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What is your Consciousness Lifestyle? Aura reading illuminates your choices. Part One.

An Aura Reading Detective explores Consciousness Lifestyle

An Aura Reading Detective explores Consciousness Lifestyle

You know, you can choose from three very different ways to live, impacting your consciousness.

Plus a fourth option becomes available, if your personal development should receive an extra dimension of grace.

Let’s gain clarity about these five different ways that you might live. Part One of this series provides a summary about each of the five Consciousness Lifestyles. Later posts in this series will feature a brief aura reading to illustrate the hidden energy dynamics associated with that way of living.

What is a “Consciousness Lifestyle”?

You choose a certain way to evolve, then you evolve accordingly.

Consciousness lifestyle, that’s what I will start calling it.

The question is, which one will you choose? May Stage Three Energetic Literacy help to inform your knowledge of what’s what.

Consciousness Lifestyle #1: Spiritual Shutdown

In this very down-to-earth way of living, a person emphasizes human-level experiences.

Objective reality matters. Life priorities may include money, status, material objects, physical appearance, health.

A person may talk the talk of religion or spirituality, but auras reveal the truth of what is happening in a person’s consciousness. (Yet one more reason to develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy.)

What might be a problem with this Consciousness Lifestyle in Spiritual Shutdown?

  • Spiritual evolution becomes relatively slow, or even stuck.
  • There can be contempt for people who live with any other Consciousness Lifestyle.
  • Gray slime can develop in the person’s aura, resisting change.
  • A person may “Talk the talk” of spiritual development or a mainstream religion, yet that person couldn’t be more shut down spiritually.

(I think you’ll get a chuckle out of the example I use in Part Two of this series in order to illustrate the typical patterning of Spiritual Shutdown.)

Consciousness Lifestyle #2: Spiritual Addiction

In this way of living, a person cares a great deal about personal growth.

Moving forward on that path of personal development can become a full-time job. It is not a matter of seeming to participate in a way that impresses others, like “I’m into yoga,” as signaled by carrying around a yoga mat and some coconut water. It’s like actually doing the yoga.

Note: I remember a magazine article I read years ago, while Julia Roberts was at the height of her fame. The reporter asked if the rumors were true. Was the movie star into yoga?

Julia Roberts reassured her fans that she did yoga only because it was good for the shape of her butt.

Now that’s an example of Spiritual Shutdown. Which is the polar opposite of Spiritual Addiction.

With Spiritual Addiction you work hard, maybe super-hard, to evolve.

What might be a problem with this Consciousness Lifestyle?

A person falls out of touch with human reality, often spiraling into more and more dysfunction.

Unless with others who are “all about the energy,” a person in spiritual shutdown has a limited social life, receiving scant respect from people who don’t share the addiction.

Spiritual Addiction, like any addiction, has negative consequences for love life, sex life, emotional growth, spiritual growth. Ironically the person may feel super-special, and definitely superior to others who aren’t fellow addicts.

Of course, Spiritual Addiction is a lot easier to overcome than other types of addiction.

Would you like to learn more about the contrasts between gaining real-life results from personal development vs. falling into  Spiritual Addiction? Are you curious about whether certain belief systems backfire — like Law of Attraction and The Secret? Check out Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity.

For an aura reading example of Spiritual Addiction, check back for a later article in this series.

An irony about Consciousness Lifestyle for Spiritual Addiction

As you may know, Blog-Buddies, folks in Spiritual Addiction are often interested in auras.

However, they are usually stuck in Stage One Energetic Literacy; sometimes  Stage Two Energetic Literacy. Without the ability to read chakra databanks in detail (which develops only at  Stage Three Energetic Literacy) it is pretty impossible to tell that there is a problem.

Fortunately, if you have been able to develop Gutenberg literacy — so you can read this screen ! —  you are just as capable of developing  Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

Consciousness Lifestyle #3:  Human-Based Spirituality

In this way of living, the consciousness lifestyle is pretty well balanced. Mostly an individual goes about pursuing human desires, goals and objectives and relationships.

As a Consciousness Lifestyle, living in Human-Based Spirituality is relatively simple.

A person takes up to 20 daily minutes of Technique Time, tops.

Spiritual evolution moves forward most rapidly.

What might be a problem with this Consciousness Lifestyle?

Nothing, really. 🙂

Consciousness Lifestyle #4: Evolutionary choice improved through Divine grace — Enlightenment

In the state of consciousness called “Enlightenment“:

  • Your aura is stronger and clearer than before
  • All your chakra databanks work properly
  • Your soul expresses strongly, and in a natural way
  • Emotionally and spiritually, you are honest with yourself

How does Enlightenment happen?

Through discernment, or just plain good karma, you keep on evolving with a spiritual path that moves you forward rapidly toward Enlightenment. And then, through the grace of God, you receive an invitation. You cross over the threshold into Enlightenment. After that you keep on evolving as a human being, only faster.

