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Life Purpose and Past-Life Regression, Part Two

JOEs caveman life -- what was the purpose?

JOEs caveman life — what was the purpose?

Where are we today in our exploration of life purpose? Yesterday I began to share my perspective as a facilitator of past-life regression. And I promised to give an example of how a life review can be quite different from what a person might expect, and how life might be more about learning and helping other people than some big, shiny purpose.

This story is one of dozens of sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis that I facilitated for KAREN KLINE.  Usually I keep names of clients in confidence and share detailed information about my sessions only after I have asked permission. With KAREN it’s a bit different. Over a period of years, she died of cancer. The last time we met face to face, I was visiting her in the hospital. She told me, “Never worry about confidentiality over anything that happened in any of my sessions. Tell people anything you like.”

So here comes a story for you to ponder if you’re seeking information and inspiration about life purpose.

Even a caveman can have a meaningful life

Living as a caveman or cavewoman, one’s capacity to think may not be huge. The language may consist of grunts and snorts. Yet can that life be meaningful? Sure, for every single precious soul who boldly incarnates at Earth School.

Consider one of KAREN’s previous incarnations, as JOE the caveman.

JOE lived with his tribe, of course. He was an extremely caring person, practical, and utterly brilliant… in that incarnation (and also in the incarnation where she was KAREN).

But how much did all those sweet characteristics add to JOE’s status? Not much.

Kind of a weirdo in his society, JOE wasn’t all that fond of hunting. What he really enjoyed was hanging out with the women. He especially liked to help with the cooking.

No chance to audition for “Chopped” or “Iron Chef,” right?

Sadly, no cash prizes for JOE. No extra portion of dead mammoth for breakfast. Maybe a rare grunt of approval from one of the women.

What did JOE accomplish, however?

First, a disclaimer. This was a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis. The purpose of this past-life regression was to remove major-intensity frozen blocks of stuck energy, STUFF that was limiting KAREN’s life. She had a goal for aura healing during this past-life regression. So we weren’t collecting tales or taking a survey of every accomplishment  of the lifetime.

Nope, we went in and out, one incident at a time, moving out a frozen block and adding PUT IN; then moving forward, quite systematically.

Nonetheless, certain interesting facts emerged as background information during the aura healing. When JOE helped out with the cooking, he figured out a few interesting contrivances to help keep the food less filthy than normal. Like using animal bladders to store certain foods. Like scooping out gourds (or something) to create bowls.

A big deal, right?

Well, here is how JOE was rewarded. Other guys in the tribe got disgusted with him for being a wimpy fighter. They exiled JOE, which meant certain death.

So here’s a guy who came to an ignomious end and, before that, suffered from having the lowest possible social status in his tribe.

Nobody gave him an Oscar for his performance in his starring role in “Inventing bowls.” At best, a few of the village women gave him a little smile or grunted approval.

What was JOE’s reward for all that? He was left with frozen blocks of terrible disgrace and loneliness. Horrid STUFF that I was able to help KAREN release… because she still was carrying it in the year 2000.

And here’s another perspective on life on earth… from a caveman

As luck would have it, between my starting today’s blog post and now, I have facilitated sessions for many hours. Turned out, one of these sessions was a Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis session with GLADYS. In order to fulfill her goal for this session, we moved out many frozen blocks from a variety of lifetimes. In one of them, she was a caveman, too. I’ll call this Earth Personality of hers “JOEY.”

A horrible incident occurred during that lifetime, where JOEY incurred the wrath of his tribe. Soon he was “no more.” (That’s the equivalent language these folks used back then for “killed.” The concept of “death” hadn ‘t quite developed yet. Life was more a matter of “Now you see the body, now you don’t. It’s gone. Whatever.” Unless it was YOUR body that was about to become “no more.” Such terror!)

After that “death,” I guided JOEY forward to his life review. He stood in the presence of God, who spoke with him. And not with a body of light (as JOEY now had) but as a presence that was “there but not (physically) there.”

That presence meant safety to JOEY. Safety. (Surely the single strongest value for a being who had recently lived as a caveman, right?)

I asked JOEY what he gained from that lifetime on earth. “I grew so much.”

He was very clear about that. No fancy purpose, except to survive one day at a time. But, Blog-Buddies, I wish you could have heard the joy and wonder in that client’s voice, saying “I grew so much.”

JOEY’s discoveries, specific to living on earth

By the time of that caveman incarnation, JOEY had already incarnated many times in other worlds. Earth School as a human? That was new to him this time.

So I asked him, “What was distinctive?”

“So much! There were emotions.” JOEY responded. “And cruelty. Feeling very much alone. All this was new to me.”

Not a word about purpose, not for him any more than for JOE.

