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Self-authority, a guest post by Sandy

May self-authority light your way.

May self-authority light your way.

What does spiritual self-authority mean? Self-authority is one of the jewels in the crown of YOU. Because self-authority is how you know what matters to you, what is true for you.

Self-authority means your own heart and mind, your gut feelings and the rest of your emotional reactions as well.

Also included in self-authority are what physical sensations int the body tell you, plus common sense and worldly wisdom.

Many a new client has come to me with the popular New Age idea or religious ideal that, supposedly, there is an authentic self, a true self, a more Christ-like version of self, etc. And, supposedly, this must be consulted at all times.

What is your human self, garbage? Please, be a smart New Age consumer.

Intuitive insights and answers to prayers still count. You can include them in self-authority, as part of a balanced life. Just not all day long, or to the exclusion of the rest of your street smarts.

Self-authority lights your path to Enlightenment. If it isn’t strong yet, start paying attention. Occasionally. Just by trusting yourself.

Each of us can discover depths and shallows to self-authority. Offhand, I can’t think of a more important aspect of self-knowledge. So I was delighted to receive this impressive guest post from SANDY, her first. Meet her here, Blog-Buddies, and congratulations!

First step: understanding self-authority

Bear with me readers. I have been on a long disappointing journey that ended when I took Rose’s Empath Empowerment Level 1 Workshop. That’s when I first heard the term self-authority but the meaning of the term eluded me.

Rose spoke of self-authority in a session of aura healing that I had with her shortly after the workshop.

I heard it again in the second and third workshop I attended with Rose.

In her recent workshop on Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, she gave us a homework assignment for “Re-installing self-authority.”

It was a three-week assignment.

Now, in week three, I have begun to understand the importance of owning self authority.

My personal process, waking up spiritual self-authority

The homework made me uncomfortable, but for some reason I knew it would be good for me.

I followed the instructions and began reading Rose’s book “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

Suddenly, it all came together.

My sense of a need to accept self-authority (however uncomfortable) and conscious understanding of self-authority came together.

Self-authority is whatever power you possess, as is.

However, recognizing this requires some self awareness.

Rose happens to be that person to teach me such self-awareness, self-authority.

The naturalness and ease of self-authority, once awakened

It was difficult for me to believe that the concepts Rose taught could be so powerful AND so easy.

I still resist believing, not wanting to be vulnerable to yet another disappointment.

However, the last workshop I attended just happened to answer questions I’ve been quietly asking for the past 20 years!

Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” provided further explanations.

Although previously I had no awareness of, and therefore no questions regarding, self-authority, what has changed?

Self-authority has now become my foundation for further development.

I consider myself to be a very responsible person, sometimes feeling overly responsible (as if I were responsible for the actions/feelings/states of others).

Having a healthy sense of self-authority allows me to see and be responsible for myself only.

This sense of self authority allows me to realize boundaries beyond the human influence(s).

I no longer feel completely vulnerable to other realms.

Next Step: Disciplined practice and understanding of the techniques that Rose taught me in her workshops….

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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    Nice post, Sandy!

  2. 2
    Madeline says:

    Enjoyed your post Sandy. Healing i.e. having less “stuff” and having a balance of objective and subjective reality informs self authority for me as well.
    It’s given me permission and confidence not to outsource my life.

  3. 3
    David.. says:

    Thanks, Sandy. Sometimes, the simple things elude us because they’re so obvious. 😉

  4. 4
    David.. says:

    The question of a higher self that Rose raises is interesting. We’re kind of built in layers – our physical self, our emotional self, our mental self, and so forth. When we discover there’s more, there can be the tendency to reject the old in favour of the new.

    But too much of the New Age “higher self” or soul is magical thinking. As Rose demonstrates, you need higher energetic literacy to read Soul Thrill.

  5. 5
    David.. says:

    So what then are they getting messages from? That’s the biggest weakness of so much of that. They won’t talk to a stranger on the street but will accept as gospel any random idea as “guidance”??

  6. 6
    David.. says:

    And beyond the soul is the true higher Self – Atman or cosmic being. No messages there. Atman is pure consciousness. It simply observes, beyond thought and feeling.

    But the inside surface of that is bliss, so it’s a fine viewpoint. One aspect of flowering enlightenment.

  7. 7

    DAVID, thank you for every one of these illuminating concepts. And, of course, SANDY, thanks again for sharing something so personal… and yet a very common experience.

    There’s no place like home. There’s also no place less flashy, you know?

  8. 8
    Zelda says:

    David, I particularly liked comment 5, as what you describe is an aspect of the New Age-y world that’s been particularly baffling to me.

    It’s that focus on elsewhere and to such an extent that it’s not even possible to have a normal human conversation.

  9. 9
    Zelda says:

    Some of my most wonderful blips of “guidance” actually have come from chatting with strangers. Or from following an intuitive hunch that leads me to a website that leads me to a tip that ends up providing exactly what I was looking for for my growing little business, while saving me money.

    I love that kind of thing and it’s happened so frequently for me. Certainly has helped to keep me moving forward in objective reality more than spending hours meditating.

    Thanks for the post, Sandy.

  10. 10
    Kylie says:

    I loved this post Sandy. So many of my healing sessions have revolved around just this issue, of being responsible for my self only. Self authority is so very powerful and freeing, even though it seems simple. It’s not simple–because many lifetimes of past history are involved. Many many relationships in this lifetime are involved: relationships in which, as compassionate people, we might have felt responsible for other people being stuck/unhappy. But one healing session or technique at a time, those patterns transform. Frozen blocks cascade away. It becomes so much easier over time to choose self authority.

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