Deeper Perception Made Practical

How Deeper Perception Helped Me in 2014. A guest post by ZELDA

Deeper Perception for a new start, as experienced by Zelda

Deeper Perception for a new start, as experienced by Zelda

Blog-Buddy ZELDA has given her time generously this year to comment here. I think she has outdone herself in today’s comment on the last day of 2014, contributing once again, to one of our contests, What did you learn about deeper perception in 2014? A joyful contest to enter.

Building on Deeper Perception in the Long Term

What a wonderful opportunity to review the year’s adventures by taking the time to think about what I’ve learned about Deeper Perception this year. It’s been a year of great challenge and growth. Thanks for this opportunity, Rose!

I’ve been a skilled empath for a while now and have steadily worked on developing Deeper Perception skills to the best of my ability. I can see how using the entire skill set has become a way of life for me, whether I’m cutting cords of attachment for myself, using skills of Spiritual Cleansing and Protection; sometimes working with Rose in sessions of Aura Healing and Transformation or Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research.

Reflecting on the big challenges of the year almost had me forget about what’s worth mentioning – the simple joy of being able to take part in activities that had previously been too overwhelming for me in my unskilled empath days. All these come to mind:

  • Going to crowded museums
  • Cheering at a loud, raucous parade with hordes of spectators
  • People watching on public transportation by using face reading
  • And enjoying a joyful, loud Broadway musical.

I was able to be fully present as myself and not worried about being overwhelmed.

So Much Growth!

Deeper Perception has helped me to understand just how much and how quickly I’ve grown. So much in my life in the past year has come into focus quite sharply.

For instance, I thought that the acupuncture and other types of body work that had been helping me would continue to help me, but I quickly learned that the consciousness of the practitioner is crucial. I would not have been able to realize how much my consciousness had shifted had it not been for the research Rose did.

I was able to save time, energy, and money by learning which practices and practitioners to let go, including those who had moved into extreme spiritual addiction.

I’ve grown to trust my intuition regarding which Deeper Perception skills to use when. I can sense when Spiritual Cleansing and Protection skills are needed, when I need to check for a cord of attachment and cut it or have it cut professionally, and when it’s time to seek Rose’s help with Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research to aid in decision-making.

I’ve had several instances of nagging intuition about a feeling about a particular person be validated through the results of aura reading research.

Deeper Perception as the Ultimate “Secret-Weapon” Navigational Tool

I’ll summarize here what I’ve mentioned in other comments over the months: that using Soul Thrill research has been my go-to “secret weapon” in navigating an extremely challenging health and related financial situation.

Even in writing that introduction, I’m having another Aha! It is simply a way of life for me now to bypass what is known as “conventional wisdom.” So much in life is just not what it seems at the surface level. Of course, Blog Buddies know this!

Deeper Perception is absolutely my “go-to” way of being in the world now when I need insights.

Supporting My Health Using Deeper Perception

I’ve been amazed by the variety of approaches I’ve encountered to treating my heart condition (AFib).

Conventional wisdom I heard was that the best choice would be to hire the rock-star doc who’s known for doing a particular procedure. Conventional wisdom was also that I’d likely need to undergo that procedure more than once. And/or I’d need to be on medication for the rest of my life.

And that people with massive medical bills insurance won’t pay just go bankrupt.

And so on and so on.

None of which has been true for me.

I used Deeper Perception to slice through the conventional wisdom and find the best practitioners and approaches for me. My experience has been that there are plenty of polarizing, either/or approaches in both Western medicine and energetic approaches to health.

I can’t imagine how my situation would have unfolded had I not used Deeper Perception to find the best combination of integrative approaches in my particular situation. Rose and I did Aura Reading Research on doctors, medicine.

Checking out different “research items” in the Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research, impact on my Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health was consulted repeatedly… along with plenty of other chakra databanks to see what their impact on my health would be.

I’m happy to say that in my most recent check-up with my cardiologist, last week, my heart has not shown an instance of AFib in recent months, which is huge! It’s basically as close to being cured as you can get with this condition, and that’s actually pretty rare.

Using Deeper Perception to Magnetize Money

I attended Rose’s Magnetize Money Workshop a couple of years ago and have used the skills I learned ever since.

What stood out for me this year was the approach I used to deal with over $140,000 in medical bills.

