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Personal Development, Top 10 List — Call for Nominations

Being a good person? Complicated.

As you put pieces of your life together, growing fast, which blog posts have helped you most?

Blog-Buddies, you may know that I am developing Top 10 lists for major topics here. Articles go back for more than seven years.

This time I’m going to try something new, ask you for YOUR faves.

  • Just click on this personal development blog post link to survey the many posts here that are about personal development.
  • Or start with the September 2007 link on the leftmost column and work your way forward.
  • Or you might just remember your faves and search for them, either in the search box on the left or through your favorite search engine. (Type in key words for the topic + Deeper Perception Made Practical.)

I’m so interested in which articles have been especially meaningful to you.