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Enjoy my latest, bestest interview yet with Rob McConnell

The Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality... talking. (How unusual ;-) )

The Founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality… talking. (How unusual 😉 )

Some friendships grow better over time. And when you least expect it. Isn’t that one of life’s quintessentially human miracles?

Last night, I had a radio interview scheduled with Rob McConnell, host of The X-Zone.

Due to communication glitches, we had scheduled it twice before, both with last-minute cancellations. Nobody’s fault. These things happen.

Still I wasn’t terribly thrilled to be going into this third attempt… much as I have enjoyed doing interviews with my buddy Rob in the past.

Speaking for Rob’s “X-Zone Nation” was going to be my media interview/article #1,021. Certainly I hope to never become jaded over doing media appearances. It is a huge privilege, every time.

However, I had spent an unusually intense day, both helping clients and writing my latest column for Pathways Magazine; even doing a different media interview with visuals (with Connie Bowman) — will be sending you a link to that one later. Never even made it to the gym. And when Rose Rosetree can’t manage to do her little weightlifting routine three times a week, that’s kind of pathetic.

Although I was committed to making this interview with Rob the best it could be…. Well, yeah, I wasn’t especially looking forward to it.

Well, hello! That interview turned out to be my favorite ones I have ever done with Rob McConnell over the X-Zone. Why?

Blind Empath Coaching. Are Some of the Blind Leading the Blind? Second-in-a-Row Guest Post by Christine!

Celebrating the arrival of my second book for empaths, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room"

Blind Empath Coaching? Not here. Rose Rosetree celebrates publication of her second book for empaths. 

Blind Empath Coaching. In some empath coaching, are the blind leading the blind?

Today’s guest post provides a shocking perspective. As Blog-Buddy CHRISTINE continues to share her experiences as an empath. Go, CHRISTINE!

Blind Empath Coaching. The Misinformation

Thank you Rose and everyone who commented at my last guest post!

It is extremely frustrating when you awaken and try to learn everything about who you are and you find so much misinformation, so many contradictions.

Empath Discovery. Empath Empowerment®! A Guest Post by Christine.

Rose, waving at empaths and holding up a practical resource for empaths

Empath Discovery — that’s what Rose helps you to get. Productive discoveries, one after another.

Empath Discovery. It was a big discovery for Christine when she encountered the system of Empath Empowerment. Finally, an approach that worked!

When she wrote her first guest post here, she knocked it out of the park. (Gee, this home run talk may be the first time I have ever used a sports analogy!)

Estonian Publisher Makes RES Energetic Literacy Available

Read Estonian? Then you can easily explore "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses"

Much of the world has good reason to thank Estonia, and I do too.

What was the big-deal political event in Estonia this past week? Lawmakers voted to legalize equality for same-sex partnerships.

Thus, Estonia became the first former Soviet republic to recognize any form of marriage equality. This is, at least, a giant step forward. As a result of this legislation, civil unions in Estonia will be the accorded the same benefits whether heterosexual or same-sex. Not quite the same rights as married couples, not true marriage equality. Still, it’s a giant step forward in simple fairness.

I look forward to the day when my little nation in North America — you know, the one with 50 states — also accords gay and lesbian couples equal financial, social, and health benefits, plus legal protection for children.

Consciousness Lifestyle #2, Spiritual Addiction. An Aura Reading of Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul, ready for his aura reading

Senator Rand Paul, ready for his aura reading

Consciousness Lifestyles — let’s continue to explore what they mean in everyday life.

Today’s profile of Rand Paul fits into a multi-part series of articles about how people get in the habit of positioning consciousness.

No mere abstraction, Consciousness Lifestyle creates big consequences for how we live, how rapidly we evolve, the friends we make… even the version of reality that we live in.

Consciousness Lifestyle #2 on our list is Spiritual Addiction.

Not that anyone probably aims for this Conscious Lifestyle. Yet an estimated 45% of Americans have slipped into Spiritual Addiction, inadvertently or not.

One public figure in this category is Rand Paul. I found him for today’s blog post by going onto Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of 2013. Under “Leaders,” the politician scores as #1.

