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Celebrate Householder Enlightenment, Me? A Guest Post.

Celebrating Householder Enlightenment

Celebrating Householder Enlightenment

Celebrating Householder Enlightenment, ELAINE W. has written this wonderful guest post.  May it encourage so many of you readers with an interest in spiritual growth, whether or not you cross the threshold into Householder Enlightenment or simply evolve a whole lot more.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your spiritual progress. Here’s ELAINE’s story.

Not Expecting Householder Enlightenment by a Long Shot

Hi Rose:

I wanted to give my input because for me it’s really important, and it may help someone else along the way.

You connected with me about six years ago on a website or page that I haven’t been to in almost as many years. I reviewed some of your books and began reading your blog.

For me, that was the beginning of finding a way to move through what felt to me like a heavy life, slogging through the daily grind, trying to figure things out.

I felt I was existing back then. In truth, when I look back at those days, I was pushing through however I could, existing from day to day.

Now I realize how bad I felt energetically, while trying all kinds of different exercises and modalities in an effort to feel better.

As you know my history I won’t repeat it here, but merely say I had some loss in my life, some heavy religious upbringing, lots of frozen blocks related to this life and others in regards to personal and family issues. When dealing with family stress, with each episode I thought, “If I can just get through it, I’ll be okay.”

Now, I see how far I have come in this life, how I’ve matured into who I want to be. Celebrating is appropriate.

Empath Empowerment® Moved Me Towards Householder Enlightenment

As a skilled empath I don’t have to be sucked into other’s stuff; I don’t have to suffer with taking on anyone’s agenda.

Through the years we’ve done many in-person sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® and phone sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation. I’ve read your books and benefited a great deal from your workshops. Of all your books, my favorite is “Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment.” It really resonated with me!

My life has improved tremendously through the workshops and phone sessions and in-person sessions. I love that you are spreading the word and have a mentoring program so your graduates can facilitate energetic healing. In the last two years my income has improved substantially since taking your “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” Workshop and from reading the book.

So after all this time and experience working with you, you’d think I would be more accepting when you told me I had moved into Enlightenment. However, I remained disbelieving for almost another twelve months and then after several more Aura Healing and Transformation phone sessions I finally had an Aha! moment, and accepted that I had moved into this state.

Celebrating Householder Enlightenment Yet? Nope.

All I had to do was look at the change in my life; a change that had happened over six years or so — but, most importantly, change that accelerated since 2013.

  • I began writing again after a long hiatus and I also pursued my art.
  • Creating art has shifted something else inside, further opening the world for me.
  • I consider myself very fortunate in that each day I can pursue interests that I enjoy in life. I’ve always created art, but right now I feel I have stepped into a new dimension with my art.

My first reaction to you telling me about Householder Enlightenment was surprise…  I said “What?”

And there was a sense of deep emotion.

Later I thought, “Why me?”

Enlightenment Belief? Such Reluctance!

After this Enlightenment Coaching over the phone, I read for a year or more.

Rreading all the other information and posts on your blog pertaining to Enlightenment.

I was like, “That’s not me or my experience — my life and thoughts are not all roses and smooth life experiences.”

That’s what I saw when I read these posts about Householder Enlightenment.

What also made it hard to celebrate or even recognize that I had moved into a higher state of consciousness? In the months following, some problems happened that just about sucked the life from me.

I continued my aura healing sessions throughout this time because they were a lifeline as I continued to move out STUFF.

[Technical point from Rose: You may know that, for the emotional and spiritual healing of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, 15 various kinds of STUFF have been identified. As that clutters up auras, any item of STUFF could be rated on a scale from 1-10. One of the grace-of-God aspects about moving into Enlightenment is that all your STUFF is knocked down to a 1. Still, evolution continues after crossing the threshhold into Enlightenment. And it is wonderful to move out that 1-rated STUFF. Even though relatively minor, it still bothers a person. This STUFF that remains is just like any other STUFF that’s emotional or spiritual or behavioral. In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, our motto is, “STUFF can always, always, always be healed.”]

Vibrational Re-Positioning in Householder Enlightenment

Householder Enlightement or not, I felt like I was in some kind of flux. Things in my life were changing. And it felt darned difficult.

My most recent session with Rose had the healing centerpiece of the heavy duty technique she calls Vibrational Re-Positioning.  That helped me to finally acknowledge, and start celebrating. It was real, this new state of Householder Enlightenment.

