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Don't accept a marriage proposal from someone who gets your name wrong. More help for empaths.

Empaths, use discernment about what you are offered

Empaths, use discernment about what you are offered

Empaths, you’ve had a couple of days to think about What kind of empath am I? Unhelpful names to avoid. So today let’s continue the response to ANDY’s question,“Is it possible that, as an empath, I have learned how to turn OFF some of my gifts but I haven’t learned how to turn off some of my OTHER gifts yet?”

Naming your empath gifts matters because naming is just the start of developing workable skills as an empath. In that context, what do I mean, “Don’t accept a marriage proposal from someone who gets your name wrong”?

It’s like having a hot affair with PAT. And right after some steamy sex, PAT rolls over and says, “That was so great, GLADYS.” And your name isn’t GLADYS.

Would you trust that love partner? Of course not. Marriage is demanding enough without identity theft. 😉

Naming your empath gifts matters because it can be easy to leap at an invitation. Someone offers to help you as an empath and you might feel as desperate as a woman who just “has got to get married to someone!”

Question that invitation. Is it really such a great deal?

When someone offers you “training” as an empath or promises “help” does it really have your name on it? Will your soul be enlivened? Or have you just been invited to a pretty hollow form of alleged “empath coaching”?

Becoming skilled as an empath — the real deal — is a lot like learning to drive a car.  Not just name the words for “Steering wheel.” Actually drive the car.

Nice or not, like a car

Look, we’re all busy. Has life ever been more complicated than it has been today?

And don’t even mention “Christmas shopping”!

Okay, I won’t. Let’s talk driving instead. Becoming a skilled empath is like learning how to drive. Sure you can do it. You just can’t do it super-quick, in a casual or hurried way.

Yet the process doesn’t have to take forever or feel impossible. Others have learned and so can you.

Some of you reading right now may be new to the very idea of “Empath.”

While others of you have learned the skill set that I have trademarked as “Empath Empowerment.”

It’s trademarked because there’s a lot to it, and the system works in a distinctive way that you won’t find elsewhere.

A system means that you learn empath skills one chunk at a time, in sequence. The whole is larger than the sum of the parts, and those parts need to come in order so empaths can get great results.

You’re used to systematic instruction if you know how to drive a car

Since I published the first book for empaths (in English, at least, and maybe anywhere in the world), I have seen a huge growth of resources. Empath experts are appearing like crazy.

  • Some empath coaches offer tips and coping strategies — which could be compared to teaching a driver how to not fall asleep at the wheel while driving down a busy highway.
  • Some empath coaches emphasize avoidance — like how to steer around those alleged “Psychic vampires” and “Toxic personalities.”
  • Some empath coaches advocate cleanliness — like using crystals to clean up your energy field. About as useful for Driver’s Ed as practicing how to wash your automobile.
  • Some empath coaches offer support group with huggles. (See Comment 17 and following at Mentoring when you are a newly discovered empath.) Which reminds me of a support group for drivers who keep crashing their cars because they never learned much about driving in the first place.
  • Some empath coaches get your attention by naming — like the approach I wrote about in What kind of empath am I? Unhelpful names to avoid. Where even the names for empath gifts are fuzzy and confusing, and the entire approach depends on (supposedly) knowing about your gifts and then “working on yourself.”

Want a great life as an empath? Here’s what I recommend that you do instead.

Systematic training. Sure this exists for empaths. The system of Empath Empowerment(R) could be compared to learning how to drive a car.

Not rocket science. Just learning how to drive. What are the steps required to gain skill?

1. You learn about your vehicle

For empaths, that means learning to name your empath gifts and understand how they have played a big part in your inner life all along, both the great aspect and the difficulties. Note: For a skilled empath, the great aspect of each empath gift becomes way stronger, while the difficulties stop.

And, as with the title to today’s post, beware the empath coach who muddles up this part of your training.

2. You learn how to turn on the car

For empaths, the ignition switch is your consciousness. Turning the key in the car’s ignition is like learning basics about how to use your consciousness, or inner awareness. Empath skills depend on this, and it’s easier than ever these days, since it is nearly two years since The Shift into the Age of Energy.

3. You learn how to apply the brakes

Turning empath gifts OFF, all of them at once — that is what keeps you safe as an empath. For instance, that is what helps you to stop taking on Imported STUFF.

This kind of subconcious and astral-level garbage is the cause of distress for empaths who don’t have skills yet. Imported STUFF is one of 15 Common Kinds of STUFF that can be healed with the various skill sets of Rosetree Energy Spirituality. So this part of an empath’s systematic training is a kind of self-healing now and prevention of future problems.

Way important! And not hard. Just allow a bit of time to get the knack.

4. You learn how to step on the gas and steer

That’s the fun part. I teach this systematically as Skilled Empath Merge, and there’s a whole book about how to do this, The Master Empath.

Driving your car! Seeing the world!

If you were born as an empath, you were made for this. So don’t settle for less.



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  1. 1
    Kira says:

    I have to laugh about the learning-to-drive analogy. I was absolutely terrified of learning to drive. I was convinced I would kill myself or someone else.

  2. 2
    David.. says:

    Amusing analogy Rose. Comparing it to driving a car? Makes me realize how bad the skills have been. Like driving with your windows fogged up while you’re sitting in the passenger seat. 😉

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