Aura reading related to three great religions from China

Pictured here, the world's largest statue of Confucius

Pictured here, the world’s largest statue of Confucius

With the publication of Sunnbook’s edition of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, I think of the leadership we aura readers worldwide can bring to ancient Chinese values.

What follows are just my reflections and hopes as an expert on aura reading. In advance I apologize for not having a depth knowledge of the three great religions I will discuss in today’s article. Some of you Blog-Buddies know much more than I do about these, and maybe you can add some comments about related experiences you have had with aura reading.

That said, let’s explore together.

How aura reading relates to Confucianism

Cultivating virtue and maintaining ethics are central to Confucianism, as I understand it.

Three ways to be a leader with Energetic Literacy


Chinese leaders at using Energetic Literacy

Rose Rosetree with two Chinese leaders at using Energetic Literacy

Yesterday, at the Pathways Expo, I kept my promise here at the blog, giving a Chinese-speaking reader the gift of a copy of the new Chinese edition of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

This was a delight, as was my experience at this holistic Expo. It started me thinking about the leadership edge a person can find through developing Energetic Literacy.

Just as mathematics is the language for all of science, so is aura reading the language for all forms of energy healing. It is essential for us living in this new Age of Energy.

Where is the leadership edge today in Mind Body Spirit?

Here are three ways that Energetic Literacy can help you to be a leader in your social circle, your family, your community.

"The NEW Power of Face Reading" shakes up Lithuania

Lithuanian beauty Inga, who stars in my first truly international edition of "The NEW Power of Face Reading"

Lithuanian beauty Inga, who stars in my first truly international edition of “The NEW Power of Face Reading”

May face reading inspire you today! It has been inspiring me.

Today I went over my outline for metro D.C.’s biggest mind-body-spirit event for the rest of this year, the Pathways Expo. Once again, I’m excited to be doing free face readings as part of my morning workshop this Sunday.

Meanwhile, what has arrived here recently? A face reading book in Lithuania that I consider a huge breakthrough. A big deal  in my little history of teaching worldwide about energetic literacy.

The first book of its kind ever

Alma Littera’s face reading book is a first for me, among the 42 foreign literary contracts so far and the translated books in 12 languages besides English.

And maybe it’s a first in some other ways, too.

Consciousness Lifestyle #1. Aura Reading Oprah Winfrey, Making Money with Spiritual Shutdown

Oprah Winfrey, ready for her aura reading

Oprah Winfrey, ready for her aura reading

Oprah Winfrey’s aura displays Spiritual Shutdown, her Consciousness Lifestyle at the height of her career. (Later it would change to extreme spiritual addiction.)

Consciousness Lifestyles? Yes, yesterday began a multi-part series of articles with this brand-new term.

Consciousness Lifestyle means how people get in the habit of positioning consciousness. This has consequences for how we live, how rapidly we evolve, the friends we make… even the version of reality that we live in.

Consciousness Lifestyle #1 on our list is Spiritual Shutdown. Illustrating that, in today’s article, is Oprah Winfrey. So beloved by so many people, rich and famous for so long!

They say “Sex sells.” Could be, Spiritual Shutdown sells even better.

Not that people brag about their Spiritual Shutdown. Or even know it is going on subconsciously, at the level of their auras.

What is your Consciousness Lifestyle? Aura reading illuminates your choices. Part One.

An Aura Reading Detective explores Consciousness Lifestyle

An Aura Reading Detective explores Consciousness Lifestyle

You know, you can choose from three very different ways to live, impacting your consciousness.

Plus a fourth option becomes available, if your personal development should receive an extra dimension of grace.

Let’s gain clarity about these five different ways that you might live. Part One of this series provides a summary about each of the five Consciousness Lifestyles. Later posts in this series will feature a brief aura reading to illustrate the hidden energy dynamics associated with that way of living.

What is a “Consciousness Lifestyle”?

You choose a certain way to evolve, then you evolve accordingly.

Consciousness lifestyle, that’s what I will start calling it.

The question is, which one will you choose? May Stage Three Energetic Literacy help to inform your knowledge of what’s what.