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Age of Awakening? Top 10 Articles

Top 10 and top ten

The “New Age” is here and now. It’s called “The Aquarian Age” or “The Age of Aquarius” or “Life After The Shift.” Or my favorite, “The Age of Awakening.”

Yes, something important really was set in motion nearly two years ago, 12-21-12. Rules have changed for living and evolving spiritually. The following articles can add to your practical education. From time to time, this blog will feature new articles on this topic.

  1. After The Shift, a new series of articles on Rosetree Energy Spirituality

  2. What does it take to evolve spiritually now, in this Age of Energy?

  3. Bring active energy of safety into society, free as sunshine

  4. New alignment after The Shift into the Aquarian Age, the Age of Energy

  5. Brain fog, Spiritual Addiction, and how you can triumph

  6. Three worlds, the Gayatri mantra, chakra databanks, and your nadisIntegrating spiritually after The Shift into the Age of Aquarius

  7. Does New Age have an especially strong astral component?

  8. What Is My Purpose?

  9.  Living in the Now

  10. Hello, objective reality

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    Isabelle says:

    Thank you, Rose:-) I really needed to read these articles!!

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