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Five Things I have learned from Enlightenment Coaching

ELAINE, enjoying photography. One more way to play.

ELAINE, enjoying photography. One more way to play.

What happens during Enlightenment Coaching? Which thing (or things) will help you the most to cross the threshold into Householder Enlightenment?

In the short time that I been doing Enlightenment Coaching, I have learned these five things.

Five things, give or take a few.

These little things inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you, too.

Enlightenment Coaching Thing 1: Is Evolution about the Inner You or the Outer You?

RACHEL has asked a great version of this question at our pair of guest posts by new additions to our Enlightenment Life List, KYLIE and ELAINE. I’m going to alternate answers with each of her fine quotes. Then I’ll blurt out something (formerly) rather private: The five most important things I have learned so far as an Enlightenment Coach.

Big disclaimer first. Rose Rosetree does not know everything. What, you knew that already? 😉 I’m just one energy healer who helps with emotional progress and spiritual growth. I never set out to found the system of Rosetree Energy Spirituality but co-created it piece by piece. As for the piece of my work around being an Enlightenment Coach, that is relatively new. In short, I’m still learning. Here I will simply share what I have learned so far. What is Enlightenment Coaching, anyway?

“I don’t get how one person’s Enlightenment is “an inside job,” and they are Enlightened despite life not being how they want it to be…”

Enlightenment Coaching Thing #2. Enlightenment always is an inside job

For everyone, moving into Enlightenment is an inside job. The lights go on from within.

Enlightenment is a state of consciousness. It does not mean winning at the local Bingo game, nor any other outward honor or award. Those are outside, right? Also known as “Objective reality.”

Arranging objective reality according to one’s personal expectations is not an appropriate human job. Perhaps it is sometimes the mission of a dictator or megalomaniac, but they’re not Enlightened. 😉

Even for them, fat chance!

So a person may have the state of consciousness of Enlightenment without having external life be perfect in every respect.

Enlightenment Coaching Thing #3. Does using your potential in life bring Enlightenment?

“… and for another person [Enlightenment] comes about due to using their ‘full potential in life.’”

The short answer to this part of RACHEL’s question is simple: This is a common, but incorrect, assumption.

Doing anything, including using your full potential, does not bring Enlightenment. Cart before horse logic!

Before Enlightenment — we’re not using our full potential. After Enlightenment — we are.

Sometimes doing and saying things (expressing one’s potential in life) can be an important part of a person’s path. Other times, or for other people, that is irrelevant.

Tricky business, indeed, this Enlightenment Coaching!

Soon as I read this part of RACHEL’s question, I thought, “The only way to answer this properly is to share FIVE THINGS ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT COACHING.” You know, what is coming up later in today’s post.

“Is  inner or outer? Or both?”

Fascinating, deep question here! And again, I hope that the FIVE THINGS ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT COACHING can shed some light.

Enlightenment Coaching Thing #4. Living with Gusto Hastens Enlightenment

“So many New Agers emphasise the inner life and spurn taking practical, outward action to improve life (that’s what I have observed, at any rate). But I have been inspired by things you have said, Rose, or pieces of research you have conducted with me, that shows the amazing effect that different choices can make on one’s aura. Real, practical choices – actions, things to do, not just ‘thinking,’ or ‘feeling happy.’”

RACHEL is so right that choices have an amazingly big effect on a person’s aura. Making wise choices about everyday lifestyle options like diet and exercise and hobbies: This can be a hugely important way to move forward spiritually, as well as bringing more success and human fulfillment.

“So I guess I have been thinking that everything depends on what you DO, not on ‘inner work.’”

Maybe. Maybe not. Oooh, time for….

Okay, Five MORE Things

There’s so much more I have learned through Enlightenment Coaching. Here come summaries.

Extra Enlightenment Coaching Thing 1. Intensely individual.

I don’t know what is going on with my client’s spiritual growth until I have done a Skilled Empath Merge or aura reading. This provides up-to-the-moment breaking news, one chakra databank at a time.

Of course, this is Energetic Literacy, folks.

  • I’m not getting a message from God or any other Divine Being about what somebody needs to evolve spiritually. Because, Hello! God doesn’t do that. (The single most important point in today’s post, BTW.)
  • I’m not getting a message from a spirit guide about what somebody needs to evolve spiritually.

Meaning no disrespect to the lovely psychics who help their clients this way, spirit guides DO tell people what to do. And sometimes that advice is just the thing. However, no spirit guide has the standing to serve as an Enlightenment Coach.

Why not? Spirits and angels who give people advice, such as guardian angels, aren’t Enlightened themselves.

Related point: Check the Enlightenment Life List for example after example of professional psychics who have been nominated for that list. Not one practicing psychic nominated yet has made it.

Psychics tend not to become Enlightened because they are experts at psychic development, not spiritual development. (The exception that proves the rule is the famous psychic Carolyn Myss, who didn’t move into Enlightenment — according to my aura reading research — until long after she stopped working as a medical intuitive.) By definition, Enlightenment Coaching involves spiritual development.

So I learn how to help my client right now by researching one chakra databank at a time. That, in combination with the skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, tells me quite enough to help one client at a time.

Enlightenment Coaching Thing 2. STUFF Removal, then PUT In to Wake up Soul Expression.

Some clients need STUFF removal. Although they ask for Enlightenment Coaching. Well, what makes them different?

It’s a good thing, actually. Most of my 55-minute sessions with clients are for Aura Healing and Transformation.