What did I come to realize? This is MY experience of Householder Enlightenment. And it’s not like anyone else’s.

I did not seek Enlightenment. If I did think about it, I wasn’t really interested. And yet this happened.

My actions are still based on integrity.  And my view of the world seems pretty much the way it’s always been… but so much clearer.

That clarity is something I have come to celebrate.

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Elaine! This news is no surprise to me. I loved reading about your journey. And, wow! talk about using your full potential in life. That is so inspiring to me.

  2. 2
    Jean says:

    Elaine – many congratulations!

    And thank you for this great post describing your path to enlightenment.

    I especially enjoyed the following…

    “What did I come to realize?
    This is MY experience of Enlightenment.
    And it’s not like anyone else’s.

    “I did not seek Enlightenment.
    If I did think about it,
    I wasn’t really interested in it.
    And yet this happened.”

    Best of wishes to you Elaine – in all you do.

  3. 3
    Isabella says:

    Congrats, Elaine!

    Though I never really doubted being Enlightened once I was (I was aware of the final click, and though it was subtle it was also obvious), I do relate to some confusion around lack of perfection in my life, especially in my subjective life.

    But then I realize that has nothing to do with Enlightenment. lol. Of course I would continue to grow one step at a time in the ways I choose. Enlightenment is just like turning on the light in the stairwell. Doesn’t mean you get to skip any steps!!!

  4. 4

    KYLIE, let it be noted that YOU are doing extraordinary things, too.

    Such as the caliber of service and skill you bring to each of those three jobs and that grand volunteer work, your being able to study a couple of hours a day of Mandarin Chinese, your cooking prowess.

    Ygad, woman!

  5. 5

    JEAN and ISABELLA, thanks so much for these comments.

    In the spirit of JEAN, I would like to do a bit of quoting. From Comment 3:

    “Enlightenment is just like turning on the light in the stairwell. Doesn’t mean you get to skip any steps!!!”

  6. 6
    Kira says:

    Congrats, Elaine!

    And Isabella, I too like your comment that Rose quoted.

  7. 7
    Rachel says:

    Congratulations to you too, Elaine!

    It’s really good and interesting to read about your experiences.

  8. 8
    Linda Stone says:


    You and your artwork are such a gift to this world. I so appreciate your complete humility and grace that show in your reluctant acceptance of Enlightenment.

    I also loved Isabella’s comment regarding the light in the stairwell. I feel humbled to be in — and share — this incredible community. Congratulations, Elaine.

  9. 9
    Elaine says:

    Thank you all. I appreciate the feedback. And what really stumped me in the beginning was I guess the expectation of “one size fits all” which is not the case. And I’ve never been a “one size fits all” type of person so go figure why I got that idea. But as I continued to work with Rose’s system, clarity!

  10. 10
    Rachel says:

    And now a question for Rose…

    I am probably missing something, but I don’t get how one person’s Enlightenment is “an inside job,” and they are Enlightened despite life not being how they want it to be, and for another person it comes about due to using their “full potential in life.”

  11. 11
    Rachel says:

    Is it inner or outer? Or both?

    So many New Agers emphasise the inner life and spurn taking practical, outward action to improve life (that’s what I have observed, at any rate).

  12. 12
    Rachel says:

    But I have been inspired by things you have said, Rose, or pieces of research you have conducted with me, that shows the amazing effect that different choices can make on one’s aura. Real, practical choices – actions, things to do, not just ‘thinking,’ or ‘feeling happy.’

    So I guess I have been thinking that everything depends on what you DO, not on ‘inner work.’

  13. 13

    What a fascinating series of questions, RACHEL.

    I don’t just like that you think.

    I like how you think.

    I think a new blog post is the way to respond, so look for it later, Bold Quizzer.

  14. 14
    Anita says:

    Congratulations, Elaine! I loved reading about your journey, so beautifully expressed.

    I enjoyed the same part of the post that Jean noted in Comment #2.

    This part also resonated with me:

    “Enlightened or not, I felt like I was in some kind of flux. Things in my life were changing, and it felt darned difficult.”

    Being clear on the inside doesn’t mean that life or human experience become perfect on the outside!

    I think of the story of Siddhartha Gautama. Born to a life of privilege and shielded from the sick, aged, and suffering, it was only when he went out to the world that he became Enlightened. He became Buddha.

  15. 15
    Jessica Gates says:

    Yay Elaine!!

