self is the same) as I just wouldn’t put up with that much crap anymore.

    And I also ever since I was little was so determined to “be better” and would have notebooks on what I was learning and was desperate to learn “ALL THE THINGS”. Sometimes it still manifests like this year trying to be “ALL THE FLUENT IN FRENCH IN 3 MONTHS” LOL. The difference is I’m way less attached to it and have actually delayed the French to when I graduate.

    I’ve grown so much, inwardly and outwardly. Thanks Rose!!

  26. 26

    All of you are so welcome. Such big thanks to you, because each of you has taught me so much!

  27. 27

    EMILY and ZOFIA, I don’t quite understand what you mean about going up and down through comments.

    With my system, the most recent comments show as they come on, through a display on the rightmost column.

    Also you can subscribe to be notified when new comments appear.

  28. 28

    As for navigating forwards or backwards through comments, once within an article you can start from the main article and scroll/read down through all the comments, starting at the top.

    Or you can search by name or term (depending on whether you’re interested in a particular person’s comments or a particular thread within the conversation).

    Or you can go down to the opposite end, with most recent comments. One way is (on my keyboard) CONTROL + END. Another is to push down on the scrolly thing with arrows all the way on the right of my screen.

    Is it different if you are reading with a phone or tablet? Educate me, please.

  29. 29

    Aha! Thank you for explaining, EMILY. I’m getting a bunch of requests ready to send my tech guy. This will go onto the list.

    First I have a series of Top 10 posts. After today’s article, which is so fun and timely, I’ll just go ahead and toss them out one a day.

    I hope you’ll find all those To 10’s useful, Blog-Buddies. It’s one more way of navigating through the blog.

  30. 30
    Emily says:

    Rose we mean navigating through the articles rather than the comments.

    For example, a lot of blogs will have at the bottom of the page of the article, two links. Normally one on the left that is the article previous, and one on the right that is the next article posted. If the article you are reading is the latest post then of course there will be no link on the right.

    It just means that after we read an article we can go straight to the one before it (and in theory until we come to the very first article) without having to look through the archives at each individual month and clicking each article individually.

  31. 31
    David.. says:

    Hi Rose
    The forward-backward links are a feature of the specific theme, typically. If that’s not available, there are plugins that will add it.

    Some blogs have them at the top for browsing articles, some at the bottom for after reading.

  32. 32
    Kira says:

    1. I found this blog by searching for information about enlightenment. I had an awakening experience and didn’t know what it was.

  33. 33
    Kira says:

    2. I sent my husband to the blog, and I’ve mentioned the site to others in conversation. I’m pretty sure I followed up at least one of those conversations with a link.

  34. 34
    Kira says:

    3. I’m not sure there’s a particular *type* of article that’s most relevant to my life right now. It seems more that individual articles of several different types catch my attention. I suppose articles about empaths and empath gifts are more likely to be relevant for me.

  35. 35
    Kira says:

    4. It has indeed changed since I started reading, given that I came looking for “enlightenment” (sorry, a small web-search joke).

    5. I do get the newsletter.

  36. 36
    Kira says:

    6. I can’t think of any ways to improve the blog, for me at least. The only thing I can think of as something that could potentially be an issue is whether or not the blog is usable by people with visual impairments or using assistive technology (such as screen readers). I don’t have those issues, so I don’t know if it’s already compatible.

  37. 37
    Kira says:

    (When I was a child, I used to practice walking around my house in the dark and with my eyes closed in case I would ever go blind. I also taught myself to ride my bike one-handed, with each hand separately, in case I broke or lost a hand or arm. If we had had crutches, I would have practiced with those, too. Or a wheelchair. That background is probably why I thought of this.)

  38. 38
    Kira says:

    7. Considering that I’m about to start reading “The Master Empath,” yes, Rosetree Energy Spirituality has had an impact on my life! 🙂 I wouldn’t have known about the publication of both “The Empowered Empath” and “The Master Empath” without the blog. Well, maybe with the newsletter, but I found out about them in the blog first.

    (“The Empowered Empath” made me much more confident about where I stand with my empath abilities than did “Become the Most Important Person in the Room.” Why? Apparently because I was somehow past the complete beginner stage; I’m not sure I have the best description for this, but with “Become”…, I found myself confused as to whether my empath gifts were off or just suppressed in some unhealthy way and still active in the background somewhere. The techniques in “The Empowered Empath” reassured me that I was correctly paying attention to human life, and also, that I was not in need of the “Empath’s First Aid” technique.)

  39. 39
    Kira says:

    Incidentally, your last paragraph header gave me a laugh. I spent some time 9/12 and 9/13 with the ancient crystal skull called Synergy, and the word synergy kept showing up in things I was reading around that time. I was amused by the whole thing, and especially amused that your blog was one of those places. It seemed an odd juxtaposition.

  40. 40

    KIRA, funny! Thanks for speaking up on behalf of uniqueness.

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