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Face Reading Martin Luther King, Jr.

Face Reading Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for inspiration

Face Reading Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for inspiration

Face Reading Martin Luther King, Jr., can inspire you. Let’s celebrate in style. Beginning with your link to a great song by James Taylor…

Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King. And the only national holiday in America named after a person… who was not a U.S. president. (Or a white male.) (For crying out loud!)

For the Collective Consciousness of America, having this holiday matters.

Also, on this holiday we can celebrates our most personal aspirations for justice in this land.

Altogether, I’d go so far as to say this:

Today is America’s most spiritually important secular holiday.

I am honored to celebrate with a face reading of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although Dr. King Needs No Introduction, Face Reading Might

Here is a link to a photo of Dr. King. Copy and pull on the corners. You’ll find it easier to see the face data.

First of all, an introductory face reading video.

Want to learn how to read faces on your own? It’s not just some random “talent.” It’s a skill. You can learn that skill, bit by bit. Among all the RES skills, face reading comes easiest.

“The NEW Power of Face Reading” will give you a solid foundation. While its unusual way of using illustrations may make you smile.

For more advanced, and different, face reading what a resource! I invite you to check out Read People Deeper“.

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… How much depth comes with a dedicated personal session devoted to your physical face.

And, of course, I recommend that — while reading what follows here — you pull out a small hand mirror. Check out your own face.

As I describe five important items of face data, see if you have any of them. If you do, the meaning is the same.

Face Reading Item #1: Far-Set Eyes

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Check out the difference between Dr. Martin Luther King’s eyes. You could fit in more than one eye in-between.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

A visionary perspective, seeing the big picture and then some. Able to imagine what doesn’t yet exist and strive to make it come true.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Ahead of his time? Not taken seriously? Not considered practical in his thinking?

Face Reading Item #2: Far-Set Eyebrows

Do Far-Set Eyebrows automatically go with Far-Set Eyes? Not at all. It is important, in physiognomy, to see one item of face reading data at a time. Then you interpret it according to the particular system of physiognomy you are using. In our case, of course, we’re using a system designed to give you “The power of face reading.”

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Look at the distance between Dr. Martin Luther King’s eyebrows. It’s huge. The eyebrows don’t even begin until about 1/3 of the way across (for a person with Average Eyebrow Set). And the full extent of the eyebrows takes them way over towards each side of his face.

Are the ends of your eyebrows that close to your temples? Probably not.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

Thinking emphasizes strategic planning long-term. It’s an ability to think in the present… about what can work now and also in the future.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Finding it hard to bring that future (which seems so clear) into the present (which is so very different)?

Face Reading Item #3: Eye Angle, Left Eye

To find the face reading data, telling left from right, remember to cross over. It’s as if you were shaking hands.

How to See This Like a Face Reader

To assess eye angles, do a Connect the Dots.

  1. Imagine a dot at the inner corner, by the tear duct.
  2. Then imagine a dot at the outer corner, a sort of three-way intersection of upper eyelid, lower eyelid and the white of the eye.
  3. In your imagination, connect these two dots with a straight line. Does it go up, or is it even, or does it go down?

Annd if the eye angle goes up, how much does it go up. A lot or a little?

For Dr. Martin Luther King’s left eye, the eye angle goes up only a very little.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

That Slightly Up-Angled Left Eye relates to Dr. Martin Luther King’s personal life and expectations. He has, I suspect, a guarded optimism.

Privately there is no “Pie in the sky” sureness that everything will work out perfect. He is game to attempt his best, and personally that’s going to have to be good enough.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Private fears, worries, doubts?

Face Reading Item #4: Eye Angle, Right Eye

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Use just the same three-step process as you did to see the face reading data on Dr. Martin Luther King’s left eye, only  you’re looking at the other side of his face.

This eye angle is different. He as a VERY Up-Angled Right Eye.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

In public life and at work, Dr. Martin Luther King’s personal style is to feel extreme optimism. Idealism and a sense of the possible inspire him in this public role.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

A big scope for disappointment, both for him and his followers?

