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ISABELLA’s Name Alignment? Easy.

ISABELLA, while named "Isabella" but not yet Enllightened

ISABELLA, while named “Isabella” but not yet Enllightened

ISABELLA’s Name Alignment? Learn what changed for her after she began using a Power Name, using that special RES recipe for Name Alignment® Aura Research.

Such a fascinating conversation has developed since the new year about the form of Thrill Your Soul Aura Reading Research that helps a person to gain a name of real power. Name Alignment Aura Reading Research, Solving Problems jumped to #11 on our latest blog feature that tracks our 15 Most Popular Posts. (Out of seven years of blog posts by me, with guest posts by many of you, and well over 20,comments thus far)

The ISABELLA who wrote today’s guest post is now on our Enlightenment Life List. It’s poignant and inspiring to me how much she had grown, through years of sessions together.

It took a lot of STUFF removal and PUT-IN that expresses her soul for ISABELLA to get to the point where she had the sort of “objective reality behavior” that you can read about here.

She refers to auric modeling, which means the subconscious messages broadcast by your energy field, with all those very specific chakra databanks you have and how they happen to be doing at the time. You can learn more about auric modeling here.

What changed when ISABELLA used Name Alignment to reassign herself a name? And what good things were already in place, and needed no changing at all?

And now, ISABELLA’s perspective on Name Alignment….

Name Alignment

Since Name Alignment is such a powerful and easy way to move forward really fast, I’m happy we’re getting the chance to clear up some fears.

Regarding the fear of people thinking you’re nuts for changing your name, I think it’s really important to consider auric modeling.

By the time I changed my name (over a year ago), my auric modeling AND my objective reality behavior both showed someone who:

  1. Knows how to receive respect pretty well
  2. Expects to receive respect in most situations
  3. Is not going to sit around and be disrespected, or let choices that are sacred to her be disrespected
  4. Is very stable and sane
  5. Was very clearly aligned with her new name

All these things made it easier.

About reactions of other people in my life to my name change

People generally reacted as if I was making an interesting and surprising choice.

And if they disapproved, they weren’t going to tell me about it. (Unless you’re my grandma with dementia, whom I’ll give a pass!)

What would be the point for them, expressing their disapproval?

If you’re not a receiver for disapproving or disrespectful treatment, it doesn’t come your way very often. (Just in a sort of random, Earth-life kind of way, I think. With strangers or with people who would disrespect ANYONE.)

What about reacting with fear to someone’s name change?

Looking back, under the surface, some people reacted to my name change with fear.

Maybe when we change our names, we help others by showing them someone who “dares to be different” (dares to be AUTHENTIC) and does not subsequently have their life implode, but rather has it get much, much better.

Though, of course, in this community, changing your name isn’t daring to be different. It actually gives you some status!! 😛

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  1. 1
    Cathy says:

    Nicely put, Isabella! I like the fact that you expect respect, and won’t accept less. I think that is a powerful life lesson, all in itself.

  2. 2
    David B says:

    Thanks for sharing, Isabella. And great point about auric modelling. Largely, we invite what we offer. Like attracts like. So if we’re ready for and confident in the change, why would anyone be more than entertained by it?

    As I mentioned in comments on the prior post, I’ve had nicknames before that people just adopted. No explanations or requests needed. Of course a formal name change is a little bigger deal. But it’s not uncommon in some cultures and traditions. And really, it’s just a symbol. Does it represent you?

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