Deeper Perception Made Practical

How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014. A Guest Post by CATHY

What helped Cathy to feel "I am home."

What helped Cathy to feel “I am home.”

Blog-Buddy CATHY has a lot to share about her experiences through using a variety of skill sets in Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Awesome, CATHY! Thank you so much for sharing as part of our contest, What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014? A joyful contest to enter.

Using Deeper Perception, Cathy’s sequence of skills,

This year has been a crazy year, with all the self-awareness learning I’ve been doing.

In a crazy hodge-podge of knowledge (it seemed that way at the time), in 2014 I have learned to acknowledge being an empath, have gained skills and empowerment in that area.

This has led to aura reading skills, self-healing skills with Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, and an over-whelming but joyous feeling of ‘I’m back’!

Empath Empowerment(R)

How much this helps on a daily basis!

Learning Empath Empowerment skills with Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment — this has helped me lose that feeling of “I’m losing my damn mind.”

I used to feel that every day, all day, and especially around groups of people.

As I now work in a sales position, I get to practice my skills as an empath daily.

At home, it has led to me being able to not over-react if my husband is having a bad day. He is a wonderful man, but in serious chronic pain, which can make anyone cranky on occasion. I can take a breath, realize that his anger or distress isn’t mine, and let him get it out, without taking it personally. Such a difference!

Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R)

On a daily basis, it is again the little things that make such a big difference. In about 30 seconds I taught my daughter basic aura reading, using the “Aura Handshake” technique from Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical. She is seven, and kids just get it!

Now when she is restless, and unable to fall asleep, I do the “Auric Massage” and “”Auric Seal” techniques from that book, and she calms right down. Sometimes she will ask me to “smooth her energy down for her.” It helps if she wakes up from a bad dream too.

I’m still discovering how “Auric Massage” helps me, personally. I have certainly become much better at being mindful, and have started a basic yoga habit, which also helps me energetically and health-wise.

I’m about ready to try the “Toning” techniques from Aura Reading Through All Your Senses and see how they helps my allergies and energy level.

Because I’ve healed enough aurically (still got a long ways to go), I am realizing how much energy effects me. This has led to me starting purging my house, one room at a time, using the principles of feng shui energy. Yes, it makes an amazing difference, and I’m nowhere near done!

Now I am able to start pinpointing how or why a room, or building or things make me feel, acknowledge it, and then make a decision on what to do with it. Like throwing out six bags of junk from the master bedroom.

12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R)

The first book by Rose that I purchased was Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.

I felt it might help me deal with some issues in my life. It quickly became apparent though, that I had zero skills and understanding of most of the concepts and methods needed, so all the rest of this learning has had to come first.

So 2015 will be the year to start learning those skills along with The NEW Power of Face Reading, and Read People Deeper. I think the more whole I am as a person, the more clearly I can read others with aura reading and using Stage Three Energetic Literacy to read chakra databanks.

Does skill at aura reading makes it easier to trust your perceptions when cutting cords of attachment? Maybe that’s just me.

Deeper Perception — The Bottom Line for Me Right Now

Has this all helped me spiritually? I don’t know.

I do know I feel more clearly and closer to God than I have since I was about three.

I think this in itself is a huge improvement over the last four decades!

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  1. 1

    Thanks so much for this contest entry, CATHY. And here is my answer to your excellent question:

    “Does skill at aura reading makes it easier to trust your perceptions when cutting cords of attachment?”

    Definitely. I strongly recommend, for instance, taking Aura Reading Workshop Level 1 before taking Cut Cords of Attachment Level 1.

  2. 2

    And it isn’t just a matter of trusting more when you cut cords of attachment. With strong skills at aura reading, you will do a better job.

    Cutting cords of attachment is more than “Whack and hack.” Each healing session you give yourself has the potential to deliver a big-deal, high-quality step forward in your personal evolution.

    Even when you facilitate cutting very minor cords of attachment.

    Aura reading skills make a big difference for the quality of the aura healing.

  3. 3
    Zelda says:

    Cathy, I enjoyed your post.

    It’s so great that you have been learning skills of Deeper Perception. What a difference it makes!

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Wonderful post Cathy! I loved reading how you use your skills with your family. Lucky daughter, lucky husband! About feng shui, I cleared out all my clutter when I first learned about feng shui, and it is amazing how powerful that is. Using aura reading to determine what to keep and what to get rid of–how smart.

  5. 5
    Cathy says:

    Thanks again Rose. It’s nice to know that my perceptions on aura reading on the right track. That my feelings of NOT being ready to do the cord cutting was right. I also had the equally strong feeling that I would be eventually, and would know when I was 🙂
    Personal growth is such a fun journey, is it not?

  6. 6
    Cathy says:

    Thanks Zelda and Kylie, it sure is a daily learning and experimenting process, deeper perception. Such amazing results.

  7. 7
    Jessica Gates says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Cathy. I haven’t read through Aura Reading through All Your Senses in quite a while. You’ve inspired me to pick it up again. Isn’t it wonderful how we all inspire each other!

  8. 8
    David B says:

    Thanks, Kathy. Interesting pointers. Become the Most Important was huge for me. Still learning on that front.

    I became aware of how stuff in my space was carrying energy and played with clearing it or removing it physically before I met Rose but after I’d shifted. Rose’s Aura Reading book gave those skills a major upgrade.

    Cut Cords is another book I have that I’m yet to read. Also something I’ve done before but without skills. Looking forward to that upgrade. 😉

  9. 9
    Cathy says:

    Jessica, glad I could help inspire a little, I know I sure need to go through Aura Reading a few more times. Assimilating, and gaining the skills from this book takes time, at least for me, so that they come more easily, as needed. I have been through it a couple of times, and am going through again, and there are some things I totally don’t remember! Maybe that’s just middle age catching up with me ;D

  10. 10
    Cathy says:

    David, Most Important Person was also huge for me, and it’s going to take a few more 30 day runs, I think, for the different skills to become so deeply ingrained I don’t have to stop and think about them, every time I need them. Like any other skill, I don’t think it happens over night.
    I would be interested in hearing about how Cut Cords works for you, when you try it again. I am at the point-almost- where I will be ready to start on very minor ones. It’s a big step 😉

  11. 11
    Tehya says:

    Thank you for the post, Cathy. I can so relate to what a big deal it is to recognize being an empath and gain skills as an empath. Congratulations!

    I forgot about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. I’ve been meaning to dig into that book. You’ve inspired me to pick it up too!

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