KYLIE and ELAINE both noted in their guest posts that they had done many such sessions. Most clients really need that, and it can be very helpful for moving forward more rapidly into Enlightenment.

Could I Be an Enlightenment Coaching Skeptic?

(Inconvenient Thing. I won’t count it in my list. 😉 )

Personally, I’m skeptical that offering other types of Enlightenment Coaching will help a person move into Enlightenment unless the modality includes a very powerful component for STUFF removal.

It isn’t enough to present ideals or give insights or entrain with the Enlightened person’s darshan.

Just my opinion. And don’t I sure I know that people wish for the opposite to be true. Like, “You learn the meaning of life and suddenly you are THERE.”

Seems to me, Earth School happens to be designed in a manner that is far more complex. Or you could call it “Elegant.”

Enlightenment Coaching Thing 3. Some clients need to get a life.

This is a big deal at a certain point, helping my long-term clients who seek Enlightenment. Integration of consciousness, you can call it.

Figuring out which skill set to use for helping a client is the ART within Rosetree Energy Spirituality. For my apprentices and graduates in this emerging field, part of the thrill and nonstop learning involves discernment about which skill to use when.

Enlightenment Coaching Thing 4. Don’t Expect Any One Thing.

The type of Enlightenment Coaching varies as my client progresses.

Sometimes a seeker of Enlightenment will need a lot of aura healing. Or the next-up step of progress might be a lot of human integration-type helping, like Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research or certain forms of Vibrational Re-Positioning or simply learning some social skills that were missing.

(Most of us have some areas where social skills have been missing… and we never got the memo. For example, “Strong sense of self” for an East-Meets West person. Or “Self-acceptance related to my intelligence” for someone who is intellectually gifted.)

Clients can progress in one direction, then need the other, then the first.

It’s a sacred and very individual path, moving towards Enlightenment. (Also continuing to progress after crossing the threshold into Householder Enlightenment.)

Enlightenment Coaching Thing 5. The Gold Standard

My client’s intention is always the gold standard for spiritual evolution

When you work with any Enlightenment Coach, and definitely if I’m helping you, bring a personal intention to each session.

Make it something human, like:

  • “More emotional self-acceptance”
  • Or, “Make more money”
  • Perhaps, “Improve the relationship with my spouse, from my side.”

Indirectly, your progress towards this goal will also light your way towards Enlightenment.

The Most Important  Thing About Enlightenment Coaching Isn’t a Thing.

It’s a Who.


As a client, you don’t have the skill set of your session facilitator. However, you are the world’s expert on you. Nobody knows you better, in human ways, than you. And that means NOBODY.

So let the human problems and goals that concern you most right now count. Count as part of your process of spiritual evolution.

Don’t disregard your human life. Don’t deny it. As if (supposedly) you can find a higher wisdom that way. And (also supposedly) Divine blessings will automatically fix all your human problems.

Instead strive to live your full potential, according to your understanding. That will also help you to progress towards Enlightenment.

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  1. 1

    Another gorgeous sample of ELAINE’s photography is this “Snow Globe in East Jewett” — where she lives:

    [Link No Longer Available]

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    Like. 🙂

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Love this post Rose. And what a gorgeous photograph, Elaine.

    One of the things that Rachel’s question has brought home for me is that, being enlightened doesn’t magically change objective reality. Only saying and doing things in objective reality does that.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    I’m a qualified and talented librarian. In order for me to become a professional full time librarian, there has to be an appropriate full time opening that I can apply for, matching my skills.

    Once there is such an opening, the objective work I’ve put into developing skills and working on my resume brings objective results (I get an interview.)

  5. 5
    Kylie says:

    Once I get an interview, it’s true that my auric modeling gives me a much higher chance of getting that job than many other applicants.

    But my auric modeling cannot change the job market! If the job isn’t there, I can’t get it.

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Now I could decide to become educated in a different field, or to start applying for non-library jobs. I could start working on other job skills

    (I am, in fact, by learning Mandarin and starting a book club.)

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    One of the reasons I got my most recent professional part time job? Because I started volunteering as an ESL tutor a year ago.

    That new skill of “teaching” was attractive to my new employer.

  8. 8
    Kylie says:

    These are all objective reality things.

    What enlightenment helps with, is that during this time where the library job market is dead, I am not anxious, depressed, bitter, or low on confidence.

    I do not take the market as a reflection on my abilities.

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    I am able to do the things I need to do in objective reality to improve my job/financial situation.

    I am able to think creatively.

    I have the energy to experiment and learn new skills.

    I have faith that I will be fine no matter what.

  10. 10
    Brandi says:

    Congrats to you Kylie on enlightenment. I can’t believe how much I have learned from you and others in this community in such a short time. I can lay to rest the myth that enlightenment means that your objective reality will be “perfect”-like you can manifest anything you want when you want without doing. Your examples are so practical and human.

  11. 11
    Rachel says:

    Hear, hear!

    Great comments, Kylie. Something about the way you explain it makes enlightenment sound more attractive to me :-).

    Thanks for the post, Rose – I also love what you say about how individual it is.

  12. 12
    Elaine says:

    Another wonderful series of posts Kylie. It helps to break the maybe preconceived notion of how this process works.

  13. 13
    Kylie says:

    Thank you Brandi and Rachel. The funny thing is, I was never actually pursuing enlightenment. My intention for the past several healing sessions has been “Preparing for a lucrative and fulfilling full time job.” I’ve been very focused on practical goals all year. So, if you have no interest in enlightenment, don’t worry. It might find you anyway.

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