  16. 16
    David.. says:

    Wonderful, Elaine
    And not uncommon for it not to be clear at first. The shift itself can stir up stuff. And in some ways, it may seem more in your face than before. But as you process it, it gets clearer and clearer and some of the benefits begin to engage.

    The speed of that process varies quite widely, as does the way we experience it personally.

    It’s also very common for it to not meet any expectations – those have nothing to do with it. How often did becoming a teenager or adult meet our expectations either. 😉

  17. 17
    An avid reader says:

    Congratulations,Elaine! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  18. 18
    Gia says:

    Congratulations Elaine!!!

  19. 19
    Elaine says:

    I’m touched by all the comments. It means so much to belong to a community of like minded people.

    David said: And not uncommon for it not to be clear at first. The shift itself can stir up stuff. And in some ways, it may seem more in your face than before.

    This is exactly what happened. It stirred up so much stuff and then everything was very much in my face.

  20. 20
    Zelda says:

    Congratulations, Elaine!

  21. 21
    Jnana says:

    Congrats to Elaine. This is a whole new perspective of stepping into Enlightenment.

  22. 22
    Amanda says:

    This is beautiful to read and so helpful. Elaine, Isabella and David, I am touched also by the comments highlighted by others.

    A very human feeling in all of this. What a community this is: it’s a privilege to have found it!


  23. 23
    Brandi says:

    Congratulations Elaine..all the best for 2015 in this new place of being.

  24. 24
    Tehya says:

    Thank you Elaine, and congratulations! My understanding of householder enlightenment grows when I read personal experiences like these.

  25. 25
    Emily says:

    Congratulations Elaine!

  26. 26
    Julie says:

    Congratulations, Elaine! I too am very grateful to be part of this community.

    I find myself both humbled by the grace of Enlightenment, but also in a sense ‘living in the trenches’.

    But that’s where compassion comes in. If I were living on a cloud, there would be no need for compassion.

    I loved Anita’s comment #16 about the Buddha going forth into the world. Why did he do that?

    Put simply, he was needed.

  27. 27

    Wow, ANITA! Wow, JULIE!

    And I’m so glad to read all the comments from you, too, EMILY, TEHYA, BRANDI, AMANDA, JNANA, ZELDA, GIA, ELAINE, AN AVID READER, DAVID, JESSICA GATES, RACHEL, and KIRA.

  28. 28
    Isabella says:

    About the Buddha, I’ll add something that I believe.

    Even for the Buddha, even after he was Enlightened, it required courage to be human.

  29. 29
  30. 30

    Congratulations Elaine!

    I think, before we began exploring this state of consciousness for ourselves, we necessarily had such a different conception of what enlightenment would entail.

    An aggregate concept, pieced together from the accounts of others, some of whom were truly speaking from that state, some of whom were not (knowingly or not). Some speaking from across time, across cultures, and also from across their individuality.

    We triangulated as best we could, from these different sources, to try and predict where we were going.

    And yet, when we arrived, we found it just exactly as it was for us. No more, no less. Just what it was, with no ledger to account for the discrepancies between our best maps and the terrain itself.

    I believe there will prove to be as many ways to be enlightened, as there are ways to be human. A fundamental core commonality, but expressed in fractal diversity.

  31. 31
    Kira says:

    Neat comment, Adam!

    This is only slightly relevant, but I found in college psychology classes that I was more interested in individual differences than in commonalities. But I also found it very hard to come up with experiments to study individual differences.

    I mention it because it seems to me that many fields downplay individual differences, and psychology is the only concrete example I could think of. We sort each other into groups in all kinds of ways and then study those groups; perhaps it’s no wonder we tend to expect major experiences to be common to many.

  32. 32
    David.. says:

    I agree with Rose – great comment Adam.

  33. 33

    Thanks Kira and David!

    Kira, I guess that’s a weakness in many of the beliefs, theories and systems we use. If we want broad explanatory or predictive power from them, a certain amount of generalisation is usually required – but some of the precision that is required to capture individuality is then lost.

    I think this is one of the great beauties of Rose’s aura reading system – the way this single system allows us to understand individuality without having to contort painfully to account for wild variations.

  34. 34
    Kira says:

    Adam, yes! It’s not that we shouldn’t ever generalize; it’s very useful. But we also shouldn’t be using what we learn that way to try to force people to conform, and we shouldn’t overgeneralize, either.

  35. 35
    Kira says:

    I agree that Rose’s aura reading system is awesome in that way!

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