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Aura Reading Emma Stone for Charm

Aura reading Emma Stone for charm

Aura reading Emma Stone for charm

Face reading reveals a great deal. Yet, much as I love physiognomy, sometimes it leaves me puzzled.

Don’t get me wrong. The system of Face Reading Secrets(R) is an incredibly detailed, nuanced, practical way to profile people. You can learn 50 ways to read your lover. (See Read People Deeper, with its 50 practical categories.) You can learn so much about business associates, present and potential.

Yet sometimes face reading doesn’t explain something I wish to know. For instance, how to explain the mystique of one actor or actress over another. Especially baffling when a 26-year-old movie star may already have undergone a fair amount of cosmetic surgery. You know, a 26-year-old beauty like Emma Stone.

In a previous post, I did consider that the beguiling actress may have had just a touch of the surgical knife. See the third face reading post of the series about face reading Emma Stone: Face Reading Emma Stone for Compassion, Series Part 3 .

(Other articles in this series were Face Reading of a Beauty, Actress Emma Stone and What makes a professional beauty? More Face Reading of Emma Stone.)

Concluding this series, let’s go for an aura reading to solve some mysteries.

To be specific, I did see Emma Stone’s performance in “Magic in the Moonlight.” Did you happen to see it, Blog-Buddies? I found her so adorable, just outstanding. Yet, how high would you grade her performance as an actress?

If I were asked, I would give her a B. Reluctantly, but still. Absolutely fascinating to watch, and competent as an actress, but still….

Well, there’s nothing like aura reading to solve such mysteries, especially our Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks. Let’s go for this latest addition to our Charm Wiki, using the photo at the top of today’s article. I’ll choose a handful of particularly enticing chakra databanks for today’s profile.

My Aura Reading Challenge to You

Have you graduated from my Aura Reading Level 1 Workshop, or Level 2? Or have you done mentoring with me on this incredibly rewarding skill?

Then open up a larger version of the picture at the top of this post, Emma Stone’s Aura Reading Photo. Or, even better, search on Emma Stone 2014 on Google Images. Find a good full-length photograph and use that. You may know that for legal reasons I cannot display most photographs directly at the blog, although I may link to them. You don’t have the limitation of using Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a list of the full set of The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks. Choose your faves and research them. (Supercool, write down your findings and send email them to me for a sparkling new guest post:

Only afterwards read the rest of today’s article. As you know, aura readers do NOT find identical information. Our aura readings supplement the insights of other people’s energetic literacy. My suggestion? Go for it!

The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks

  1. Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Expecting to Receive Respect from Others
  2. Aura Reading Belly Chakra Databank for Energy Flow to Gain Respect
  3. Aura Reading Belly Chakra Databank for Spontaneous Self-Expression
  4. Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Claiming Respect from Others
  5. Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Flow of Thought During Conflict
  6. Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence
  7. Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Self-Esteem
  8. Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Receiving Respect from Others
  9. Aura Reading Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Popularity
  10. Aura Reading Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Self-Confidence (I am evolving no matter what happens with my life, work,)

#1. Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for Expecting to Receive Respect from Others

90 miles. It is just a gift, a lifelong gift. Emma Stone is quite accustomed to her beauty and the effect it has on others.

At this point in her life, she isn’t exactly conceited, more like realistic. For some unfathomable reason (which Rose would call “Karma” and “Life Contract” and “Personal Ph.D. at this stage in Emma Stone’s spiritual evolution), that’s just how it is.

Here are examples provided by me (not found specifically in her auric field):

  • Emma Stone knows she will walk into a room and all eyes will turn towards her.
  • She knows she will walk down a street and, even discounting her current A-list celebrity status, cars will stop and some will crash. Heads will turn and lips will smile.
  • So far, Emma Stone can count on that, surely as the sun will rise in the East and move upwards in the sky.

#2.  Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence (Thinking about herself)

9 feet. It’s kind of a pressure on Emma Stone’s confidence, looking so beautiful. Before opening her mouth, she gets the “Wow!” reaction.

Now it’s up to her to deliver.

Many a time, evidently, things have soured. People who seemed droolingly impressed, just looking at her, well, oops! After she spoke, the admirers shrugged off Emma Stone, the person.

No, Emma Stone’s thoughts about self-confidence aren’t terrific, based on this subconsciously experienced chakra databank. She’s no more secure than your typical young woman, just way more famous and charming and gorgeous.

#3. Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Self-Esteem (Emotionally evaluating herself)

8 inches. Still can’t get used to being professionally photographed at an event.

Still not comfortable with being stared at in public.

Still doesn’t like live performances.

Still doesn’t like social situations as a public figure… when she can’t be herself… when she can’t prepare in advance.

No surprises, that’s what helps Emma Stone to feel relatively relaxed as an actress or model. Otherwise, it takes all her courage to show herself before all that relentless scrutiny.

Hiding behind her beauty — that’s what gets her through.

#4. Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for Receiving Respect from Others (Emotionally)

2 inches. Emma Stone’s reflexive scoffing is reminiscent of the contempt of a teenager.

