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Spiritual Snapshot of Art Wolfe, Aura Reading Part Two

Aura reading photography superstar, Art Wolfe, concluded

Aura reading photography superstar, Art Wolfe, concluded

If you read Part One of this exploration with energetic literacy, you may be very curious indeed about the renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe. At the end of today’s article you’ll find more information about him.

Here is the picture which I will use to read his aura, using our new set of chakra databanks developed to do Aura Reading for a Spiritual Snapshot.

About the aura reading that follows, tell your friends (and any photographers you know) that every photo is an aura photo.  At least when you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy (which is way easier to learn than becoming a professional photographer. It’s just a skill set, folks!)

I can’t wait to share with you what I will find in the second half of this Spiritual Snapshot. My first ever using this set of chakra databanks for an aura reading, and did I ever luck out on a subject!

6. Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra for Making Contact with Objective Reality

80 feet. What an awareness Art Wolfe has of the entire natural landscape! It’s as though he is one with the physical field of life around him. He can tell when and where something stirs, anything in his vicinity.

While in photographer mode, Art evidently has a very unusual relationship to time as well. He makes contact with objective reality in a kind of no-time version of time, able to move as quickly as needed to capture a photographic image. Yet he is simultaneously in a kind of slow motion, breathing and seeing as if he lives within the interstices of human time. This makes it so easy for him to capture just the right shot.

It is rare for me to find anything like this in somebody’s aura.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, in Art Wolfe’s long history as a soul, he spent many lifetimes in native cultures. Many flavors of Native American spirituality, for instance. Where living close to the land and honoring animals was the required form of literacy for everyone.

Skills we acquire in one lifetime can easily become talents in subsequent lifetimes. That’s part of the meaning of “karma,” right?

7. Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra for Moral Development

90 miles. Here is the conscience of an ancient being who feels responsible for protecting and celebrating the earth.

Usually a person’s Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Moral Development emphasizes human considerations. Or purely self-centered ones.

Concern about the environment and earth’s animals — this is personal for Art Wolfe.

Note: The very expanded size of this chakra databank is related to the moment when this photograph was taken. In Part One of this aura reading, I shared with you the sacred quality to experience for this camera-and-light-painting artist when he is on site, making art.

8. Aura Reading Databank at the Third Eye Chakra for Living with Honor

5 feet. Yes, Art Wolfe strives to live with honor, and he is one tenacious dude.

However, STUFF stuck in this chakra databank has themes like contempt for people (so-called “intelligent animals”) who have displayed a shocking lack of honor.

9. Aura Reading Databank at the Crown Chakra for Connecting to Higher Energies

Not that I’m an expert on energies outside of earth frequencies, Blog-Buddies. As you long-time readers here know, I’m pretty darned conservative for a professional aura reader. I don’t go to UFO conventions or have the slightest interest in life in other dimensions, apart from what is needed for aura healing of my fellow humans.

Technical point: This chakra databank isn’t like the Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connecting to Spiritual Source. Nor the entirely separate Third Eye Chakra Databank for Psychic Guidance. This chakra databank helps with direct experience of higher consciousness as lived in dimensions beyond earth frequencies — as would be appropriate for that soul’s human evolution, as designed.

Much as humans are (usually, far as I know) equipped in an incarnation with a Celestial Team. This starts with a guardian angel and a couple of spirit guides, and can expand. The information from this Celestial Team is built in. The guidance is automatically whispered to the subconcious mind. So that getting the message doesn’t require doing intuitive readings or channeling. Instead, this is just part of how humans are set up to operate energetically.

Similarly, there could be energy frequences beyond earth that are suitable for a particular individual, at that person’s particular level of evolution. Part of that soul’s role to play that is in his or her life contract.

Today is the first time I have written about this in an aura reading, and I still don’t know much about it. My hunch is that, for some people, this chakra databank could be an important component of spiritual life. That is why this chakra databank has found its way into my research array for a Spiritual Snapshot.

This will just be my second time researching this chakra databank on anyone, and my first time doing it from a photo (as well as that first time writing about it in public). Woo-hoo!