Face Reading Item #5: Extraordinary Cheek Emphasis

Some faces have an emphasis to the cheek padding, or bone beneath the skin, or both. Dr. Martin Luther King’s cheek emphasis is entirely of muscle.

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Take a good clear look at the (very visible) muscles on Dr. Martin Luther King’s cheeks. On the right and left sides both, he has a raised-up area. It is raised up close to his nose — creating what I call Close-Set Cheek Emphasis.

However, he also has a raised-up portion out towards the sides of his face, which I call Far-Set Cheek Emphasis.

And there is an area in the center which is raised up as well, which I could call Cheek Emphasis for Implementation.

One more technical note: Unless you have a good clear front-on photo like this one, and you take the time to look (really look), it is easy to assume that Dr. Martin Luther King simply has “Bags under his eyes.” He doesn’t.

The three-dimensional appearance of having his eyes recessed compared to the cheeks…

This relates to the extraordinary muscular development over his cheeks, the likes of which I have never seen on anyone else. (And I have read a whole lot of faces since turning pro as a physiognomist in 1986.)

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

Dr. Martin Luther King has made himself into a person who is highly effective at mustering his personal power.

  • He uses leadership to deal with pressure, handling situations right on the spot.
  • He has developed a different form of leadership to keep going long term, keeping strength in reserve. (Or receiving it, through his connection to Divine help.)
  • He also has gained reserves of power to implement, day to day, neither in crisis mode nor dealing with situations long term.

Note: When faces change due to muscular development, this has a great deal to do with the use of free will.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Burning a candle from both ends? Plus sideways?

Had Dr. Martin Luther King lived a full span of years, not been assassinated, would he have continued to show that remarkable energy in leadership?

Another way to put it is this. Maybe Dr. Martin Luther King knew enough, subconsciously, about his Life Contractt so he gave each day all he had, making every day count.

(Just my thought, outside the scope of reading faces to be sure. More related to some of the work I do in certain sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®where a client can revisit the Planning Meeting for this incarnation.)

Face Reading Item #6: Muscular Lip Texture

How to See This Like a Face Reader

It’s a knack, developing the ability to spot lip texture from a photograph. (I would recommend practice for this, plus your own copy of “The NEW Power of Face Reading.”

To help develop that knack it can also help to take a good look at our large face reading photo link. Specifically look at the texture of Dr. Martin Luther King’s mouth.

It’s a great example of Muscular Lip Texture.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

Passionate speech that can move people’s minds and emotions powerfully.

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

Inadvertently generating immense hostility from people who don’t like what’s being said so passionately?

Face Reading Item #7: Natural Lip Liner

How to See This Like a Face Reader

Most mouths don’t have this. But some mouths have what you can see on Dr. Martin Luther King: A fleshy outline, all around both upper and lower lips.

When someone does have Natural Lip Liner, it can be just the upper lip or the lower lip. Dr. Martin Luther King had both kinds, the full set.

The Talent, According to Face Reading Secrets

Uses exceptionally succinct speech, when desired.

  • Able to sum up the objective reality aspect (related to Natural Lip Liner on the Lower Lip).
  • Also can to sum up the emotional, or feeling, aspect (related to Natural Lip Liner on the Upper Lip).

The Potential Challenge, According to Face Reading Secrets

If speaking truth to power, can the directness stir up extra animosity?

The Content of His Character

Here is a man designed for eloquent speech, for exceptional leadership, and for an ability to sanely and appropriately worry (in private) even as he could authentically feel total optimism while delivering his visionary message in public.

Dr. Martin Luther King famously said: “I have a dream that my four little children will on day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Every form of deeper perception that I use and teach has a comparable aim.

Yes, let’s go between superficial obvious things like skin color. Let’s learn about content of character and more! It all shows, once you develop good skills. Together, let’s make deeper perception practical!

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