What might be a problem with this Consciousness Lifestyle?

Nothing at all.

Which chakra databanks will I be researching in this series of articles?

  1. Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Making Contact with Physical Reality
  2. Aura Reading Databank at the Heart Chakra for Emotional Growth
  3. Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Connection to Psychic Guidance
  4. Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Connection to Spiritual Source

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  1. 1
    David.. says:

    Interesting article, Rose. Nice distinctions and it grows the original set. I think it’s pretty common to spend some time in Spiritual Addiction when a newbie keener, discovering a new teaching and such. The key is to mature and outgrow that – this is somewhat dependent on the person and if they develop neediness or a codependent relationship with it. And also the teaching itself – some encourage dependencies, the worst being cults.

    Not sure I’d say karma has a direct role in evolution, except perhaps in making the process a little smoother. But both presence and purity carry forward from past life development, so we pick up where we left off. That looks a little like karma but is less about action.

  2. 2

    Thank you for these insightful comments, DAVID. I agree that Spiritual Addiction can be a stage that newbies go through, with little discernment and consciousness like a shiny new toy.

    However, it is also extremely easy for spiritual seekers of any degree of experience to slip-slide into Spiritual Addiction now, since The Shift into The Age of Energy.

  3. 3

    DAVID, I would agree with you that karma has an indirect role in evolution. Or is simply part of the process.

    I certainly never meant to suggest that we are slaves to fate or karma. Free will rules.

  4. 4

    Send out the call, RACHEL and other Blog-Buddies.

    Calling honest people who would like to help, whether part-time or full-time.

    Consider taking my workshops (in person or though mentoring) so you can get skills in the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    If you wish to be of further service — and be in demand as a practitioner — consider applying to the Mentoring Program in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

    This isn’t just a casual hobby for people adding on to their taking every popular workshop, or playing with new trends, or having fun with energy.

    We laugh and have fun at every step of this training. It is serious in intent and powerful in result. Our numbers are growing, and my commitment is to help as best I can.

  5. 5
    Rachel says:

    You said that you noticed from your empath merge that I was getting very close to spiritual addiction again.

    I do get that.

    But what confuses me is that I have been studiously avoiding everything ‘spiritual’ for ages now.

    I don’t do any technique time, I don’t follow any spiritual teachers or leaders, don’t read any spiritual books or watch ‘inspiring’ films, nothing.

  6. 6
    Rachel says:

    I’ve long since given up my habit of contacting psychics/astrologers/tarot readers etc.

    I have been throwing myself vigorously into my work in an attempt to stay more focused on life and everyday reality.

    Don’t get me wrong – I can totally feel that underneath all my vigorous activity, I am numb and closed off from life, but it’s not because I’m yearning to make contact with astral guidance or ‘be spiritual.’

    So my question to you is: if spiritual addiction is not always a lifestyle choice, how can it be avoided?

  7. 7

    Now let’s address this part of your comment, “You said that you noticed from your empath merge that I was getting very close to spiritual addiction again.”

    Yes, it’s true that I use a Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading towards the start of any session of RES Energy Healing.

    Just so all your casual readers know, this takes just a minute. It’s not as though I spend large periods of time during a session doing a Skilled Empath Merge.

  8. 8
    Zelda says:

    This post is quite helpful, Rose. I’ve been wrapping my brain around some experiences with folks whom I’d hazard a guess are spiritually addicted or in spiritual shutdown.

    What used to “trick” me, for lack of a better word, is the behavior I’d witness with people who were soooo into meditation or whatever the modality of the moment was.

    At certain points in my growth, I’d think we might have things in common, like some of these metaphysical interests, but then I’d get burned by some very strange social/interpersonal behavior.

    It helps to have the patterns spelled out the way you have here. Helps me see clearly my own blind spot that now sees much more clearly.

  9. 9
    Zelda says:

    It’s helpful to be made aware of patterns of behavior or responses that may occur in these different consciousness lifestyles.

    The superiority bent in spiritual addiction and the sudden shift to nastiness when challenged is the one that stunned me a few times.

  10. 10
    Zelda says:

    Related to my recent insights about interacting with some spiritually addicted folks, I had a funny experience the other day that left me feeling grateful for the health challenge I had last year that’s much better now.

    Like it or not, I was thrust into the world of Western medicine, and even had to spend time in the hospital, the thought of which had always terrified me.

  11. 11
    Zelda says:

    I just had a brief time in the hospital again, my 4th, and actually greatly enjoyed it! (Of course, being a skilled empath has helped a lot.)

    I was struck by the nurses and my brilliant doctor. They could not have been more grounded, friendly, kind, present, concerned, and compassionate. We had a ball talking about all kinds of things. Just human stuff.

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