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Blind Empath Coaching. Are Some of the Blind Leading the Blind? Second-in-a-Row Guest Post by Christine!

Celebrating the arrival of my second book for empaths, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room"

Blind Empath Coaching? Not here. Rose Rosetree celebrates publication of her second book for empaths. 

Blind Empath Coaching. In some empath coaching, are the blind leading the blind?

Today’s guest post provides a shocking perspective. As Blog-Buddy CHRISTINE continues to share her experiences as an empath. Go, CHRISTINE!

Blind Empath Coaching. The Misinformation

Thank you Rose and everyone who commented at my last guest post!

It is extremely frustrating when you awaken and try to learn everything about who you are and you find so much misinformation, so many contradictions.

Regarding empaths, I have read everything online in the past two years and it just drove me crazy, until it made me wish I wasn’t one.

I notice that all the newbie Empaths who are creating groups and pages have different views on what an Empath is and, sadly, some have a huge following.

I was following a page on Facebook and really loved the page until the host posted something a few days ago to the effect that, supposedly, everyone is born an Empath.

I posted and disagreed with her. Then she tried to put me down and make me look stupid.

We exchanged a few comments regarding the matter. Then this morning I noticed she deleted my comments and banned me from her page.

I was shocked! I guess she wants to feed everyone her own beliefs and if you disagree she will remove you. Just unreal!

Blind Empath Coaching. The Bogus Idea about “Choice”

Is being an empath a matter of choice?

On Facebook I’ve read that all people are born empaths and some just shut their ability down due to trauma.

OMG, was she serious? I grew up with many traumas in my childhood and my abilities have always been with me.

In the past, I thought my experiences as an empath were normal and that all other people were just the same way.

By now I know, if you were born an empath, you never lose your abilities. You just don’t necessarily know that you are an empath.

If that turn-it-off-forever idea were true, hell! I would have turned my empath gifts off forever.

Blind Empath Coaching? You Can Do Better.

Which types of information can really help an empath? As a smart consumer, look for this.

  1. Clear definitions about different types of empath talent?
  2. Clarification that empaths are born, not made.
  3. Understanding that, as Christine wrote, everyone is not an empath.
  4. And you can’t make yourself an empath.
  5. Either you have empath gifts for life or you don’t.
  6. Does the empath coach teach you techniques for cleaning up Imported STUFF from unskilled empath merge.
  7. Help for using skills that involve consciousness? (Because being an empath is all about something that happens in consciousness.)
  8. Effective techniques for turning empath gifts OFF as a matter of routine.
  9. Knowledge of the differences between unskilled empath merge and Skilled Empath Merge.
  10. Even one well designed, safe technique for doing a Skilled Empath Merge.

Blind Empath Coaching really happens a lot, it would seem. Sure would help if all those empath coaches would learn energetic literacy! Then they could tell if their approaches made a difference. Or not.

Smart New Age Consumers, pay attention to this list of (to me) indispensable requirements for coaching empaths. Coping tips for empaths are, IMO, a complete waste of time. As are techniques to cleanse or “clear” auras through crystals or bathing, etc. This doesn’t remove Imported STUFF but creates busywork.

Please invite folks you meet, online or in person, to bring standards to conversations about empaths. It really isn’t enough to name empath gifts properly. That is just the first step toward Empath Empowerment.

Besides CHRISTINE’s guest post today is inspiring Comment #15 by DAVID at her previous blog post about being an empath. And, yes, I would recommend the article at his blog about becoming a skilled empath.

Resources for Empath Empowerment

Best first book for empaths, at least by me… is Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment

A more sophisticated follow-up, so far available in the U.S. only, and as an ebook, is The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts. (I’ll let you know when the paperback is published and also when ebooks are available internationally. Doing my best!)

An even more advanced book, so far available in the U.S. only, and as an ebook, has the mouthful title: The Master Empath: Turning on Your Empath Gifts at Will — in Love, Business and Friendship (Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge)

 Ditto about letting you know when this how-to for empaths is available  in other formats.

About that photo at the top of today’s article, that shows me on the day the first paperbacks arrived at my home for Become The Most Important Person in the Room  — my second book for helping empaths. The first book I published for empaths, Empowered by Empathy, seems a lifetime ago. As many of you readers know, this was the very first book in English for empaths. Period.

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  1. 1
    Maria says:


    I got “Become the most important person
    in the room” last year.

    Is there additional information in
    the new one?


  2. 2

    Hi, MARIA. Those boxes are long since gone. The first printing of “Become The Most Important Person in the Room” is long since sold. The current printing is not new.

    I just showed that old picture for fun.

    The new book I have been typesetting is “The Empowered Empath” and, yes, that is way new.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. 3

    P.S. MARIA, I went in and fixed the caption to the photo at the top of the post. Clearer now, thanks to you.

  4. 4
    Maria says:


    Thank you for clarifying.

    I want to make sure that I have all your
    titles, past and present. 🙂

  5. 5
    Suz says:


    I have also scoured the internet, book stores, and libraries looking for solid, sensible information about empaths and empath skills.

    Mostly it has been as you mention, mainly coping skills, some of them occult, some wayyyy out there. Some of it has been mixed with psychic skills. Quite a bit of it has been the empath telling their story, but without saying anything to help the reader — not really.

    You are the ONLY writer I have found who has made all of being an empath plain, sensible, human, and do-able. Consistently. Based in reality. (And with great panache.)

    THANK YOU! A million thanks.