By the time of his life review, JOEY was very grateful indeed for this Earth incarnation in human form.

Grateful, why?

He had known — and coped with — intense fear, worry, and anxiety.

JOEY also experienced having a physical body that sometimes caused him to do things before he could think about it. That was a first for him, in his long history so far as a soul. (Note: In order to notice this, JOEY had evolved enough to be able to think in the first place. To think, not just react.)

Another interesting change for JOEY while being on the very same Learning Planet where we are now, Blog-Buddies: He missed the usual, natural, supportive telepathy between incarnated beings. This had been familiar to him for so many lifetimes in worlds that weren’t Terra Firma.

Hey, do you vaguely remember that normal way of being yourself?

According to JOEY, what was one of the very weirdest parts of this educational experience for him as a caveman? Hint: Something quite distinctive about Earth life.

Answer: That weirdest part was the lack of definitions and rules. JOEY called it, “A kind of chaos. Rather than having a fixed hierarchy, people could vie for power.”

Whatta place!

Also educational was the constant threat of death. Oooh, gotta love Earth School!


Why is it that we post-postmodern humans avidly seek a clear-cut purpose, plus other definitions and rules?

Might we still be finding it irksome, having to think for ourselves?

Don’t just call it human nature, folks.

Call it, maybe, remembering other incarnations — other worlds where we got to evolve spiritually so much less, yet that evolution felt so much easier.



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  1. 1
    Sylvia says:

    Fascinating post, Rose!

    I had to smile when I read, “‘There were emotions…All this was new to me.'”

    I’ve definitely had that very same reaction here at Earth School 😉

  2. 2

    ELAINE, thank you for sharing. You did recall correctly, I suspect.

    I wonder how many people consider themselves “Old souls” yet would think a caveman existence beneath them. 😉

  3. 3
    Elaine says:

    I also had an experience when we did a session of removing frozen blocks, and I was a caveman also. If I recall correctly it was a tremendously painful and lonely life but also I learned a lot.

  4. 4
    Zelda says:

    Fascinating, Rose.

    This part especially caught my attention:

    He missed the usual, natural, supportive telepathy between incarnated beings. This had been familiar to him for so many lifetimes in worlds that weren’t Terra Firma.

    Hey, do you vaguely remember that normal way of being yourself?

    You’ve put words to what I’ve often felt, especially recently.

    It hadn’t occurred to me that it could have come from a past life.

  5. 5
    Jnana says:

    It’s quite evident that we all have life purposes that do get accomplished in spite of everything.
    And looks like its best we not know them given their ‘not so fun’ nature.

    The constant threat of death… educational. Really??
    ‘Gotta love Earth School’ is not quite how I’m feeling after reading this.

    There are times I find God exasperating.

  6. 6

    SYLVIA, I appreciate that about you. So many highly evolved people are living now, coming to help during The Shift into this new Age of Energy.

    Many souls who would have incarnated here, except that you wanted to help.

    What a privilege it is for all of us, whatever our state of consciousness, whatever our evolutionary background.

    This is a very special time for incarnating here.

    And, personally, SYLVIA, I’m very glad to have you here. 🙂

  7. 7

    ZELDA, it is fascinating how our desires and thoughts are influenced by subconscious memories and yearnings.

    Yet again it’s worth noting: Although human life seems to be about human frequencies, most of our interactions while living on earth involve astral energies, not human ones.

    This holds true especially since the Shift into The Age of Energy.

  8. 8

    Aw, JNANA, we don’t necessarily appreciate how bad (or good) things are while we’re living the incarnation.

    People can get used to just about everything.

    Just one example: Haven’t you heard people talk about happy childhoods when they were dirt poor. They’ll say, “All of us lived this way. I didn’t realize until later that this was what was called ‘poor.'”

  9. 9

    Another factor, JEYA, is that you have a very refined sensibility, wonderfully evolved consciousness. Now.

    This is a very different way of being compared to the consciousness you had in some of your early embodiments on earth. As a caveman, you would have had caveman consciousness.

    It’s called evolution!

  10. 10
    David.. says:

    Thanks for the articles, Rose. I’ve not had any regression therapy but have ended up gradually discovering a number of past life memories. Not in a systematic way, just through the charges/ frozen blocks and then from one to another.

    Huge range of experience and learning. I do a remember a time when we were telepathic here on earth but it was a very long time ago. And I remember losing it and having unfamiliar darker emotions showing up in group consciousness.

  11. 11
    David.. says:

    At the time they started showing up, it brought sense to my life and a great relief about some things.

    There were lives where there was an obvious function or role I had, but that also was more further back. Typically, it’s more been learning through often difficult choices. And if that didn’t bring resolution, then the opportunity to make the other choice and see how that worked.

