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Finally published! "The Empowered Empath" and "The Master Empath"

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Calling all empaths: Today’s article is part announcement, part resource, and part guest post.

You’ll see.

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Below is the most up-to-date info so far for each of my new books for empaths. What is so very exciting?

  • All three of my new books for empaths are now available in paperback.
  • Two of these books for empaths are already available with very reasonable shipping outside America, in Europe and Australia, courtesy of Something entirely new for U.S. editions of books by Rose Rosetree!
  • Something else new: You can request that any of these three new books be special ordered at just about any bookstore. Just say these magic words (to booksellers): Please order through Ingram.
  • And in the U.S., if you would like to do a special favor to the author and publisher, purchase my POD paperbacks through CreateSpace. The author receives a larger share of the proceeds, plus you can order multiple items at once, as at any other online bookstore.
  • With print-on-demand being used this time, these three new books will NOT be available at the toll-free number for my other books, 800-345-6665. However…
  • Finally, hello! It is possible to order my self-hypnosis CD, “Your Happiness Project” from as well as CreateSpace. Took me until recently to understand that it could be sold at Amazon.
  • Hey, I’m still learning…. including how to have a decent copy of ANY of the new book covers in a size that will work on this blog. Oboy! Still, let today be a holiday of publishing. 🙂

Book One. Become The Most Important Person in the Room:

Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment

250 pages * $14.95 * ISBN 978-0-9752538-7-8

eBook $9.99 * 978-1-935214-17-5

This one only, among the series of Empath Empowerment(R) Books, is available by calling 800-345-6665. It is not POD and can simply be ordered:


BECOME at Barnes &

BECOME as a Kindle eBook

BECOME as a Nook eBook

BECOME at other eBook vendors… to come.

Book 2. The Empowered Empath — Quick & Easy

Owning, embracing, and managing your special gifts

QUICK at To go live in 3-5 days, they say.

QUICK at Barnes & To go live soon.

QUICK at Available now. Today is the first day for this paperback to be sold anywhere.

QUICK as a Kindle eBook

QUICK as a Nook eBook

QUICK at other eBook vendors… to come.

Book 3. The Empowered Empath

Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Empath Gifts






EMPOWERED, EXPANDED EDITION at other eBook vendors… to come.

 Book 4. The Master Empath

Turning on Your Empath Gifts at Will — in Love, Business and Friendship

(Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge)




MASTER EMPATH at Available now.

MASTER EMPATH as a Kindle eBook

MASTER EMPATH as a Nook eBook

MASTER EMPATH at other eBook vendors… to come.

About reviewing these books (and any others by Rose Rosetree)

Here follows a guest post by Blog-Buddy JEM.

I will write reviews Rose. You’re right, I decided to buy your books using a double-pronged process, and other peoples’ reviews were an important part of that.
First I googled you and looked at your photo. I scrutinized you for falsity, tricks, all the other things I’ve dim-wittedly walked straight into in the past. 58,000,000 times bitten, twice shy ;)

Having found nothing but awesomeness in your fields I then turned to the reviews on Amazon. They were all glowing.

Only then did I proceed with the purchase. If by ‘discerning’ one means an iron grip with high alert & zero tolerance to any bulldust, then yes, I’ve become a discerning consumer. I’d actually slammed the door on consuming any and all energetic literature because there is just so much damage done by well-meaning teachers.

When I re-read my first love letter I became present in a deeper way to what had actually been going on with the new age teachers. Understand, I don’t seek to blame or criticize them nor am I victimizing myself. However, while it’s fun to laugh at myself in hindsight and it’s fun to compare, the reality of misleading teachings is actually pretty serious. Very serious.

Ideally, a new seeker would find someone like Rose in their first Google search. That would be preferable to them finding one of the big names who inadvertently teach people to divorce themselves entirely from reality.

Who knows?

  • Maybe humanity as a collective needed teachers to edge them, tease their awareness OUT of set structures and INTO more effusive ideas, impractical as they were.
  • Maybe it was an overcompensation.

No matter. I’m interested in finding ways to have this conversation and spreading the word on a larger level, because it’s important.

And reviewing my books can be so easy

Doing this big favor to your fellow empaths can take you less than 10 minutes. (Hey, I’m guesstimating that time. Not promising.)

Write as short a review as you like, so long as it is at least one sentence. Write this where you can save as you go.

  • Cut and paste onto the Amazon page for the book in your country, listed above at the book title.
  • Cut and paste onto the Nook page, listed above at the book title.
  • Cut and paste onto the top book reviewing website for books in English,

With heartfelt thanks from me and those who can be helped by this big of volunteer work by you.

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  1. 1
    Sophie says:

    Yay 😀

    ordered my copies just now 🙂

  2. 2

    Yay, indeed, SOPHIE — Empath Empowerment lives downunder!

  3. 3

    And, come to think of it, you ordered during my tomorrow. (Laughing, as always when tickled by the International Date Line.)

  4. 4
    David B says:

    Congrats Rose – the babies have come home.
    I checked and they’re on Amazon in Canada now too, though not “stocked” (a goofy term in POD).

