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Face Reading a Genius, Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Part One

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Hear ye, hear ye! (What, that idea of bell ringing to celebrate winning a big prize? That has got to be one of the funnier anachronisms for a weblog.)

Announcing the First Prize Winner of our Contest to Admire, mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani. Not just any highly ranked female mathematician, either. Maryam Mirzakhani has won The Fields Medal, a.k.a. “The Nobel Prize for Mathematics.”

Iranian by birth, she is now working in the U.S. as a professor at Stanford University. In the world of professional mathematics — and beyond — it’s a very big deal indeed that Professor Mirzakhani is the first woman ever to win this, the highest recognition within the field of mathematics.

As noted by Blog-Buddy ZOFIA in her contest winning entry (Comment 15):

“Pure maths is a very male-dominated world and is very competitive.

“However, she looks like a calm, chilled out person. It’ll be interesting to see how she relates to abstract thought in her aura.”

First prize in this Contest to Admire means that in today’s article I will do a face reading of Maryam Mirzakhani. Then a Part Two. As a follow-up, I will create an aura reading of this remarkable woman. And, yes, I will be emphasizing themes of calmness versus competitiveness, plus Maryam Mirzakhani’s way of relating to abstract thought.

I’m especially interested in reading this mathematician because of the parallel between aura reading and the language of numbers. Just as mathematics is the language of science, aura reading is the language of energy. If you have any interest whatsoever in mind-body-spirit, you owe it to yourself to develop full energetic literacy.

Glad to say, you can do this in way less time than it took you to learn your times tables.

Prepare to do physiognomy along with me

Face reading starts with a face, either in person or with a picture.

  • Note: The original photograph I used for this jubiliant exercise in face reading of Maryam Mirzakhani has been removed when I checked six weeks later.
  • .Ooh, we’ll need another photograph to check out Maryam Mirzakhani’s right ear!

Blog-Buddies, it’s pretty challenging finding a decently front-on physiognomy photo for  Maryam Mirzakhani. Ironic, because she’s just as gorgeous as many a movie star (to my face reader’s eyes). Yet she doesn’t have nearly so many photographs. I wasn’t able to find a single good one, from a face reading perspective.

Why not? A mystery I will attempt to solve in Part Two of this article.

The main picture for this article (which I just invited you to open up) has her chin tilted up and then rotated just a smidge to the side.

Terrible for reading ears, my favorite facial feature! Favorite because ears contain so many categories related to subconscious functioning.

  • So here is a semi-suitable physiognomy picture for showing some of the fabulous ear data on Maryam Mirzakhani.
  • Definitely check out the equations in the background, Blog-Buddies. I love this photo! The source of this face reading photograph is here, acknowledged with my thanks.

In keeping with my policy about meticulously honoring photo copyrights, I no longer provide links to pictures saved on services like Photobucket. Your best choice for being able to see the photo referred to in a blog post is to stay current, maybe check in at this blog once a week or more often. When reading an older article, you may not be able to find the same photo I used originally. Seek here for a photograph.

As for learning how to read faces, I can help you with that, too

Discover the full power of face reading! Yours just by going through a dedicated how-to book that teaches you systematically and in depth.

You can learn the system of Face Reading Secrets(R) with:

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Face Reading Item #1: Protruding Ear Border, right ear

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Look at Maryam Mirzakhani’s right ear. (Cross over, like the experienced face reader you are. To tell right from left on a person’s face, cross over as if you were shaking hands with the person.)

You will see how a part of Mirzakhani right ear sticks out. This is the Ear Border, separating the inner circle from the outer circle. On her, it protrudes in three-dimensional fashion.

Most Ear Borders don’t do that. They lie flat, between the Inner and Outer Ear Circles.  A famous example of a VERY Protruding Ear Border is Oprah Winfrey.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Can speak and act in creative ways that address the subtlest bits of objective reality. For Oprah, that would be personal relationships, and her love of describing the deepest wounding, most exalted dreams.

Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani has an advantage in her field, as well. She can conceptualize, pursue, and communicate about extremely subtle mathematical research. Yes, subtle and abstract even for mathematics.

The Potential Challenge

Shaking people up? Startling them, people in her field, because they are not used to taking the same approach.

Face Reading Item #2: Huge Inner Ear Circle on Her Right Ear

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

It’s easy, once you have seen that Protruding Ear Border in the first place. (Did you enlarge the photo that you were encouraged to open up? If not yet, try that now, because you will see way more clearly.)

Each ear has an Inner Circle and an Outer Circle. They are separated by an Ear Border. As a face reader, you can see which way that Ear Border is structured three-dimensionally to fold into either the Inner Ear Circle or the Outer Ear Circle. On Maryam Mirzakhani, it definitely is part of her Inner Ear Circle, helping to make it way, way bigger than her Outer Ear Circle.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

A subconscious fascination with inner life, why and how things happen. I would expect Maryam Mirzakhani, as a mathematician,  to be fascinated with highly abstract levels within her field.

The Potential Challenge

Not subconsciously wired to be terribly interested in objective reality? A bit of the “absent-minded professor” patterning in everyday life?

Face Reading Item #3: Relentlessly Straight Nose

How to See this Face Reading Characteristic

Here’s an extra face reading photo that can help you see the shape of Maryam Mirzakhani’s nose in profile. It is VERY, VERY straight.

The Corresponding Talent, According to the System of Face Reading Secrets

Intellectual rigor, systematic thinking while at work.

The Potential Challenge

Disdain for sloppy thinking, haphazard work?

And there’s more, so much more, about Maryam Mirzakhani that fascinates this face reader. Check back in the future for Part Two of her face reading. Meanwhile, math-related stories, anyone?


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  1. 1

    ZOFIA, thanks so much for all your insights.

    I agree with you that ears are THE part of the face to read if you are curious about the personal style characteristics of a person’s subconscious explorations of human reality. Abstract reality, too.

  2. 2
    Zofia says:

    Thank-you so much for doing that. Ears seem to be the key to reading how someone relates to abstract thought. Thanks for highlighting those observations. From my own experience, you get all kinds of people involved in the numerical sciences. I’ll definitely read through the ear section of Rose’s book more carefully.

  3. 3
    Zofia says:

    Apparently, Maryam likes to think of her proofs as novels with characters.

    “There are different characters, and you are getting to know them better,” she said. “Things evolve, and then you look back at a character, and it’s completely different from your first impression.”

    To me, this is evidence of a very joined up way of thinking.

  4. 4
    Zofia says:

    Also see

    for some interesting comments on how she works and an insight to her character.

    “the problems she is working on are so abstract and complicated, she can’t afford to make logical steps one by one but has to make big jumps.”

  5. 5
    Zofia says:

    “I like crossing the imaginary boundaries people set up between different fields — it’s very refreshing,” she said.

    In her area of research, “there are lots of tools, and you don’t know which one would work,” she said. “It’s about being optimistic and trying to connect things.”

  6. 6
    Zofia says:

    This is the way I think about my (far less difficult) maths research. I can tell you that it annoys male colleagues!

    Also, I love how hard-working she is. You don’t get something for nothing!

  7. 7
    Zofia says:

    I like abstract maths as it requires the same kind of intuitive sense that you need for spiritual intuition. You can’t force it. In some sense, you have to do the work and input information into your brain and see what your subconscious and intuition tells you in response.

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