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Aura reading detective work about a person's spiritual life

Oooh! Let's be discreet as we research a person's spiritual life through aura reading.

Oooh! Let’s be discreet as we research a person’s spiritual life through aura reading.

Asking a person is easy. At least, some people are all to eager to tell you about their religion and spiritual life.

Asking is a fine way to have a conversation, provided you really wish to hear the answer. 😉

This holiday season I received my annual communication from a distant relative GLADYS. She lives for her church, volunteers generously, and is as sweet as she could be. Nothing but religion really matters for her, far as I know. So she sent a Christmas card to our family, getting our first names right but the last names wrong.

GLADYS’ card arrived a month early, perhaps so she could produce greater impact than any other, lesser, cards we might receive during the actual Christmas season. Enclosed in the envelope was a nicely printed religious tract, going into generous detail.

Yes, some people are all too eager to tell us about their spiritual lives. They may believe they get extra points for missionary work — and who am I to say? Maybe they receive those points, too.

But isn’t Earth School a funny place? What we’re really curious about doesn’t necessarily show on the surface of life at all. “Being a spiritual person” is a great example because the deep truth of the matter does not lie on the surface of self-description.

Yesterday at this blog we had spirited comments on the topic of What does it mean to be spiritual, really? Responding to those comments, I am developing a brand new set of chakra databanks expressly designed for clarifying the nuances of a person’s spiritual life. If you’re feeling bold. And provided that you have learned how to do aura reading.

How does a person relate to spiritual life?

Actions speak louder than words, spiritually — as was discussed yesterday. Both words and actions do count, sketching the broad outlines of a person’s spiritual portrait at any given time.

Especially revealing are words and deeds that are NOT directly about religion or spirituality.

Energetically and subconsciously, we can color in that picture by researching chakra databanks like those in my protocol about Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot.

More about researching a person’s level of consciousness, spiritual experience, etc.

Related to some of yesterday’s wonderful comments about “What does it mean to be spiritual, really?”

  • In Comments 8 and 9, SARAH wrote about sparkle showing up in a person’s aura. That’s true, it can. However, that is about the quality of a chakra databank. It is not a particular chakra databank.
  • Same thing for kindness, which RACHEL flagged in Comment 17. However, there are related chakra databanks about emotional giving and emotional receiving, as you’ll read in the chakra databank set developed about Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot. Householder or renunciate, these two chakra databanks matter greatly on a person’s path to Enlightenment.
  • BRANDI’s lovely Comment 14 brings out another teaching point about energetic literacy. There is no chakra databank called “Yoga.” 😉 Granted, every choice on one’s spiritual path produces consequences to all chakra databanks, and this can be researched in advance of signing up for a particular yoga class (for example) with Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research.
  • CHRISTINE’s heartfelt Comment 33 could generate a whole blog post in response but let’s keep it simple:

CHRISTINE, on the one hand you wrote that “Being spiritual has nothing to do with religion, in my opinion.” I agree. On the other hand, all the criteria listed in your comment about “being spiritual” are related to either religion or behavior. (Whether they are lived in terms of an organized religion or a religion of your own creation.)

With all respect, not a single detail that you have listed is relevant to aura reading. Although clearly each point is motivating for you personally.

Blog-Buddies, our next blog post will give you the protocol. One way to profile a person’s current version of being spiritual.

I’m aiming for December 26. In my hemisphere, you Downunder folk!

Meanwhile, have a happy.




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    Kira says:

    I really enjoyed reading all the comments about what it means to be spiritual. I have a book called “The Sacred and the Profane” (by Mircea Eliade) that was required reading for one of my religion classes in college. Some of the ideas mentioned were covered in that book (to the best of my memory–I haven’t read it since college). But, not surprisingly, chakra databanks weren’t. Looking forward to the upcoming post.

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