  6. 6
    Zofia says:

    I can tell how people are really feeling.

    I can feel their emotions and pain.

    I am extremely hypersensitive to the environment as well.

    – Yeah, all true no matter how upset you get. In today’s world this can make you feel like a useless person in very practical ways.

  7. 7
    Zofia says:

    – When you have a certain type of aura it is so hard to get good guidance.

    I’ve had all kinds of comments and reactions to me in person by spiritual teachers: you have a lot of masculine energy, a lot of feminine energy, you’re an angel, you will talk to angels, one lady’s energy freaked me out big time and I left her healing course, my abilities as a medium vary a lot from month to month (though I generally don’t want to do that nowadays). But none of this made me any less confused.

  8. 8
    Zofia says:

    – Hurrah for energy healing that works! I’ve only found energy healing that soothed things over for the short-term. I was grateful for that but Rose does show what is truly possible.

    thanks for sharing Christine. I guess we’re all of a generation where we need to contribute to this discussion.

  9. 9
    David.. says:

    I realized I was an empath with a quiz during a conference. It was pretty unexpected and took me nowhere.

    The teacher is well known on-line and as an author but the support was all directed at emotional empaths and was more about coping. And avoiding “energy vampires”.

    My search yielded nothing of value. It wasn’t until I discovered Rose through an interview that I could make sense of it. Boy, was I surprised by the new perspective on my life. A revelation.

  10. 10
    David.. says:

    My only mistake was in waiting to read Become the Most Important after I’d read some of Rose’s other books.

    For an Empath, that’s the first thing you want to get to know.

  11. 11

    Thank you so much for all these comments, Blog-Buddies.

  12. 12
    Zofia Jones says:

    It’s good to hear my experiences being mirrored in other people! One of my experiences was that having spiritual abilities can be a competitive thing. It usually is. To prove you have a certain kind of aura you need to bring evidence by developing as a medium or a psychic. This led me to try and open up more and more to bring in “hard evidence” that I was developing as a spiritual person. Not good. I think most people’s gifts don’t really fit in these boxes. Thinking in these terms doesn’t really help the day to day experience.

  13. 13
    Zofia Jones says:

    Also, I’m interested in the life cycle of empaths. My guess is that we have a kind of extended adolescence and that things finish ramping up by our late twenties. It was by my mid twenties that I was forced to explore “energy” things in order to understand myself. Is it related to a point in our lifetime where our physical body becomes more attuned to certain aspects of our aura? Our brains keep developing until our mid-twenties, so part of that development could be becoming consciously aware of information coming through our porous auras.

  14. 14

    Fascinating comments, ZOFIA. Thank you.

  15. 15
    Elaine says:

    Zofia, I had to laugh a little bit when I read your comment. I am in my 50’s and I still feel like things are “ramping up” so to speak. 🙂 The learning continues to expand and grow as we go through life. And I expect it to continue on.

  16. 16
    Zelda says:

    Zofia, your comment about the life cycle of empaths reminded me of something I read from one of Elaine Aron’s books on the Highly Sensitive Person (HSPs are referred to here at Rose’s blog; not all HSPs are empaths).

    According to her research, HSPs tend to be “late bloomers.” That’s been an apt description of my life.

  17. 17
    Zelda says:

    Also, in my studies of astrology years ago, I remember reading about a particular part of my chart that indicated more of a ‘late bloomer’dynamic.

    I like to think of it as aging like fine wine. 🙂

    I think of it also as the difference between caring and maintaining a simple little compact car and a Ferrari. Or perhaps using a simple flip phone vs. the latest iPhone. There’s a learning curve to developing the necessary skills.

    But then once you have those skills…wow! 🙂

  18. 18
    David.. says:

    Late bloomer also.
    But keep in mind the natural stages of development. The leading edge of our development progressively deepens. Body, emotions, mind, intellect/intuition, etc.

    Many have early tastes of abilities that shut down when the mind comes online more. And with it stories about supposed to, etc. When things settle out later on and growth continues, the opportunity for those abilities to come back online is there.

    But this does require growth to be happening. Many do get stuck part way along per psychology research.

  19. 19
    Christine says:

    I have read everything on Empaths and it left me so confused. This is what I am getting from other articles, groups, and facebook pages.

    Empaths are:

    1. Clairsentience

    2. Clairempathy

    3. Intuitive

    4. Empathic

    5. Empathy

    6. Psychic

    7. Psychic empathy

    8. There are others but I can’t remember them right now

    The newbies online are saying we are all empathic and have empathy so we are all born Empaths.. just different levels of Empaths.. LOL

    What I would like to know is.. what makes the Empath? Is it one of these mentioned above or is it something else? This is what has me confused. This is the answer we are all looking for..

  20. 20

    Dear CHRISTINE, I’m glad you’re an enthusiastic reader. Because this blog has LOADS of articles to helps empaths, plus I have written how-to books that are systematic ways to learn about being and empath and developing skills.

    None of my work is written in terms of what random people have written online. I recommend you put all that aside and approach my work with beginner’s mind. This will keep you from becoming further confused.

    Your next step is Empath Empowerment and Empathy, Top 10 Posts:

    And following that, you can go here:

  21. 21
    Christine says:

    Thanks Rose!

    I will check them out.

    It’s sad that all the people who are trying to find answers are getting the wrong ones from people who don’t know any better themselves..

  22. 22
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Blog-Buddies, CHRISTINE writes a wonderful follow-up here:

    Empath Discovery.

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