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Face Reading The King of Quirky — and Compassion — David Sedaris

Face reading an outstanding writer, David Sedaris

Face reading an outstanding writer, David Sedaris

This face reader will tell you. David Sedaris has the longest Mark of Devotion I have seen on anyone. Period.

It has been growing for years, along with his fabulous list of books. Listen to them as audiobooks if you can. They include Dress Your Family in Corduroy and DenimMe Talk Pretty One Day, Holidays on Ice, and Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.

Nobody else makes you laugh in quite that way, with the wry wit and detached observations, the quirky details and masterful pacing. If you didn’t know about his extraordinary Mark of Devotion, you might even take for granted the self-deprecating persona, how David Sedaris creates that likeable mess of a narrator. Call it Greek-style Woody Allen. Even better, call it unique.

For today’s face reading, I’ll use this face reading photo of David Sedaris from 2014 is more like it. Behold that whopper-dopper Mark of Devotion!

Open that picture up and let’s read faces, using the system of Face Reading Secrets(R).

As always, this system of face reading works like an alphabet. Whichever items of face data you have in common with the great David Sedaris, the meaning is the same for you, both the talent and the potential challenge. How you relate to that challenge, including whether you have overcome it altogether…. That’s strictly up to you, and how you’re growing here at Earth School.

Learn more about this compassion-awakening system of face reading (and jump-start your next level of face reading skill) with either The NEW Power of Face Reading or Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras. These how-to books about physiognomy teach you to identify different face data of course; each will teach you to read different characteristics about work, relationships, sex, power, and more.

I would never just duplicate between books when there is sooooooooooo much new information to read in the human face. If you have enjoyed either of these how-to’s, you might pester Santa Claus to bring you the other one. And definitely ask Santa for Sedaris. You’ll be so glad you did.

Face Reading Item #1. Wild hairs at the STARTS of his eyebrows

How to See It on David Sedaris

Few of us have enough eyebrow hair anywhere along the length of an eyebrow for those strands of hair to appear tousled.

Leave it to David Sedaris!

He doesn’t just have wild eyebrow hairs, those long and rangy outlier hairs that are rare enough when they grow the the usual location — halfway or 3/4 of the way along the length of an eyebrows. Would those hairs settle down where one would expect them, for that rare-enough face data?

Nope. The David Sedaris version is right next to the nose.

Moreover, he has these outrageous wild hairs at the start of both eyebrows!

Gift of the Soul with this Face Reading Data

David Sedaris has a wildly outrageous perspective on just about anything. Related to work. To being in public. To personal relationships. To cleaning up the English countryside with his grabber.

About that last part, here’s an excerpt from his radio interview with Terry Gross:

“Hugh and I got this house in West Sussex, right, and it’s in an area called the South Downs. And the Downs are these massive, chalk-speckled hills that run for a hundred miles between East and West Sussex, and we’re just at the base of one of them, and our house is on a one-lane winding road that’s tree-lined, and it’s my idea of beauty. There are forests, and it’s just what beauty means to me. But English people throw everything out their car window, and the roadsides are carpeted with rubbish, so that’s what I do with my life now: I pick up rubbish on the side of the road. I do it on my bike. I do it on foot. The local council has given me an outfit and a grabber.”

Potential Challenge

How easy do you imagine it is, having this wild and outrageous perspective on anything, great or small?

Face Reading Item #2. VERY, VERY Extra-Large Outer Ear Circles

How to See It on David Sedaris

You’ll find his left ear easier to discern in the photo link supplied to you, yet I’m reasonably certain that the same face reading data shows on David’s right ear. (Remember to cross over, Blog-Buddies, to tell left from right on a face. Of course, you remember!)

The proportions of Outer Ear Circle and Inner Ear Circle are fascinating. The latter is right next to the ear hole, as if cut out with a cookie cutter from the Outer Ear Circle. That is the part of an ear towards the top and out to the sides.

And on most people the Inner Ear Circle is just a bit larger than the Outer Ear Circle. Next most common, the two ear circles occupy just about equal proportions.

Not so with David Sedaris. His Outer Ear Circle is way, way, larger than his Inner Ear Circle.

Gift of the Soul with this Face Reading Data

At a subconscious level what does David Sedaris notice about life? (In general, that is the message of all the ear categories and possibilities. Which is why ears are my favorite part of the face to explore with physiognomy.)

What happens? What happens in objective reality? Who says what? Who does what?

And they are wearing what at the time? Gesticulating how?

You get the idea, Blog-Buddies.

Potential Challenge

Being on a different wavelength from almost all people, perceptually, how comfortable is it for David Sedaris to have this long-term fascination with behavioral details that most folks never notice?

Face Reading Item #3. VERY Small Earlobes

How to See It on David Sedaris

Compare the size of earlobes to the Inner Ear Circles and Outer Ear Circles. Or just compare them to other ears you have known. Man, are those earlobes teensy!

Gift of the Soul with this Face Reading Data

Noticing physical reality only as a springboard to noticing other things. Little interest in the appearances just as appearances.

Potential Challenge

Gives terrible driving direction? Won’t just tell you how to get there from here. Might throw in so many other complicting details, it’s enough to make you wish to steady yourself with a grabber.

Putting Together David Sedaris’s Eyebrows and Ears

Let’s pause here in our face reading of amazing David Sedaris. More next time! Because what we have explored so far is uniquely fascinating to this physiognomist and, I hope, you.

One of the great things about doing physiognomy on a writer is that there is such a close connection between the who-you-be and what the person writes about. That’s even truer when the writer specializes in a kind of autobiographical, anecdotal writing.

IMO, nobody living today does this better than David Sedaris. With Garrison Keillor as the runner-up.

So far we have read three highly unusual items of face reading data on David Sedaris. When you put these together, David Sedaris’s face becomes even more fascinating.

Imagine having a mind that brings to the fore all manner of quirky behaviors, the everyday things writ large. Meanwhile, what is writ small? People’s cliche’d interpretations, how they take things for granted in ways that David Sedaris just can’t.

Wild ideas, every day of his life these days. Evidently this has changed significantly from his terrifying inner world during childhood. This is described in Naked, the one book of David Sedaris’s that I just couldn’t finish, it was so disturbing. (I’d gladly help a client who has some obsessive-compulsive symptoms, adding support to help from a mental health professional. And have done. I just have no interest in hearing extra details otherwise.)

As summarized in WikipediaNaked offers a description of Sedaris’ obsessive-compulsive and Tourettes symptoms as a child. These include licking light switches and kissing newspapers, all of which frequently landed him in trouble at school.

Not reading David Sedaris’s face then, but reading it more recently, it’s wonderful how he has the strength to notice quirky details of behavior and have fun with them, rather than being trapped by them.

And what about those Ear Circle Proportions?

In addition to noticing so much, in a relatively well balanced and quirky way, at this time in his life — how is David Sedaris predisposed to react to reality subconsciously?

The physical details themselves don’t interest him, except as a jumping off point.

(I wouldn’t have guessed that from reading his books. I would have guessed just the opposite. And therein lies the difference between doing the English Lit. Major version of deconstructing an author versus learning directly about a person’s who-you-be with deeper perception.)

No, those physical details don’t matter much at all. Because David Sedaris is fascinated instead by how people handle the details of life.

Combine that with loads of other talents that show in his face and aura and you have the secret of success for highly distinctive writing, unforgettable details.

As for the compassion that pulls all of this together, the humanizing ability to laugh at it all?

More face reading of David Sedaris to follow in our next post.

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