    I added reviews there to the prior books I’ve read, also pointing to the new titles. Especially for the out of print ones where they’re asking $484. 😉

  5. 5
    Sophie says:

    Hehe, first order of the 27th 🙂

  6. 6

    Thank you, SOPHIE.

    Thank you, reviewer DAVID B.

  7. 7
    Kira says:

    I ordered the Kindle edition of the expanded “Empowered Empath” previously, when I was double-checking that your links (in your previous post about the books) worked (I didn’t double-check them in this post, though). I have a question and a comment.

  8. 8
    Kira says:

    The question:

    I just got to the beginning of the technique section in the new Kindle version. Your standard instructions on how to treat techniques in your books reminded me to ask this.

    If I am re-reading one of your books, do I still need to skip re-reading the technique if I’m not prepared to do it right then, given that I’ve already read it and done it before?

    Also, in this particular case, are any of the techniques themselves revised (because that would presumably make it a new technique, so I would need to follow the technique rules regardless of the answer to the previous question)?

  9. 9
    elaine says:

    Congratulations Rose. You do know you can order your own paperback copies from Createspace at reduced prices, right? Just wanted to make sure you know that.

  10. 10
    Kira says:

    The comment:

    The previous edition I have of “Empowered Empath” is a Nook version, as that was the only one available. There are many things I like about both the Nook and Kindle apps (I use my Android phone for both Nook and Kindle reading).

    One thing I had difficulty with for the Nook version is changing the text and background color. I usually read at night in bed, and I prefer to read white text on a black background; it dims the backlight of my phone considerably. The Nook app has the ability to do this, but I found that there were sections of text that just weren’t there. I played around with the settings and confirmed my suspicion that some of the text is apparently hard-coded to be black, as opposed to automatically taking on whatever color scheme I set the Nook app to show, so it “disappears” if I make the background black. The rest of the text turns white, as it’s supposed to. (For the Nook app, this is the “Night” Page Theme.)

    A further disappointment with the Nook app’s implementation of color schemes is that I can choose to “Use publisher’s default Page and Text settings” *or* I can uncheck that box and get access to the Page Settings section (which gives me the Page Theme color choices). As someone who loves to design text and graphics pages, I don’t want to give up the designer’s vision for how the text should be shaped (font choices) just because I want it in a different set of colors. As soon as I uncheck the publisher’s defaults box, all the text becomes whatever font is set in the app, even if the original had different fonts for different purposes.

  11. 11
    Kira says:

    Sorry about being nitpicky; I just had to get that off my chest sooner or later. I put a lot of thought into which fonts I use for what in my own designs and I hate to see an app disrespect the designer like that. I understand the need for the font to be customizable; there are legitimate reasons that people sometimes want or need to change it from whatever it was originally. I just wish the color could change while keeping the formatting intact.

    The Kindle app is both better and worse, in that the formatting stays the same no matter what color scheme you use, but it doesn’t even have the option to use the default formatting from the publisher. -sigh- So far, I haven’t seen any “disappearing” text in my Kindle version (using black as the background color), so at least that’s better.

  12. 12
    David B says:

    The differences you mention, Kira, may be in the software used to convert to each type. They tend to be better at some types than others and handle the variations in the hidden page code variously. (Word is packed with code which becomes increasingly complex as a document is edited repeatedly, especially if its on different computers with different versions)

    The software then used to read the conversions will also vary some. I use an app that reads all of it but it does better with some formats than others.

    In other words, Rose doesn’t have complete control over this. And that’s assuming she’s doing it in house.

  13. 13
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Rose!

  14. 14
    Kira says:

    Sorry, David (and Rose!), I didn’t mean to imply that Rose caused the problem!

    I figured that she had very carefully set everything up and that either a conversion program (like you mention) or some other software messed things up.

    I had wanted to give feedback on this before the new ones got published (in case there was someone who could take a look and correct things), but once I switched back to viewing it with the publishing defaults, I forgot about it until reading the new one.

  15. 15

    KIRA, you and other Blog-Buddies are always invited to comment. I appreciate your feedback.

    With these three ebooks, everything was done by a pro, and that includes refreshing the version that USED to be on Nook.

    For the standard of ebooks, I do think they’re my best yet.

  16. 16
    David B says:

    Kira – I figured you knew but want to put it out there for understanding. And I knew Rose got it done professionally but didn’t want to make it more complex.

    It’s good for Rose to know but I’m sure they used excellent software. I’m hoping the range of platforms and formats simplifies so this can be more consistent. But it’s way better than it used to be.

  17. 17

    For years, DAVID B., I have employed tech staff who hand-coded every epub and mobi file. (Except for what I first put into Nook on my own.)

    Yes, all this has to become simpler, it just must!

  18. 18
    Cathy says:

    Wonderful as always Rose! Working my way through the Empowered Empath on Kobo, love it, so simple, and it works. Have the next couple of weeks doing the Empath’s First Aid and Coming Home. Things are becoming clearer and better day by day. I will for sure go and leave some reviews for you. Thanks again.

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