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What can you and I do at a time of racial injustice in America?

What does it mean to love your country?

What does it mean to love your country?

Blog-Buddies, a powerful comment reached me today from GLADYS, in our online community. She wrote:

“Right now, this country is in the middle of the second longest interval of contiguous civil protests in its history and [your] last blog post is about a science fiction actor in England.

“I strongly believe that Rosetree Energy Spirituality is emphatically necessary for helping real people doing important things in ordinary human life.”

GLADYS expressed the desire that I do more to “encourage peace, comfort, support and empowerment to people who are affected daily by social justice issues.”

How can I help, using Energetic Literacy?

This is not a political blog. And I’m not about to start an entirely new blog, one devoted to political activism and social justice.

Nor do I consider it helpful to write a series of posts where I take the villains in these horrible controversies and use face reading to further villify them.

Nor do I have the stomach to do aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge on people like Darren Wilson, from Ferguson, Missouri or Daniel Pantaleo from Staten Island, New York or David Darkow and Sean Williams from Beavercreek, Ohio.

These despicable actions speak for themselves, don’t they?

GLADYS’ question did need to be asked, however. Here are three answers that may, I hope, prove helpful. My humble contribution at a time of such sorrow and strife.

How can each of us help, directly, to deal with these horrendous examples of racial injustice in America?

Never use deeper perception as a substitute for paying attention to objective reality. Definitely, use aura reading and face reading. As appropriate, do Skilled Empath Merges. Just not as a way to indirectly fix people.

Personally, I don’t recommend praying for people  or doing remote Reiki on them or otherwise using spiritual or energetic methods to fix issues around crime and social justice. That went out with the Piscean Age. We’re in The Age of Energy Now.

Collective consciousness has evolved so much that the rules for effective healing are different. People heal themselves. They choose sessions or practitioners, if they desire. They are fully able to make their own prayers to God.

That is inner life. In objective reality, there is plenty that you and I can do.

Taking action in objective reality: That is the appropriate way to address political and social problems.

5 ways you can really help combat corruption and injustice

  1. Vote. Every election. Every office. In our last election, a shocking 54% of Americans didn’t bother to vote. Were you one of them? If so, resolve to NEVER let that happen again. Every American will live through the consequences of this last election, just as we are collectively dealing with consequences from other elections where people didn’t bother to cast an informed vote.
  2. Stay informed politically. Read a real newspaper, not just blogs like mine or anyone else’s. Read a newspaper with balanced journalism, not just preachin’ to the choir.
  3. Contact elected leaders. That would be the elected leaders you have now, including your local sheriff or head of law inforcement. Write to President Obama. Write to Attorney General Eric Holder. Write to people with the power to do something.
  4. Be politically active in constructive ways. That includes regularly contacting your representatives in Congress at the federal level, your state-level government as well. Save that information on your list of Internet favorites. Join organizations that actively work to promote social justice. Sign petitions.
  5. If you can’t donate time, donate money. When was the last time you made a cash donation, or a donation of time, to a worthy cause politically or socially?

Otherwise, avoid doing things that don’t help anybody, not really.

Such as?

  1. Wishing, hoping, thinking, praying. Believing that if you just stay positive, automatically you will fix everything wrong with the world. Avoid the spiritual bypass.
  2. Complaining and venting to your friends. As if that changed anything in objective reality.
  3. Getting yourself riled up by reading about other people’s anger at social injustice, or watching YouTubes or TV.
  4. Tweeting or posting on Facebook as a way to make things better. Please! Do that before you’re old enough to vote. Or drive a car.
  5. Following people on Twitter as though that made a difference. Maybe it “Makes a statement.” Well, political change requires more than venting.

What you feel is important, and even sacred. Yet that doesn’t mean the same thing as making a difference in the world, in objective reality.

So don’t squander your strong reactions, frittering away your time and energy on feel-good substitutes for taking action. Let them motivate you to take action in objective reality.

How does Rosetree Energy Spirituality contribute?

How very much I aim to encourage peace, comfort, support, and empowerment. Personally, I follow every one of the recommendations I have given here. I do this in my personal life.

With Rosetree Energy Spirituality, you can do so much to become stronger and more effective in life, more resourceful.