My intention was to have the medical bills paid for in the best way possible for me.

Initially, I kept thinking, “How will I pay these bills?!?” But then I insisted on keeping a laser focus on my intention, taking action, and recording my progress. It’s worked!

As you Blog-Buddies may know, Rose’s approach to making more money is very different from the Abraham-Hicks ideas about dreamboarding and so forth. She offers a practical combination of aura reading, common sense, and energy workarounds. You can find many of them in her how-to book Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy: 10 Secrets for Success and Prosperity in the Third Millennium.

Face-Reading Wisdom and Fun

I had a fascinating in-person face reading session with Rose in late 2012. I learned so much from that reading, particularly about my working style. This year I realized even more how much this information has helped me.

I’ve known that I’m happiest working independently; it shows in my nose!

A fabulous project came my way. And a colleague, without asking if I wanted to team-teach with her on the project, basically flung the idea of team-teaching at me with such (unshared) enthusiasm.

In response, I had to tread lightly so that I could navigate my way out of what would have definitely been a disaster had I not done so.

That info from my face reading is what gave me the courage to put my foot down as kindly as possible, rather than “being nice,” agreeing to team up, and ultimately being miserable.

Such a big deal for me!

The upshot is that now a second version of that same project has come my way. My boss not only understands but fully supports my independent work style.

Aura Reading Research has shown that I have a lot of Soul Thrill for this new project and the people involved, which has me extra-excited about how this latest work project will unfold in 2015.

Name Alignment Research

I changed my name legally four years ago, a year after the session of Aura Reading Research with Rose in which we discovered my new name.

It’s difficult for me to imagine myself as my other name any more!

Sometimes I’ll look back at the website of my old workplace during the days of my old name and it boggles my mind to think that’s who I was and where I worked! More and more, it feels like an entirely different life to me.

Virtual Reincarnation

I don’t know how I would have managed to make it through the biggest of the big challenges in 2014 without Virtual Reincarnation as a frame of reference.

I’ve had a huge physiological and emotional rebooting, with the related discomfort of needing to tweak some external circumstances accordingly.

During some of the toughest times, I’d remind myself that this must be what it’s like to reincarnate without actually dying. Vibrational Repositioning helped me make it through a particularly rough patch. Talk about getting a reboot!

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Great post Zelda. And what good news about your heart condition. Congratulations!

  2. 2
    Cathy says:

    Wow, Zelda! Thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait until I’m at the point where I can start doing Soul Thrill research.
    I love how you used deeper perception to evaluate what you needed for dealing with your health issues. I’m glad your heart is better.

  3. 3
    Jessica Gates says:

    That’s amazing how your heart condition is nearly cured! Congratulations on that! And thank you for sharing this guest post.

  4. 4
    Zelda says:

    Thanks, Kylie, Cathy, Jessica, and David. Yes, it was the best Christmas present to get a clean bill of health for my heart!

    I was working on more tasks related to insurance issues today and was reminded of the conversations Rose and I have had in sessions over the past year about how these challenges are like million-dollar seminars on developing power. So true!

    In following up with someone I hadn’t been in touch with for several months, I noted how differently I communicate now in these situations. So much more effective at those things now.

  5. 5
    David B says:

    Wow, Zelda, thanks for sharing. An amazing spectrum of growth. Simply getting the heart back in balance is so huge.

  6. 6
    Julie says:

    This is marvelous, Zelda. Thanks so much for this post and your generosity with other comments. It gives me inspiration and hope as I look to tackle health problems of my own in 2015.

  7. 7
    Lilian says:

    That was an inspiring story. It’s good to hear how deeper perception made such a practical difference in life. 🙂

  8. 8
    Zelda says:

    Thanks, Julie and Lilian!

    The lessons I learned in relation to health have been particularly helpful.

    There is so much “clutter” out in the world of health these days, in terms of books, experts, diets, polarities in the worlds of allopath and alternative/complementary/Chinese/holistic approaches, that it has been liberating to slice through it all and find what works best for me.

    It’s so much easier more fun. I am often surprised by the results of our Soul Thrill research, but as those other blog buddies who have had Rose do this research know, the information can save so much time, energy, and money that might have been spent as a result of making a bad choice.

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