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Name Alignment Problem Solving

Name Alignment Problem Solving.

Name Alignment Problem Solving. Let’s shed some light on getting yourself a Power Name.

Name Alignment Problem Solving. Let’s discuss-&-dispel worries about using the RES specialty for finding a Power Name: Name Alignment® Aura Research.

Getting a name of power that really resonates with your soul — sure you have the right to do that. One way is the above-mentioned RES specialty. Learn more about it here.

It is among the most powerful technologies within Rosetree Energy Spirituality. For example, among the 17 people from this informal online community who have moved into Enlightenment, five of them did Name Alignment Aura Reading Research and subsequently changed their names.

Not that long after, they moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.


Problems. Worries.

Here’s a collection of questions from clients:

  1. First of all, what are the social effects of doing a name change?
  2. Second, name change seems very “out there” by most people’s standards. Definitely, it’s not something that stays private and just-for-you, like a lot of growth.
  3. So is it possible for a name to thrill your soul but the name change itself to have a negative impact on your objective life, credibility at work, etc.?
  4. Would the inner alignment and evolution outweighs the potential social awkwardness?
  5. What if changing your name makes you stand out in the wrong way… in certain workplaces or social circles.
  6. Is it possible that a Power Name could have an incredible impact on various chakra databanks…  and yet not seem instantly likable?

Glad you asked, folks! My responses follow.

Name Alignment Problem Solving #1. Socially Scandalous?

Naming yourself is definitely social. Seems to me, it’s a pretty mild form of independent social behavior, really.

If all that is happening is your making a change to your name because “That’s what I want to do with my life right now,” who would have the right to find that offensive, etc.? Making a social change compared with what?

  • You might dye your hair purple or get several prominent tattoos.
  • Or marry somebody that Mommy doesn’t adore.
  • You might buy a type of car that Daddy thinks is bad.
  • Or gasp! You might vote differently from your significant other.
  • Perhaps you might get a new job.
  • Maybe you might move to a new apartment.
  • Weirdly or not, you might wish to raise a puppy! Wow, right?

All of these behaviors have social implications. Ultimately, whose business are they?

If you’re an adult, you have the right to name yourself.

Name Alignment Problem Solving #2. Adjustment Fears

I won’t sugarcoat reality for you. Probably some people will find it hard to adjust to your new name.

Here’s the good news that I can predict with certainty: Like any independent, grownup choice you inititiate in life, guess what? Explaining to people in your life about that new name will be INFORMATIVE.

That would be the case if you changed your name due to a marriage or divorce, right?

And with that sort of name change, many people you know might have strongly held opinions about what you SHOULD do. According to them. 😉

Name Alignment Problem Solving #3. Aura Good Doesn’t Mean Life Good?

If you’ve had other RES Energy HEALING Sessions or Energy READING Sessions, did they help you? Then trust me on this. Getting used to a Power Name may seem intimidating, but clients have reported wonderful results. All good results. Many clients getting their names together!

Instant liking? Why expect that? What matters is that you sit with the proposed name for a while. When you feel comfortable, change it. Nobody is going to push you to rush this process.

But once you move forward, you can reasonably expect… In my experience, aura good DOES translate into life good. Just consider how practical the chakra databanks are that we include. Ones like these:

  • The Root Chakra Databank for Making Money
  • The Root Chakra Databank for Physical Health
  • The Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal
  • The Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth
  • The Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Growth
  • And other chakra databanks relevant to my client’s intention for the Name Alignment.

Got the idea? Altogether, Name Alignment Aura Research provides a set of checks and balances. Working really well.

Name Alignment Problem Solving #4. Nasty Reactions from Others

The main result is that you get to educate any person who is giving you trouble over this.

Social awkwardness, bah! You gain practice in communicating. And, if needed, providing consequences to other people for their behavior.

When you announce your new name to others, you will receive useful information about how that other person relates to you.

Very useful information, as we can make excuses for chronic bad or disrespectful behavior. But what to think if your friend Joe says something like, “I refuse to call you [Your New Name] because I don’t like it.”

How can you make excuses for Joe any longer?

Some folks really carry selfishness to an extreme.

You have the right to your own name, chosen by you, legally yours. Of course this is your right.

It is not a favor. Nor is need this require that you beg for approval. Your Power Name is simply your right.

Since I have facilitated Name Alignment Research with many clients by now, I can attest to the informative nature of those interactions.

Note These Common Sense Exceptions, Of Course

Does it terrify you to sticking up for yourself? Then you might wish to wait a while before changing your name.

Do you stand to gain a large inheritance and risk losing it if you change your name?

You get the idea. What do you stand to lose by doing such a simple thing for yourself?

When you’re ready, might I recommend? Go for it.

Name Alignment Problem Solving #5. Weird Names?

Most notably, could you be given an outlandish, weird, cult-like, or space alien sort of name?