15 feet. Well, it appears that Art Wolfe and I have something in common. Neither one of us is particularly interested in connecting to life beyond earth. Not for now, anyway.

Well, don’t we have our hands full here?

10. Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra for Soul Thrill (Expressing Your Human Soul)

90 miles of the most contagious joy. Art Wolfe loves, loves, loves what he is doing right now.

The nature photography isn’t just a job. It’s a spiritual vocation and amusement park, all rolled up into one.

Glee is the strongest fragrance in the joyful bouquet.

To learn more about Art Wolfe

An artist gives the best of himself in his work. In the case of Art Wolfe, that is very good indeed.

The master photographer has published over eighty books, including:

  • Earth Is My Witness
  • The Art of the Photograph
  • Vanishing Act
  • Human Canvas
  • The Living Wild

Apart from his books and exhibits and magazine articles, you can learn about Art Wolfe’s work best from his website.

And more about aura reading

The skills for depth aura reading are so important for Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Just as mathematics is the language of science, so is aura reading the basis of mind-body-spirit techniques — whether for aura healing or personal growth, and even making rapid progress on one’s path to Enlightenment.

With Stage Three Energetic Literacy, experiences like this become available:

  • Doing a three-part Lie Detector test, with uncanny accuracy and plenty of nuance
  • Previewing a new date sexually (Reading chakra databanks like, “What Joe is like as a lover”)
  • Reading gifts of the soul at the Divine, or Etheric, or Higher Self level
  • Reading the size and quality of any chakra databank —  aura information at the astral or psychic or subconscious mind-level.
  • Reading auras from regular photographs, online or hard copy
  • Reading auras in depth and detail whenever you like, really smart for an Aura Reading Consumer

Here is a useful resource for learning more about aura reading — how it doesn’t have to be psychic development when taught as a form of energetic literacy, our Top 10 List about Energetic Literacy. 

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  1. 1
    David B says:

    Hi Rose
    Fascinating read. But I found #9 kind of odd.
    You equate “Higher Energies” with “life beyond earth”?

    Life on other planets may be higher energetically/ in consciousness but not necessarily. Different certainly.

    And then higher “frequency” or what I call resolution beings – they’re beyond the physical but not “beyond earth” unless you use the word in an elemental way.

    Just wanted to be clear what you’re intending to here. I appreciate you may be being vague intentionally as you mention not being interested. But…

  2. 2
    Meg says:


    When Aura Reading, can you tell if a
    person has committed a serious crime?

    Also, do you use the Non-Reversing Mirror
    for photos?

    Thank you.

  3. 3

    David, my being intentionally vague?


    I went in to rewrite at that part of the post. See if it makes more sense not. And if not, comment away.

    Thank you for this latest comment. Educational for all us Blog-Buddies, as it was a model of tactful inquiry.

  4. 4

    MEG, aura reading can tell you a great deal about a person.

    I wouldn’t use it for forensic purposes. I would check out evidence in objective reality.

  5. 5

    It might be helpful to remember that energetic literacy, as I teach it, is a completely different skill set from doing psychic readings.

    Some psychics are famous for having solved crimes.

    Energetic literacy isn’t that flashy. We read people as they are and learn about them subjectively, at a subconscious level. That’s all. For me, that’s enough.

  6. 6

    MEG, when I read a person’s face from a photograph, I read the face from a photograph.

    My non-reversing mirror is a physical mirror. More complicated than most. But just a mirror.

    This is a treat for clients who come here, on site, for a face reading session. My clients get to look in this mirror to see, for the first time (probably) how they look to other people. To everyone else, actually, but themselves.

  7. 7

    Interesting about the ‘Connecting to Higher Energies’ databank. It will be interesting to see an aura reading of someone who has more going on at this databank, appropriately. Reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg.

  8. 8
    David B says:

    Thanks, Rose. Much clearer. 😉
    I’ve tended to equate my space cowboy skills with the 6th but it wouldn’t surprise me if such a databank is involved.

  9. 9
    Kira says:

    Still enjoying these.

  10. 10
    Suz says:

    What a neat reading. Thanks for continuing to show us this skill more clearly. I’m still learning what it is I’m seeing when I look at people, and when you bring it into focus like this, it really helps.

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