  12. 12
    David.. says:

    I would suggest this drive for purpose is due to several things. The mind liking a pat answer to the messiness of life, for example. But more deeply it arises from that deep past when we did have a clearly defined role and function in society. We were born into it, had the talent for it, etc.

    This is also alluded to in the article, the unfamiliarity of no defined role.

    For me, it’s very clear that time moves in broad cycles of rising and falling consciousness in earth school. We’re in a nice rise now. So what has been is gradually becoming more conscious, or at least conscious enough to be healed.

  13. 13
    Cathy says:

    I certainly have always had that wistful feeling of wishing my thoughts and feelings were connected to others, like a sort of regret for ‘what was’. I never analyzed it like this though, just thought that I was tired and lazy, wishing talking didn’t take so much energy! lol I never thought of it in this light, though.

  14. 14

    CATHY, thank you for sharing.

    Laziness is a tricky concept, isn’t it?

    I don’t trust it as an explanation for anything. Rather, I consider the label to be an invitation to answer questions like, “What do I wish to do instead?”

    And “What is my motivation here?”

    And “What is happening now in objective reality that slows me down? What can I do about that?”

  15. 15

    DAVID, in this latest series of comments you have really outdone yourself.

    Thanks, as always.

  16. 16
    Rachel says:

    Hi Rose,

    This is a really interesting thread. I completely agree that one’s purpose is to live with life exactly as it is presenting itself now rather than looking for some grand mission.

    What about people who talk of their ‘vocation’ though? Is that the same thing? I do believe that certain people are driven to pursue specific activities that they feel called to do – for want of another term.

  17. 17
    Rachel says:

    I’ve heard it said that a vocation is where your deep gladness and the needs of the world meet. I like that definition.

    It isn’t about finding some ‘purpose’ which is grandiose and far off, pie in the sky, but rather, finding and doing activities that bring you joy (could you call them Soul Thrill activities?), and even better if you can pursue those activities in a way which is of service to others.

  18. 18

    What a great question, RACHEL.

    The answer is simple, I think.

    If you feel you have found a vocation, so this concept gives you a warm-fuzzy feeling, use that word.

  19. 19

    Otherwise don’t bother.

    For example, some people feel a vocation to become a priest, monk or nun.

    Most adults do not.

    If you don’t feel that sort of vocation, do you worry about it or feel a lack in yourself?

  20. 20
    Zelda says:

    Years ago, back when I was doing a lot of exploring, what came up from various sources and resonated with me was that I’d had many past lives as a religious devotee, along with many lives in which I basically never had a chance to grow up and develop and use self-authority. Lots of fitting into the family and suppressing my identity.

  21. 21
    Zelda says:

    I learned back then that becoming the power source in my own life was very important this time around.

    It makes perfect sense to me and is one of many reasons you’re a great mentor for me, Rose.

    This focus has, at times, been both nervewracking and joyful. Definitely new territory.

  22. 22
    Zelda says:

    In reading this thread, I’ve reflected on how off-putting the grandiose “Life Purpose” quest can be.

    My experience with New Agers has been that a focus on the basics, such as finding or creating meaningful work, having good friends, a decent income, love, and plenty of fun has never seemed lofty enough.

    Coming from how my life began, taking these on has certainly been challenging! And definitely what I need to be doing and learning about.

  23. 23
    David.. says:

    In this regard, I recall a friend who has studied Jyotish (Vedic astrology). She said that for many people, activities that bring them joy and their work karma are 2 different things. It’s when they’re the same that a clear sense of vocation is more likely. So for many, there isn’t that clear sense. There’s a kind of inherent conflict.

    Notably, karma means action or energy. Unresolved karma aka incomplete experiences are stored in the energy body, natch. Rose calls this Stuff. How much simpler to remove Stuff than have to live it out in some way? And how much more clarity if we don’t have that extra fog? And don’t have a conflict between karma and Soul Thrill? 😉

  24. 24
    Curiouser and Curioser (As Ever) says:

    Rose, you wrote:
    “Laziness is a tricky concept, isn’t it? I don’t trust it as an explanation for anything. Rather, I consider the label to be an invitation to answer questions like, “What do I wish to do instead?” And “What is my motivation here?” And “What is happening now in objective reality that slows me down? What can I do about that?”

    So true, so true! Thanks for the reminder.

  25. 25
    Curiouser and Curioser (As Ever) says:

    Fascinating post, I really enjoyed reading it, and the comments. Thank you!

  26. 26

    Thanks so much, everyone. Your comments light up THIS life, and the types of consciousness exploration that are a specialty for life on earth now.

    What a privilege, being here now and being together!

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