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Your requests for updates to this blog? Done.

Smiling with heart

Yes, Blog-Buddies, the rest of the changes you’all requested were made by the end of the day.

Comments are now grouped by 50. You can move forward or backward within those sets of comments, as well.

The search box is more sophisticated now. I hope you find that it works better for you.

(Of course, for different results, you can go to a favorite search engine and type in “X + the name of the blog,” e.g., “Empath + Deeper Perception Made Practical.” Fun!)

And you can also go back and forth from a post.

Big thanks to talented Julian Hockings for his help with this latest post.


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  1. 1
    Zofia says:

    Thanks Rose. All the work you’ve done has made the blog into a great resource. One suggestion is to make “gray slime” into a topic with top 10 articles etc. It’s a good concept to have in mind and to be aware of. Having articles which explain how it feels and give examples are useful.

    “If I called Gray Slime by a different name, it could be “Chains of Enslavement.” Not to sound overly dramatic, but putting on a victim mentality really does makes a person’s aura and will turn weak. Unresourceful. Also not much fun to be around. Ask Molly”


    Sometimes you’re stuck working with people who are shut down. I have been. It makes all issues feel foggy and intangible. At least that’s how it felt. I got into the trap of trying to heal it and thinking it’s part of you, when it would have been better to disconnect. Rookie mistake. Again, it’s about learning how to discern.

  2. 2
    David.. says:

    Wonderful, Rose. That will make a huge difference on pages like the Enlightenment Life List, now at 1485 comments…

  3. 3
    Renee says:

    Awesome Rose, Love the changes. Now the search bar works, Yah!
    So much easier to navigate through all the material.

  4. 4
    Joe says:

    I hope this isn’t annoying, with all the work you’re putting into the blog… but the pages of comments, especially at the Enlightenment Life List, is not working for me! I mean, it’s working, but I don’t like it.

    I know the Enlightenment Life List takes an extra second to load, but especially there, being able to Ctrl-F for certain people or old discussions was so useful. It’s so much more difficult now. It will make it harder for new people to catch up, and no one wants you to have to rehash the same info over and over.

    Those old comments are a goldmine and now they’re basically lost forever. Who is going to click, click, click, click, forever and ever?

    And I really don’t think it’s conducive to the long-form discussions that often happen here… just sayin’.

  5. 5

    I couldn’t agree more, JOE. Just before your comment came in I emailed my tech guy with a similar request.

    Well, trial and error. Sometimes that’s what my money is for. 😉

    Be patient, Blog-Buddies. Removing that 50-comment grouping is on the way.

  6. 6
    Joe says:


    On a more positive note, the search bar works so much better now! Pretty sure it doesn’t include comments in the results though… will still have to use google for that.

  7. 7
    David.. says:

    Just a note about the comment batching. Comments will continue to grow so batching them will still be needed at some point, simply to manage the size.

    Another option is to add comments search, so comments can be searched. Perhaps one more step than a page search but it will make it manageable long term.

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