Blog-Buddies, remember when you were a teen? Remember how, as you sought to find your place in society, you would feel an automatic disgust for the phonies, the people who didn’t really mean it? (Whatever “It” was.)

That’s how Emma Stone is stuck, at the time of this photograph. She doesn’t receive respect from others, not feel it emotionally, in a personal way.

Appearing in public is her job. Seeming happy and carefree? Well, she’s an actress, isn’t she?

#5. Aura Reading Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Popularity

1/8 inch. At the time of this photo, Emma Stone is in shutdown regarding active communication to gain popularity. She can just let admirers look at her.

She doesn’t have to say a thing to charm them.

In fact, she’s more likely to charm them if she doesn’t open her mouth and say a thing.

Remember Lady  Diana, the most photographed woman in human history? I read her aura from time to time, during her celebrity. She worked through a phase like this. Not all famous folk do.


It’s early days and years, yet, in the career of Emma Stone. I’m rooting for her, learning how to handle that beauty, natural charm, and fame.

Lifetimes when we incarnate as exceptionally gorgeous, or rich, or famous, or politically powerful — very often there is a quick disillusionment. Which people like you for yourself? Not too many.

Disappointment concerning this quintessentially human desire is the big, big drawback to one of those (seemingly) enviable incarnations. Can the problem be overcome? Sure. Just not easily.

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  1. 1
    Dave says:

    There’s two sides to every coin, right?

    You can be a total babe, who gets tons of attention, and has tons of admirers, just because you’re hot.

    But then you’re a total babe, who gets tons of attention, and has tons of admirers, just because you’re hot.

  2. 2
    Elaine says:

    I haven’t seen much of what Emma Stone has played in movies, but I did like an interview she did with her guy pal of the moment. She immediately called him out on something he said that sounded a bit chauvinistic. To me it played as a real moment as opposed to scripted. During the interview I found her likeable, funny and down to earth. At Dave, it happens with guys also. In fact, it has happened with someone close to me so I’ve seen some of the same challenges due to how someone looks.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting reading Rose. I had never thought about what kind of pressure might be created by the expectations of beauty.

    I can relate to that now–not that I have Emma Stone’s physical beauty. However, I have noticed since my name change that I have a Wow factor to live up to. I’ve only worked at one of my jobs for some months but people there seem prepared to ascribe to me all kinds of talents and to naturally look to me as the person who could do that (whatever that is.) It’s flattering and fun, to have people be well-disposed to me from the minute we meet. But it does create a pressure to deliver.

  4. 4
    Sylvia says:

    So nice to have read this post, Rose. I reminds of so many pressures I have experienced. Like Kylie described, there’s something about having a kind of wow factor that makes people take note.

    I had to smile when I read that Emma Stone can expect cars to stop even crash when she walks down the street. When I figure skate, sometimes there are kids on the ice. Some will stand by the sidelines and stare at me. Other times, young boys skating past will turn their head to look at what I’m doing, which then makes them lose their balance and literally fall at my feet!

  5. 5

    SYLVIA, thank you for these fascinating comments. They make me want to learn even more.

    Please consider at least short answers to questions like the following. Even better a guest post.

    1. When did you first notice all that attention?
    2. When did you notice other people did not receive the same degree of attention?
    3. How did you make sense of it within yourself?
    4. Are there areas of life where you have NOT received that sort of attention?
    5. If so, how have you made sense out of that?

  6. 6

    The same invitation goes out to all you Blog-Buddies who have had significant charisma.

    I think I speak for many when I write that I can’t imagine at all how that would feel or what the consequences would be for my relationships.

  7. 7
    Sylvia says:

    I also remember when I worked at a major university as a researcher. When I walked toward a door or elevator, strangers would rush past me — sometimes even breaking into a run — in the corridor in order to hold open the door for me. Along with little boys falling at my feet on the ice, these gestures were very strange things to get used to, but over time, I have.

    Your post definitely makes me wonder about my life contract!

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    I felt like some sort of child prodigy for a while, in that it seemed like lower-school teachers made exceptions to rules for me (can’t think of concrete examples right now) and gave me extra privileges (such as being the one to continue reading to the class when the teacher had to run an errand, or being put together with a child from a lower grade who shared a love of horses with me so we could talk horses all school day).

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    It all seemed natural at the time, but by the time I was a teenager and not at all popular, I didn’t know how to feel about it. I really wasn’t sure what they saw in me. I used to get comments on report cards that I didn’t think like others.

  10. 10
    Kira says:

    Even in college, where I wasn’t particularly brilliant academically, I won an award for “Most Eccentric” at my residential college. That seems to be the sort of reaction I still get; a few people have introduced themselves to me over the years by saying they heard I say the strangest things, and people have told me that what they like about me is that I’m so unique. (As if they think I’m “more unique” than others, somehow.)

  11. 11
    Kira says:

    I don’t currently feel any pressure to live up to that, at least. I only feel pressure when someone tells me that they’ve heard I say weird things and then wait for my response. I can’t say weird things on demand, most of the time. I have thought about writing some and then memorizing them for such an occasion, though. (Luckily, it doesn’t happen often.)

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