  1. Develop energetic literacy, for instance. I use that before voting if the process of following current events (tracking what politicians say and do) needs a supplement. Don’t you do the same? If not, why not?
  2. If you were born as an empath, become skilled as an empath. Here’s yet one more reason: So you have the requisite energy to take effective actions to help others.
  3. Move out STUFF from your aura, which you’all can do either through personal sessions with me or practitioners and apprentices I have trained…
  4. Or you can learn really powerful techniques for self-healing through Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection and Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing.
  5. Avoid living in Spiritual Addiction by sticking to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Which you can learn to do from this blog. See Balance Your Life Energetically, Top 10 List.

When these various techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality make a difference, that doesn’t mean that I personally stop doing the most and the best that I can in the world of politics. Yet it does console me, knowing when people are stronger and supported, inspired and empowered, comforted and more self-sufficient and peaceful.

Yes, one day at a time, let’s do our best. May God bless us, every one. And God does.

What will we do with that love and light and power and potential to make this world better? That’s up to each of us, isn’t it? What we do — not just how we feel — that’s how we can show that we love our country.


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  1. 1

    One related thought: What if you are having a conversation with someone who is outraged, complaining, furious etc. about what has been happening with these horrendous miscarriages of justice, the worst kind of prejudice?

    You might ask: “Did you vote in the last election?” If the answer is yes, congratulate your friend for doing something, at least. Maybe follow up by asking, “What else are you going to do now?”

  2. 2

    If your friend answers no, you might remind that friend to vote next time.

    Further, you might connect some dots between not voting then and having society deteriorate now.

    Corrupt public officials do not just land in office. There is a voting trail.

    Government is not just a matter of “The establishment” or “I believe all politicians are corrupt.”

    Easy generalizations like those crumble when people actually follow the news from reliable news media, such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post. (America’s three newspapers of record, with plenty of articles available online.)

  3. 3
    Meg says:

    Excellent post, ROSE!

    Many valid points and hope for these
    troubled times.

    6:38 PM

  4. 4
    Linda Stone says:


    Excellent post.

    Last night I was having a spirited conversation with some dinner guests regarding the the polarizing and paralyzing effects of the issues of racism and abuse in our country.

    I was shocked to hear that, in my guest’s opinion, the issues have been fabricated by “a liberal media.”

    Then the rest of his rant continued.

  5. 5
    Linda Stone says:

    I listened for a time and then explained that I can only respond by my own personal experiences.

    I have no idea what really happened in Missouri, or Yemen or Iraq or Los Angeles, or New York….

    I am not even certain of the facts that led to a recent drug bust two doors down the street from me.

  6. 6
    Linda Stone says:

    My head is not in the sand. I just strive to be in objective reality and to do what I can do, right here, right now, to be in the moment and to live with as much integrity as I can muster.

    That is what works for me. IMHO, the global transformation — for better or worse — starts with the individual.

  7. 7
    Zelda says:

    I really liked this post, Rose.

    I love that Rosetree Energy Spirituality has been my “secret weapon” in my own challenges with injustice over the years.

    In the spirit of sharing with those who are new to the blog and to the modality, here are ways Energy Spirituality has helped me in facing injustice.

    Soul Thrill Research is invaluable in learning about a person’s integrity. I’ve seen how using this approach has saved me headaches by avoiding entering into business transactions with unscrupulous individuals.

  8. 8
    Zelda says:

    In addition to the awful racial injustices we’ve been witnessing recently, I’ve also seen first hand in the last year the gross injustice in our U.S. health care system.

    I used Soul Thrill research in the hiring of a powerful Health Care Advocate who has educated and guided me in taking on a health insurance company that was using the common business practice of ignoring me in the hopes I’d give up asking them to pay what they were supposed to.

    We have been successful in confronting this injustice and I couldn’t have done it without her.

  9. 9
    Zelda says:

    In my health insurance adventure, there have been numerous small battles to be fought over the past year and I must say that I simply would not have been able to win each battle had I not laid a solid foundation as a skilled empath.

    I have become so much stronger as a result of STUFF removal, having cords of attachment cut and cutting them myself, using the Spiritual Cleansing techniques, and consistently focusing on self-authority.

  10. 10
    Zelda says:

    Soon I will be taking objective reality action and writing up the story of my experience with the health care system to share with politicians.

    I feel that it’s what I can do to help those in power realize what middle class Americans are dealing with.

  11. 11
    Zelda says:

    As I healed physically and resolved many challenging financial issues related to my health adventure, I learned quite a lesson about my growth in the process.