Oh, I don’t think so. Because you have a big say in the choices of name we research. Plus I build in multiple safeguards. Partly because I’m still reeling from when good friends of mine gave their children names… I won’t even tell you. Suffice it to say, big-problem-type names.

Weirdness is a very real concern if you were about to give yourself some random name. But one of the features of Name Alignment Research is that I discourage you from giving yourself an outlandish name.

Granted, my name is “Rose Rosetree.” Often considered weird by salesclerks, etc. However, I changed my name a full decade before developing Name Alignment Research.

Name Alignment Problem Solving #6. Imbalance Correction

Finally, I just love the last question. About an appropriate new name not being instantly likeable to a person. JESSICA described this in her wonderful guest post, and so did GEORGIA in her fabulous guest post about her experiences with Name Alignment.

Remember, Name Alignment Research takes into consideration a full array of chakra databanks, usually 8-10.

By contrast, it is very common to live mostly in terms of one or two chakra databanks.

For instance, say that Joe comes to me and brings the results of a meditation where he received a spiritual name, “King of the Onion Flowers.”

Suppose that, to Joe, this counts as tremendously meaningful spiritual guidance.

It might even show great aura reading results for his Third Eye Chakra Databank about Connection to Spiritual Source.

However, and with all respect, spiritually-oriented names like that tend to be lousy for a person’s social and legal name.

JOE might be really, really into calling himself “King of the Onion Flowers.” He might feel that every other name pales in comparison.

Well, tough.

After a few days of thinking about the session of Name Alignment Research, very likely, hello! He’ll become balanced enough to prefer one of several names. Each of which tested out way better with his good set of chakra databanks.

Make sense?

Back in the ’60’s, plenty of my fellow spiritual seekers found beautiful names on acid trips. Tough luck for the kids who were raised with names like “Feather” or “Free.”

Blog-Buddies, please comment below with your experiences and questions related to this. For instance, do you believe that adults living today can manage a name change that isn’t because of changes to marital status?

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  1. 101

    ANITA, I agree with your observation in Comment 71. This is an amazing conversation. Big thanks to all who are contributing to it,including ISABELLA’s thoughts that were elevated to Guest Post status, “Why Name Alignment Was Easy for Me.”

  2. 102

    Regarding your Comment 85, LILIAN, “I’ve never thought of asking for thoughts to be healed before.”

    Please don’t go there, although I thank you for a teachable moment. I think this one deserves its own new blog post. I’ll give a link once it’s up.

  3. 103

    Here’s our new post designed to answer the question if you can use techniques of Rosetree Energy Spirituality to heal your negative thoughts:

  4. 104

    Regarding your Comment #89, LILIAN, there is no way in Rosetree Energy Spirituality to do a reading on group consciousness.

    You could always consult a psychic.

    Or in human terms, you could explore the academic discipline of history of ideas.

    Other academic disciplines would give you an indirect way to check out the evolution of collective consciousness in particular countries or populations.

  5. 105

    You know what IS a part of Rosetree Energy Spirituality regardingt collective consciousness?

    Aiming to improve it!

  6. 106
    Jane says:

    Rose, regarding name alignment, what is your take on folk who respond by simply not addressing a name-changer with a name at all, neither using the old name nor the new name?

  7. 107
    Jane says:

    i.e. people who may wish to be supportive of the change but who feel uncomfortable and can’t bring themselves to actually use the new name.

  8. 108
    Jane says:

    Do you think it’s best to allow such people whatever time they need to get used to the idea and start using the new name when they feel ready?

  9. 109
    Rose Rosetree says:

    JANE, in your comments I hear some good news.

    Evidently you have done Name Alignment and become a name changer. Otherwise you couldn’t possibly have thought of this question.

    And that would be very, very good news.

  10. 110
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Another bit of good news that is evident is that YOU, the name changer, have begun to use that more appropriate name.

    Also excellent news.

  11. 111
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Regarding how to handle someone who disrespects you by giving you a hard time over your, personal, chosen name…

    Sorry, but there isn’t some universal advice that I snappily dispense as if I wrote some online advice column.

    Please schedule a session with me at your soonest opportunity.

  12. 112
    Rose Rosetree says:

    Blog-Buddies, there can be many ways that I help a name-changer who is stuck with one or more difficult people.

    Which skills might I use, as appropriate, to help a particular client with particular relationships?

    * Pulling out energetic holograms.
    * Aura reading.
    * Cutting a cord of attachment.
    * Vibrational Re-Positioning.

  13. 113
    Rose Rosetree says:

    And there are others.

    So please consider at least one problem-solving session of RES Energy HEALING Skills.

    Thanks for asking in the first place. And congratulations on taking your (latest) big step forward.

  14. 114
    Rose Rosetree says:

    THEODORE SCOTT, I’ll thank you here for your comment about Name Alignment.

    And I’ll invite all you Blog-Buddies to Check out Comments 11-16 at “Moving into Enlightenment, Helped by Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).”

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