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10 Face Reading Secrets®. A Top 10 List

Top 10 and top ten

Because this is a Top 10 article, I’ve called it “10 Face Reading Secrets®.”Discover the power of face reading through my books, workshops, and blog posts about Face Reading Secrets®.

  • Are you are new to the ancient art of physiognomy (reading faces for character)?
  • Have you ever studied other systems of face reading prior to encountering the one that I have developed, Face Reading Secrets®?
  • Maybe you’re an experienced face reader, looking to deepen your skills.

Either way, the you can gain a lot from these 10 Face Reading Secrets

From time to time, this blog will feature new articles on this topic. So check by often and be sure to enter our contests where the prize is a free face reading of the public figure of your choice.

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #1. Basics

Learn the basics of how my system of face reading works!

Basics! Face Reading Secrets®

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #2. Q&A

For years, I provided a free face reading service. Loads of Q&As make this a great resource for you.

Face Reading Secrets® Revealed

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #3. Practical

Do you think of physiognomy as something practical? It sure is.

Face reading as a practical way to improve your life

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #4. Self-Study

I’ve spent more than 10 years of my life writing books about Face Reading Secrets®. Seven dedicated books with different editions. Here’s an introduction to my best one yet.

Review of “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” a Guest Post by Jordan

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #5. Weight Has Little to Do With Face Reading

Let’s debunk the cliche that physical face data is all about “Fat” or “Thin.”

Hurtful! Ridiculously wrong, too, as a matter of fact.

Yet you may live, as I do, in a culture that is obsessed with “The Anorexic Ideal.” Especially in that case, this article can give you something important to think about.

Face changes that have nothing to do with weight gain

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #6. Face Reading a Hero

Is Nelson Mandela one of your heroes? Then be sure to read this example of reading the secrets.

Face reading to celebrate Nelson Mandela

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #7. Shy?

Especially for those of us who are, or have been, shy!

Face Reading for Shy Persons

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #8. Compassion

One of the distinctive aspects of my trademarked system is this: Face reading can open up your heart of compassion. This article gives you an example.

Face Reading Emma Stone for Compassion, Series Part 3

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #9. Political Face Readings

Sure you can do them. Whether it’s a Supreme Court Justice like the “Wise Latina” or presidential candidates or other influential people in public service — Face reading can give you indispensible insight.

Face Reading Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice. A Comparision Face Reading.

10 Face Reading Secrets® — #10. Compatibility Face Readings

Compare the system of Face Reading Secrets® to other approaches that aim to use face reading for better relationships. You may discover that other face readers don’t bring the depth, the curiosity, or the light touch that you’ll find in face readings like this one.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, compatibility face reading

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