    I’d gone through a phase of learning about my sensitivity, but perhaps I was shielding myself a bit from the world.

    I was confronted over and over and over again with some very harsh realities. I got to a point one day of wondering what that focus on idealism in my life had been about, in the New Age world and in myself.

  12. 12
    Zelda says:

    It dawned on me that deep down, I simply hadn’t thought I’d be able to deal with some of the harsh injustices of life on earth if they landed in my life.

    I wonder if that’s what drives a lot of “feel-good” responses that ultimately aren’t helpful. A fear of not being able to deal with it.

    Rosetree Energy Spirituality is such a great resource for becoming strong enough to face whatever the reality is and to deal with it in the most effective way possible.

    Getting strong and savvy and dealing with injustices in the here-and-now are a great use of this modality.

  13. 13

    LINDA STONE and ZELDA, wow!

    Thanks so much to both of you for sharing. I’m proud to know you both.

    And MEG, your comment is very appreciated as well.

  14. 14
    Kylie says:

    Zelda, congratulations on all of the amazing progress you’ve made. It is so true-getting strong and savvy and dealing with injustices in the here and now is the way to change things. I think it is so cool you are going to write up your experiences to share with politicians.

  15. 15
    Kylie says:

    Zelda, I think you are right about what drives “feel good” responses. I just read an article about how both conservatives and liberals have their heads in the sand about climate change. Conservatives know that huge changes would be needed to avert climate change and are deeply afraid of those changes. Liberals believe that we won’t really have to change our lifestyle–we can just substitute “eco” ways of living the same lifestyles. Underlying both attitudes may be a fear of not being able to deal with the reality.

  16. 16
    Kylie says:

    Rose, I love your action steps for change. Combined with the approach of strengthening one’s ability to deal with reality that Zelda describes.

    I’d add one thing to the list–educating oneself with books, not just newspapers. There is so much that newspapers do not talk about, even good papers…

  17. 17
    Zelda says:

    Thanks, Kylie.

    Like any addiction, Spiritual Addiction and the variety of “feel-good” techniques that are nothing more than time-wasters shift the focus away from reality.

    I can think of no better way to get to the heart of reality, to really see what’s going on, than using Rosetree Energy Spirituality to slice through facades, illusions, and delusions.

    Of course, it takes the strength and willingness to be able to face those realities, which lots of people just plain don’t want to do.

  18. 18
    Zelda says:

    What I see happening in our society is on one level symbolic of what I’ve gone through recently.

    We are seeing that police are able to kill unarmed black men and face no consequences from our justice system.

    We are seeing that the institutions that we have believed will protect us, as they were set up to do, are actually more corrupt than we’d imagined. That’s a shock to many.

    It’s all struck a nerve and we see people protesting.

  19. 19
    Zelda says:

    I remember the day that the reality of my situation hit me.

    I was quite ill. The entity I was paying money to to pay my outrageously expensive medical bills was actually doing everything it could, as a business practice, to not help me, but to make money off of me.

    I learned that this is a common business strategy of health insurance companies.

    And why do they do it? Simply because they can. They count on customer ignorance and vulnerability.

  20. 20
    Zelda says:

    So this is where all the work with Rose really paid off.

    I became infuriated by the injustice of it all. I refused to accept what I was being told by these companies and the hospital.

    But I couldn’t just get mad and lash out, or as my cousin insisted I should do, “Just meditate.”

    I needed to get a powerful, savvy ally to advocate for me and to educate me as to how to effectively deal with these people.

    I needed to learn how the system really worked.

  21. 21
    Zelda says:

    In addition to the other Rosetree Energy Spirituality skills I mentioned, my “Magnetize Money” foundation helped me stay focused on my goal, which was to get all the medical bills paid in the way that was best for me.

    It’s a way of orienting myself to create what I want to create in objective reality that has served me well since I learned about it at the workshop a couple of years ago.

  22. 22

    Looking for a way to make a difference, Blog-Buddies who live in the U.S.?

    Then follow the new spending bill from Congress, that slips in some “lovely” gifts for Wall Street and ups the limits on donations to political parties. As if we really needed that.

    Inform yourself by reading articles like this one, from The Washington Post.

    Then contact your representative in Congress:

    Contact the senators from your state:

    A 10-minute favor to your society. Can you find the time?

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